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Journey Adventure Quest JAQ
Type: Game
Complexity: Medium Complexity
Number of Players: 6
Play Time: 30 minutes
Language: English
File Size
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Dec 4, 2021 @ 2:40pm
Jul 19 @ 2:35pm
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Journey Adventure Quest JAQ

Gear up heroes for adventures and monsters in this drafting strategy game. The core of Journey Adventure Quest is stacking cards to build attack, defense, and knowledge while avoiding damage. Heroes search from dawn to dusk for equipment and spells every day, and create sets crafted by different guilds, which is often vital to completing both Adventures and Quests.

JAQ is a fun strategy game that has neat game mechanics that are easy to learn, and complex strategies that change every game. It is one of those "gateway" games that help people transition from classic board games to strategy games, and then continues to engage those that have played it for years. (We have, and we still enjoy it.)

While you are waiting, use the tablets on the table to follow our Kickstarter launch and view our homepage (and sign up for emails if you like).

Here are some quick notes on how to play JAQ in TTS:
1. Become familiar with the rules sitting on the edge of the table. The first and last page are helpful, and the FAQ section near the end is useful as well. It's probably worth knowing how to win, so that section is nice. Really, I guess all the rules are kinda important.
2. Have all players pick their seats.
3. Click "Setup" and watch the cards all magically appear where they need to be.
4. Once players have placed a card on their Dawn/Noon/Dusk boards, click "Pass cards" so everyone's hands rotate to the next player. (If they don't switch, that usually means someone hasn't played.)
5. The VP, coin, and blood counters increase with a left click and decrease with a right click.
6. Attack, defense, and knowledge tokens are pulled from the bags in the center. These bags can't run out. (Don't forget to return them at the start of each Journey!)
7. Once everyone has played all their cards (and discarded the last one), click the Turn Navigation token, near "setup."

Want to schedule a game with us? Post on our Triceratops Games Facebook page, and we'll set something up!

(NOTE: This is the 3-6 player version; there is a separate 2-player version also available if you search for JAQ again.)
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Kohler  [author] Jul 19 @ 2:41pm 
Ok, This might be good news. I went through every card, and I did find 2 cards that the stats were a bit off. One of the cards was the "Dragon Dagger". I hope that is it.
The Wise Wolf Jul 18 @ 5:04am 
Yeah, I think that might be it since we also had some situations where removing all cards from a slot and then placing them back helped fix the stats, but for at least one issue it didn't. There is something weird going on.

Sadly the values themselves aren't easily available (some mods put them in the description of the card and pull them from there) so I couldn't check if the base vales are correct.
Kohler  [author] Jul 17 @ 9:10pm 
Thank you again, for playing and giving the feedback. I think it might be a issue that occurs later in the script. I am looking in to it. For the Red's bowl issue I move the spell slots down.
The Wise Wolf Jul 15 @ 8:08am 
Also Red's bowl is in the way of longer spells.
The Wise Wolf Jul 15 @ 7:56am 
Dragon Dagger of Vision seems to add 5 attack. We also ran into some other mistakes in stats.
Maybe the stats on the actual items are ok but something breaks further on scripting?
The Wise Wolf Jul 12 @ 3:46pm 
We'll check the next time we play. I was quite sure it was the drum, but maybe it was some weird interaction between multiple items.
Kohler  [author] Jul 12 @ 3:39pm 
I fixed the defense token counters to make them work like the other counters. I tested the Shaman Hallowed Drum and it seemed to work. Though, there might be another issue that caused it not to work in the game you played. Please let me know if you see anything else. Thanks
The Wise Wolf Jul 12 @ 1:25am 
Regarding the tokens, I swear I remember them not going away yesterday, but I'll check, might have misremembered something.
As for the manual adjustment, we figured that out, but for some reason were unable to adjust Red player's Defense stat. Other stats worked.
Kohler  [author] Jul 11 @ 8:08pm 
If something doesn't calculate correctly you can right click and left click on the token counters to adjust the totals manually. That is not intuitive ether, but still works in a pinch :)
Kohler  [author] Jul 11 @ 7:59pm 
1) Rule question. The temporary stats on the 3rd level monsters are there because of expansion ideas. We wanted the monsters to work if we have a 4th level.

2) Thank you so much for finding things like this. I will check the Shaman Hallowed Drum stats.

3) The tokens should just remove themselves automatically when you do the pass click between monster battles. So, you don't have to remove them they should just go away. Sorry that was not very clear.

4) Note: there is a 2 player version on TTS as well. I am also working on getting the solo mod working. That was one of our stretch goals on our Kickstarter.