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Whorl, the Fractured Weaver
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Whorl, the Fractured Weaver

Created for Klei's hallowed nights mod competition! See all the submissions and vote here[]!

Enter the constant as Whorl, the Fractured Weaver! Balanced around fighting shadow creatures for nightmare fuel and collecting ingredients for powerful transformations. They currently have about half of their voice lines customized! The remainder of the voice lines will be updated in a future patch.

Whorl's play is oriented around fighting shadow creatures and using nightmare fuel to create items to sustain them. While their stats are average, take advantage of their low sanity and increased resistance toward shadow creatures to farm enough nightmare fuel for weaving!

Memories are a big part of Whorl's play. Though hard to craft, the Ancient Memory can be used for a big strength and armour boost. For less intense fights, consider using the Cavernous Memory instead.

Shadow-resistant - As a creature of shadow, Whorl takes 25% reduced damage from shadow monsters.

Creature of the Night - Whorl loses sanity during the day and dusk, and regains sanity at night.

Natural Botanist - Plants are drawn to Whorl. At night, a trail of lesser glow berries, light bulbs and ferns will grow in their footsteps, then wilt away after a time.

Unnatural Healer - Whorl can't be healed through conventional means. They can still be revived through a telltale heart, but will need to resort to other methods to keep their health up - namely their woven items.

Monstrous - Whorl is a monster, and will be treated as such by other creatures in the constant.

Whorl has one primary form, and 2 secondary forms.

Forest Form
  • Whorl's base form
  • Neutral attack and defense
  • Grows trails of plants behind them at night in the forest

Cave Form
  • Requires 1 Cavernous Memory for a temporary transformation
  • 1.5x damage boost
  • 25% damage reduction

Ancient Form
  • Requires 1 Ancient Memory for a temporary transformation
  • 4x damage boost
  • 50% damage reduction

Whorl has a custom weaving tab that allows you to spin your nightmare fuel into several unique craftables!

  • Heals 8 Health
  • Heals 5 Sanity
  • Heals 12.5 Hunger

  • Heals 8 Health
  • Heals 10 Sanity
  • Heals 18.75 Hunger

  • Heals 30 Health
  • Heals 15 Sanity
  • Heals 75 Hunger

Fossil Refining
  • Refine bone fragments, rock and nitre into fossil pieces

Cavernous Memory
  • Transforms Whorl into Cave Form for a limited time
  • Extends the duration of cave or ancient form if eaten while transformed

Ancient Memory
  • Transforms Whorl into Ancient Form for a limited time, even if Whorl is currently in Cave Form
  • Extends Ancient duration if eaten when already in ancient form

Known Bugs
Given this is the first non-cosmetic mod my team has worked on, there are a few bugs still to be worked out, and plenty of tuning to be done!
  • Shield Hand structure currently disabled due to non-functional aura
  • Sanity penalties that should take place for Ancient Form may not function during time changes

Planned Future Adjustments
  • Fix above bugs
  • Implement craftable Shadow Atrium (Using pseudoscience station and difficult components)
  • Implement Shield Hand craftable structure
  • Implement snare on hit for cave and ancient forms
  • Implement stalker 3rd hit negation on ancient form (and reduce damage resistance to compensate)
  • Completion of voice lines
  • Configurable settings for auto-transform in caves and atrium
  • Configurable settings for intensity of bloom trail at night
Avast Antivirus - General assets, Forest and Cave assets, coding
Identity Pollution - Ancient Fuelweaver form and bigpicture (character select image)
Cinsynate - Coding
Akimia - Voice lines
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TooMany_Nades Dec 3 @ 10:31pm 
for some reason every time you make the food stuff to heal game crashes and it says that there is a screwed up script to do with the stack size of which says 1 no matter how many i have
charcoal Dec 1 @ 5:12pm 
reminds me of hollow night
Reaper Nov 20 @ 7:41pm 
Dude, the mod for me is out of date and I can't use it, can you update?
814652131 Nov 7 @ 3:59pm 
What do ordinary people do when they are looking forward to it and have no way? Yes, we'll hurry
come on. Big brother
Avast Antivirus  [author] Oct 31 @ 10:33am 
Thanks so much to everyone for your comments and for giving this mod a play! :wolhappy: Now that we've got the hotfix out that fixes some of those initial bugs and allows you to recover max health back, we're going to be working on a larger update that implements some new features! We've looked at all the suggestions and comments you've all made, and we'll take into account those that fit in with our ultimate goals for the character, so we hope you'll like it once that comes out!

All the best, and we hope you continue to enjoy Whorl in the meantime!
RobotHotdog Oct 31 @ 10:28am 
My friend is gonna love this
814652131 Oct 30 @ 12:21pm 
看到你更新我就放心了,请不要放弃它(I'm relieved to see your update. Please don't give it up.)
NewIsMe Oct 28 @ 8:26am 
OJ Oct 27 @ 3:40pm 
also if you add those snare etc attacks on the 3 and 4th hit can you make it configureable to turn those abilities off
dornek Oct 27 @ 5:46am 
how about reversed sanity perk? for example gains insanity from picking flowers and sanity from evil flowers, or gains sanity from standing next to deerclops etc