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Created by Jens [GER]

Start the Game = Blackscreen
-> Press something = End Blackscreen


Why Not?

You do bad things on the PC and your Parents came in to your room?
No Time to Push the Butt...
Created by Don Carleone
BLOCKADE 3D inspired by MineCraft and Ace of Spades!

First Person Shooter in an editable procedural cubic world. A large arsenal of weapons, 4 teams at the same time and up to 32 players on one map. A large number of game modes!

БЛОКАДА 3Д вдохновлен...
Battle Riders
Created by OneManTeam
Battle your way to first place in this amazing combat racing game! It offers adrenaline pumping, high-octane action and a lot of fun!

Win races and compete in the career mode, which spans over 120 events, to unlock great cars, excit...
Blade & Bones
Discover a tale long lost in our past. Seven swords need to be found in this Metroidvania adventure where you will discover ancient secrets and fight with an intense combat system that rewards player skill and knowladge.

  • Lore – After N
Elite vs Freedom
Created by avemedia

Elite vs. Freedom is a third-person shooter for PC, developed and published independently by a small, virtual team located around the world. Set in a dystopian society, this fast-paced, action-packed game incorp...
Follia - Dear father
Become Marcus Pitt, a young man that wishes to unravel at any cost the mistery around the faith of his parents.
You will have to use all your strengt...
Forgotten in Space
Created by TheLukrie
Forgotten in Space is a playable, text-based, interactive story. You will help Nick make life or death decisions, and face the consequences together. Every decision you make while playing the game has it's consequences.
A gripping interactive story thr
Gun Disassembly 2
Created by -=NE=-

Explore the world of weaponry like never before! Disassemble and reassemble 59 highly-detailed models with fully working animated parts! View the gun in complete 3D, an...
Ionic Surge
Ionic Surge is currently in development.

The player has full control over the movement of the hovercraft. Ionic Surge is not a runner-type game in which the player has limited control of movement. Knowing whether to speed up or slow down is ve...
Created by Excalibur Games

Set during the fall of communism, a pocket full of marks and a new world ahead of you, take a dilapidated hunk of metal and embark on a grand journey to the territories of the former Eastern bloc.

It’s your ...
Created by Cyfieithydd
KINGDOMS is procedural medieval RPG in random generated open world. The main feature of KINGDOMS is smart AI system, that totally controls NPCs behaviour. As player you can fully interact with this massive world and became any person you want to be.

Land of Labyrinth
Created by Hur4c4n
A 3D action/adventure game that takes you on an A-maze-ing journey through various great labyrinths set in a fantasy world.

In Land of Labyrinth, you are Sven, a young adventurer in search of his disappeared father, who must travel throughout a series o...
Marooned: Arcanus Island
Created by Fudsine

Marooned: Arcanus Island is a hardcore, survival, exploration game in which the player - or players (cooperative) - attempt to survive and eventually escape a lush tropical island. You must build a shelter to protect yourself from...
Minions of Steel (MOS)
Created by Alien Labs
Mantra: Invent. Engage. Inspire. Delight.

MOS is a real time strategy (RTS) plus first person shooter (FPS) PC game! MOS is based in artificial intelligence and robotics.

MOS is being built by a small independent team of cross discipl...
Night Crisis Project(Tactical Horror Shooter)
Created by Altered S
Night Crisis is an ever evolving tactical co-op FPS. This project will be a Battlefield type of game with a themed mix and large maps.

The game is based upon a multiplayer co-op experience. The game will focus on a linear PvE-experience, and we’ll...
Northern Shadow
Created by Chariots
Development of Northern Shadow ended on January 2016. Huge thanks to everyone that followed the development over the years.

Northern Shadow is an upcoming open-world sandbox RPG with city building elements. It is played exclusively from first person p...
POLICE 10-13
Created by MATRIX
POLICE 10-13

Police 1013 is currently in development through Wingman Games. Police10-13 is an open world game being developed on Unreal 4. If you think you've ever played a simulator like this before then you'd be wrong. Matt Norman, is an international...
Planet Nomads
Created by Craneballs
A sci-fi sandbox game of creation and survival on procedurally generated planets.

Planet Nomads is a game where you battle the beautiful but unforgiving environments of strange alien worlds by building useful things and generally keeping your w...
Created by A Gamer
"RIP" is an experimental game which combines three different genres such as FPS, MOBA and WARGAME. Game supports only multiplayer mode.

