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Carnage's Two Cities Guide (MvM)
By Carnage
A complete guide to the Two City Mann Vs. Machine Co-op (MvM).
This guide merely shows the best ways I have found to play Two Cities after 300+ tours. These are only recommendations, though some are very, very strong ones. If you plan to be doing a lot of tours I would strongly encourage you to view other guides as well and build a play style that is best for you. Most upgrades and notes in this guide can also be applied to any missions with a ranking of Advanced or lower.

The weapons I have found to be the best for me will be underlined.

The commonly used team setup (Meta):


Got a question, tip, or rant? Leave me a comment here or on my profile.
If you find any errors please leave a comment.
The Scout

The Scout's main goal is collect money and nothing besides saving the wave comes first.
The Scout should also be using Mad Milk on large groups of robots and giants, as well as marking the giants for death.


Primary: Soda Popper, Stock, Force-a-Nature, Shortstop.
User's preference.

Secondary: Mad Milk, Bonk! Atomic Punch.
The Mad Milk will allow your team to heal as well as slow enemies.
The Bonk! can be used for the first wave or two of a mission when you're low on resistances.

Melee: Fan O' War, Sandman.
The Sandman requires 500 credits to be able to mark for death making the Fan O' War the easy choice for early waves.


First wave: Movement Speed is always first. Jump Height is extremely useful too, though not quite as important. The -35% speed reduction for Mad Milk can be upgraded too, but it's only needed once Giant Scouts appear.

The waves following: Once Movement Speed is maxxed and you are comfortable with your Jump Height, upgrade resistances and milk regeneration. Focus on resistances and only upgrade milk regeneration once resistances are maxed or you are on a wave with giant scouts, one or two points should do just fine. Always look at the incoming wave to see what resistances will suit you best. Never upgrade fire resistance, it will not be needed.


-It is always a good idea to have at least one uber charge canteen available after the first wave. Use spare money on these.

- Use Mad Milk to slow down the sentry busters so that the Medic can build ubercharge with his ubersaw.
- There is nothing wrong with killing robots as Scout, but that should always be the lowest priority.
- Always be aware of the money that is on the ground.
- You can be aggressive when getting the credits and jump around crowds since you will be overhealed most of the time from collecting.
- A robot that is being healed will lose Mad Milk that is on it faster than normal.
- Use indirect routes to get money that is behind enemy lines, i.e run around the robots where they can't see you instead of running straight at them.
- Kill snipers when possible.
- Credits with red $ are from the sniper's explosive headshots upgrade and do not have to be picked up. However, those credits will still heal you as a scout.
- If you have a Spy or Pyro on your team be careful not to turn robots around on them while they are backstabbing/burning. Stay in front of the robots and distract them.
- The Scout can be a very good distraction for giant robots since he's fast, has resistances, and should be overhealed.
- The Scout can be a tank destroyer IF you have right upgrades. I would only recommend this on Wave 7 of Hamlet.
- The Shortstop and Soda Popper actually have very similar damage outputs once fully upgraded.

Tank damages, before and after. Use crit canteens!
The Soldier
The Soldier usually does less damage than the Demoman and Heavy, but supports the team with buffs. Other than general clean-up, Soldiers are usually expected to watch for and kill Spies, Snipers, and Engineers when they spawn. And lastly, taking down tanks, with help of course (from the demo).


Primary: Black Box, Stock, Beggar's Bazooka.
Never use: Liberty Launcher, Direct Hit., Air Strike.
The Beggar's is the best choice as a rocket launcher but if you aren't accustom to it the other rocket launchers listed can do just fine.

Secondary: Buff Banner, Concherer, Battalian's Backup.
If you're the only Soldier then the Buff Banner is the best choice. If you're not, designate each to a different buff.

Melee: Disciplinary Action, Escape Plan.
User's preference.

Upgrades for the Stock and Black Box:

First Wave:
One point of Rocket Specialist and as much reload speed as possible.

Later Waves:
Once you have full reload speed you need firing speed, and damage upgrades. You will only ever need ONE point in rocket specialist since the extra points will help very little. Health on kill is always good to have, but can be left out if you're tight on credits. If you are constantly running out of ammo one point of ammo capacity would be recommended. And of course upgrade a few resistances for the upcoming wave when needed.

