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Battle Nations: A few tips from a veteran player
By Magnitude
A few tips from Moldeyawsome12, a veteran BN player
Overview and Introduction
Hello, Battle Nations player, If you are reading this guide then you must be thinking, "Hey, this guy knows exactly what i'm thinking about," and you are right! But I know alot more than just that. Through my experience with Battle Nations, the popular turn-based military stratagy game by Z2Live, I have learned alot about constructing the strongest army this side of Ateria. In this guide I will share some of my tips about Battle Nations and help you out on building your base and army. Please note, this guide is intended for people who have experience with the game and know the basics.
Sec. 1: My Top Units
In Battle Nations, your army should be your biggest focus. Sure, your outpost is important too, but I will get there later. In this section, I am going to be going over some of my favorite units. Here they are:

Lightning Dragoon and Lightning Trooper
The Lightning Troops of your BN army. These guys are fantastic. The reason I put these two together is because they are basically the same unit, albeit slightly different stats and costs, but anyway, onto the unit. Being dirt cheap for their rank available, there is no excuse to not have a couple of them in your army. Looking beyond their sweet appearance, their stats are something remarkable. Both sport (powerful) area attacks, a 'V' shaped area effect, penetrating through all rows of unfortunate souls who happen to be standing in front of these menacing soldiers. The Dragoon quickly became one of my top units in the game, and when I was (finally) able to train a Trooper, It was a match made in heaven.

The Salamander
This is the only Nanopod unit on this list
The Salamander surprised me. In a good way at least. Let me just say, this is my favorite unit. Let’s go over its positives and negatives. The Salamander is a heavily armored unit, being able to withstand tons of punishment with a whooping 300 HP! You might be thinking, "That’s not much health", but compared to a low/medium-tier tank, it’s pretty impressive. What really makes this unit shine is it's attacks, two area-effect attacks and an armor-piercing fire punch! While this unit only has two weapon slots to begin with, ranking him up to level 3 will equip him with all of his army-shredding attacks. I highly recommend this unit to anyone with 50 extra Nanos.

The Dragon
Do I have a thing for fire-based attacks? The Dragon is a unit which dishes out fire from above. This thing is literally an incendiary artillery. While it isn't too powerful when starting out, ranking it up upgrades its health, armor, damage and DOT (Damage Over Time). Its stats are nothing out of the ordinary, but being available at level 42, and being able to churn out dozens of these things (they are pretty cheap considering the level available), well, let’s just say the enemy better start running.

L7 Sandworm Drill
Ok, here is one of the coolest units in the game. The L7 Sandworm Drill is powerful. At 500 HP, 'The Drill' is one of the toughest non-Nanopod units available. Its attacks are crippling too. Able to attack front-line enemies, as well as the ones in the back, 'The Drill' can take on almost anything. Its only downside would be it's expensive healing cost at higher ranks, but hey, doing 400+ damage is sometimes worth it. Did i mention it’s a drill?
Sec. 2: Your Outpost
Your Battle Nations outpost is your home base. It’s what you will see every time you start up the game. For me (and my uncontrollable OCD), my outpost symbolizes everything you have accomplished. On the right, you can see my outpost from awhile ago, it has been updated since, but the general layout has not changed. But owning an outpost is not just about making it look pretty, it’s also about defense, shops, and production. Here are some of my tips on creating an effective outpost:
  • Determine a theme
    -For me, I went with scattered blocks of buildings, separated and connected with roads and
    decorated with items that fit the theme of the area. Around my Supply Drop (not pictured) I
    placed crates, to add to the theme of the area
  • Spread your defenses out
    -Make sure to add Barracks, Guard posts, and Garrisons in addition to the Pillboxes and other
    defensive structures
    -Having extra troops to support defensive structures could easily be the difference from a
    successful repel of an invasion to an occupation of a key structure
  • Manage resources correctly
    -Resource Depots function at 100% efficiency no matter how many haulers are assigned there
    -I find it useful to have more than one steel, lumber, or concrete production facility, especially
    during Boss Strikes when a particular resource can be used for BS points
  • Get every shop that doesn’t cost Nanopods
    -Missions will never require products from a shop that can only be purchased with Nanopods,
    and honestly, these shops do not provide much better products then the ones that are
    unlocked at higher levels
    -The more shops you own, the quicker you will be able to collect more XP and gold (obviously)
Sec. 3: Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks
  • Practice with new strategies and units
    -Take a trip over to Greenborough (considering you have completed those missions) and fight
    some hostiles over there: They are always available and are very weak
    -Fight in PvPs: Units will not require being healed/fixed afterwards and you get a chance to try
    out your strategies against strong, human opponents
  • Only buy Nanopods when you need them, or else you will be tempted to buy limited-time promo units
  • Every little bit counts
    -This game requires grinding when it comes to ranking units. Make sure to use particular units
    often to collect the most Skill Points
    -Check in on your outpost daily, even if it is just for a couple minutes. Collect money and set your
    shops out on a new job. It will be worth it later!
  • If you are in need of XP, choose the blue XP star by the job in your shop
    -This will reward you the most possible XP out of all the jobs in that particular shop
  • Join a guild and participate in Boss Strikes
    -This is a topic I will cover more in-depth in my next guide
    -Boss Strikes reward you with rare resources, gold, XP, Nanopods and exclusive units!
  • Check out the Battle Nations Wiki here[].
    -This is the ultimate BN resource. Units, story, map, stats, whatever you need can be found on
    the wiki (Bookmark it while you're at it)
Thank you BN player for reading. This is my first guide and it took quite a bit of time. I received all of my information from the Battle Nations Wiki ( Credit is due towards my good friend Mr. Cheese who helped me out with some of the tips in Section 3 of this guide. Your support, rating and comments are appreciated, and good luck to everyone in the world of Battle Nations. I hope these tips helped you.
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sgtsnow12 Mar 6, 2015 @ 1:35pm 
Thanks, super helpful!
Taziz2345 Nov 7, 2014 @ 11:46am 
great read and info. Thank you
clintoncdotson Oct 16, 2014 @ 3:46am 
Some of those nano units are by far the best units in the game, once you rank them up. I would save my nanos and pick and choose the nano units you want carefully. As far as defenses go, it really depends. If you are in a guild, defenses around key resourses get in the way of occupations, and occupations are what keeps others in the guild, including yourself, stocked up with the appropriate resources needed to heal and build your army. Having a good working relationship with fellow guild members is more important than defense. I'm not picking your review apart, it's a damn fine review, just adding a bit. But one thing I have to say...The Dragon? Really? It takes way too long to reload.
Birdsharktopus Sep 23, 2014 @ 1:42pm 
I always expand my land when ever I can, time is the only thing that holds me back from having my outpost twice its size. I'm working on number 8 and I'm only one level 9.
DΞLτΔ-ΩMΞgλ Sep 22, 2014 @ 10:04am 
Thanks mate!
malmobo Sep 20, 2014 @ 5:59am 
How to leave a/this Guild ((9 mess in 400+ days makes me say no).
Guide or point. (klick..)
.slinky Aug 12, 2014 @ 9:22am 
Can make a guide of how to rank up wimps fast? i just ot them...
Riggs Jun 13, 2014 @ 8:01pm 
dude, i only know to well the feeling of: I HAVE TO MAKE THIS OUTPOST PERFECT!
i feel ya dude, i feel ya