Solasta: Crown of the Magister

Solasta: Crown of the Magister

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How to Download and Play Your First Custom Adventure in 2 Minutes
By Vincto
This is a quick guide to playing your first custom adventure in Solasta.

In 2 minutes you will select the adventure from the Steam Workshop, then start a New Adventure with it.
Downloading An Adventure (1 minute)
In this guide you will be downloading the most popular dungeon adventure for Solasta in the Steam Workshop.

It is a rich-story adventure with encounters that can challenge the mettle of a group of new level one adventurers. If they survive, your party will be level four by the end.

Click this link and then the big green SUBSCRIBE button.
Congratulations! Step One Completed!
Starting Your Adventure (1 minute)
Restart Solasta then click DUNGEON MAKER to begin.

You will be shown a list of any custom dungeons you have downloaded, or that have been provided by the developers.

Look for TOMB OF HEROES, click it then click PLAY.

You can now select each of the four characters that will make up your party by clicking SELECT for each slot and choosing a character.

This is a level one adventure, so the game will only show you characters that you have at that level. You can use pregenerated (well built and rounded characters), or you can make your own. Solasta is all about experimentation so don't be afraid to dive in.

You couldn't go wrong if you take the Paladin, Cleric, Wizard and Rogue in my opinion.

When you are happy with your party selection, click START GAME.

Congratulations! Enjoy your first adventure!

If you would like more information on making your own characters, this guide is excellent.
If you prefer your guides to have plenty of sauce, and for the sauce to be spicy, this guide is unparalleled.
Endless Adventures: Where to go next
So you're already back for more? I thought you would be :)

There are hundreds of hours of amazing adventures in Solasta, produced by incredibly talented content creators. Your first adventure was a single module, but larger adventures usually have multiple connected modules. Collections is how the Workshop organises multiple modules that need to be downloaded together. The quickest way view all of these these is to look at Collections in the Steam Workshop. Click Browse > Collections to get there.

The Solasta Dungeons wiki also collects and organises adventures and campaigns of linked adventures. You can take your party of heroes from 1-10 in entirely fresh stories and adventures. Mix and match your favourite adventure modules and create your own personalised campaigns.

*Can I use my characters from the Crown of the Magister in custom adventures?

Short answer, no.

Longer answer, the custom adventures and campaigns are created for you to take new parties, different class combinations, crazy and fun ideas through a new adventure. The Crown campaign leaves your characters at max level, which is pretty much the end of the game for them.

You can however take your new party of level four adventurers back to the Workshop to find your next dungeon, mystery, or heart-stopping brutally challenging encounter.

*The dungeon I downloaded is not appearing in my list?

You probably had Solasta running when you Subscribed. Restart Solasta and it will be there.