I typically end with these primary upgrades.

Beggar's Bazooka Upgrade Path:

Note: Firing speed isn't that helpful on the Beggar's, only get it if you have left over credits at the end.

Wave 1:
Reload speed is more important than the Rocket Specialist here, but it should come directly after.

Wave 2:
The first point of Ammo Capacity is very important for the Beggar's as it uses ammo extremely fast. Clip size is optional though I find it very useful. If you don't have enough credits Damage can be left til next wave.

Wave 3:
Once you have 1 point in each of Ammo Cap, Clip Size (optional), and Hp on Kill, max out damage.

Wave 4:
More Ammo Cap, Clip Size, and then Hp on Kill if possible.

Wave 5:
Once you have maxxed ammo there isn't much more that needs to be upgraded. 1 more point in Clip Size could be used. The rest of the credits were used for resistances and a few crit canteens.

How did it do?


- The best way to fire the Beggar's when directly confronted with an enemy (tank included) is one rocket at a time, once full reload has been upgrade you can fire at an insane rate.
- Stay near the Engineer when spies spawn in to help him out.
- Since robots can come from at least two ways, it is a good idea to take care of the side that is not the busiest if possible.
- Always use your buff when you have it and robots are around.
- If you have no Medic it might be a good idea to use the Conch or Back-up buff for the first wave or two.
- Avoid shooting rockets at flamethrower Pyros. They are extremely good at reflecting them and you will get someone killed.
The Pyro
The Pyro is a robot killing machine. As a Pyro you are expected to do a little of everything. Taking out tanks, giants, spies and small robots as well as collecting some money are all in the job description. I would suggest switching to Pyro later on in the mission rather than starting out as Pyro as you are likely to die quite a bit without sufficient upgrades.

Primary: Stock, Backburner, Phlogisinator.
Never use: Degreaser.
I find that the Backburner is great for everything except Wave 7 on Hamlet, where I use the Phlog. It's not hard to get behind a giant to take them out quickly.

Secondary: Flare Gun, Scorch Shot.
User's preference.

Melee: Stock, Powerjack, Third Degree, Homewrecker, Axtinguisher.
Any will do the trick since you should rarely have to use melee, but I use the Homewrecker to help out the Engie if he's dead or away.


Starting as a Pyro:
It is important to balance resistances and run speed with the primary weapon upgrades, which should be Damage, Ammo Capacity, and Health on Kill. You will not survive long without them and will most likely irritate the medic.

Switching to a Pyro:

Switching to a Pyro near the end is a lot easier than starting out as one.
Get full damage, ammo capacity, health on kill and then whatever resistance the next wave calls for along with movement speed. After that uber canteens.


- Use ubercharge canteens if the giant(s) turn around on you.
- Wave 7 of Hamlet is a Pyro wave, since Pyros are the best class to destroy tanks.
- Wait for giants to drop down directly under the drop-off. They will almost always focus on your teammates that are in front of them making it easy to kill with the Backburner.
- You can airblast ubered medics away from the robot they are ubering.
- Your ammo and health can drop fast, retreating is always an option.
- A Pyro can solo a tank once it has passed the front lines.
- Pyro still needs to be stealthy, hiding around corners, rocks, tanks waiting to attack will help you.
- Run speed is extremely useful for the Pyro, it will allow you to strafe past pills and rockets.
The Demoman
The Demoman is a very important class. As the Demoman, your main job is to kill uber medics which must all be taken out in a single detonation. It is also the Demoman's job to help destroy the tank. After that simply to do as much damage as possible. You should always upgrade and be using the sticky launcher.


Primary: Stock, Loch-n-Load, Booties/Bootlegger, Loose Cannon.
I prefer the Bootlegger since you should not be using the primary weapon unless you are out of ammo with the sticky.

Secondary: Stock, Scottish Resistance.
User's preference.
I use the Scottish Resistance for Mannhattan and Stock for Rottenberg. It seems to me that Rottenberg is a little too fast paced for the slower arm time of the Scottish Resistance.

Melee: Stock, Pan.
Anything that doesn't give a negative bonus like the Eyelander.

First Wave: Upgrade reload speed and firing speed as much as possible.

