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Pokemon Trading Card Game
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May 16, 2014 @ 1:14pm
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Pokemon Trading Card Game

Now you can play the Pokémon TCG on your PC with complete control!

This save has five decks set up with damage counters and burn/poison markers next to the playmat. I will likely add more decks in the future; for now, enjoy these.

With the new update for Tabletop Simulator, item sizes can be reduced. You can now fit many more poker chips, dice, or burn/poison markers on a card.

Installation is easy; just click Subscribe and load up the mod in-game.

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Lootron Sep 24 @ 5:26pm 
all the card faces are blank/white
after loading
Wahrheit Mar 27 @ 6:07pm 
I would love to see the below-mentioned update.
Cyclone Oct 11, 2016 @ 10:36am 
Have you decided whether you plan to update this further? At a minimum, a mod with all theme decks through the XY series would be nice to have, and you can even create, as a bonus, the four XY "Basic" decks and the three newest theme decks in 2.39. All decks can be in place when the mod starts, decks chosen, the rest dropped from the table, and play begins. At current count, this is 24 physical deck reproductions (as of October 31 when Evolutions releases) plus 7 digital decks. Once the game goes on special and I can finally get it cheaper, I might be in on helping with this; I am a scorned PTCGO player who dislikes how they are running things over there right now.

I also wonder if trying to create a full card database where people simply select the cards to add to their decks is a good idea.
jmpaz  [author] Jul 9, 2016 @ 8:02pm 
It's no problem, thanks for the feedback!
Tyrone Shoelaces Jul 9, 2016 @ 4:35pm 
As it turns out, the one i was looking at was posted in February of this year. It looks like they just have the same source. I will say though, the one plus with that is that it has 55 decks. If I were you, I'd try finding some other pokemon card mods (I think there's one with Gen I - III cards) and forming some decks, either based on ones that were actually made by the company or otherwise.
Tyrone Shoelaces Jul 9, 2016 @ 4:31pm 
Oh jeez, I had no idea it came from DeviantArt. It looked user made and I just assumed someone made it. Sorry about that :-\
jmpaz  [author] Jul 9, 2016 @ 4:22pm 
Tyrone, I can provide proof that I was the first to bring this mat to tabletop simulator. It is based on an existing one that I modified - look up Simple Pokemon TCG Playmat Template by icycatelf on deviantart. If you find a mat that looks identical to mine on the workshop, then it came from my mod. This was the first Pokemon mod on the workshop; I actually started working on it before this game even had steam workshop support.
Tyrone Shoelaces Jul 9, 2016 @ 4:11pm 
Normally I wouldn't accuse people of stealing, but this features the same exact board as another Pokemon Card Game mod, and that one has 55 decks and was released earlier.
Blueeyeswhitefullmetalgarrurumon Jun 3, 2016 @ 2:30am 
got some ex's for pokemon tcg online - malamar ex *2 and shamin ex
up for trade any good tf2 hats (at my discression)
send me a message and i will get back to you about them
Elavion Apr 19, 2016 @ 8:34am 
Don't want to sound mean, but...
Why? Pokemon Trading Card Game Online is free :0