Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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Rome: Total War Music
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May 24, 2014 @ 10:13am
Aug 9, 2018 @ 9:49am
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Rome: Total War Music

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=== Rise of the Romans Compatible =====================================

Confirmed working with the latest release of the Rise of the Romans Campaign DLC and Ancestral Update - 09/08/2018


This mod, the first of it's kind, fully implements the music of Rome: Total War into Rome II. It includes a variety of tracks for the campaign map, battle mode, the main menu, loading screens, and more. It will also play a cultural specific mix of songs when selecting a faction to begin a new campaign with.

It is save-game compatible and will work with any other mod, with the obvious exception of other music mods.

Many thanks to the good folks of Creative Assembly and Audiokinetic for making this a possibility. This project and associated toolset is a direct follow-up from the Mod Summit 2014, so once again thanks to CA for putting us up and putting up with us!

The team: Noif; .Mitch; Kinjo; Radious; spartan.warrior; wangrin; Grudge; Mackles

And of course - to the one and only Jeff Van Dyck!

As you will notice in-game, while we do use the original tracks it is not possible in all cases to map the triggers directly to the corresponding triggers in R:TW. For example, Battle Marching music will start after the player presses the "Start Battle" button, instead of when giving their first move/attack order. The full list of tracks included is as follows:

Campaign Music
- Autumn (Roman/Greek/Barbarian/Eastern)
- Melancholy (Roman/Greek/Barbarian/Eastern)
- Divinitus (Roman/Greek)
- Lonely Strategos (Roman/Greek/Barbarian/Eastern)
- Arabic Winter (Greek/Eastern)
- Arabic Summer (Eastern)
- Intro Roman Julii (Roman)
- Intro Carthage (Eastern)
- Intro Egyptian (Eastern)
- Intro Barbarian (Barbarian)
- Time 2 Kill

Battle Music
- Journey to Rome (Pt 1)
- Caesar's Nightmare
- Death Approaches
- Drums of Doom
- Journey to Rome (Pt 2)
- Warrior March
- Enemy is Near
- Army of Drums
- Mobilize
- Soldier's Chant
- Intro Roman Scipii
- Intro Roman Brutii
- Imperial Conflict
- Mayhem
- Melee Cafe
- Romantic Battle
- Invicta
- Barbarian Win
- Lost Souls

Main Menu:
- Frontend1 - Rome Total War
- Frontend2 - Rome HQ
Loading Screens:
- Frontend2 - Rome HQ
- Forever (Rome Total War)
Faction Selection:
- Intro Barbarian
- Intro Carthage
- Intro Eastern
- Intro Egyptian
- Intro Greek
- Intro Roman Brutii
- Intro Roman Julii
- Intro Roman Scipii
- GameWin Barbarian
- GameWin Arabic
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Freemankiller ☣ Jul 7 @ 1:39am 
For anyone wondering the mod DOES work, do not let the warnings scare you, it just replaces sound files kind of, that's all.
hakitoa.mautama Jun 25 @ 9:43pm 
good old memories with the first total war rome. thank you for this mod
Blackattackinc Jun 5 @ 11:40pm 
Rome 1 was the first Total War game i ever played this brings back many good memories, and it still works THANKS!!!
=IOM= Metro Man May 28 @ 2:46pm 
Mod still works for me and much better OST than Rome 2 OST.
STRIKEXTV May 28 @ 5:28am 
Hay Guys you can use this:

i try it today :) you welcome <3
ShinShinigami May 27 @ 2:46am 
please update >:C
STRIKEXTV May 25 @ 10:40am 
Marco May 10 @ 4:06pm 
Please update it Dev!!!!!!!
General Rubenski May 4 @ 4:02pm 
Never had an issue with this mod before and now it crashes on launch up wtf
Gaius Julius Caesar May 1 @ 5:23am 
Update this mod please !!!!