Later waves: Once those are maxxed out (you can probably get away with 1 point of damage before getting full firing speed) get full damage upgrades. Once you have that you can get health on kill (two points maximum) and ammo capacity, one point should be good, maybe two. It is okay to get resistances with spare credits, usually crit resistance. Crit canteens are always helpful in the last few waves.

Ending upgrades for the Sticky Launcher.

Ending upgrades for the Scottish Resistance.

-If you're not setting up stickies for robots that are about to drop down. You should be shooting and detonating at the same time! Do not shoot all 8 stickies and then detonate. Mash those mouse buttons! The only exception is for uber medics.
- Pre-wave crit stickies are overrated. They are nice to have, but if there is no medic don't waste crit canteens.

- With full damage upgrades and mostly crit stickies, the Scottish Resistance can destroy any non -boss giant robot.

-Using the Scottish Resistance.

-Using the Stock Sticky Launcher.
The Heavy
The Heavy does well with crowd control and excels at taking down giants. As the Heavy, you are focused on robots and not the tank as heavies do about 75% less damage to tanks than normal. If the engineer is away or in a different spot, you may need to body block giant scouts.


Primary: Stock, Brass Beast.
Never use: Tomislav, Natascha.
Even with the new 20% less damage when using the Brass Beast I would recommend the Stock Minigun for inexperienced players, especailly in the early waves. Crits will still insta-kill you without any restances.

Secondary: Sandvich.
The medic always appreciates the health.

Melee: Gloves of Running Urgently.
Gets you where you are needed faster.

First Wave:
Firing speed and (if possible) either one health on kill or resistances.

Later Waves:
Firing speed should be maxed by the start of the third wave. You shouldn't need more than 2 points of health on kill and only upgrade ammo capacity once you are noticing the need for it. Get 1 point of projectile penetration in wave 3 or 4 and get 1 point of destroy projectiles when you see a wave with a lot of Soldiers/Demomen.

I typically end a mission with these upgrades. One more point in Projectile Penetration or Destroy Projectiles can be useful as well.


- Get close! You do more damage as a Heavy when you are right up next the an enemy.
- When enemies are marked for death or Jarated or you have a Buff Banner on you, you will not have the normal decrease in damage when you are far away from enemies.
- Throw a sandvich to your medic or any teammate in need.
- Only follow a tank if your team only has one of Demo/Soldier and no Pyro. Heavies do 75% less damage to tanks than normal.
-The Heavy can tank a lot of damage, but not forever. Get out of the line of fire before you die.
- When deflecting rockets from giants, crouch and aim for the legs/feet for the best deflection rate.

Body Blocking Spots:

The Sentry Blocking Spots for the Engineer will also work for the Heavy.



The Engineer
The Engineer plays a vital role in Mann vs. Machine. As the Engineer you must keep your team stocked with ammo at all times, teleport them to the front line, and deal damage. The sentry busters are always coming and you need to move them away from your team before they explode.


Primary: Rescue Ranger, Frontier Justice.
The Rescue Ranger allows you to heal and grab your buildings from a distance. I have been able to save many of my buildings using it.

Secondary: Wrangler, Short Circuit.
You can hold your own against giants for a short time and stop your sentry from popping medic with the Wrangler.

Melee: Stock, Jag.
Never use: Gunslinger, Eureka Effect.
You shouldn't have to be doing much fighting directly with the wrench and therefore the Jag, with its +30% building speed, is better.


First Wave:
Full dispenser range first, always! Then work on Building Health, Wrench Speed, and Metal Capacity at your own preference. Rebuild Canteen(s) if possible.

Later Waves:
Keep upgrading Building Health, Wrench Speed, and Metal Capacity (and a few resistances if you prefer). Then comes sentry firing speed and resistances. You should always have at least one Rebuild Canteen at all times if possible so save credits for them.
Once you are comfortable with those upgrades you might want to upgrade the firing and reload speeds for the rescue ranger, I've found that they can be extremely useful!

Ending upgrades.

