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French Faction
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French Faction

French Faction for Squad

Mod website: https://smf.tactical-collective.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/JTXy8MWZs5

Squad Mod Africa : https://discord.gg/cBzrckrHAH


PDF : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fd8KhhVdxY36uI0Ex8HYNUEmSOTQIkB4/view?usp=sharing

We are creating a complete French Faction for SQUAD.
Our plan is to select and recreate (Vehicles/Weapons/Soldiers Equipment, ect) of the French ground forces from the 2010 to 2020 era.
2025 and the Scorpion program (with vehicles like Griffon/Jaguar/serval ect) is NOT worked on , but we keep it in mind for later.

We want to evolve with SQUAD future updates , so expect to have Amphibious vehicles/ Light/Heavy Attack helicopters , Sub Factions like United Nations / French Marine Corps / French Foreign Legion /ect , with specific equipments.

Layer list
Training map
  • FRA_JensensRange
  • FRA_Gorodok (FRA 2010 - FRA 2020)

French layers
2010 faction (FAMAS)
  • FRA10_Kamdesh_AAS_v1 (FRA - RU)
  • FRA10_Kokan_AAS_v1 (FRA - RUS)
  • FRA10_Kokan_RAAS_v1 (FRA - AUS)
  • FRA10_Kokan_RAAS_v3 (FRA - USMC)
  • FRA10_Sumari_AAS_v1 (FRA - GB)
  • FRA10_Sumari_Seed_v2 (FRA - AUS)
  • FRA10_Sumari_Invasion_v1 (FRA - INS) (UN)
  • FRA10_Mutaha_AAS_v1 (FRA - MEA)
  • FRA10_Mutaha_RAAS_v1 (FRA - USA)
  • FRA10_AlBasrah_RAAS_v1 (FRA - INS) (UN)
  • FRA10_AlBasrah_Skirmish_v2 (FRA - GB)
  • FRA10_Fallujah_Skirmish_v2 (FRA - INS) (UN)
  • FRA10_Fallujah_Skirmish_v1 (FRA - MEA)
  • FRA10_Fallujah_RAAS_v1 (FRA - MEA)
  • FRA10_Fallujah_RAAS_v2 (FRA - GB)
  • FRA10_Kohat_AAS_V2 (FRA - RUS)
  • FRA10_Kohat_RAAS_V4 (FRA - MEA)
  • FRA10_Kohat_Invasion_v1 (FRA - INS) (UN)
  • FRA10_Kohat_Skirmish_v1 (FRA - USA)
  • FRA10_Chora_AAS_v1 (FRA - INS) (UN)
  • FRA10_Chora_RAAS_v1 (FRA - USA)
  • FRA10_Chora_Invasion_v1 (FRA - USA)
  • FRA10_Tallil_Outskirts_AAS_v1 (FRA - AUS)
  • FRA10_Tallil_Outskirts_Invasion_v1 (FRA - USMC)
  • FRA10_Tallil_Outskirts_RAAS_v2 (FRA - GB)
  • FRA10_Tallil_Outskirts_RAAS_v4 (FRA - RUS)
  • FRA10_Lashkar_AAS_v1 (FRA - RUS)
  • FRA10_Lashkar_AAS_v2 (FRA - MEA)
  • FRA10_Lashkar_RAAS_v1 (FRA - USA)
  • FRA10_Logar_AAS_v2 (FRA - USA)
  • FRA10_Logar_RAAS_v1 (FRA - RUS)
  • FRA10_Anvil_Invasion_v2 (FRA - INS) (UN)
  • FRA10_Anvil_RAAS_v1 (FRA - GB)
  • FRA10_Anvil_AAS_v2 (FRA - AUS)
  • FRA10_Skorpo_Skirmish_v1 (FRA - RUS)
  • FRA10_Skorpo_AAS_v1 (FRA - USMC)
  • FRA10_Skorpo_RAAS_v1 (FRA - CAF)
  • FRA10_Fools_road_AAS_v2 (FRA - RUS)
  • FRA10_Fools_road_RAAS_v1 (FRA - USA)
  • FRA10_Belaya_Invasion_v1 (FRA - MIL) (UN)
  • FRA10_Belaya_AAS_v1 (FRA - RUS)
  • FRA10_Gorodok_AAS_v1 (FRA - USA)
  • FRA10_Gorodok_Skirmish_v1 (FRA - GB)
  • FRA10_Mestia_AAS_v1 (FRA - MIL) (UN)
  • FRA10_Mestia_RAAS_v1 (FRA - RUS)
  • FRA10_Narva_AAS_v2 (FRA - GB)
  • FRA10_Narva_Skirmish_v1 (FRA - CAF)
  • FRA10_Yehorivka_RAAS_v4 (FRA - USA)
  • FRA10_Yehorivka_AAS_v1 (FRA - GB)
  • FRA10_Manic_Invasion_v2 (FRA - CAF)
  • FRA10_Manic_RAAS_v1 (FRA - USA)
  • FRA10_Goosebay_AAS_v2 (FRA - USA)
  • FRA10_Goosebay_RAAS_v1 (FRA - CAF)
  • FRA10_Goosebay_Seed_v1 (FRA - USMC)
  • FRA10_BlackCoast_AAS_v2 (FRA - MIL)
  • FRA10_BlackCoast_RAAS_v2 (FRA - USMC)

