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Recipe Browser
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Recipe Browser


Recipe Browser!
Recipe Browser is an indispensable mod for any player. It provides a service to the user that the Guide could only dream of providing. With Recipe Browser, you have access to powerful tools to help you plan out what items you want to craft. You'll be able to quickly find items that you can craft with the items in your possession, even if it takes several intermediate crafting steps.

How to Use
To use, first you need to assign some hotkeys. Make sure to go into the Keybindings menu and assign hotkeys. The "Toggle Recipe Browser" hotkey is necessary, the other 2 are useful but somewhat optional. The "Query Hovered Item" hotkey streamlines checking recipes and the "Toggle Favorited Recipes Window" is useful when using the favorited recipes feature.

Basic Features

The main window consists of several tabs. You can click on the tabs to visit each tool. You can resize the window as well. The Help tab explains each tool in greater detail, be sure to check it out.

This tool allows you to quickly explore all recipes in the game. You can place an item in the query slot to find recipes using or resulting in that item. You can also search and filter with the various options in the window to discover recipes you'd like to work towards. Crafting stations and recipe conditions for a selected recipe are listed at the bottom. The color will be red or green showing if the player is near one or not. The right side will show any NPC that drops the selected item. Double Click on an NPC to visit the Bestiary. Double Clicking on a Recipe or Ingredient will populate the query slot with the item, great for traversing crafting trees for items with multiple levels of crafting. Alt-click on a recipe to favorite a recipe, see Favorite section below.

This tool can be used to craft recipes, even recipes that require multiple steps to achieve! In the Recipes tool, right click on any recipe to bring up this tool. Recipes with the yellow background can be crafted via multiple steps. For example, if you have gold and iron ore and click on the Gold Watch recipe, this tool will show you the multiple steps needed to craft gold and iron ore, followed by crafting chains, and finally the gold watch itself. You can also enable the Loot option to allow farming as part of the multi-step process. Simply find and kill the specified enemies to farm the needed ingredient. By default, all crafting stations that you have seen will be available for the extended crafting paths. If you enable the Missing Stations option, unseen crafting stations will also be shown. See the Help tab for more information on this tool.

Here you can explore all items in the game. Use the filters and sorts to find what you want. Double click an item to query it in the Recipe panel. Double right click an item to query the item in the Bestiary.

Here you can explore all NPC in the game. Use the filters to find what you want. Clicking on an NPC shows the loot from that NPC. Placing an item in the query slot filters the grid to show only NPC that drop that item. Double click an item to query it in the Recipe panel. Right click an item to populate the query slot, great for seeing who else drops the same item.

In the Recipe panel, you can favorite recipes by alt-clicking on the recipe. If you have favorited recipes, the favorites panel will appear on screen. This panel will help you track progress towards collecting all ingredients. In multiplayer, recipes favorited by other players will also appear in the favorites panel. You can track the progress of other players and cooperate efficiently.

Query Hovered Item
By assigning a hotkey in the keybindings menu, you can use this feature to quickly bring the item into one of the tools. You can use it anytime you are hovering over any item anywhere in the game.

Categories, Sub Categories, Sorts, and Filters
There are powerful sorting and filtering options. You can search for specific weapon types, find the most powerful pickaxe you can craft, and more. See the Help tab for more information.

Armor Set
The Armor Set category lets you view armor sets. Plan out which armor set you want to work towards that fits your playstyle!

There are many more features in Recipe Browser, see the Help tab to read and learn more about the features of this mod.

Source code hosted on GitHub[], collaboration welcome
For questions or suggestions, come to my Discord: []
Bug reports in the comments here will not be seen, come to Discord or Github to report issues.
If you'd like to support my mods, I have a Patreon []
Check out all my mods
Originally posted by tModLoader:
Developed By jopojelly
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D3lt4 Jun 5 @ 12:44pm 
Even when I set toggle recipe browser to a hot key and press it, it won't open. What's the problem?
javidpack  [author] Jun 5 @ 1:23am 
Use Dye is fixed in 1.4.4 as well. (I'm not updating the mod further for 1.4.3 anymore)

I've added the journey duplication feature in v0.10.1, partially. In Craft Paths, you'll see an option to duplicate ingredients if they are researched. Combine the Extended Craft with the Unresearched filter and you should be able to quickly craft and research items derived from already researched items.

I've made a note of the other suggestion.
Pixelz Jun 4 @ 6:27pm 
Small possible update/mod menu option: "reset" all inputs and filters on the Recipe Browser UI.

Reason: sometimes you just want to have the "default state" open every time you open the UI, instead of manually resetting everything. So maybe a mod menu toggle "Reset filters/inputs to default when close"
Pixelz Jun 4 @ 6:19pm 
That's awesome! The main struggle with Journey Research UI is the lack of filtering, and with tons of mods it gets busy trying to filter a specific class, and using your mod to help it is awesome but typing each name tired me haha!

Also I noticed a bug: the "Use Dye" on Items>Armor Sets filter doesn't seem to work. (Is there a "mod config" setting or is it really a bug?)

off: I'll add an update suggestion on your "item checklist" too!
javidpack  [author] Jun 4 @ 2:43pm 
That's an interesting idea Pixelz, I'll make a note of that suggestion.
Zając_Poziomka Jun 4 @ 1:03pm 
chuj wam w pysk
Zając_Poziomka Jun 4 @ 12:58pm 
takie kurwa gówno ze nie moge pobrac aktualizacij i mam ostro w to wyjebane
i niewiem wogole po co ten mod.I twórca powinien sie pierdolnąc w glowe
Pixelz Jun 4 @ 12:12pm 
Update suggestion: if you are in journey mode and have the items researched, make so you can use Recipe Browser to "get the item" instead of typing the name on Research menu and get it. (Or paste the item name on Research mode tab, whichever is easier!)
javidpack  [author] Jun 4 @ 2:50am 
If you are on 1.4.4, I've updated this mod. I've also added a feature to include shopping from NPCs in the craft path calculations. Give it a try.
KingBeanus Jun 2 @ 4:54pm 
I can't seem to access the browser, as there isn't a hotkey section unless that's somewhere else