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Total Miner
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Nov 24, 2014 @ 8:45pm
Dec 23, 2017 @ 12:36am

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Total Miner release date and pricing.
Regarding the Steam release
Release date: Early Access Release 2017
Total Miner is an RPG game maker in a voxel sandbox. It also includes game modes for creative, adventure and survival gameplay.

You can download and play a free demo from the Xbox 360 Marketplace.
Total Miner is the 2nd best selling Xbox Live Indie Game of all time with over 1.2m units sold.

Creative Mode:
This game mode turns the game into either a creative building sandbox or an RPG game maker. An extensive set of options and tools are available for building and game making. Massive detailed constructions, automation, mini games, quests and custom boss fights are just a few examples of content that can be created.

For players who just want to play, explore and adventure, there are two other game modes included. Dig Deep and Survival.

Dig Deep:
Try and get to the bottom of this very deep world. You will need to find blueprints as you progress to unlock better tools. You'll need better tools as you get deeper to dig through the harder rock. Beware of the monsters in dark places.

Gather your resources by day and build your shelter. Prepare yourself for the oncoming night where you will have to survive an onslaught of dangerous creatures.

Main Game Features:
  • 41 Full length Music Tracks - Over 3.5 hours of music.

  • Online Play: Play with your friends and make new friends. Build worlds for others to play in, or play in other peoples worlds. Permissions and zones let game makers control who can do what and where. Player spectating allows you to view the world from another players eyes.

  • Creative Tools: Fill and Clear large areas in one operation. Replace blocks over large areas quickly. Have the game build lines, paths and walls for you. Flood large irregular spaces with any block. Copy area's of a map to a clipboard and paste it in other parts of the map. Save your clipboard as a component and use it in other worlds.

  • Script Language: Automate manual tasks, create quests, mini games, boss fights, almost anything you can imagine with this powerful inbuilt script language.

  • Zones: Wrap zones around areas of your world to protect them or set custom properties.
    Permissions: A powerful set of player permissions to control who can do what and where.

  • Player Skills (Optional): 16 different player skills. Gain XP by doing activities. Raise your skills to gain advantage.

  • Animated Liquid Physics: Watch water and lava flow.
  • WIFI Power: Create powered circuits using WIFI.
  • Farming: Sow your crops and reap their harvest. Use the harvest to cook better food.
  • Day/Night/Season: Watch the days and nights cycle through the seasons.
  • Texture Packs: There are 25 different texture packs available in the game.

  • Unlockable Avatars: 40 different avatars are available to unlock by doing certain tasks.
    NPCs: 74 different NPCs. Enter custom names and dialogue.

  • Monsters: Currently there are 9 different monsters in the game and 5 passive animals.
    Enter custom mobs stats for spawners on Creative mode.

  • Shops: Players can trade any item and block using gold pieces as currency.
    Economized Shops: Make a shop your own. Stock it and customize prices.

  • Items: 222 different items.
  • Blocks: 180 different blocks.
  • Craftable: 233 blocks and items and can be crafted, smelted, smithed or cooked.

  • Rock layers: There are 14 layers of different rock as you go deeper underground. Each layer is made of harder rock and requires better tools to mine.

  • Dual Wielding: Wield items in one hand or two, you choose.
  • Compass: Know where you are going. Place markers on the map and use them as waypoints.

  • Items of note:
    25 different tools.
    32 different weapons.
    9 different arrows.
    6 different sets of armor.
    14 food items.
    Enchanted jewelry
    Camera - take in game photos.

  • Blocks of note:
    17 ores and minerals.
    14 rock types.
    Shops, Fire, Crate, Chest, Furnace, Workbench, Bookcase, Table, Stairs, Slab, Ramp, Cylinder, Locked Chest, Safe, Ladder, Torch, 3 Doors, Trapdoor, Stained Glass (16 colors), Sign, Fence, Bed, Rope, Script block, WIFI blocks, Switch, Button, Powered Light, Proximity Detector, NPC spawner, Mob Spawner, TNT, C4, Ambient Sounds, Sentry Turret, Book, Spikes, Invaders (playable).

Coming soon:
Infinite worlds.
Animated avatars.
Quest maker.
Mod support.
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There is no MP, Im gonna wait til it gets MP I think :/
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