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Nov 19, 2021 @ 6:23pm
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This is one of several WWII PUSH maps built exklusive for PCVR. (no shack version planned)

If you are a team player, this is the map you ever wanted.
The map layout works best with 16 to 18 players.
(If you play this map on servers with 18+ slots its up to you)

Map features:

5 WWII based differing battlefields

- Omaha Beach
- German underground bunker
- Radar station
- Antenna cornfield
- French town

6 authentic WWII loadout classes for balanced teamplay

- Scout
- Assault
- Anti-Tank
- Medic
- Engineer
- Officer

Usable vehicles

- GER Tiger Panzer
- GER Panzer III
- US M4 Sherman
- Willy
- Kübelwagen

You will play with unique stuff:

- 5 different custom skins for US loadouts + 1 bonus skin
- Custom skin for German medic loadout
- Explore eastereggs of several movie, game and developer references.
- Pickable ammunition and weapons to refill and complete your gear loadout while playing
- Custom death sounds to have more immersion
- Mounted MG42's to suppress the allied forces

Additionally to all upcoming map balancing updates, there are also
future updates in mind:

- Custom skins for German team
UPDATE *Medic skin has been added

- Random beach explosions for more immersion
UPDATE *random explosions have been added

- Openable higgins doors
- Optional new added/changed objectives
- Town only version with US team as defender (SPR reference)
- Experimental rain version
- Experimental swim or climb interactions

Tips for a successfull job:
*Don't play the lone wolve*
*Talk to your team*
*Flank the enemy*
*Use smokes*
*Do not concentrate only to one single objective*
*Watch your respawn count*
*Use different classes for different situations*
*If you're low on health call a medic nearby*
*If you're a medic, do your job and heal/revive*

That's it for now folks.
Please consider to rate and leave a rating with your suggestion for this map.

Special thanks to my supporters who helped me out with all the necessary unreal engine
knowhow to even create such a kind of a map like DOG.
Without them DOG would be just a simple container map ;-)

Names in alphabetical order:

Brainslug (for introducing me the unreal engine and showing me the default features)
BravSoldat (for helping me with exclusive custom features)
Golden (for additional knowhow of unreal development)
invicta_nz (for beta server availability and discord rcon access)
KENNITHH (for additional tipps and tricks to achive unreal related customization)
Left4pillz (for map testing, hosting and unreal tipps)
MessiahPenguin (for the skin and rigging tutorial for custom skins)
The Machine (for map testing and sdk development help)
UrbanGhost3 (for map layout testing and balance suggestions)
Yoshey (for advanced discord advice)

Additional thanks to:

davevillz (developer)
Mark Dey (developer)
Junt (Community manager)
and the complete dev crew who are PUSHing VR to the next level.


HANK from VR-CHECK (a Swiss VR youtuber since 2016)
Twitter: @vr-check
Reddit: VR-CHECK


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filip4428 Jun 4 @ 6:09pm 
This is one of the maps I run on my PUSH server, alongside PUSH I have 2 dedicated cod 2 and 4 servers, Check us out at
michaelaudette73 Jun 4 @ 6:39am 
it is not working for me
VR-CHECK  [author] May 18 @ 4:50am 
The trench gun was already in use for the engineer in first playtests and the only way it was usefull was in the Axis bunker below the beach. In open fields it was useless and the engineer was mostly ignored although the class has the needed ammo and mines against tanks. Its a nice weapon and I like it but due balancing it is not included on this map.
Postal Dude May 17 @ 12:24pm 
@VR-CHECK I understand the balance part and bonus items, but what about giving the engineer class a trench gun instead of a rifle? It would fit the class, and also help even the balance between the lee enfield and kar98 ammo's capacity, because if both are replaced with the trench gun, they have the same ammo, and while there are quite a few areas that are longer range, a trench gun would add to the experience, and will probably make people use the engineer class more, because I barely see it used
VR-CHECK  [author] Apr 21 @ 8:58am 
No Weapon change planned.
There is a reason, why there are no further pickable guns. The pickable guns and items are some bonus items but not meant to be default. Its all about balancing without over powered or uneven player classes.
Postal Dude Apr 20 @ 6:40pm 
This is a great map, but it needs better weapon selection, there are weapons that get found around the map, but never get used again, for example, I think the engineer class should have a shotgun instead of a lee enfield, as there are areas in this map that would be useful for cqc, anti-tank should have a bar (or mg-42 for the germans) to fall back on because they dont get a helmet, otherwise, This map is perfect
VR-CHECK  [author] Apr 19 @ 6:03am 
Thank you @Svet appreciated 🙌
Svet Apr 17 @ 11:27am 
I just watched "Saving Private Ryan", I didn´t know it was an inspiration for this map, I love the way you transfered the scenary into a balanced map and gonna keep an eye out for small details now
Pescados Mar 30 @ 3:22am 
Best map among all push-maps!
Fank86 Mar 20 @ 11:49am 
Amazing map, lots of fun to play. Main issue is that some dropped items are sometimes hard to pickup. Ammo boxes for instance appear to clip halfway into the ground.