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Weather & Effect Mod
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Dec 22, 2021 @ 4:17am
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Weather & Effect Mod

Weather & Effect Mod


Introducing the Weather Sound & Effect Mod, enhancing rain and stormy conditions in ATS & ETS.

All volume balanced according to real-life, it's the perfect companion for any of my Sound & Engine Packs.

Feature list:
  • Brand new internal rain textures on the windows with realistic physics & effects.
  • Brand new external rain textures (less visible than default).
  • Realistic interior rain sounds recorded from a real truck!
  • Over 15 brand new HD stereo thunder sounds with delay.
  • Realistic external rain sounds, including the sound of rain hitting the truck.
  • Howling wind sounds.

Visit my website for more content, or non-workshop versions[] and help support my venture in recording and designing the best possible sound packs to-date.



Compatible with:
ATS/ETS v1.43

Always place at the top of the mod order list. This is the same version as available on my website.
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0xferd™ Feb 10 @ 8:02am 
Sometimes the steam workshop will do that, the most issue I run into is that when ever I start up ATS, I have to do a multi-startup procedure, like I go to start up ATS in DX11, and before confirming the launch, I go to a random workshop item I am subscribed to, and I launch up game and alt tab and I un-sub from workshop item, then re-sub back to the workshop item. It helps it communicate with the steam workshop servers.

Reason why I do this because without actually unsubbing and resubbing to a workshop item I am subscribed to the game will fail to communicate with the steam workshop servers from which fetches all the workshop items your subscribed to. And it will endlessly be fetching the steam workshop items.

Mostly has to do with internet problems to where your game is unable to fetch the workshop items.

Maybe try doing the same method I am doing, like unsubbing then resubbing to this workshop item, it may help.
HardeKern Feb 10 @ 7:00am 
this aint updated at al
0xferd™ Jan 25 @ 5:38pm 
some solutions.
1 the mod wasn't activated on profile via mod manager.
2 you didn't download it
3 it probably doesn't work.
4, ignore 3 it does work.
alexthemoonboy7 Jan 25 @ 5:16pm 
I don't see anything. Did I do something wrong?
0xferd™ Jan 20 @ 8:02pm 
it works so far in single player, don't know convoy but if this mod was recently updated it should be compatible, you can give it a shot with testing it with a friend of yours. Altho you and your friend needs to have the same mod and up to date.
Introversion Jan 20 @ 6:25pm 
compatible with 1.46?
×Kotleta× Aug 29, 2022 @ 3:56am 
TSC Troy Jul 15, 2022 @ 2:23am 
weather and effect mod go brr
gustpeter Jul 10, 2022 @ 2:23pm 
Dos this work with the G4 mods i bought or will have to wait for an updated G4 "rain and wheater"?
~r~ DS 2S-01 OG SASP | M.Flynner Jun 15, 2022 @ 7:10am 
does this work with 1.44?