- Your dispenser is the most important building, so keep it as the highest priority.
- The mini sentry and two way teleporter upgrades are wastes, don't get them unless you have extra credits to spare at the end of the mission.
- Always be listening for sentry busters and be sure to explode them away from your teammates.
- Be careful not set off uber medics with your sentry gun.
- Move your sentry around! Robots can come from multiple paths.
- Pick up your sentry when you're done using the wrangler and set it back down. You won't have to wait for it to revert back to auto-targeting.
- A sentry buster will spawn for each engineer on the team. More engineers = more sentry busters.
- Sentry busters will spawn when a sentry has done a certain amount of damage.
- If your sentry is destroyed while a sentry buster is on it's way, it will still explode where your sentry died, even if you have a new sentry built.
- Keep your sentry where it can auto-target when possible. Don't let it sit around doing nothing.

Getting rid of sentry busters safely:

1 - Pick-up your sentry. (The Rescue Ranger can be helpful with this).
2 - Move to a safe location, where no one will be hurt by the buster's explosion.
3 - Let the buster stop and touch you.
4 - Move away as fast as you can.

Sentry Spots:
These spots are the most common spots to place a sentry and are only a suggestion.



Dispencer Spots:



Sentry Blocking:



The Medic
The Medic is the protector of the group and tries to keep everyone alive. Apart from healing, the Medic is responsible for shielding the group from large hoards of robots and giants.


Primary: Crossbow, Overdose, Blutsauger.
User's preference.

Secondary: Kritzkreig, Vaccinator, Quick-Fix.
The Kritzkrieg is almost always used, for obvious reasons. The Vaccinator can be used for fast revives, which is very useful when on a mission with few giants or no Demoman.

Melee: Ubersaw.
Nothing beats the 25% ubercharge on hit.


Always get full shield before anything else! After that its healing mastery and overheal expert. I would recommend upgrading healing mastery at least 2-3 points before you start to upgrade overheal. Then you can get resistances. You may want to get a few resistances before fully upgrading healing and overheal depending on the map. Then upgrade ubercharge rate and duration.

Ending upgrades.

Canteen specialist is up to the user. It's not necessary, but it can be a life saver at times.


-Do not heal only one person. As Medic you are responsible for the whole team. Try to keep everyone overhealled when possible.
- Your shield will only recharge while you are healing someone that is not overhealed.
-Reviving while using the ubercharge is much faster than normal. This is very useful for reviving multiple teammates.
-Look for sentry busters. You can use your ubersaw on them for a fast ubercharge. Sometimes the scout will milk the sentry buster so that you can build ubercharge faster.
- Always krits the Demoman for krits stickies before the wave starts if you're using the kritzkrieg.
- Make sure to accept your canteen specialist upgrades and then buy canteens. They will be cheaper.
- Do NOT sacrifice yourself to try and revive someone who has died. If you can't safely revive them, they can wait to respawn. It's their own fault for dying after all.
- A heavy with full firing speed upgrades is almost always the best option to krits on boss giants.
- When attacking boss giants, you can use an uber canteen on the heavy or demo and then use your ubersaw on it to build full krits. Repeat until the giant is destroyed.
- Avoid uneven surfaces, like stairs, when using the shield. Rockets and pipes often find a way around it.
- Mainly on Mannhattan: If you have a very experienced Demoman, he should be the one getting most of the krits charges.
The Sniper
The Sniper can take the place of the Demoman. This means that your main job is killing uber medics. After the medics are dead your only duty is to deal damage. If you are not good at headshots do not play sniper!


Primary: Hitman's Heatmaker, Machina.
The Heatmaker, with its special focus, is great for giants. -20% Damage on bodyshots? Don't bodyshot.

Secondary: Jarate, Cozy Camper.
User's preference.

Melee: Stock, Bushwaka.


First Wave:
The first upgrades should be as many points in Explosive Headshots as possible, at least 2.

Later Waves:
I would recommend upgrading in the following order: Reload Speed, Damage, and then some Ammo Capacity and Hp on Kill when you need it. Since you will be at a distance from most robots, few resistances should be needed. Charge Speed can be upgraded with extra credits.

Ending upgrades.

Give or take some Health on Kill and Ammo Capacity upgrades depending on your money.