2020 faction (HK416)
  • FRA20_Kamdesh_AAS_v1 (FRA - RU)
  • FRA20_Kokan_AAS_v1 (FRA - RUS)
  • FRA20_Kokan_RAAS_v1 (FRA - AUS)
  • FRA20_Kokan_RAAS_v3 (FRA - USMC)
  • FRA20_Sumari_AAS_v1 (FRA - GB)
  • FRA20_Sumari_Seed_v2 (FRA - AUS)
  • FRA20_Sumari_Invasion_v1 (FRA - INS) (UN)
  • FRA20_Mutaha_AAS_v1 (FRA - MEA)
  • FRA20_Mutaha_RAAS_v1 (FRA - USA)
  • FRA20_AlBasrah_RAAS_v1 (FRA - INS) (UN)
  • FRA20_AlBasrah_Skirmish_v2 (FRA - GB)
  • FRA20_Fallujah_Skirmish_v2 (FRA - INS) (UN)
  • FRA20_Fallujah_Skirmish_v1 (FRA - MEA)
  • FRA20_Fallujah_RAAS_v1 (FRA - MEA)
  • FRA20_Fallujah_RAAS_v2 (FRA - GB)
  • FRA20_Kohat_AAS_V2 (FRA - RUS)
  • FRA20_Kohat_RAAS_V4 (FRA - MEA)
  • FRA20_Kohat_Invasion_v1 (FRA - INS) (UN)
  • FRA20_Kohat_Skirmish_v1 (FRA - USA)
  • FRA20_Chora_AAS_v1 (FRA - INS) (UN)
  • FRA20_Chora_RAAS_v1 (FRA - USA)
  • FRA20_Chora_Invasion_v1 (FRA - USA)
  • FRA20_Tallil_Outskirts_AAS_v1 (FRA - AUS)
  • FRA20_Tallil_Outskirts_Invasion_v1 (FRA - USMC)
  • FRA20_Tallil_Outskirts_RAAS_v2 (FRA - GB)
  • FRA20_Tallil_Outskirts_RAAS_v4 (FRA - RUS)
  • FRA20_Lashkar_AAS_v1 (FRA - RUS)
  • FRA20_Lashkar_AAS_v2 (FRA - MEA)
  • FRA20_Lashkar_RAAS_v1 (FRA - USA)
  • FRA20_Logar_AAS_v2 (FRA - USA)
  • FRA20_Logar_RAAS_v1 (FRA - RUS)
  • FRA20_Anvil_Invasion_v2 (FRA - INS) (UN)
  • FRA20_Anvil_RAAS_v1 (FRA - GB)
  • FRA20_Anvil_AAS_v2 (FRA - AUS)
  • FRA20_Skorpo_Skirmish_v1 (FRA - RUS)
  • FRA20_Skorpo_AAS_v1 (FRA - USMC)
  • FRA20_Skorpo_RAAS_v1 (FRA - CAF)
  • FRA20_Fools_road_AAS_v2 (FRA - RUS)
  • FRA20_Fools_road_RAAS_v1 (FRA - USA)
  • FRA20_Belaya_Invasion_v1 (FRA - MIL) (UN)
  • FRA20_Belaya_AAS_v1 (FRA - RUS)
  • FRA20_Gorodok_AAS_v1 (FRA - USA)
  • FRA20_Gorodok_Skirmish_v1 (FRA - GB)
  • FRA20_Mestia_AAS_v1 (FRA - MIL) (UN)
  • FRA20_Mestia_RAAS_v1 (FRA - RUS)
  • FRA20_Narva_AAS_v2 (FRA - GB)
  • FRA20_Narva_Skirmish_v1 (FRA - CAF)
  • FRA20_Yehorivka_RAAS_v4 (FRA - USA)
  • FRA20_Yehorivka_AAS_v1 (FRA - GB)
  • FRA20_Manic_Invasion_v2 (FRA - CAF)
  • FRA20_Manic_RAAS_v1 (FRA - USA)
  • FRA20_Goosebay_AAS_v2 (FRA - USA)
  • FRA20_Goosebay_RAAS_v1 (FRA - CAF)
  • FRA20_Goosebay_Seed_v1 (FRA - USMC)
  • FRA20_BlackCoast_AAS_v2 (FRA - MIL)
  • FRA20_BlackCoast_RAAS_v2 (FRA - USMC)

