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Foil Farming Techniques
By dGameBoy101b
If you don't know what foils are or haven't seen them in the game you should turn back now. Otherwise, this is a guide about numerous strategies to farm ridiculous quantities of foils and it's open to suggestions.
This guide is a collection of foil generation strategies. If you have a new strategy, feel free to leave a comment about it and I'll add a new section for it, crediting you for the strategy.
Where to get cards
The easiest way to get cards is by buying card packs from the Merchant for 5 foils each. Each pack contains 5 cards, 1 rare card and 4 common cards, all of the one type corresponding to the card pack type. Each of the four types, Beast, Undead, Tech, and Magic, have a corresponding Merchant in their respective areas to buy cards and card packs from.

In this guide, card names will be marked in bold, and rare cards will also be underlined.
Endless Scrapyard
Required Cards
Energy Conduit
Steel Mice
Bone Heap
Any conduit card
I recommend a Factory Conduit

  1. Reach 4 maximum energy.
  2. Have the above cards in your hand.
  3. Play your conduit cards to the left-most and right-most lanes to activate the Energy Conduit.
  1. Destroy any of your cards in the inner-left and inner-right lanes with the hammer.
  2. Play Steel Mice to any empty space without losing energy due to the activated Energy Conduit and keep a copy of Steel Mice due to its effect.
  3. Continue until a satisfactory quantity of bones have been farmed in the same turn.
Final Blow
  1. Destroy all your remaining cards with the hammer.
  2. Play Bone Heap to any space that will allow it to directly attack.
  3. Activate the ability of Bone Heap until you can no longer afford the bone cost.
  4. End your turn and watch as your Bone Heap deal an absurd amount of overkill damage in a single blow.

  • Can scale infinitely.
  • Completed in one turn, meaning the enemy is given no time to respond.
  • Can be used in the infinite Dummy battles because it doesn't require anything from the enemy.
  • Requires some rare cards.
  • Time consuming to complete multiple times.
  • Cards with the burrowing or guarding sigils will delay the final blow.
  • Cannot be used in the Magnificus battle because it relies on card sigils.
  • Shouldn't be used in the first round of the P03 battle as he will copy your Bone Heap and demolish you.
  • Shouldn't be used in the first round of the Grimora battle as she will destroy your Bone Heap.
Full Power Mage
Credited to DiamondMX

Required Cards
Energy Conduit
Any conduit
Stim Mage
Any green gem provider
I recommend an Emerald Mox

  1. Play the conduit cards to any lane to activate the effect of Energy Conduit
  2. Play your chosen card to provide you with a green gem
  3. Play Stim Mage to a space that allows for a direct attack
All The Clicking
  1. Continuously activate the ability of Stim Mage to rack up a bunch of power on it
  2. End your turn and watch your Stim Mage deal all the damage
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Spore Cannon Jan 13 @ 1:07pm 
@awde All you need to farm Ouro is Pharoa's Pets, since it doesn't die when sacrificed and also is worth 3 blood, allowing you to place Ouro, hammer it, and then place it again for free since the card you sacrificed to place it is still there.
Spore Cannon Jan 12 @ 6:06pm 
@Target Endless Scrapyard is just a catchy name for the strat the the guide-creator came up with.
Spore Cannon Jan 12 @ 6:03pm 
@Schade If you want to guarantee the four cards that the Mycologists can fuse, you need a lot of foils, since each one appears in the shop after cycling through the 2 other cards in its slot:
Blue Mage in the bottom left of the Magic shop,
Field Mice in the bottom left of the Beast shop,
Grave Digger in the bottom left of the Undead shop, and
Security Drone in the top right of the Tech shop.

The Security Drone's slot costs 1 foil x 3 cards to cycle through (including the Drone), for a total of 3 foils to get each Drone; the other 3 Mycologist-base cards cost 2 foils each, x 3 cards in each of those slots to cycle through, for a total of 6 foils per desired card. If you want those Mycologist-fused cards, you're gonna need some foils.
Spore Cannon Jan 12 @ 6:01pm 
If you want to guarantee getting the cards you need for these strats:
Steel Mice are in the bottom-right slot of the Tech shop
Energy Conduits are in the top-left slot of the tech Shop
Factory Conduits do not directly appear in the shop (though they can be found in packs)
Null Conduits appear in the top-right slot of the Tech shop (as a substitute for Factory Conduits)
Buff Conduits appear in the bottom-left slot of the Tech shop (as a substitute for Factory Conduits)
Bone Heaps appear in the top-left slot of the Undead shop
Stim Mages appear in the bottom-right slot of the Magic shop
Emerald Moxes appear in the top-right slot of the Magic shop
The weird two-gem Moxes appear in the top-left slot of the Magic shop

I hope this helps!
Spore Cannon Jan 12 @ 5:44pm 
@LegenDairyLeche Spore digger gives two bones per turn. You might be thinking of Necromancer, which revives a card and then lets it die again to double its bone output.
Quart of Quartz Jan 8 @ 5:54pm 
Full Power Mage is most effective with the use of an auto clicker, but can still be completed without one.
Corlahn Dec 31, 2021 @ 10:37am 
i mean i had a 100/100 oroborous
LegenDairyLeche Dec 2, 2021 @ 5:18pm 
Tomb robber/Bone Pile/Grave digger. 1 bone to activate tomb robber, play the skeleton and hammer it, Grave digger gives you 2 bones. You can do this infinitely and buff the Bone pile as high as you want.
F035 Nov 17, 2021 @ 11:49pm 
An even better option is to replace the steel mice requirement with the Bone lord's horn which is miles faster. (spoiler for the demon secret)
awde Nov 14, 2021 @ 9:09am 
another infinite is tomb robber + ouroboros, just get two skeles, place ouro, hammer ouro, repeat