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Early Game
By Jubez_
So you cant clear the first wave?

Well you cant play this like a regular tower defense game. If you were listening (read the product description) a combination of towers is needed to make it to the end waves.

Emp Good single target dmg
Tor Stuns
DrL Slows ( A combination of DrL's will win you your first perk points).
Gorgo Bonus's
Marty Debuff's

While this is their main function they can all branch into each others area's of expertise no one tower does it all though. Think moba style TD. Perk points are only awarded on waves 1/5/10/15/20/25/30/35/40 and a full clear of that wave including boss's.
General Gameplay Flow

Upgrade Towers - Build a tower using perk points.

Earn Perk points - Clearing waves.

On the Perk Menu Hit reset to try different builds.