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Kill Streak
By Eugene
In this guide you will learn everything about Kill Streak mechanic in Red Algorithm
What is a Kill Streak mechanic?
Many games have some kind of a way to reward a player who can kill fast and efficiently. A similar Kill Streak mechanic is present in Red Algorithm too.

During the game you might have noticed a thing like this one at the top:
What does this "EXTERMINATION" thing mean?

This means that you currently have a kill streak bonus, and you can also see a timer there.

So, how does it work?

Every time you kill a monster or a spawner you renew the Kill Streak timer, and as more monsters you kill during the active kill streak, as bigger experience bonus you will get.

The Kill Streak timer is set to 3 seconds, which means that to keep the active Kill Steak you have to kill every 3 seconds or faster. This is actually very similar to how Reaper[] perk works in the game, which is a great addition to an active Kill Streak.
Kill Streak levels and bonuses
Alright, so what do I get for keeping a Kill Streak (KS)?

There are 5 KS levels you can achieve:
  • PUNISHMENT (5 - 9 kills) Bonus: experience +5%
  • DOMINATING (10 - 19 kills) Bonus: experience +10%
  • EXTERMINATION (20 - 39 kills) Bonus: experience +15%
  • GODLIKE (40 - 79 kills) Bonus: experience +20%
  • JUDGMENT DAY (80+ kills) Bonus: experience +25%
The maximum bonus you can keep is +25% to the experience gain speed, which is huge.
Why is it important?
Why +25% experience gain speed is important?

Well... You will get new levels faster, which is often crucial for successful survival. You can get a few more levels at the 10th minute if you know how to keep the Kill Streak, compared to an inexperienced player who doesn't understand this mechanic.

Also, it's stackable with everything else in the game, which means that if you pick up an experience bonus (yellow triangle) for example, its effect will also be multiplied by 25%.

This mechanic alone can help you to overcome the worst part of the weapon penalty, -25% experience, and it's the same bonus that perk Geek[] would give you, or that Lucy[] starts with.

If you couldn't survive more than 15 minutes (and more than 5 - 10 minutes in Hard Mode), and you don't understand how some people have such high scores, this mechanic is one of the reasons.

The Kill Streak mechanic is especially important in Hard Mode, as the experience given from monsters there is reduced, so without a good kill streak and you end up being behind on your level and wouldn't be able to survive as long as you wish.
How to keep a good Kill Streak?
Now that we established that keeping a good Kill Streak is important, let's look at some tricks you can use to achieve that.

There are a few key elements to it:
  • Movement and killing planning (timing)
  • Feeding from spawners
  • Smart use of consumables
  • Use manual reload
  • Aim better
Movement and killing planning means that you should always keep in mind the time left until the Kill Streak expires (after a while you won't even need to look at the timer, you'd feel it), and try to kill the next monster right before it does. This skill is hard to teach, it just comes with the game experience, you will learn it as you practice.

One simple thing that you should do in this regard is to always run when it's possible. Without running (by holding "Space", if someone forgot) you often wouldn't be able to reach the next monster in a timely manner and keep the Kill Streak.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you don't have to kill the monster right now, even if you can. This simple, yet not quite intuitive rule, can help you to keep the streak.

Feeding from spawners is self-explanatory. Instead of killing a spawner fast, just let it be there for a while and kill the monsters it produces. This is a great way to keep the Kill Streak, especially in the early game. Playing with spawners like that in mid and late game can be dangerous.

Smart use of consumables means to find a perfect moment to use a grenade (which sometimes can also save your Kill Streak), a turret, a drone, or a barricade. Most consumables, and particularly Turrets placed on rocks (with such a high-ground bonus their bullets won't be stuck in rocks), are very helpful in keeping the Kill Streak, as they can fill the time gap when you reload, for example.

Often a player loses the Kill Streak when he reloads, as it often takes 2-3 or more seconds. That is why using the manual reload is very important. You can reload your weapon by pressing "R" at any moment, and such manual reload will be 25% faster than the auto-reload that is triggered automatically when your ammo is 0. You can even disable the auto-reload is settings and use only manual, which is not generally recommended.

Planning the next reload and learning to perform the manual reload on time (when you run toward the next target, for example) will help you a lot with the Kill Streak.

The last piece of advice is to just aim better, which you can do by:
  • Not moving when you shoot
  • Ducking (crouching) on Shift right before you shoot
  • Literally aiming by holding the right mouse button
A new player often fails to utilize all advance movement techniques[], and that is why his shots miss the target, and he not only can't keep the Kill Streak, he can't even kill monsters fast enough to survive 5 or 10 minutes.