The Giraffe World

The Giraffe World

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Worlds 1-5 walkthroughs
By Omegnight
This is a screenshot guide to help people go through the 5 worlds in the game. Due to the nature of some of the bonus levels, they are not described in this screenshot guide.

Please note that many levels do not have only one solution, these may not be the most optimized.
World 1 - "Giraffic Park"
Level 01: "The first hat"

Level 02: "Shelter in the forest"

Level 03: "Crossings"

Level 04: "This skull is bald"

Level 05: "Swift swamp"

Level 06: "Open-space warehouse"

Level 07: "Crate portal"

Level 08: "A key will always open doors"

Level 09: "Mimolette"

Level 10: "We are a sum of choices"
World 2 - "Icy Savana"
Level 11: "Ice cream is a dish best served cold"

Level 12: "Frozen lake within the ice lake"

Level 13: "The bi-polar temple"

Level 14: "Ice lake within the frozen lake"

Level 15: "Nutcracker"

Level 16: "Giraffe on ice"

Level 17: "Pits"

Level 18: "Hats or big hat?"

Level 19: "Longcut"

Level 20: "Hat bank"

World 3 - "Camelopardalis"
Level 21: "Plates under the sun"

Level 22: "Cavities under the sun"

Level 23: "Antiantichambers"

Level 24: "Knock knock? Bwak bwak."

Level 25: "Alternation"

Level 26: "Phtirius inguinalis"

Level 27: "Prismatoid"

Level 28: "Cat coast"

Level 29: "Ominous eyes"

Level 30: "Warehouse number thirty"

World 4 - "Planet Zhugl"
Level 31: "Welcome to planet Zhugl"

Level 32: "Sheeps? No, those are mourosulanimilipitons"

Level 33: "Cheval de frise"

Level 34: "What is love?"

Level 35: "Stratum"

Level 36: "A Song of Ice and Fire and Fish"

Level 37: "Little House on the alien prairie"

Level 38: "The path is hidden"
(note: Path is hidden off-screen, take all the keys then go to the bottom, then right, then up and you'll be on the secret room with the hats)

Level 39: "Exomask"

Level 40: "The last hat"
(note: Beware, controls are reversed)

World 5 - "Steamlands"
Level 45: "The Pipe World"
(note: This is level 45 because levels 41 to 44 are the bonus levels)

Level 46: "Tiny little forts"

Level 47: "Who's face is this?"

Level 48: "Big fort"

Level 49: "Wet dream"

Level 50: "Heterochromia"

Level 51: "Hattitude"

Level 52: "A Clockwork Violet"

Level 53: "Grid"

Level 54: "Labyrinthus"