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ROOT Quest Freshener
Type: Game
Complexity: Low Complexity
Number of Players: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
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Dec 9, 2021 @ 11:44am
Dec 10, 2021 @ 11:52pm
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ROOT Quest Freshener


Hey just posting this quick as it pretty simple *shrug*
Replace the Quest and Completed Quest Board in TTS with these.
IRL-ers, there's a thing for you at the bottom of this post ;)

SETUP: Put 3 quest on it as normal
Step 1: At end of Evening, freshen your available quests by discarding the rightmost.
Step 2: Just do what the board tells you to do**! XD
**as revealed by each card or when the deck is empty IE if you can see the words 'Shuffle Discard' , do that. 😉

As a supplemental to Despot Infamy (Gain 1VP if you remove any hostile pieces of a faction in battle - as opposed to for every hostile piece. The Quest Freshener just helps make sure that a bad quest draw doesn't stay a bad quest draw... PERMANENTLY XD hahah which can be a real game killer. And that is a shame because Despot Infamny (currently being played in the GSG Winter Tournament) is a houserule that really breathes life into the Vagabond faction after years and years of salty meta forming.

Some have thought that the Quest Deck itself needed re-tooling but, the more I look at the disribution of Quests, the more i believe in what they are, as printed. The only problem is that is they are ever bad, they typically stayed bad. This helps A LOT! What fun! :)

I've played a bunch of games with it and already the change is palpable. Craft denial is not 100% but has become strategic. Aiding is meaningful and strategic. Table-talking into an item aid/craft for a quest before it disappears (as, once discarded, quests only get shuffled after all have been drawn) becomes a very real thing. Sometimes you have to get them before they're gone. Sometimes you can plan a bit as you know how long you have before they dissapear. Sometimes ruins don't even get explored (again, strategically) as to leave the slots blocked. A few points for infamy here and there. A few quests. Some aids. Vagabond is not the enemy of all you live and breathe now!!! They are part of the game and the interaction!!! As it was always meant to be!!!! <3<3<3

Anyways... I'm posting this rather quick and well dress it up later.
It's just made our games with DI (Despot Infamy) and Vagabond instantly more enjoyable and interactive *shrug*
So here it is: The QUEST FRESHENER!!!!

PS - This is just manual (you have to shift/slide/move everything manually and some aspects of the nearby Quest Claimer are not complete). But check back to get the latest and most improved version from time to time. I'm hoping to create an optional auto-function for the effect before it goes into the ROOT Ultimate Collection Mod

PSS - For IRL-ers, to use this ruling just pretend you always have a tableau of 3 available quests and everytime you claim one (or discard it once per turn at end of evening - which is a must not a may - can't hold onto them for later - do em or lose em) shift all quests to the right, drawing a new one. you'll figure it out. Anyways.. it works wonders.