Don't Starve Together

Don't Starve Together

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Wyrdelyn, Child of Night
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Oct 20 @ 2:31pm
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Wyrdelyn, Child of Night

Still a work in progress, ♥♥♥♥ is bound to break.
Likely lacks balance, may be unfun to play even

Let me know if you have any ideas, balance suggestions, or bugs

Custom ghost, icons, and quotes will be added eventually and a custom voice might be added

Is a Vampire: Vampiric Abilities
  • Feast of Blood: Gain health and hunger apon killing a creature. (Exclusions for mobs that are insects, nightmares, clockwork, etc)
  • Burns in Sunlight: If you are in broad daylight without being sheltered or using any sun-protective gear (such as an umbrella) You will move slower for a few seconds and then outright bursting into flames.
  • Thirst For Blood: Normal food has no healing or sanity benefits and will only give you 1/2 of its normal hunger value. Every day you go without eating your hunger will drain faster until you do consume blood in some way, this can be done by eating a mosquito sack or a telltale heart along with healing via any vampiric ability.
    (Despite this Garlic is her favorite food and does not have any negative effects plus having buffed stats)
  • Child of Night: Not afraid of the dark, and will instead get a small sanity benefit during night.

Is a Vampire: Chiropteran Transformation
When using the "Transform" option by right clicking Wyrdelyn, you will transform into a swarm and bats, in this for you:
  • Cannot do any action besides moving and transforming back, similar to Woodie's weregoose transformation.
  • Can fly over water
  • Will not be attacked by Charlie
  • Do damage to anything within a small radius
  • Gain health when attacking things
  • Lose sanity at an accelerated rate

"Great art can never be created without great suffering."
  • Gain sanity when being attacked.

"I avoid violence, it is the last resort of the witless, but if you insist, I'll make an exception for you"
  • Lose sanity when killing friendly creatures. (Amount loss is dependant on the creature).

Known Bugs:
Hands look too big
You can be interrupted while transforming
Back of head is messed up because DST moment

Planned Features:
Hide actions you cant do while transformed
Add custom quotes and extra lines for things like eating plain food
Add ghost, player icon, portrait, etc
Add custom skins (please Vyuri)
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KingGalen Nov 20 @ 11:04pm 
Reminds me of Alucard btw! Super cool!
KingGalen Nov 20 @ 11:04pm 
Definitely the best character on the workshop! Do you have an eta of when the night vision will be added? Also, when I move my mouse across the character anywhere, he transforms, and same for bat form. Is there a way that you can bind a key to the form?
Geri Nov 1 @ 1:58am 
Thank you
Temporary Solutions  [author] Oct 31 @ 6:08pm 
Im going to add it so she gets night vision while turned into bats
Geri Oct 30 @ 2:21am 
Hello. I like your mod, finally a real vampire mod with sun damage and kill for food and health. I only played with her the first half of autumn and, it feels good, but I miss some form of night vision to compensate with the day penalty. I don't know about winter yet, but I look forward to it.