- When killing uber Medics headshot the giant they are healing rather than trying to headshot the medics directly.
- On Mannhattan, the Jump Height upgrade can be useful to allow you to jump on top of crates to avoid Spies.
- You can't always kill the medics on the first headshot on the first wave, since you're low on upgrades. Jarate the medics first and then try and take them out.
The Spy

The Spy can be played as a damage class or a credit gatherer. It is rather difficult to get the hang of and I would not recommend playing Spy until you have a good grasp of all the classes and maps. I would also recommend having a trusted team, since getting pushed back can mean losing money. Starting as scout and switching to Spy mid game might be beneficial as well. Switching to Spy for a single wave with giant medics is a strategy as well, since he can usually take them out without popping them.

Thanks to Garbonzo for some tips and the screenshots here.


Primary: Any.
You shouldn't ever have to use the primary gun.

Sapper: Stock
All sappers have the same effect in MvM.

Watch: Dead Ringer.
No exceptions.

Melee: Stock, Kunai, Big Earner.
Any of these work, but the Kunai, with it's health deduction, is not recommended for the money Spy.

The Money Spy

First and second wave: Just like the Scout you'll want to upgrade your movement speed and jump height first. Then resistances with what is left.
Garbonzo chose some health regen as well.

Later waves: Keep upgrading some resistances, maxed is not necessary, and then move on to your knife upgrades, speed, health on kill, and armor penetration. Remember that your job is collect the credits. If you get carried away with fighting you're likely to die and then miss credits.

The Damage Spy
First wave IF you are the uber medic picker: Sapper Power, since you'll be taking out the medics.
First wave for damage: Attack Speed/ Armor Penetration. This is particularly good for taking out giant medics.

Later waves: Knife speed, Health on Kill, and Armor penetration. You will still may want to get resistances, primarily crit resistances, since crit soldiers can still kill you when you have your Dead Ringer activated.


- Ammo refill canteens refill your Sapper's charge instantly.
- Destroying a robot building refills your sapper.
- Depending on your knife speed, you will have 1-3 stabs before a gaint robot will turn around.
- Make sure one of your teammates has aggro before stabbing, or else you'll only get 1 stab.
- Make sure you have your Dead Ringer ready when you're not stabbing or sapping.
- Focus on giants, especially the medics, and leave the crowd control to the other classes.
- It may be a good idea to have another money collecting class such as the sniper or pyro a long with the money Spy.
General Tips
-Practice in Boot Camp before Manning Up! Don't jump right in without a clue. This is the main reason people with a low amount of tours get kicked. I would recommend practicing with friends if possible. When in Boot Camp it is important not to expect to win, you are only there to practice.

- Play with friends! Get a team or group of people to play with so you don't have the frustration from pubs bringing you down.
- Communicate! It always helps to call out credit positions, where help is needed, etc.
- Buybacks are a waste. You should only ever buyback after dying on the last wave of a mission or to save the bomb.
-Take advice from more experienced players. Ignoring or refusing it can get you kicked.
- If you kill a robot in an odd place or off the normal path, pick up the credits that are dropped!
- Do not pop uber medics unless the Demoman/Sniper is dead. Popping them is also a good way to get kicked.
- The "soldier slot" in the group can be filled with just about any other class, don't freak out because you have no soldier.
- Sentry and Heavy blocking spots are interchangeable.
- Robots with yellow heads/hats will only capture control points, and not carry the bomb.
- Never split upgrades between two weapons if you are a damage based class.
- If you have a medic that is not doing his job well or properly (or no medic at all) you may need to change your upgrades to include at least one point of health on kill early on in your upgrades.

Meta Need Not Apply
There is no right team setup, anything can work.

Important Map Notes
Empire Escalation

Wave 2: 3 Giant Huntsmans each with a medic spawn at top at the very start of the wave. The Demoman should plant his krit stickys there at the start of the wave.

Wave 6: Each of the 11 giant heavies that spawn during the wave will heal when they kill a member of your team.

Metro Malice

After wave 1 there are no uber medics.

Wave 5: This is generally considered the hardest wave of the mission. If you keep the robots from capping A you shouldn't have much trouble.

Hamlet Hostility

Wave 7: 3 Tanks spawn. Changing to Pyro is recommended, though you have to be a very "special" team to fail this wave. This is the only wave where fire resistance would be useful.

Bavarian Botbash

There are no uber medics until the very last wave, making a team without a Demoman or sniper very do-able. Experienced teams will often have 3 to 5 soldiers.

