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More Description for Traits
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More Description for Traits

18/01/2023 Update :
- Multiplayer should work now
- rewritten all translations
- updated the description of the Lucky trait.
- Fixed typo that caused an error when a trait added darkness effect reduction without adding weather effect reduction, which could cause issues with other mods (SOTO for example)

This mod is intended for players who are confused about what effects each trait and profession has on the character.

It adds description to the traits that need it to describe their effects on the character in detail, instead of leaving people guessing with vague sentences. This way, players can have an easier time imagining their own builds by themselves.

It also adds the description on mouse hover in the character's info screen, in game. This works with descriptions of traits from other mods too, like Banjo's item kits or Dynamic traits for example.

This is based on a combination of my own knowledge, the games files, your feedback, and the wiki of PZ.

Most of what I added in the traits' descriptions are in parenthesis so you can distinguish what is vanilla description and what is not.

If you notice a typo, or know of an effect that is not listed, or spot something that is wrong or poorly worded, please leave a comment to point it out to me. I don't think I got every single effect that could be listed, and I may have made a mistake somewhere, so I'm relying on you guys for that.

Works with build 41 and in multiplayer.
Compatible with: Dynamic Traits, More Traits, Banjo's Item kits, More Simple Traits...also Driving Skill, Scavenger Skill...
So it should be compatible with any mod that adds traits or skills.

Note: I will not list any EXPLOIT or BUG that is clearly unintended as part of a trait or profession's effects. The issue with Weak Stomach has been noted, and I made a bug report to the devs. If they don't fix it, I will update the description to point out the unintended issue.
For those who want to know, the issue with Weak Stomach is it makes food illness last shorter instead of longer. (not as short as Irong Gut though)

French: done (thanks to Badb and myself)
German: incomplete ( done by Basch_III ) (needs an update for 41.71)
Spanish: incomplete ( done by Razor1911 and Jedy ) (needs an update for 41.71)
Russian: done ( thanks to X32 22A and Dasic )
Turkish: incomplete ( done by EliteRonin )(needs an update for 41.71)
Portuguese-Brazil: incomplete ( done by cacatem. ) (needs an update for 41.71)
Simplified Chinese: incomplete (done by NitroCaramel ) (needs an update for 41.71)
Traditional Chinese: done (thanks to NitroCaramel and JAY-RJ )
Korean: incomplete (thanks to treakie ) (needs an update for 41.71)

Since version 41.66, the mod needs a few more words translated such as "Fish baits", "Forest Rarities" or "Malus can be canceled by wearing glasses".

Anyone is welcome to volunteer to translate to their language.

Foraging stats:
The mod details the foraging stats bonuses for each trait and profession.
Stats are : Foraging radius bonus, Weather Effect reduction, and Darkness Effect reduction and also Specialisation bonuses for every foraging category.
All foraging stats are added dynamically, which means any balance changes will be automatically updated, and other traits that get foraging stats in their descriptions (if they have foraging stats).
Source file: media/lua/shared/Foraging/forageDefinitions.lua

Character Info Screen Tooltip:
The mod displays the detailed description of each trait in the character's info screen window on mouse hover. Works for professions too (except Unemployed since it doesn't have an image).
Works with traits of other mods too! Although their descriptions probably won't be as detailed.

Workshop ID: 2685168362
Mod ID: MoreDescriptionForTraits4166
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