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Easter Eggs & Secrets Guide - DreadOut Act 1
By AestheticGamer
A guide to find the Easter Eggs, Secrets, and Hidden Achievements of DreadOut Act 1.
Before we get started...
This guide is a text-only guide, there's no images or videos. I'll try and go through the secrets and Easter Eggs in chronological order of which you can find them, and detailed descriptions of where and how to find them. This is also not an achievement guide strictly, but finding a lot of these Easter Eggs and Secrets will give you a good number of the achievements in the game, but I'm not going to list them individually.

The game has a lot of posters and writings around the village and school locations, but for the sake of my own sanity I am going to skip over these, but know that almost all the posters and writings around are different to each other, and there's some cool references and jokes ranging from horror movies to bands, pop-culture, and more.

The guide is currently at version 0.9. I still need to add all the text files in the school, and there may be more secrets left to uncover, and if there are I will update the guide.

Now then let's get started.
Beginning of the Game Secrets
Before we even leave the starting point of the game, there are several secrets to uncover.

Talking to your friends will reveal several pieces of dialogue. Most are not important, but fun little things to listen too. Talking to one of the guys will opt him to walk towards a bush, but make sure not to talk to him by the bush until you're done talking to everyone else as that will continue along the game's story.

Talking to the long-haired girl closer to the car will opt for her to ask you to take a picture of her. Doing so will net you an achievement.

Before you go into this strange haunted village, how about a nice jog? You can go backwards down the road the car came down for actually quite a ways. the road is rather curvy and goes on for a good 10 or so minutes. Eventually, after you go down a slope, you will end up in an infinitely looping road that will go on forever until you turn back around. However, if you run for a bit in the infinite loop, you'll net an achievement.

The trunk is locked in the first playthrough of the game, but once you've completed Act 1, starting a new game, you will be able to open it an access three new alternate costumes for the game.

That's about it for the beginning area.
Village Daytime/General Secrets
Following the rather slow characters as they travel around the village may be worth your time if you want more exposition, as at several points the characters will stop by some landmark, and you'll have a brief window to interact with them for some optional dialogue. I suggest just follow one character for a while if you want to see their dialogue trees.

There are a couple of areas you can go to that currently don't really lead to anything. When you first come to the road after taking the grassy plain past the bridge, if you head towards the broken bridge and take a right, there is a low cliff-side path that shows a sort of farm and power plant past a metal grating. This currently doesn't lead to anything, though assumingly is for the future Free Roam DLC Mode. Similarly, when walking through the town archway, there are buildings to the right. Two of the doors of the buildings are openable, but only one of them is useful (related to another secret, get to that in a moment). However, walking past the buildings, there's a small alley right behind the last building you can take to get to a little hidden neighborhood behind the main path, but it currently doesn't really lead to anything.

There are three medals hidden around town. You can either pick them up now during the daytime or later at night if you head back into the village. Picking up all three will trigger a couple of hidden ghosts to attack you by the statue monument next to the school at night. The first medal is in the further building to the right after passing through the town's entry arch (open the door to get inside). The second Medal is up ahead, at a gas station. to the right, right next to an army-type truck. The last medal is in the park before the school, at the foot of the giant monument statue. To face the hidden ghosts, go to the school ahead to trigger the cutscene with your friends, which makes it night, but don't head into the school and rather go back into the village when its dark.

Across from the gas-station, there is a restaurant. At the restaurant, there is an optional note to pick-up. Also if you head towards the back and wait a few moments, a radio from inside the building will begin to play a song you can stick around and listen too.

On the left-side of the restaurant, there is a small gap open between two trees you can enter to walk along the left side of the building. In the dense grass, you'll find a rock with an item stuck in it. This item is one of the three mystical items you can find in the game, which slightly increase Linda's running speed, health regeneration speed, and slightly decrease the time it takes to run to the light when you die in the game. Getting all three mystical items will also net you an achievement (the other two are in the school).

There is a note hidden in the fountain closest to the school entrance gate and near where your friends stand around waiting if you take too long.
Village Nighttime Secrets
Once you enter the courtyard of the school, a cutscene triggers and soon it becomes night. But before you enter the school building, go backwards to enter back into the village now that it's dark. When you enter the school, this area will be locked-off from you. You can still do all the secrets you can do in the daytime section of the village, but a few new secrets and Easter eggs have been added.

