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Bionic body:Rise - GSG-9 Operators [Ragdoll]
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Bionic body:Rise - GSG-9 Operators [Ragdoll]

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This is my 34th time adding an work, Hope everyone supports

Most models are from Escape from Tarkov Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) Resident Evil 8 helmet from Ivan

This addon is not an NPC or player model (PM), but an addon for making pictures. (Ragdoll)

I am responsible for the main production of the model Kuge
Thanks ArachnitCZ Helped to make new head

Bionic body: Rise is a model of my brand new "series". It will be dedicated to the near future and any modern style. It has a plot, and I will gradually disclose its plot in subsequent works
In addition, the Bionic body: Rise plot takes place in 2045 (the script was written in 2019)

The following is taken from Wikipedia:
GSG 9 der Bundespolizei, formerly Grenzschutzgruppe 9 (German for 'Border Protection Group 9'), is the police tactical unit of the Bundespolizei the German Federal Police. The Landespolizei (state police) maintain their own tactical units known as the Spezialeinsatzkommando (SEK).

On 5 September 1972, the Palestinian terrorist movement Black September infiltrated the Summer Olympic Games in Munich, West Germany, to kidnap 11 Israeli athletes, killing two in the Olympic Village in the initial assault on the athletes' rooms. The incident culminated when German police – who were neither trained nor equipped for counter-terrorism operations, and had underestimated the number of terrorists involved – attempted to rescue the athletes. Police did not have a specialized tactical sniper team at that time. The army had snipers, but the German Constitution did not allow the use of German Armed Forces on German soil during peacetime.

The police rescue failed, and the operation led to the deaths of one policeman, five of the eight kidnappers and all of the remaining nine hostages.

As a consequence of the mismanagement of the Olympic tragedy, the West German government created the GSG 9 under the leadership of then Oberstleutnant Ulrich Wegener so that similar situations in the future could be responded to adequately and professionally. Many German politicians opposed its formation, fearing GSG 9 would rekindle memories of the Nazi Party's Schutzstaffel (SS). The decision was taken to form the unit from police forces, as opposed to the military similar to equivalent forces in other countries, on the ground that German federal law expressly forbids the use of the military forces against the civilian population.

Composing the special force from police personnel would avoid that. The unit was officially established on 26 September 1972 as a part of Germany's federal police agency, the Bundesgrenzschutz (Federal Border Guard Service, renamed Bundespolizei or Federal Police in 2005). The then-BGS did have something of a paramilitary nature, used military ranks (until 1976), had combatant status (until 1994), and could (at least theoretically) draw conscripts (until the present).

Many other countries have various anti-terrorist units based on GSG-9.

GSG 9 is deployed in cases of hostage-taking, kidnapping, terrorism, extortion and high-risk arrests i.e. in the area of serious and organised crime. An increasing number of arrests by the GSG 9 are conducted in the area of cybercrime which often requires quick arrests in order to preserve evidence. The number of deployments in cases of threats to the public safety has also increased. The unit is very active in developing and testing methods and tactics for these missions.

In contrast to the Special Deployment Commandos of the states which are trained and equipped for similar missions, GSG 9 can only conduct operations in the states' jurisdictions with the respective state's consent. Operations on a federal level outside the Federal Republic of Germany require the foreign nation's consent, i.e. in a rescue operation of German citizens in a foreign country. Despite the unit's paramilitary nature, GSG 9 officers are strictly limited to policing operations and can't engage in military conflict since GSG 9 officers act as non-combatants by international law.

Until 2009 GSG 9 regularly deployed in foreign countries as a part of a security detail to German embassies in hazardous regions. Due to the workload of the deployments for that purpose, the PSA BPOL was created.

From 1972 to 2003, GSG 9 reportedly completed over 1,500 missions, discharging their weapons on only five occasions. At the SWAT World Challenge in 2005, GSG 9 won eight out of eight events, beating 17 other teams. GSG 9 defended its championship the following year, and placed fifth in 2007.

1 Mr.Jame'na Eie
2 Japonês da Federal
3 Neptune2284
4-5 Piggo
6 Trouble
7 席八星

Everyone who uses this addon to make artwork or screenshots can send to this comment area

The above is the introduction of this addon, I hope everyone enjoys using it and likes it more

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Mr.Drake Oct 9 @ 10:14am 
i found dis under nazi kinda stupid to look up as an german
jamesguo0920 Oct 1 @ 5:12pm 
求大佬做一个gsg-9 带防爆面罩头盔的model
GKR Sep 29 @ 8:16am 
EKO Kobra when?
Skin Tubby Dude Sep 29 @ 4:53am 
i need npcs
Home land security Sep 28 @ 1:08pm 
can you make this a player model
CPL Sep 28 @ 6:00am 
Gay Supreme Gay 9
Revolverente Sep 28 @ 5:29am 
Mr.Man2354 Sep 25 @ 5:16pm 
gosh dang somone make npcs out of this