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[FFHRRM] Fire's Flaming Hot Rebalance And Realism Mod
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May 25, 2014 @ 12:42pm
Jan 2, 2015 @ 7:17am
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[FFHRRM] Fire's Flaming Hot Rebalance And Realism Mod

Makes the guns of L4D2 behave more like real guns (Although maybe not the actual gun in many cases, but like other guns of their type) while also maintaining balance between them and diversifying their roles.

Check out the SCARY INFECTED version too.

A version compatible with L4D1 also exists.[www.gamemaps.com]

Magnum Changes make the reload look weird unless you change it to a Revolver. I reccomend this one

This mod includes LoadedAK47's Selective Fire mod, Letting you toggle semi-auto and full-auto with the Q key. Make sure nothing else is bound to this key.

And do consider picking up my CS Weapon Skin Pack if you intend to use this mod with the hidden CS Weapons enabled because, yes, this mod changes them too. Check the discussion for more info.

Be Aware:
This is not a 100%-accurate-to-reality type mod. The focus here is on fun, and adding realism where possible. L4D2 is a very arcady game, and this mod does nothing to change that. It only (hopefully) makes it more fun.

Now also adjusts reserve ammo counts to be fairer on shotguns and changes the slots into which certain items go in your inventory. Specifically any item that would require you to drop a first-aid kit has been moved to another slot.

In addition this mod includes an adapted version of the Improved Bots (Simple) mod by DzIggy (all credit to him) as it would otherwise conflict with it.

See this discussion for a potential fix for (rare) problems caused by uninstalling FFHRRM.

Anyway, with all that out of the way, the changes are thus:


- slightly Larger spread and much more affected by firing, increased Damage, Clip size increased to 20 per pistol (40 while Dual Wielding) and reload speed is massively increased.

Magnum Pistol AKA Desert Eagle
- Good accuracy at all times and massive damage per shot, Huge recoil however reduced Recoil while in a still crouch, Fire-rate massively increase while reload speed decreased, penetration equal to the new M60, clip size reduced to 6.

Unsilenced SMG AKA Uzi
- Tighter Spread and small amount of recoil, lower rate of fire, Increased damage to compensate, clip size reduced to 40, reserve ammo adjusted to 480 roundse (520 including a full mag.)

Silenced SMG AKA MAC-10
- Massively Inaccurate in everything other than short bursts, Huge Recoil, increased DPS, penetration at close range, Is now a Secondary Weapon like the Pistols, Is considered a Tier 2 weapon and spawns with them.

-BOOMSTICK!.. Ehem... MUCH larger spread, more pellets per shot (30 to be exact,) MASSIVE recoil, Clip size reduced to 5, very good penetration at close range, is now a Secondary Weapon like the pistols and Is considered a Tier 2 weapon and spawns with them.

Chrome Shotgun
- Much Tighter spread, pellets per spread decreased, Damage increased significantly to compensate, much greater penetration at close ranges, Clip Size reduced to 7, reserve ammo increased to 120 shells (127 with a full mag.)

Tactical Auto-Shotgun
- Tighter spread, pellets per spread increased slightly, Damage increased significantly to compensate (not as much as Chrome however,) much greater penetration at close ranges (Also Less than Chrome), Clip Size reduced to 7, reserve ammo increased to 120 shells (127 with a full mag.)

Combat Auto-Shotgun AKA SPAS-12
- Fires in a wide spread, more pellets in the spread while maintaining a similar amount of total damage per shot, penetration for all shotguns adjusted for more effectiveness at short-range, Clip Size increased significantly to 12, reserve ammo increased to 100 shells (112 with a full Mag.)

Hunting Rifle
- Greatly increased damage per shot, rate of fire reduced to compensate, Huge penetration at all ranges, but has strong recoil & Horrible moving accuracy, Slower reload, Clip size adjusted to 20, reserve ammo increased to 180 rounds (200 with a full mag,) now offically fills the role of the Tier 1 sniper rifle.

Military Sniper
- Reduced Damage but increased Fire Rate, but suffers from recoil, Better accuracy while moving than the new Hunting Rifle but still pretty bad, reserve ammo adjusted to 180 rounds (210 with a full mag.)

Assault Rifle AKA M16
- Increased damage per shot, Rate of fire reduced and clip-size dropped to 30 to compensate, Balanced between the AK47's burst DPS and strong recoil and the SCAR's sustained DPS and Accuracy, Very good accuracy while moving, crouched and standing but suffers from moderately stron recoil, increased reload speed, reserve ammo adjusted to 360 rounds (390 with a full mag.)

Desert Rifle AKA FN SCAR-L
- Increased damage per shot, Rate of fire reduced to the same as the M16 and clip-size dropped to 40 to compensate, Highest Accuracy, lowest recoil, and highest sustained DPS of the Assault Rifles, But suffers from a lack of burst damage and ammo inefficency due to the burst fire mode and low per-shot damage, increased reload speed, reserve ammo adjusted to 360 rounds (400 with a full mag.)

