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Portal 2 Console Commands
By PhoneyVirus
List of Console Commands for Portal 2, something that's need when creating a test chamber.
Console Commands
Allow Developer Console
If you wanna use cheats: Esc -> Options -> Keyboard/Mouse -> Allow Developer Console.
Press the ` key (upper-left corner of your keyboard) to open the Developer Console. Most of these codes will not work unless cheats are activated (sv_cheats 1).

Note: When you turn on sv_cheats, all progress for the session is nulled, including story progression and achievements.
  • Only the host can enable cheats in Co-op mode. The host is always Atlas, the blue robot.
  • The "sv_gravity #" and "cl_showfps #" commands are examples of commands that always work, even if cheats are off.
  • Removing certain objects or removing your partner WILL crash the game (ent_remove).
  • The gel blobs will spawn in all maps, but they won't actually function properly in maps that do not use mobility gels.

Companion Cube: ent_create_portal_companion_cube
Weighted Storage Cube: ent_create_portal_weighted_cube
Weighted Pivot Cube: ent_create_portal_reflector_cube
Old Aperture Science Cube: ent_create_portal_weighted_antique
Edgeless Safety Cube: ent_create_portal_weighted_sphere
Turret: npc_create npc_portal_turret_floor
Frankenturret: ent_create prop_monster_box
Wheatley : ent_create npc_personality_core
GLaDOS: prop_dynamic_create npcs/glados/glados_animation
Water (clear): ent_create_paint_bomb_erase
Repulsion Gel (blue): ent_create_paint_bomb_jump
Propulsion Gel (orange): ent_create_paint_bomb_speed
Conversion Gel (white): ent_create_paint_bomb_portal
Rocket: fire_rocket_projectile
Beta Energy Pellet: fire_energy_ball
Door: give prop_testchamber_door
Thermal Discouragement Beam: ent_create env_portal_laser
Excursion Funnel Emitter (no funnel): ent_create prop_tractor_beam
Mounted Security Camera: ent_create npc_security_camera
Standing Button: ent_create prop_button
Error: ent_create prop_dynamic

Turn Cheats On: sv_cheats # (0=off, 1=on)
Portals Work Anywhere: sv_portal_placement_never_fail # (0=off, 1=on)
Change Portal Size (w=width, h=height): portals_resizeall w h (default="portals_resizeall 33 55")
Change Gravity: sv_gravity # (600=default)
Change Game Speed: host_timescale # (1=default, 0.5=half speed, 2=double speed)
Change Frankenturret Velocity: sv_monster_turret_velocity # (100=default)
Activate Excursion Funnel Emitter: ent_fire !picker enable
Turrets Target Cameras: ent_fire !picker addoutput "spawnflags 512"
Burn Objects: ent_fire !picker ignite
Remove Objects (may crash game): ent_remove
Remove All Portals: ent_fire prop_portal fizzle
Rotate Objects: http://forums.steampowered.com/forum...4&postcount=38
Change Maps: changelevel "map name"
List of Map Names: http://megaswf.com/file/1111662
Change Colors (r=red, g=green, b=blue): ent_fire !picker color "r g b"
Color Binding: http://forums.steampowered.com/forum...9&postcount=33

User Modifications
Turrets Don't Shoot You: notarget
Kill Yourself: kill
Kill Partner: kill "partner's name"
Invincibility: god
Fly: noclip
Teleport Atlas: ent_teleport blue
Teleport P-body: ent_teleport red
Flashlight: impulse 100
Remove Portal Gun (can still shoot): impulse 200
Regain Portal Gun: give_portalgun
Potato Portal Gun: upgrade_potatogun
Move Portal Gun Left/Right: viewmodel_offset_x # (0=default)
Move Portal Gun Forward/Back: viewmodel_offset_y # (0=default)
Move Portal Gun Up/Down: viewmodel_offset_z # (0=default)
First-Person View : firstperson
Third-Person View: thirdperson
Third-Person Shoulder View: thirdpersonshoulder
Show FPS: cl_showfps # (0=off, 1=fps, 2=smooth fps, 3=server MS, 4=show fps and log to file)
Method for Binding Keys
You can bind keys on your keyboard as shortcuts for using cheats using this format:

bind "insertkey" "insertcommand"

Note: You can also bind keys in Left for Dead using the same commands, I remember binding keys to make the characters repeat their words over and over example Tank, Hunter, Smoker boomer etc. Value patched it latter on in Left 4 Dead one.

For example, if you wanted to create a hotkey for the "kill" command to the key M, you would have to type this into your Developer Console:

bind "m" "kill"

So now every time you press M, you will die! Remember not to bind keys such as WASD, FQTEC, Spacebar, SHIFT, TAB, since those are neccessary in regular gameplay. If you want to undo a bind:

unbind "insertkey"

Binding is useful, because you don't have to repeatedly open the Developer Console in order to execute commands. Spawning large quantities of cubes is easy with binds!
Easy Method for Binding Keys
If you would like to have an easy method of binding all of your keys at once, open up your Program Files and look for: Steam -> steamapps -> common -> portal 2 -> portal2 -> cfg.

There, you can add and save your own cfg file. Open up Notepad and type in a list of all your binds. Save it and name it "Binds.cfg" (make sure that it really is a cfg extension). Run Portal 2, open your Developer Console, and type:

exec "Binds"
Execute Multiple Commands
Use the semicolon ( ; ) to execute multiple commands at once. Useful for tricks, such as killing your partner without him being able to retaliate with cheats of his own:

sv_cheats 1; fire_rocket_projectile; sv_cheats 0

And spawning a huge line of paint:

"ent_create_paint_bomb_jump; ent_create_paint_bomb_portal; ent_create_paint_bomb_speed; ent_create_paint_bomb_jump; ent_create_paint_bomb_portal; ent_create_paint_bomb_speed; ent_create_paint_bomb_jump; ent_create_paint_bomb_portal; ent_create_paint_bomb_speed; ent_create_paint_bomb_jump; ent_create_paint_bomb_portal; ent_create_paint_bomb_speed"

Guide: PhoneyVirus
Source: Steam Forums
Twitter: Follow PhoneyVirus
Blog: Phoney's New Attitude[phoneyvirus.wordpress.com]
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NOOB4306 Dec 2 @ 3:13am 
radrye you have to put commands with spaces in quotes eg. "impulse 200"
RadRyeGuy Nov 8 @ 1:25pm 
i cant find out how to bind commands with a space in them, like impulse 200

can i even to that?
wallymac22™ Oct 24 @ 7:46pm 
how to spawn defective turrets
Jay VideoGames Reynolds Oct 22 @ 1:47pm 
@TheExplodingBanana Just type impulse 200 again
Simmyono Oct 10 @ 5:05pm 
Thanks for this very epic guy!
TheExplodingBanana Aug 29 @ 6:54pm 
For some reason I cant give myself a portal gun again, I've tried everything.
Window Man Aug 12 @ 9:35am 
Thanks mate this amazing
Sir Turret Jul 17 @ 3:42pm 
can anyone tell me how to change playermodel to a turret in portal 2?:p2turret:
FPizzle Jun 3 @ 11:16am 
wolfee0507 May 27 @ 1:49pm 
do the commands reset if you restart game