Popular Discussions View All (10)
Oct 11 @ 4:24am
Any English servers running this mod?
Aug 3 @ 12:37pm
< >
[TC] - MaRqUiS  [author] Nov 22 @ 8:30am 
mod de nouveau à jour.
[TC] - MaRqUiS  [author] Nov 12 @ 7:35am 
Le mod est pas à jour à cause de la maise à jour 3.4 de Squad. Va falloir patienter quelques jours.
ns516741 Nov 12 @ 4:57am 
bonjour j'aurais une petite question c'est normal que j'arrive pas a trouver un serveurs avec ce mods?
[TC] - MaRqUiS  [author] Nov 6 @ 3:19am 
[TC] - MaRqUiS  [author] Nov 6 @ 3:17am 
While the fixes provided by our standard infinite loading screen issues work for many, this process is a more robust guide to fixing the "infinite running man" or infinite loading screen error. This issue mainly is the result of how Squad loads mods and is unable to load in small details like factions, causing it to halt you when attempting to load into the server due to it believing you haven't finished loading in all assets. This issue has been occurring in mods for roughly 4 years now and even occurred to Squad's Canadian Forces DLC before being integrated into the main files.
If the issue still persists, need assistance on certain steps, or you find a possible solution towards this issue, please contact the staff team in [MEE discord] , we are here to help you and want our community to have fun and be able to enjoy this awesome mod made by the developers!
[TC] - MaRqUiS  [author] Nov 6 @ 3:17am 
List provided by GC Tech Support Staff team and additional assistance by the GC Community and modding community!

0) Wait till modded faction icons appear in the server description in the browser.
The easiest and quickest way to spot this issue before even joining the server are the modded faction icons displayed in the server description for server(s) running the mod. If you attempt to join the server before they appear, you more than likely will run into the issue as Squad hasn't fully loaded in data from the mod.
[TC] - MaRqUiS  [author] Nov 6 @ 3:16am 
1) If possible, ensure Squad is installed on a SSD (preferably an internal one)
Installing Squad on a SSD generally helps with loading in the mod faster allowing you to see faction icons faster or easier. HDDs are great however are generally slower than SSDs, and for some reason Squad tends to be bias against HDDs. If you don't have a SSD, fear not! HDDs CAN WORK, it is not a lost cause. Just understand it might be a lot harder and frustrating but we'll get through this!

2) Clear Squad Cache
Squad Cache can be located in the main menu settings at the very bottom of the screen. CAUTION THIS WILL RESET YOUR KEYBINDS AND SETTINGS! If you want to save these settings, join the discord and we have a possible way to save them!
[TC] - MaRqUiS  [author] Nov 6 @ 3:16am 
3) Close background applications, put settings on Borderless or Window, reduce resolution and Relaunch Squad without Alt + Tabbing
This step is to try and ease how much your PC needs to work booting up the mod. Helps reduce the amount of things in the background and graphically how much Squad needs to boot up.

4) Clear Download Cache In Steam
Clearing steam's download cache can help with game's boot ups issues. To access it, open the steam client -> Steam at the top left -> settings -> downloads -> Clear Download Cache

5) Restart PC
Restarting the PC might help if there was a possible error in it's bootup causing performance issues. It's not common but still a possible factor.
[TC] - MaRqUiS  [author] Nov 6 @ 3:15am 
6) Disable background software applications + Update Drivers
When contacting OWI, they stated a common case were background applications like Razer Synapse, iCUE, Armorcrate, RGB lighting applications etc. Disabling some of these applications can help with issues affecting Squad. To see what applications might be running in the background: On your taskbar in the desktop screen, look towards the bottom right with an upward arrow ( ^ ), it will display all applications currenting running in the background and possibly hidden. Disable or quit unnecessary applications.
In addition it’s always best to keep your components up to date as they might cause issues in the long run.

7) Uninstall unwanted or non-updated mods
This is an old issue and uncommon catalyst, yet not impossible. Back then mods had the possibility of conflicting and causing one or both to have issues until one was uninstalled. For the most part OWI has fixed this issue.
[TC] - MaRqUiS  [author] Nov 6 @ 3:15am 
8) Manually Clear Squad Cache, Delete SquadGame File
Essentially the same step as step 2, yet if you wish to manually clear it, you can head over to the file location and delete it.
Go to your C drive (M.2 SSD) -> Users -> (PC/Account Name) -> AppData (Might need to view hidden items, can be done under view tab and click on the square box) -> Local -> SquadGame
Delete SquadGame file and reverify game files in the steam client

9) Run Steam as Administrator
Right click on Steam in the desktop (if from the taskbar, you may need to right click steam twice) and select "Run as administrator"
Launch Steam and Squad

10) Run Squad as Administrator
Similar to step 9, yet we will be running the game as administrator
To find Squad_launcher, inside Steam right click on "Squad" -> Manage -> Browse Local Files -> Click on File Explorer and Click Squad_launcher (the icon or the name) and Run as Administrator