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How to get all the Secret Cars
By Heinrich
Hey racers! This is the guide on how to get the Secret Cars in Hot Wheels Unleashed: City Rumble.

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The steps
It's pretty straight forward. You need to complete all of the events on City Rumble beeing the 1st place.

There are four events in total

Quick Race - 52 events
Time Attack - 32 events
Boss Race - 5 events
Secrets uncovered - 9 events (here's a link to another guide which shows you how to uncover them:

Quick Races
Winning all of the 52 Quick Races will give you the Duck N' Roll.

Time Attacks
Winning all the 32 Time Attacks will give you the Hi-Po Mauler.

Boss Races
Beating all 5 bosses on Boss Races will give you the Ramblin Wrecker™.

Secrets uncovered
Discover and winning all of 9 secrets events will give you the Oldsmobile 442.

Final award
When you win all the events (and, consequently, all the secret cars) you'll be awarded with the Volkswagen Beach Bomb™!

In real life, this is considered the rarest and most expensive Hot Wheels. It have a surf board on the rear window, which caused this version to never make to mass production, 'cause it couldn't fit rightly on the Hot Wheels Super-Charger Race Set tracks.

Achievement "I want 'em all"
Also, when you complete all the events you'll be awarded with the achievement "I Want 'Em All".
Final Considerations
Thanks for passing by! Don't forget to, if possible, rate the guide as you think it was helpful!
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Bombini Jun 26 @ 3:58pm 
Win 1st race with the bus.
dat boi Jun 23 @ 11:57am 
i don't know how to unlock the secret race with the "late for school" description. (maybe i have to get best time on all time trial races?) how do i unlock it?