DOOM II: Hell on Earth

DOOM II: Hell on Earth

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Beginners Guide to Doom II [Mods, Source Ports and more]
By Zero
This guide will cover the following subjects
- How to mod Doom [all games except Master Levels]
- How to use Source Ports
- Tool Assisted Speedruns [TASes]
- Compatibility
- Tips
- Mini-Review
- Recommended mods and source ports

0. Introduction
Doom II is a game from ID Software, and although it is from the 90s, it is pretty advanced and there are loads of things you can do just with a basic installation. Here I will tell you what you can do with the clean install.

Things you will need
- A copy of the game [from Steam]
- A modern-ish computer
- An application called DosBox.

The Steam version of this game is emulated with DosBox, but it is useful to have a full program install. If you wish to use mods on the original DOS version of the game, you will need a DOSBOX installation.
1. Modding
Modding is really easy if you actually have source port. There are many mods you can obtain, some good, some bad, and some are simply screamers. First, you will need a master file, called a IWAD.

First go into your games library, right click "Doom II: Hell on Earth", and view the local files, the file will be called Doom2.wad, Doom.wad, TNT.wad or Plutonia.wad. Now copy this file to your desktop, just for the time being. Now, choose one of the following Source Ports.

PrBoomPlus [Original version with HD graphics and advanced configuration]
Zandronum [Multiplayer]
ZDoom/GZDoom [Plays more like a modern FPS with jumping, crouching and full aiming]
Chocolate Doom [Identical to the original, with compatibility with modern operating systems]
Doomsday [Built for mods]

They will commonly, with an exception of Zandronum, come in zipped format. Windows 7 will be able to open them through explorer.exe, but older systems won't. Simply install WinRAR or 7-Zip and you will be good to go. Download them, and open them with the applicable software. Now extract it to a directory of your choice.

WARNING: It is not a good idea to have all source ports in one folder, as they may conflict, store them in seperate folders.

Drag your Doom2.wad file into the directory, and now run PrBoomPlus, or GlBoomPlus, from the folder. Depending on your version, you may be met with a launcher, but you may not. If you don't, press ESC on the main menu and select options. Now select General. Now go onto the second page, and toggle the setting below to Smart or Always.

After you've done this, close the program and download the mod you wish to play. I have compiled a list at the very bottom of the guide. Download the zipped folder, and save it to either your desktop or the downloads folder. Now open the zipped folder on your desktop or in C:\Users\%username%\Downloads. Extract the files to PrBoomPlus. Start the application, and simply select the mod from the list, simple.

Zandronum has a pretty standard application setup, just go through it like you normally would. Now, Zandronum will automatically set all WAD files to launch with Zandronum, if you wish, you can change it to any source port of your choice.

Installing the main WADs
Navigate to your Zandronum folder, and double-click the folder titled "Doomseeker", now drag the Doom2.wad file from your desktop into here. Zandronum will now be able to play Doom 2 WAD files. You may also add your additional IWADs into this folder.

Using mods in SP
Simply extract any mod to any directory. Now double-click the WAD to play it.

Using mods in MP
Setting up a server: Simply put the WAD into the Doomseeker folder, and launch Zandronum (Multiplayer) from your desktop. Now select "New Server" and fill out the options.

Joining a server: Select a joinable game, click Yes. It will now simply download all mods for you, and it will use it whenever you join a game which uses that mod.

Extract the files to any directory, then drag the Doom2.WAD file into the folder. Now download the mod and extract it into the folder. Now press [Windows Key]+R and type in CMD.EXE. You may need to be an admin to do this, depending on settings. Now type "CD [Path of ZDoom/GZDoom]" and press Enter. Now type "ZDoom [GZDoom] -file [mod].wad -iwad doom2.wad and press Enter. The mod will now start.

Chocolate Doom
Extract the files to any directory, then drag the Doom2.WAD file into the folder. Now download the mod and extract it into the folder. Now press [Windows Key]+R and type in CMD.EXE. You may need to be an admin to do this, depending on settings. Now type "CD [Path of Chocolate Doom]" and press Enter. Now type "ChocolateDoom -file [mod].wad -iwad doom2.wad and press Enter. The mod will now start.

