Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid

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How to reset a broken character file without affecting other player's character file
By 千日紅
solution of multiplayer game with mod, character file broken down, and unable to re-create a new character
 Please notice this solution can only put the character to zero, can't recover it to before it broke.

  1.First you need to download the decoder to read the game file, DB Browser.

  2.Find the position of the character file, the location should be: c: \ users \ user \ zomboid \ saves \ MultiPlayer \ Server Name \ Players.db, please back up it first before modify it.

    Use DB Browser to open Players.db. (my system is Chinese but look at picture should know how to do)
    Switch to Browse Data, switch Table to NetworkPlayers.

    Find the broken character file of specific player, click the digits of left side of it, it should can select the entire column, and delete, if you delete it correctly, the number of rows will be -1. the change and put it back to \ zomboid \ SAVES \ MultiPlayer \ Server Name \ Players.db. The broken character will completely disappear and the player can finally re-create his character.