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[B131] Real Navigation
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[B131] Real Navigation

In this MOD the navigational feeling should be brought closer to reality.
There is no symbol of your own submarine, other ships or field of view on the map.
The navigation is designed solely for the coordinate system.
The officers can use a sextant to determine the exact location (only in good weather).

1. No symbols on the map:
No ship symbols are displayed on the map.
Your own submarine can no longer be seen as a symbol either.
The viewing and listening circles have been removed.

2. World MAP:
Normal map and tactical map are removed.
It can only be played with the world map.
Here, however, the standard zoom has been increased.

3. Positioning via sextant:
A sextant can be selected via the wheel menu on the tower UZO.
An officer (Leader only) then independently carries out a sextant measurement.
As soon as this is completed, the current position with the date and time is displayed with a message.
The navigator automatically enters the measured position on the map. This is shown in green.
If the navigator at the chart table loses its orientation (0%), a possible sextant measurement becomes very imprecise.
The sextant measurement does not work in bad weather such as fog, rain or storm.

4. Positioning Estimated:
In some situations the sextant cannot be used.
E.g. bad weather, underwater travel etc.
Here you can display the estimated position using a button in the map view (right) "Estimated position".
This is automatically drawn in gray on the map.
Please note that the longer it has been an accurate sextant measurement or the navigation accuracy on the navigation table drops, the more inaccurate the estimated position becomes.
With 1 or 2 days, this can be a considerable distance.

5. Position overview:
As soon as the first sextant or estimated position has been carried out,
the last measured data is displayed in a symbol (green world) on the right via ToolTip.
In the map view, the data is also shown again in abbreviated form at the top right.
It helps al lot to find the position on the map with the mouse.
"*" = Sextant coordinates
"~" = Estimated position coordinates

6. Direction indicator for contacts:
The "contact" symbol on the right-hand side shows the current visual or listening contacts in the immediate vicinity.
Now you can see the direction of a contact in degrees (from the submarine).
On the "binoculars" symbol, destroyers or escort ships are shown in red and also a rough range estimate.
The estimate is displayed in 4 levels: Far(more than 5000m), medium(more than 2500), close(more than 1000), very close!(under 1000m)

7. Voice announcement of escort ships:
The listener announces the direction of a destroyer every 30 seconds if it is "very close".
So you can enjoy a depth charge attack in the EGO perspective ;)

8. Odometer:
The "odometer" shows the distance traveled in meters.
It can be found in the ToolTip "Green World" on the right edge of the screen as soon as at least one position measurement has been carried out.
The odometer can be reset to "0" when you click on the "Green World" symbol with the left mouse button. A confirmation message will appear.
The units on odometer is same as you set on the game option.

9. Hard Mode:
First version for a "hard mode" navigation. Hard mode is deactivated by default.
- "Estimated position" is no longer possible
When navigating, the "odometer" becomes even more important here.
- The map can only be opened at the card table. The UI MAP-symbol has been removed.
If you play in "EGO only" then this is a bigger challenge.
- If you are funny you can also delete the function for "Free camera" in the options for the "Keyboard" with the "n" key.
This means that you no longer have an external camera available.

Further functions in this direction are planned.

The "Hard Mode" function can be activated in MODConfig.xlsx.
It can be found in the local workshop folder (C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ workshop \ content \ ...).
Here are the folder names of all subscribed MOD's in numbers.
Simply search for the correct MOD folder and then switch to the "Data Sheets" folder.

Navigation tips:
Explanatory video by @Dufti on "Duftis Kanal":

- At least once a day a sextant measurement if possible
- Use the map tool to determine the course
- For the course command work with the MOD "Compass Navigation"
- Careful handling of the "Estimated position" position determination. This can differ considerably from the actual position
- Navigate carefully into the harbor and, if necessary, orientate yourself towards the lighthouse
- Work with the MapPoints (map tool) for overview of ship contacts.
- If MOD "(B129) TDC MOD (TVh-Re/S3)" is installed, work with the Navigation table (to find on the MAP)
or use the table from @Royal Raven (you will find in the screenshots). Many THX for these calculations!
- Use the "Odometer" for underwater travel

1. Uboat version B131
2. MOD "Custom Actions" by @salamander must be activated !!
3. MOD "Compass Navigation" by @Ruby is to be recommended
4. Save game compatible (there is no need to start a new career)
5. No compatible with vanilla tutorial missions
6. Translations in english and german
7. Knowingly compatible mods:
- [B131] Device Energy Management
- [B131] Skipper Standby
- [B131] Device Maintenance
- [B131] Start/Stop Alarm

A big thank you to:
@Dufti for his inspiration and MOD tests
@Salamander for help with the code
- Everyone who tested the MOD

You are also welcome to check out my other mods:

If you like my mods and want to support me, I look forward to every small donation to my PayPal account.
This donation is 100% voluntary.
But it makes it easier for me to spend the necessary time ;)

Good hunting!
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Alligator  [author] 4 hours ago 
Should be compatible. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to test it extensivel.

Alligator  [author] 4 hours ago 
Good question. I'm busy for the next 2 weeks. I can then look up how to solve it.

Alligator  [author] 4 hours ago 
THX ;)
This is indicated with a green dot on the map.

Facteur_Rhesus Jan 15 @ 12:16pm 
Hi, very great mod, I'm running my first campaign with it. How i'm suppose to find a friendly Uboat for an investigation missing Uboat with this mod.
urseus Jan 13 @ 1:15am 
Does anyone know what value I can edit in the config files, so that the Navigation Table is always manned?

I have my watch officer Tasks prioritise Uzo and then fix navigation when it's low accuracy. But as soon as it hits 100 or 150, they walk away. I want to keep an officer at the navigation table 100% of the time.

The way I thought to do this is by changing the value in General to degrade a lot faster than normal, that way an officer is constantly drawn to go there. Navigation is pointless once you have this mod anyway, but I want the fuel bonus as well as the aesthetics of a full control room all the time.
Moyocoya Jan 9 @ 11:09pm 
Is [b131] Engine Control (Speed + RPM) compatible with your mod ? And what about fuel consumption ?
Alligator  [author] Jan 9 @ 9:28am 
Point 1: The developers know about it and they are trying to implement this into one of the next versions so that all manual map drawings are saved.
@Moyocoya Thanks for the support.

Point 2: For the aircraft, I can also add a distance specification to the directional information, as is the case with the nearby ship contacts.


PS: @McDewgle many THX for the support too ;)
McDewgle Jan 9 @ 6:35am 
Glad you got it working, ThouVI o7
ThouVI Jan 9 @ 6:34am 
@McDewgle No, because i´m an idiot lol. It's working great now. Thx a lot for your help. Cheers ^^
Moyocoya Jan 8 @ 10:25pm 
If I may intervene concerning 1), DWS is supposed to make possible the storage of the map in the next version. And, if this can help, here is the trick I use to get around this problem :
- I never close the game during a mission ;
- if I want to do something else, I set FPS to 15, graphics to lowest and shut down the sound, in order to save electricity and my computer ;
- if I want to shut down my computer, I put it on stand by instead, uboat bears it without any problem.