Now, Doomsday will be also be compatible with more than just WADs, a bit like ZDoom with .PK3 extensions. Run the installer application, it's more or less the same deal as Zandronum. Now execute Doomsday. It will prompt you to set the IWAD paths, do so. Now, there are two tabs you want "Maps" and "Add-Ons".

Create a folder on your desktop called "Mods", and drag all files into the folder. Now go to Shared Settings > Settings > Frontend, and select the "+" button and add the directory. Now refresh the Doomsday launcher and you will see a screen like this with your mods. Tick the appropriate boxes and select "Play". The mod will now start.

Now, "Add-Ons" will be in a zipped format, and you can't extract them, otherwise it will not work. Put the zip into your mods folder, and then select Doom 2, go to add-ons and tick the zipped file and press Play to play.
2. Source Ports
In Section 1, you will have installed the source ports, you may be wondering what else they can do, other than play mods. Here are some useful tips and tricks with different source ports.

- On PrBoomPlus you can bind many keys to many functions, among which is a chasecam feature. Press the bound key to view the playing demo from a third person perspective.

- To record a demo, launch CMD and type CD [Source Port directory] then press enter. Then type in [SourcePort] -file [mod].wad -iwad [doom2].wad -record [demoname]. It will be placed in your source port folder.

- To play a demo, alternatively type [SourcePort] -playdemo [demoname]

- There are many cheats for Doom, the core cheats are below. Simply type the cheat while playing.
IDDQD - God Mode
IDCLIP - No Clip
IDCLEV [MAP] - Change map
IDKFA - Give all weapons, armour and keys

- Some cheats are only available in ZDoom, you may enter these cheats by ` on the keyboard.
GOD - God Mode
NOCLIP - No Clip
Map [MAP] - Change map
Give all [keys/weapons] - Give all
Dropcurrent - Drop current weapon
Fly - Fly

3. TASing with PrBoom
Firstly, you want to launch PrBoom, now press ESC on the menu and select options. Now select Setup, then key-bindings. Go onto the Sixth page and you will see 4 key bindings, this is all you need. Set them up, and you will be ready to start. Before you start, change the "Join" binding to any key.

Type in prboom-plus -iwad [doom2].wad -file [mod].wad -record [tas]. Now you can do things such as tone the speed down for extra precision. If you make a mistake type prboom-plus -iwad [doom2].wad -file [mod].wad -recordfromto [tas] [tas1], and now press the "Join" key where you make the mistake and overwrite it. This is the basics of TASing
4. Compatibility
Most of these source ports are compatible with all modern operating systems, however, if you do not have Windows there is a way to play Doom on Ubuntu.

1. Type in DOSBOX in Ubuntu Software Centre and press Enter. Download the application.
2. Copy the steam files to your desktop.
3. Launch DOSBOX and type in mount A [path]
4. Type in Doom2 to start Doom 2

Older versions of Windows may not work also.
Recommended Mods and Source Ports
1. Brutal Doom
Author: SergeantMikeIV
Source Port Required - ZDoom, GZDoom and derivatives
Description - Adds gore, and a faster pace to the Doom 2 full game. It is in pk3 format so it is only compatible with ZDoom. Also adds loads of additional difficulties.
Download - here

2. Scythe II
Author: Eric Alm
Source Port Required - Any
Description - Levels have a feel of Heretic, but can lag at times.
Download - here[]

3. Doomsday 3D Models
Author: Various
Source Port Required - Doomsday
Description - 3D Models for Doomsday
Torrent - here[]

4. Community Chest 4
Author: Various
Source Port Required - Any, Boom compatible
Description - A mixture of levels from the community
Download - here[]

5. Memento Mori II
Author: Various
Source Port Required - Designed for any
Description - Challenging levels from various authors
Download - here[]
Mini Review
This game is was a revolution in the FPS genre, it's gameplay never gets old, with a seemingly endless ammount of user created WADs and PK3 files. It is still amazing to play today, with source ports introducing HD graphics and more. Hopefully, with this guide, you will be set to fully enjoy Doom II. I will add to this guide in the future, but it is complete for now.
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