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Big's Route Order Recommendation.
By Big the Jonathan
Rewrite is my most favorite visual novel of all time.
Here is my ultimate recommendation for which route order you could play for the best experience and enjoyment.
My recommendation is not absolute, you can play the game however you like, especially if you like to discover how to get the endings and just mess around with the choices.

However for the BEST experience you should take great consideration into my Route Order Guide.
Route Order:
Put simply for the BEST experience (In my humble opinion)

#1 Kotori
#2 Chihaya
#3 Shizuru
#4 Lucia
#5 Akane
Explanation and Other Options:
For your very first playthrough, you can play however you'd like if that's what you would like to do. You'll most likely find just playing the common route.

However I heavily recommend going straight for Kotori's route.
Kotori route is a very good introduction to the novel and sets you up for the rest of the read. When you restart your playthrough after a common route, I believe some magic of immersion can be lost. I like to play this less as a game, but more of a story.

Chihaya 2nd because if you read other's you'll be spoiled on a few things.
We're trying to get the BEST experience of first time reading rewrite.
It is a little longer read than Kotori's Route.

Shizuru 3rd
I think it works pretty well after Chihaya.
She's my favorite character from rewrite.
It is the shortest read.

Lucia 4th
She can be played anytime but its generally better for her to be played towards the end.
If you like her a lot then you can switch route order with Shizuru, or maybe even Chihaya.

Akane gives a lot of final information and closes everything out for Moon Route
It is best if you play it last. Its also my favorite read out of all.
What is Moon Route? You unlock it after you complete all 5 heroine's story.
It like a prologue for the epilogue, Terra Route
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SLywnow Jun 21 @ 11:51am 
I would swap Chihaya and Shizuru, because in the Shizuru route we will meet Chihaya in an unusual way and only in her route we will get answers and the development of ideas that began in the Shizuru route
uwu Apr 7 @ 1:25pm 
why ur name big
Xerain Dec 18, 2021 @ 2:44am 
This is the order i played in, and it's solid. However, it's also kind of sad to take away all of someone's free choice with a prescribed route order. There's something to be said about having your own unique experience. However, Rewrite definitely contains some routes that you don't want to play either too late or too soon. Therefore the advice I would give someone is:

Kotori first
Chihaya before Shizuru
Lucia any time after Kotori, but not last. (though 3rd or 4th would be be ideal.)

With this order, the final route will be either Shizuru or Akane. Ending with Akane is the standard advice, however as time has gone on and I've let things sink in, I do think Shizuru is also a perfectly fine route to end on.