In two words - imagine classic sh...
Created by Tynan
RimWorld is a sci-fi colony sim driven by an intelligent AI storyteller. Inspired by Dwarf Fortress, Firefly, FTL, and Dune.

Available now at Coming to Steam when it's ready.

You begin with three survivors of a ship...
Created by HOT 'n SPICY Games
(PLEASE NOTE: This game is still in development. In the final game, there will be many more stages, more tanks, more of everything, many new graphics. All images and footage shown are from a game currently in development and may contain placeholders or tem...
Created by feuerball11
An Open World Strategy Game

Embark upon an endless adventure in a procedural generated, open world. Create extraordinary towns using the remarkable features that ‘Seedling’ provides. Produce crops in the stunning environment to begin an econo...
Survival Games
Created by 2.0 Studios
Survival Games is a multiplayer survival adventure set in an ever-changing world full of secrets, traps, wildlife and treasure. Pit yourself against up to 31 other players over LAN or ONLINE as you fight for your survival in order to be the last person sta...
The Great War 1918
Created by SgtConti
The Great War 1918 is a WW1 modification for Company of Heroes, focusing on the last year of the First World War. Currently it features the British Expeditionary Force and the German Empire as opposing factions; however new nations will be brought over tim...
The Moon Sliver
Created by jefequeso
"...a game that shot straight to the top of my “Favorite Games of 2014″ list...The Moon Sliver is simply too good to pass on."

"It's a classic tale retold with brilliant tension, as it was in John Carpenter's The Thing an...
The Patient
Created by north3dstudio
The Patient Chapter 1.

In the near future you – a renowned professor – create a machine to help cure people with mental problems. It proves to be a huge success thus gaining you a lot of fame and money.
But while the machine worked on some patients, ot...
The Town Of Light
Created by LKA
The Town of Light is a first-person psychological thriller set in the Volterra Psychiatric Asylum, shutted down in the late '900, by a law from 1978 together with all other Italian asylums.

The game aims to explore what’s really happened inside t...
Vietnam '65
Created by EverySingleSoldier
It is 1965 and the US ground war in Vietnam is in full swing. As a US Army commander, wage a counter-insurgency (COIN) war to secure the Ia Drang valley, on the border with Cambodia.
In order to win the Hearts and Minds of the local population you will ne...
War, the Game
Created by ObR
'War, the Game' puts the Strategy back into RTS. No story, no scripting, no fog of war, no cut scenes.
Just you against the AI. Good luck... You will need it.

Command fleets, squadrons and armies across the globe. Spend billions with a single mouse c...
Survival Wars
Created by Neo T
After the migration crisis in 2018 the Eurasian continent faced a wave of civil wars, expanding to other parts of the world. After years of war, some military facilities on which the nuclear weapons were located were captured by the militi...
Crazy Justice
Crazy Justice

“Crazy Justice” is a Third­Person­Shooter game in Cel-Shaded style.
The game is based on humor, the main characters interact with the players creating funny moments and scenes. Similar in feeling to a series of mov...
Down He Goes
Created by TheLukrie
Down He Goes is a simple, yet Super Fun and Highly Addictive Game.

Click to change direction. Avoid obstacles (trees, holes) and collect coins and power-ups. One mistake and you die!

Eve of Destruction - REDUX
Created by Lotte|EoD
Eve of Destruction
is a First-Person-Shooter for PC about the Vietnam War era.
It is primarely concerned with teamplay in multiplayer mode.
Exaggerated depiction of violence has been deliberately omitted.
Landscapes, characters and their na...
Life Pictures
Created by Mobility Games
Life Pictures is a short narrative driven adventure, revolving around concepts of love and meaning. The game focuses on piecing together the memories of our main character. The objective is uncover his story, to understand the finer details, to feel, to po...
Created by Timeslip

Inspired by the classic turn based strategies of the 90s, Vigilantes is a compelling, crime themed, turn based tactical RPG with an old school heart. Assume the...
You can play a demo version of WayOut here

WayOut is reimaginin...
Created by Diax Game AB
When a plane crashes in the Caribbean Sea, a passenger ends up in
a mysterious adventure far beyond the set reality he once knew.

Game Features:
  • Well detailed environments, all open to explore while playing the game.
  • A lot of things t
Ouroboros: Prelude
Created by Dreamverse
Trapped in a dungeon where the very darkness seems to writhe. The halls echo with hellish tones. How long has it been since you have been imprisoned? You can scarcely remember why. Starvation and deprivation has begun to rob you of your senses. You just re...
Created by Hörgüç
Summary : TARTARUS is a action/adventure game from first person perspective combined with text input. Developed using Unreal Engine 4 by ABYSS GAMEWORKS.