Wave 3: This wave will be very difficult if the two giant medics are not destroyed before they uber. It is a very good idea to either get krit canteens or make sure the medic has a krits ready when the time comes.
What should I do when...?
When the Medic picker can't properly kill uber Medics?
The next best class to kill uber medics is the soldier, especially if they have crits. This will not be very effective in the early waves but will become better as more upgrades are obtained.
If that isn't possible, pop the medics and wait for the uber to end.

When the tank is near the hatch?
If the tank still has a significant amount of health, everyone should fall back and focus on the tank. The Scout should only do this when all the credits have been collected.

When a giant Scout gets past the front line?
Only a couple of the team members need to fall back to take care of it. Slower classes like the Heavy, Medic, and Engineer should stay at the front line. If help is near the Scout only needs to milk and mark, then get back to collecting credits.

When the tank first appears?
It's okay to shoot the tank if you're class isn't the designated tank destroyer when the tank enters the map if and only if you have nothing else to take care of. If you're the Scout, Heavy, Medic, Spy, Sniper (non-Bushwaka), or Engineer you should get back to killing robots once they appear. There can be exceptions if your team chooses, but make sure it is clear with everyone.

When a giant Medic and a patient spawn in?
Always destroy the Medic first and as fast as possible. All giant Medics have the Quick-Fix and will eventually have an uber charge that will make life very difficult for your team.
Power-Up Canteens
Teleport to Spawn - Useless. It's not recommended to ever buy these.

Ammo Refill - You should never need these with a dispenser around. It's not recommended to ever buy these.

Ubercharge Canteens - Become ubercharged for 5 seconds. These are very useful when fighting giant crit robots.

Critical Hit Canteen - Grants 100% critical hit for 5 seconds. Also useful for fighting giants and tanks.

Building Upgrades - These are for the Engineer only. A single use will build every building you have set down to level 3. It is recommended to place all buildings down before using, if possible.
To Kick Or Not To Kick?
Kicking a player isn't always the right thing to do, but sometimes it's necessary if they're bringing the team down.

You might want to consider kicking a player if:
- They refuse or won't respond when asked to switch to a needed class. This is a team game.
- They refuse or won't respond when asked to change poor upgrades or weapons when recommended otherwise, e.g. a scout upgrading the scattergun.
- They simply aren't doing their job to the point that you're dying constantly, losing credits, or losing waves, even after trying to help them.
- They are simply being rude or a troll. I can't stand playing with a person who is constantly rude.

Bad reasons to kick a player:
- They have a low tour count.
- The Scout missing some money, within reason. If the team gets pushed back you can't blame that on the scout.

Tour count doesn't mean everything.

The Demoman and Heavy here both have 50+ tours, yet they lack in damage. The Engineer shouldn't come that close to their damages and the Scout (Sniper on the last wave) shouldn't even come close to their scores. There is a problem here.
Helpful Links
You can find the order in which the robots arrive in each wave here,
Botbash .

You can find an add-on that will help you see money Here []. This currently does not work anymore.

Another Guide that I would recommend.

A site that will let you see which missions your friends need can be found HERE []
The site was created by ACTION JESUS

You can find very helpful video guides for Two Cities HERE . All credit goes to TheMacco26 for the videos.
8/22/2014 - Added Medic notes.
9/5/2014 - Engineer dispencer spot for Mannhattan.
10/12/2014 - Added Engineer note. Added Medic note. Modified Scout upgrades for wave 1.
10/14/2014 - Added engineer notes, and sentry buster guide.
10/15/2014 - Added Power-up Canteens.
10/19/2014 - Added Spy upgrades and notes.
10/21/2014 - Added weapons not to use on certain classes.
11/20/2014 - Added some ending upgrades screenshots.
11/22/2014 - Added To Kick Or Not To Kick
11/25/2014 - Added MvMLobby link. Added Engineer notes.
12/16/2014 - Fixed and added some Scout and Medic notes.
12/26/2014 - Added The Upgrade Station.
2/14/2015 - Added What should I do when...?
2/18/2015 - Edited and added to the Soldier's part.
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IMPORTANT: some people are experienced and can have low tours because you can delete your MvM badge to reset it.
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