Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2

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GO Group Virtual Convoy session modlist
Modlist for GO Group Convoy session
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Realistic Headlights
Created by Leozin
Realistic Headlights - Traditional version (Halogen Lamps) -ETS2

This mod completely remakes the players and AI headlights of the game making them more beautiful and realistic.

Now there are 4 lights color variations, to downlo...
Real Traffic Density and Ratio for ETS2
Created by Cipinho
Welcome to the official page of my ETS2 Real Traffic Density mod

Why a traffic density mod is necessary?

Everybody knows that the default traffic is very basic with very low density with minor differences day/night or type of roads. You can see on th...
Ford Trucks F-MAX
Created by TeamSimulasyonTurk
Ford Trucks F-MAX truck mod developed for Euro Truck Simulator 2. The F-MAX truck is modeled from scratch in full detail, faithful to the actual model. It was shared as a free mod for ETS 2. Initially developed by Emre Aydın and Bertan Baday, further devel...
RJL Scania G, R, R 4-series & Streamline
Created by LoaderSaints
This is the official and authorized continuation of the RJL Scania R, R4, G & Streamline mod.

The mod adds reworked versions of the Scania R-series and Streamline t...
RJL Scania T & T 4-series
Created by LoaderSaints
This is the official and authorized continuation of the RJL Scania T & T4 Mod mod.

The mod adds the Scania T and T 4-series trucks to ETS2. Contains multiple diff...
Devil BDF Tandem Truck Pack
Created by FLVinge [DK]
For Version 1.41.x and 1.42.x (Version 141.00)
For Version 1.39.x and 1.40.x (Version 139.85)

Help and Support here:
Download skin here:

Regids/tandem chassis for all 17 diff...
ProMods 2.57 Convoy Mode Support
Created by ProMods

This is a prebuilt package containing all the definition files of the ProMods Map Expansion. This package contains stock settings to make sure you have the same definition file as you...
DAF 2021 Reworked
Created by Jasper.
My Discord Server:

Hi! about the air suspensions, you will notice that the front axle will be duplicated, it's not a bug.. to work the air suspensions, we need to duplicate the front axle and change its properties. good cas...