- Increased damage per shot, clip-size dropped to 30 and accuracy reduced/Recoil increased to compensate, Highest burst DPS and penetration but poorest Accuracy and strongest Recoil of the Assault Rifles, Good accuracy while moving, crouched and standing, slower reload than the M-16 and SCAR, reserve ammo adjusted to 270 rounds (300 with a full mag.)

See this discussion for other miscellaneous changes


Survivor firepower is somewhat increased across the board with this mod so if you intend to use it with Versus I recommend you use the Vicious Infected Mod


Known Issues:
If you pick up an ammo upgrade kit, then pick up a throwable item (pipe/bile bomb or Molotov) the ammo kit will disappear


Credit to Iskasen of Deviantart for the picture
Sableagle for the idea,
And dziggy & LoadedAK47 for their included mods


As this is a Script mod, it will only work out of the box in Single Player.

Multiplayer with this mod is only possible if you host a Local Server with this mod enabled, or when this mod is installed on a Dedicated Server, AND if all players on that server also have this mod installed and activated.

In other words, It will NOT work on a Offical Dedicated Server.

If you need the original VPK to install on a private server, it can be downloaded here[www.gamemaps.com]
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Sharks Jun 20, 2017 @ 7:56pm 
The most unrealistic mod ever.
Flopsy007 Mar 10, 2017 @ 9:14am 
- I rename my mods to fx 'weap_ranged_M16_HK416' so finding the vpk files is no problem.
- None of the mods have scripts (checked them with GCFscape and there is no scripts folder i the left pane).
- None of the mods conflict with FFHRRM (no conflict message).
- Also tried removing my other 250 addons :) but I get the same issues with FFHRRM and these weapon mods.

NOTE TO THE PEOPLE: don't let the issues discussed here turn you away from this great addon. These are minor issues that I could ignore or avoid just by choosing other weapon skins for a few weapons. It's just an itch that needs scratching because I loves those skins :)
F I R E  [author] Mar 10, 2017 @ 12:20am 
You will also need to be able to find those mods in your steam workshop folder for L4D2 which will not have actual file names but instead the workshop ID for that item.

You can find the correct ID by going into Steam settings and enabling page URLs, going to the workshop page for the mod you want to find and looking at the URL for the part that says /?id=xxxxxxxxxxxxx where x is the ID number you want.

This will also be what you need to do if you want to change reload speeds in FFHRRM.

Good luck ^^
F I R E  [author] Mar 10, 2017 @ 12:20am 
Some weapon mods are packaged with scripts. These scripts will confict with FFHRRM and might cause the issues you are having. Does L4D2 throw up a conflict message when you enable these mods with FFHRRM?

You can try to open up the weapon mods you got with GCFscape and see if they have script files. More info on how to do this can be found in the "How to edit this mod to your liking" discussion.

Flopsy007 Mar 9, 2017 @ 2:02pm 
Hi DEUS VULT. I've tested some more and narrowed it down to only a couple weapon mods that cause trouble:

Mac-10 mod: Hyper's Mp7 Silenced Smg
mod link
Problem: at the end of the reload sequence there's about 1 sec. delay, then a draw weapon animation.

M16A2 mod: HK416
mod link
Problem: at the end of reload sequence the "button" is pressed twice instead of just once like it's supposed to.

SCAR-L mod: SIG SG552 Commando(SCAR)(2016)
mod link
Problem: just reloads extremely fast which spoils the lovely reload animation for this mod. May be fixed just by adjusting reload time???

Use mods for the rest of the weapons without isues.
Flopsy007 Mar 5, 2017 @ 1:43pm 
Hi DEUS VULT and FIRE. Thanks for the support. I will gladly post which weapon mods I have trouble with, but I have a busy couple of weeks coming up at work. Have to travel most of the time, so it'll be a little while. Also will test a bit more to make sure it's not a wild goose chase :)
GabenPlzNerf  [author] Mar 5, 2017 @ 12:19pm 
Hey Flopsy007 would you mind posting and weapon mods that seem to not work? I would like to replicate your issues to see if we need to address them
F I R E  [author] Mar 4, 2017 @ 8:32pm 
yes, some reload speeds assume weapons will be a certain type (For example that the magnum is a revolver.)

You are free to edit this mod however you like. Since I no longer mod for L4D2 I'm afraid I can't be of much help though. Good luck ^^
Flopsy007 Mar 4, 2017 @ 4:45pm 
Thanks for a great mod. I could use a little help though.
When I use FFHRRM with custom weapon skins that include custom animations, the animations get weird - is this because reload time has been changed?. I figure I could fix this myself just by changing back the reload time in the scripts?
GabenPlzNerf  [author] Jul 29, 2016 @ 10:25pm 
Yes, while the mod will show confliction on the L4D2 activation page, they will function flawlessly