About the game :

In the year of 2230, Mining and Research vessel Tartarus (MRS TARTARUS 220478) ...
Roots of Insanity
Created by Crania Games

You are Riley McClein, a doctor who has to deal with his epileptic attacks while trying to survive in the eerie environment of the August Valentine Hospital.

It was supposed to be an ordinary night shift for you. Even your epileptic ...
Evil Possession
Created by 2dragonsgames
About the game:

Survival Horror in first person. We incarnate an investigator of paranormal events that only with the help of a paranormal activity detector (EMF detector), a small oil lamp and his knowledge about evil, we will manage to expel ...
Unseen Apparitions
Created by Azaxor
Welcome to Unseen Apparitions uncover a hidden world of spirits & voodoo.

You have left your apartment to travel to the ancient "Isla de las Munecas" Forest.
A terrible event happened here, producing mass hauntings & diseases.
The stor...
GR1D - minimalistic logic puzzle game, unusual mix of Sudoku and Minesweeper. The goal is to fill the grid with circles and squares, so each type of element with number is connected to specific number of blocks.

New ...
Mayhem In Single Valley
Created by Brian

Jack is a videogame character... only he doesn’t' know it yet. Help Jack survive his voyage of self-discovery!

Core Concept. What would happen if a videogame character discovered that they are a videogame cha...
Shank n' Bake
Created by Mega Dwarf
Shank n' Bake is a mixture of cooking games and overly violent runner cartoon goodness. Slay your foes, bake up the ultimate junk food army, and take down the all the healthy food in the world!

All of this can...
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Konstructors - Nestor Yavorskyy May 22, 2017 @ 2:59pm 
Death Maze - fast-paced rhythmic arcade.
mohamed amine dghim Apr 29, 2017 @ 3:56pm 
Hey bro Jens ! :steamhappy: A fresh new indie title in a fresh collection !
It will be an honor really if i see mine strategy game in your amazing fresh collection really !
Any help or support given will be appreciated , in last days of greenlight !Thanks in advance :steamhappy:
psyinx Apr 22, 2017 @ 3:42am 
Hello Jens [GER] #RedRebel! :steamhappy:
Today I bring to you something unique and special, my gorgeous and addicting space sci-fi puzzle game ORB:

Please do check it out when you get a chance and consider adding it to your collection!
Any and all support is most appreciated!
Thank you! :steamhappy:
gamblingDostoevsky Apr 17, 2017 @ 4:08pm 
A time traveler invites a man to skip his untimely death by relocating to 2046 - if only he does some work for a megacorporation first. Check out Supposedly Wonderful Future , a story-driven sci-fi adventure I've developed solo over the past 3 years. Thanks!
FluffexStudios Apr 15, 2017 @ 8:27am 
Hello there,

Please consider our horror adventure game for this collection and give us a vote if you like it:

Thank you!
Fluffex Studios
2dgamemania Apr 14, 2017 @ 4:42am 
Hey, I'm a solo developer, been doing my best to put the time in to get this game ready (with work and family not easy!), just put it up on greenlight and wondering if you can add it to your colllection if you feel its worthy, thanks

Its a 2.5D retro game, abit like the old classic Turrican (On the Amiga)
Okay Studios Apr 12, 2017 @ 4:44am 
Hello! I was wondering if our game can be added in your collection. What can we do to make it happen?

I'm the developer behind Liberator TD, a tower defense / top down shooter mix. Here's our Steam Greenlight link:

Thank you in advance!
Xanet Apr 7, 2017 @ 2:55am 
Hello ! If you like puzzle games like WayOut, you will also love this one:

It's a 3D puzzle game with a 2D physics mechanics. Please consider to add it to your collection,
Thanks !
OctolabGames Apr 6, 2017 @ 6:46am 
Hi everybody! Would you mind checking out our game? :)) And maybe vote for us if you like it? Thanks!!
ittlerpg Mar 26, 2017 @ 8:19am 
“Who’s Santa?” has just gone live on Steam Greenlight. Do allow us a minute to show you how Mr. Santa saves his reputation from #pedophile and #redcommunist with Kung Fu in game!


Leave us your comment and give us a thumb up if you like it :steamhappy: