The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition

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How to get all secret abilities that upgrade Geralt's skills.
By Roberto
How to get all easily missable secret abilities of the game -- like improving your weight capacity -- that improve different Geralt's skills and you can start getting it in the prologue of the game. (Guide WITHOUT any SPOILERS and with pictures).
Some of this abilities MUST do/or start doing the tasks right on prologue or you will lose the chance forever to complete it after (Others you can get in the chapters but it'll be more difficult).
+10% Experience points earned.

Destroy over a dozen training dummies. There are 5 dummies in foltest's camp that can help you in the prologue, dummies location:

  • Two dummies are in Flotsam's gate near the Craftsmen District / Non-human Quarter. (Two near the northern exit and another two near the southern exit)

  • Two dummies are in Flotsam's guardhouse (consider saving the game before you draw your sword since the guards react to your violence).

  • Two posts are in Loredo's Garden, but you need to side with Roche in Death to the Traitor to use weapons in that area.

  • Two dummies are in the Temerian Quarter in Loc-Muinne.

  • The Order of the Rose has two dummies in their camp outside Loc-Muinne.

+20% to current percentage of Incineration
*MS-DOS said that you only need to do this 1 time.
Incur the "Burning" status effect more than a dozen times. You need to use the Quen sign to cut short the burning status.
You can do it in every campfire of the game, but there is one in foltest's camp. There is a health regen buff right where geralt is on the picture that can help you.

50% chance to avoid damage from traps and bombs
*MS-DOS said that you only need to do this 1 time.
Interrupt Geralt's animation multiple times while he is disarming a trap. You just need to use your medallion while desarming a trap.

You start the game with a fire trap, just put on the floor and keep desarming and using medallion before Geralt disarm it

+25% Damage when attacking an enemy's back.

During the assault on La Valette Castle, after the ballista cutscene, you can find a dead white-robed assassin (Easter egg from Assassin's Creed" in the courtyard near a messy pile of hay in the yard's corner. Inspecting the corpse will earn this ability.

Strong Back
+50 Total capacity.

Spare Aryan La Valette and help him escape the La Valette's dungeon. (if you are not in prologue, they say if you lose a fistfight you can get this ability too)

20% Chance to instantly kill a shooter with a deflected arrow.

Kill a dozen (or more) archers by redirecting their arrows back to them. Simply hold block and wait for the shots to come to Geralt. This ability requires the expenditure of two Talent points in the "redirect arrows" Witcher Training skill tree. (i don't like it)

+1% Chance to inflict an Instant Kill [[/h1]

WARNING: SPOILERS Condemn to death or personally kill three major or side characters (Aryan La Valette may be your first victim) . For Roche's side on Chapter 2: add Adam Pangratt and King Henselt to Aryan's corpse . For Iorveth's side: add Adam Pangratt and Prince Stennis.
OBS: I do not recommend doing this ability, just play your game... and also it's useless

10% Chance to inflict an automatic Riposte after blocking an attack.

Earned by landing a successful riposte a few dozen times. Requires the expending at least one Talent point in the Riposte ability on the Swordsmanship skill tree.

Toxic Blood
30% Chance to poison enemies who attack you.

Get poisoned more than a dozen times (you can do this using Devil's Puffball bomb. You can use queen to stop poisoning as well as burning
Chapter 1
+10% Damage Reduction

Remain under Triss' protective forcefield all the time during Rough Landing in Chapter 1.

Damage dealt by throwing knives: +5.

Defeat Ves in a knife throwing contest during the party at the Blue Stripes hangout in Chapter I. It's the building next to the inn/brothel; the task is available after the event where Geralt meets Sile the sorceress on the docks.

-20% to Shop Items

Convince the merchant to double the fee by using the Axii sign during The Kayran: A Matter of Price quest in Chapter I. You get the ability after defeating the kayran and picking up payment from the merchant

Resistance to Magic
+20% Damage reduction against magic attacks

I don't recommend doing this, you'll lose one of the best part of the game, i'll write here but just don't read, the bonus isn't enough. During The Rose of Remembrance, refrain from seducing Triss in the Elven Baths and use the Aard Sign on the weakened wall to free yourselves.

Strong Stomach
+10% to current level of poison resistance.

Create the Mongoose potion and drink it so it takes effect during the battle with the kayran (i heard that if you drink anytime before the battle, you'll get the bonus too)

Summer's Crown
Quen Sign: +10% chance to Incinerate enemies who strike while Quen is in effect.

Awarded when visiting a shrine in Chapter 1 in the swamp outside Lobinden.

Use the shrine (there is a corpse with a book nearby, the book contains an easter egg about this ability)

Chapter 2 (iorveth path)
Anatomy Lesson
Damage against humans: +10%.

Examine the body in the catacombs during With Flickering Heart quest in Chapter II (Iorveth's path).
remember to buy surgical tools from Felicia Cori in Rhundurin

Damage against harpies: +10%.

Complete The Harpy Contract quest during Chapter II (Iorveth's path).

Child of the Night
Vitality regeneration at night: +2.

Sneak through the camp undetected during the Where is Triss Merigold? quest (Iorveth's path) near the end of Chapter II. (just read the name of the quest if you are near the end of chapter 2 and dont worry, you'll know what camp is it).

Chapter 2 (Roche's path)
Damage dealt to opponents much bigger than Geralt: +10%

Slay two golems.

Golem location (spoilers, read if you finished the game already)there are three golems:
  • in the sea cave under the Kaedweni Camp,
  • in the Kingslayer's cave,
  • and during the Siege of Vergen.

+10% Damage against wraiths and spectral enemies.

Remove the blood curse from (you can read this spoiler if you already know a lot about the curse)the king

Damage caused during sword fights: +4.

Just finish the chapter 2
Chapter 3
Winter's Shroud
Changes Aard Sign into the freezing Ice Aard, which adds a 20% chance of freezing opponents hit with the Sign.

Awarded when visiting a shrine in Chapter 3 outside of Loc Muinne.

Roche's path
you need to go to the tunnel near 2 guards

Thanks to Sgt. Killdrax for the screenshots

Iorveth's path
Go right

Use your medallion (you'll get an achievment too)

Arcane Knowledge
Intensity of all Signs: +0.5.

Earned by completing The Gargoyle Contract in Chapter III.
Most of the content is found in and in This guide was made to simplify it and cleary show how to get all of the abilities. Also, these sites are intended for people who already have beaten the game, because it does not hide spoilers. Some of the spoilers, i have hiden in a way that it'll not ruin your "choices experience", so you can play the way you want without having the experience ruined.
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Beer Cat Aug 19 @ 6:29pm 
Very helpful, great guide
Roberto  [author] Jan 28 @ 1:55pm 
Thanks MS-DOS
Blade2k9 Jan 28 @ 10:51am 
Thank you, Sir!
Names Jul 2, 2017 @ 11:23am 
Roberto, please pay attention: 1 time only needed for Pyro. Sapper only needed 1 itnterrupt.

Roberto  [author] Jul 2, 2017 @ 10:18am 
Thanks, glad I could help :amethystdust:
nezish Jul 2, 2017 @ 10:04am 
Thanks, was very useful in all my playthroughs !
Lord Greatsword Jun 11, 2017 @ 12:38pm 
Awesome guide, and I appreciate the spoiler blackouts btw. I'm going to play through for the story on Normal difficulty, then play through on Insane for the achievement and ditch the story in favor of these boosts.:steamhappy:
Names Apr 15, 2017 @ 1:51pm 
Also got Sapper on only 1 interrupt.
Names Apr 15, 2017 @ 1:50pm 
Confirmed for 1 time only needed for Pyro. Though, maybe this is a Dark thing?
BoxerCane Feb 9, 2017 @ 11:55pm 
It's only 1 time for the fire and 2 for the trap in the prologue. At least that is all it took for me to get the passives