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Halloween Mod: Something Wicked This Way Comes
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Halloween Mod: Something Wicked This Way Comes

(Submission for the Hallowed Nights Mod Challenge 2021)

Witches and zombies and ghosts, oh my!
Become a witch/warlock and cast wicked spells upon your enemies (and friends)!

Upon entering the world, you will find an ancient statue nearby. Heed its words to unlock your latent witch/warlock powers.
As a witch/warlock, your sanity goes down during the day, but not so much during the evening, and it even goes up at night.
Wearing the Witch Hat mitigates the sanity loss during the day, as well as gives some protection from the elements (like the Straw Hat).
Witches and warlocks are inherently wicked, and therefore gain sanity from picking evil flowers and lose sanity from picking regular flowers.
Bats will become your friends, and you will also find that raw monster meat doesn't taste as bad as you might have imagined.
Once you have your powers, new recipes become unlocked at the statue.
Build your own witch altar where you can craft all sorts of witchy items, including spellbooks.
For your convenience, there is a Magic Bag you can craft which can store all your witchy items, such as the undoubtedly large collection of books you will acquire.

Equip a spellbook and an icon will appear above it in the inventory. Click on it to open the book and see what spells it offers. You may only cast spells that are in the book you have equipped. While you have a spellbook equipped, you can right-click to mark and unmark targets.
Speak the incantation in the in-game chat to cast the spell (some require marking a target first).
Note that you cannot attack while you have a spellbook in hand.
For simpler spell-casting, an optional mod I would recommend: Chat Enter Key Toggle

But wait, there's more! Wield the full extent of your powers by performing rituals at the altar for massive effects! Instructions can be found in the spellbooks.
One thing of note is that many of the rituals require the use of linked totems.
To link totems: Pick one up and, with it on your cursor, right-click another totem of the same type.
Put one totem in the altar and another where you wish to cast your ritual. They can be any distance away. Just place the linked totem where you want the ritual to happen and go back to the altar to cast it (or get a friend to place the totem for you while you stay behind to perform the ritual).

As a witch/warlock you are empowered by your mystic powers.
A new "mysticism" stat is added when you unlock your powers which will show up at the top-right.
This value increases as the day gets darker amongst other things (wearing the witch hat, summoning your shadowy coven, drinking Mysticism potions).
Higher mysticism makes your spells stronger and longer-lasting.
During a full moon the maximum Mysticism is doubled and your Mysticism is maxed. This is prime time to cast your most wicked spells!

Ouija Board
You can craft a Ouija Board which can be used near graves to taunt the dead (on full moons it affects existing ghosts instead of calling them from graves).
Doing so will summon ghosts from beyond, which will bring some special new ingredients you can use to make potions.
But beware! While most ghosts are friendly, there is a chance you will summon a demon that will possess you!
Be sure to prepare all the holy items you can craft at the statue in advance, or you will most likely regret it...
One of the available holy items is the Liber Exocismus - be sure to read this book before you use a Ouija Board!
Also be sure to note that possession cannot be stopped during a full moon, so time your exorcisms accordingly.

Use the cauldron to craft potions that grant incredible powers for a time. Having more witches and warlocks in the coven makes potions more effective. See the Bubbling Brews book for instructions on how to make each potion - note that the order you put ingredients in the cauldron matters!

Take extra care when digging up graves, for you might be afflicted with a zombie curse!
Use Holy Water to purify zombification.

Be sure to befriend Ed, the fuzzy new cat available as a pet.

Blood and Hellfire Pit
Everything bleeds. You will now find blood when killing creatures.
Collect enough blood and you can create Monster Meat in the Refine tab.
The newly craftable Hellfire Pit can be fueled with blood in addition to regular fuel.

Corn Maze
Somewhere in the world you will find a maze made of crops of corn, as befitting Halloween!
Beware when you enter, for once you do, you cannot leave until you successfully complete it.
To finish the maze, reach the center, talk to the scarecrow and exit through the friendly aperture.
Clearing it will reward you a powerful potion that cannot be obtained otherwise, plus three random items.

Look out for spider witches!
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Oct 31 @ 6:47pm
Do you have a favorite spell, spell book, ritual or potion?
Oct 31 @ 6:48pm
Spell Ideas
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Fluxistence  [author] Nov 26 @ 7:43pm 
NOTE: The totems need to be the same type. I.e. you can only link a Tree Totem to another Tree Totem, and not to a Spider Totem.
Fluxistence  [author] Nov 26 @ 7:42pm 
@rizabuggles Pick up one totem with your cursor, put it over the other totem (whether in your inventory or on the ground) and right-click on it. It should show the option to link them when you have the totem over the other.
If it doesn't show you can link them it means they're already linked. Linked totems show a circle on the ground around them when you drop them to the ground.
rizabuggles Nov 26 @ 4:49pm 
how do i link a totem???
Fluxistence  [author] Nov 11 @ 2:50am 
No, there was a problem where when you loaded a game it didn't recognize the walls that had been there before so it recreated the maze, but the walls remained so you had two mazes on top of each other, which blocked some of the paths.
I just made it so if it happens then these extra walls get removed.
This was only a problem when loading the game though so I was worried that if you'd encountered it without loading then something else was wrong. Glad that wasn't the case.
Thank you for reporting it and getting back to me to answer my question. =)

I hope you enjoy exploring the always-solvable mazes now. ^_^
Be sure to visit sometime after every full moon to get the rewards again. 😁
GalaxyKat123 Nov 10 @ 9:58pm 
but do you know why the maze was like that?Is a mod i'm using that messed it up for the first time ever?
GalaxyKat123 Nov 10 @ 9:54pm 
i encountered it after loading the world so i was trying so long to find the corn maze and i saw it but i went in and saw no way to get out
Fluxistence  [author] Nov 1 @ 7:19pm 
@GalaxyKat123 I just uploaded an update that should fix the maze when you next load the game.
I'd like to ask though - did you encounter this problem after loading the game at least once, or was it like this on the first time you played after creating the world?
Fluxistence  [author] Nov 1 @ 6:22pm 
@GalaxyKat123 Thank you for reporting the issue.
I already have an idea how to fix it, so I'll get on that and publish an update as soon as I can.
GalaxyKat123 Nov 1 @ 2:38pm 
hey so my world made the corn maze unbeatable there is no place to go in it at the start of it so is there a way for you to fix that so no one else has a corn maze that is unbeatable?
Fluxistence  [author] Oct 31 @ 6:49pm 
Thank you. =D