As noted in the Village Daytime Secrets section, if you went to collect all three medals around town, when it becomes night you'll encounter a couple of hidden enemies in the park area by the monument. If you didn't collect them, they will not show up, but you can also collect them at night (can find a guide to where they are in the Village Daytime section).

Towards the road heading back in town, there is a billboard that overlooks the park. If you look to the right of the billboard from the front, you can see some lights moving in the sky. Aliens! They have a few different things they could be doing (some are easier to spot than others and their position slightly changes depending on what they do), but if you find brighter lights in the sky moving around, take a picture and you'll get yourself an achievement.

As you get towards the front of the village (where the entrance arch is), if you enter into the valley to the left right before all the buildings, you'll hear some interesting creepy noises.

Around the entrance to the city, you'll find another hidden ghost. Defeating it nets you an achievement.

When you defeat the last hidden ghost, another ghost will trigger on the road. It's an invisible ghost on a Motorcycle, and you'll probably hear it and be run over by it before you see it. The ghost is fast, but you can defeat it by quickly snapping a picture of it as it zooms in at you, and doing so will net you an achievement.

Going back the grassy trail to the car will become impossible, and you'll quickly find out why. Take a picture for an achievement.
School Secrets
Once you enter the school, you'll be trapped here, so be sure to do all the village secrets you want to do before you enter the building. There's a series of notes around the school, I'll update the Guide with where all of them are in the near future.

An important note is that I'll refer to the pig-side of the school as the 'right-wing', and the cat-side of the school as the 'left-wing'.

On the second floor, right wing of the school, in the hallway above the pig there is a room next to a tree over-growing through the window that has a cursed doll. This item is one of the three mystical items you can find in the game, which slightly increase Linda's running speed, health regeneration speed, and slightly decrease the time it takes to run to the light when you die in the game. Getting all three mystical items will also net you an achievement (there is one other one in the school, and one in the village).

Towards the main entrance hall of the school, there is a locked gate door you can open from the other-side of the door in the left-wing on the first-floor. Opening this door will trigger an interesting reaction.

Right next to the locked gate door in the last secret, there is a wooden door you can unlock. It leads to a storage room with a door blocked by a skeleton on the other side. Going to the far end of the storage room by the skeleton, there is a Ring on the shelf. This item is one of the three mystical items you can find in the game, which slightly increase Linda's running speed, health regeneration speed, and slightly decrease the time it takes to run to the light when you die in the game. Getting all three mystical items will also net you an achievement (there is one other one in the school, and one in the village).

On the left-wing, first-floor, by the entrance to the stairs with all the movie posters, there is a classroom right around the corner that has a poster in it to pick-up. Picking it up trigger an event.

On the left-wing first floor, there is an area past the stairs blocked by rubble. Right next to this there is a cafeteria, which has an event in it. Snapping a picture here will net you an achievement.

After you have cut the key from the pig, try going through the nearby door that's a shortcut to the main hall.

After you got the key from the pig, and the scene of the drawer being pushed down the stairs, look at the top of the stairs.

After you have defeated the final boss of Act 1, return to the left-wing of the school and go to the room on the first floor with several chairs sitting around a chair placed on a desk with two knives on the floor. There should now be something there. Snap a picture of it to get an achievement.
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Hey! I took a picture of Betsy but I didn't get the Achievement! Why? Oh why does this happen to me..? Help me, please..!
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did anybody else saw Yaan standing near the school gate wen the group enters the bulding looking for him?
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Sentient Anomaly May 18, 2014 @ 7:51am 
Hey guys, I uploaded a couple of videos of some of the secrets explained in this guide:

- Hidden enemies: the two Pocongs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFHoC1q7bXc

- Hidden enemies: Kuntilanak, Young Genderuwo, Pocong on Motorcycle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Zxcq6rhFm0

I'll upload the one about the UFOs today.
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I have some problem with the aliens/UFOs...

"Towards the road heading back in town, there is a billboard that overlooks the park.".

Heading back from where? School? I see like 2 boards beside the bus stop but I can't seem to see any lights in the sky. And by park do you mean the park where we fight the pocong side-bosses?
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@MISTERBIG10111986 there's only 3 items that activate 3 secret boss and its all in the form of medal
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