Solasta: Crown of the Magister

Solasta: Crown of the Magister

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Install the Vel Leverage Campaign (Solasta)
By vel
Installation guide for the Vel Leverage campaign in Solasta. This walks through how to subscribe and play custom maps.

WARNING: The Vel Leverage collection is deprecated.

Please play the Vel Leverage Remastered campaign instead:

I hope you enjoy playing this as much as I did. You can contact me via
Getting Started
Starting map name: Vel Leverage A1
No mods required.

To install: use the Steam Workshop collection Vel Leverage to get all the maps, alternatively Nexusmods, or for GOG.
Full installation instructions below on this page, scroll down.

To play: in Solasta, go to Dungeon Maker, Locations, select Vel Leverage A1, play.

Recommended starting level of 1. For less of a challenge, start with the party at level 2.
Story Blurb
The noble’s job seemed simple enough: find the thief and return the magic locket. Your adventure twisted through the wilderness and took an unexpected, epic turn to Elven crypts and an ancient Elven castle in search of untold power.
Installation Instructions
Note: you must have all maps in the campaign (collection) or Solasta will end things abruptly when you exit a map.


In a browser: <--- EASIEST
Visit the collection page
Tap subscribe to all.
See starting play instructions below.

In the Steam client:
  1. Go to the Steam workshop in the Steam client, it’s on the Solasta game page far to the right of Store Page in the secondary menu. Alternatively, access the workshop within Solasta via Dungeon Maker.
  2. Search for Vel Leverage
  3. Tap any map
  4. Scroll down and look for the “In [x] collection by Vel”, or on the right sidebar tap “See all [x] collections created by Vel” and in Browsing Collections tap Vel Leverage.
  5. On the Vel Leverage collection page, scroll down and tap Subscribe to all

Nexusmods and

Download the maps zip

Extract the zip file to
C:\User\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\Tactical Adventures\Solasta\UserContent\Locations

Starting Play

In Solasta, go to Dungeon Maker (next screen may take awhile to load), select Vel Leverage A1 from the list. If it’s not there after subscribing, quit and restart Solasta.

Alternatively, you can go to New Adventure, change campaign, user campaign, select Vel Leverage A1.

See also Vincto ‘s guide on how to play a custom adventure map
Design Principles
This campaign was designed with the following in mind:

  • Provide challenging combat without save scumming.
  • Enable preparation with clues.
  • Do not require a particular class.
  • Strive for combat balance across party compositions.
  • Discourage camp/rest-to-win.
  • Limit the number of mobs per encounter. (No battle royale and waiting for the computer to take 20 turns.)

  • Tell a concise, compelling story. No walls of text.
  • Inhabit Solasta’s lore.
  • Leverage the environment for the story.

  • Allow starting play in later maps. (Not necessary to play as e.g. level 1-2 if you want to skip that.)
  • Minimize use of puzzles. (Solasta’s current strength is combat.)
  • Allow non-linear exploration. (Limited by Solasta’s current design.)
  • Pace good loot.


Hat tip to Silverquick, BlackguardRogue, and all the other DM creators. Huge thanks to TA devs for this great game.