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Do Spook Together
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Do Spook Together


A new take on the classic adventure of Don't Starve. You choose your character, but you start as a Ghost!
A second chance was given to you! But be warned, as if you die this time, it's for real...
Take care to not get caught by the Screecher!
If you want to only have the Screecher and not the Ghost Features, you can change the configuration options to only have the Screecher added.


You can do everything you could as a living being and even more!

Instead of sanity, you now have the halloween mood. It functions nearly the same as sanity, but you lose constantly a certain amount. Being near things commonly associated with halloween like the pumpkin lantern will give your halloween mood a big boost!
Haunting and killing will also give you a halloween mood boost.
And as is tradition with Halloween, eating halloween sweets will also raise your halloween mood.

Halloween Mood also changes your damage, your attack range and your defence. The higher it is, the stronger you are, but if it's low, you will be quite weak!
You can equip weapons and fight with them but if you choose to fight with "bare hands" (or whatever it is as a ghost) you will deal area damage. This damage is also highly dependent on the halloween mood.

You can haunt structures and mobs as Ghosts can do. If you see a living creature, you can right-click on them to scare them.They will drop a random loot (for example a butterfly will drop butterfly wings or if you're lucky butter). Scaring costs 10% of your halloween mood.

If your halloween mood is over 95%, you can start a special attack called "Scare to Death"! This will inflict a devastating 1000 damage to an enemy, but it will set your halloween mood to 0, so use it with care.

If you die, you will be brought back to the character selection screen. If Ghosts die, they are dead and can't be revived!

If you choose the config option of custom anims, you will be able to see hats and hand-equipped items, but the animations will look weird. This doesn't impact the gameplayer, so it's up to what you prefer.

The Screecher

The Screecher will be the one you should fear the most! It is invincible and it's only desire is to kill you! It can always be seen on the minimap so that you know where it is. If it starts to be near you, your screen will turn red.
It will appear randomly at night and chase the nearest player for some time before it disappears and rests a bit.
You can also change the config options if you would like to have him always there.
If it's too difficult, you can also make it slower in the config options.


Klei for the assets of the Screecher from their horror mod The Screecher.

Hallowed Nights Mod Challenge

This mod has been created as a submission to the Hallowed NIghts Mod Challenge created by Klei.

If you want to see the other submitted mods or vote for this mod or another one, have a look at the discord server of Klei:

Feedback/Suggestions and Bugs

Feedback and Suggestions are welcome. It could be that you encounter some bugs to the extent that you are not able to perform a certain action. If this is the case, please let me know!

Update 1.2:

Added new configuration option to only enable the Screecher if you want to have the usual gameplay with the Screecher.
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fsp98 Oct 24 @ 8:38am 
Damn, the screecher looks scary.
Monti  [author] Oct 22 @ 8:19am 
@Hi Thanks a lot! Yes that would be nice, but it's quite a bit of work to port it. Perhaps somebody will do it someday :)
󠀡󠀡⁧⁧Hi Oct 19 @ 12:19am 
This mod looks really well made!
Also, speaking of Screecher. I would like to see a mod that ports him over from Don't Starve's "The Screecher" mod to Don't Starve Together.