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Welcome to the universe of Sheol, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi game where the Earth has been shrouded in eternal night. Sheol is a cooperative game, playable solo or with up to four players, with an emphasis on exploration and combat. It is organized into campaigns that are in turn subdivided into missions. In each mission, players will have to coordinate their efforts tactically to complete the objectives and defend the Citadel (humanity last stand) from invasion.

This is a demo of the Board Game Sheol. Playing this demo let you explore the world of Sheol and test all the main mechanics.

Special features
  • Original Soundtrack to immerse yourself in the game
  • Custom background and tables
  • Mission setup scripted
  • Rulebook and Mission Manual browsing available during the game

What is included
  • The first 5 mission of Sheol core box, including a bossfight
  • 6 playable characters
  • 3 shadows, 2 Heralds and 1 Outer Lord
  • All the general components

What is not included
  • The expansions content with additional enemies, characters and missions
  • The full mission manual with 164 pages and 32 missions
  • The additional enemies
  • The additional exploration cards

How to Play
You can download the Rulebook here:
and the Mission Manual with the first 5 missions here:

The story of Sheol in a Nutshell
NOTE: you can find the full story of Sheol at the beginning of the Mission Manual.

The shadows arrived on the moon. From that day on, a mass of shadows (called Sheol) similar to a black tide began to form until it shrouded the moon completely and wept the shadows down to Earth. Although technologically advanced, people had no means to stop the shadows, which slowly filled the Earth and exterminated almost all of mankind. The planet was fully enveloped in layers of clouds so dark that sunlight could not filter through, and the survivors took refuge on the Isle of Light, also called the Citadel, the last outpost of mankind. In fact, Lux, a type of light radiation capable of destroying shadows, was discovered too late.

Enclosed between the immense walls that surround the many square kilometers in which the intricate levels of the Citadel arise, humans have slowly forgotten the external world shrouded in darkness and exhausted themselves in a series of internal political, cultural, and economic struggles. Over the decades, the Citadel has become a collection of decadent people, mixing nanotechnology with superstition, millenary beliefs with cyber-empowerments, chaos, and the emergence of new castes. Only the scouts, explorers of the unknown and raiders of the outside world, have not forgotten that the world belongs to mankind and that mankind shall reclaim it one day. In this game, you are one of these scouts.

Support Lunar Oak Studio
Our Studio launched Sheol in 2019 on Kickstarter, collecting more than 2000 backers. The success of the campaign encouraged us to further expand and improve the game.

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estilnia Mar 11, 2022 @ 7:27pm 
Nice job on this mod! Are there plans to include all the content?