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Rah's Vanilla Turrets Expansion
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Aug 24, 2021 @ 12:07am
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Rah's Vanilla Turrets Expansion

Rah's Vanilla Turrets Expansion

A small vanilla friendly mod that adds 9 unique turret variations, ready to defend your colony from merciless raids and attacks. Raids in Rimworld 1.3 have become quite difficult to deal with due to increased breaching and sapper tools/tactics. This mod tackles that problem head on with strong new turrets for the mid and late game.

RVTE is a direct rebalance project and ‘successor’ to the old classic 'More Vanilla Turrets' mod. This version has been rebalanced to make the gameplay experience more in tune with the vanilla game. Major changes include build materials and rearming costs, more realistic rearming materials, tweaking of stats, an all new powerful armor-piercing cannon for difficult mech raids, and more.

Main features:

- Features 8 turrets and 1 special mortar weapon. Some turrets have both automatic and manned versions, giving a total turret number of 14.
- Significant rebalancing of material and rearming costs for better gameplay value. Players can no longer spam turrets with endless ammo, thus making the game more challenging and fun.
- No more 5 steel to rearm a powerful sniper turret, or infinite ammo super mortars.
- Turrets are strong and capable, but they need to be managed wisely due to vanilla-like rearming costs.
- Charge cannon added with v2.1. High precision, and deadly armor piercing turret. Expensive to build and maintain. (New RVTE turret !)
- Many of the standard gun turrets take approx 100 steel to rearm, or more.
- Rocket complex takes high-explosive shells; 5 for 10 rockets.
- Precision turret accuracy fixed. It’s now a lethal sniper platform in the right hands.
- Blast turrets take frag grenades instead of steel. 4 frags for 40 rounds.
- Devastator mortar takes plasma power cells for rearming the plasma reactor. 1 cell for 20 rounds. Made at the Fabrication bench.
- Manned turrets cost the same as automatic turrets. They still have more range and accuracy, but the operator is more exposed with around 40% cover on most turrets.
- Research nodes sorted.
- Better descriptions.
- Removed moat floor due to balance.
- Continued tweaking and balance work.
- Combat Extended compatible !
- To get you in the mood ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRAlWtadQRc


Gun complex

A perimeter mounted gun designed to work without power. Simple and reliable as long as someone is manning it. Gives good cover, and it never explodes.

Style: Continuous fire
Barrel: 150 rounds
Range: 32
Rearm: Steel

Rocket complex

An older class of rocket weapon that requires manual control and reload. Fortunately, with the help of decent optics and a deadly blast radius its presence is still dreaded on the front lines. Makes efficient use of high-explosive shells. Gives good cover.

Style: Slow continuous fire
Barrel: 10 rockets
Range: 55
Rearm: High-explosive shells (5)

Sentry gun

A more powerful variant of an automated turret. Longer dual barrels provide increased accuracy, and greater burst. A staple weapons platform in any large colony.

Style: Burst fire (3)
Barrel: 150 rounds
Range: 30 auto, 38 manned
Rearm: Steel

Shredder turret

Shredder turret is designed for close range. It doesn't explode when destroyed, thus making it a perfect choice for indoor defense. The only downside is its rather large size.

Style: Burst fire (5)
Barrel: 80 rounds
Range: 20 auto, 25 manned
Rearm: Steel

Precision turret

A highly calibrated gun turret with high armor penetration. Advanced optics allows it to deliver precise single shots at long distances.

Style: Slow continuous fire
Barrel: 40 rounds
Range: 50 auto, 55 manned
Rearm: Steel

Blast turret

Blast turret is designed for close range area damage, and it does so by launching a burst of 3 frag grenades at a time. Beware of friendly fire.

Style: Burst fire (3)
Barrel: 40 grenades
Range: 20 auto, 25 manned
Rearm: Frag grenades (4)

Vulcan cannon

Fortified minigun tower that fires hundreds of rounds continuously until ammo depletion. A rare sight to behold, the vulcan cannon can usually only be found in wealthy urbworld settlements.

Style: Continuous fire
Barrel: 800 rounds
Range: 46 auto, 48 manned
Rearm: Steel

Charge cannon

A heavy pulse charged rail-assisted weapon turret. It fires high precision armor-piercing projectiles every second continuously until the barrel breaks down. Meant for heavily armored targets. It requires a large amount of plasteel to restore.

Style: Continuous fire
Barrel: 40 rounds
Range: 50
Rearm: Plasteel (80)

Devastator mortar

A magnetic mortar weapon that launches plasma projectiles with great velocity and accuracy. It also has a large blast radius thanks to its burst of five shells. Comes with an integrated plasma reactor that fuses EMP and explosive shells into reactive plasma projectiles. -- Requires the plasma power cell to function.

Style: Mortar burst fire (5)
Barrel: 20 plasma rounds
Range: 500
Rearm: Plasma power cell (1)


- Rah's Bionics and Surgery Expansion: My bionics and surgery mod.
- Forum: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=55372.0

If you have any suggestions or find something wrong, feel free to let me know !

Credit goes to Marn for his original mod and turrets, and legodude17 for the 1.1 update.

Steam locks all mods in the workshop to 4 stars until around 200 ratings have been accumulated. So if you like this mod, don't hesitate to give it a thumbs up !

Enjoy <3
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Rah  [author] Aug 5 @ 1:08am 
The requirements are similar to the vanilla game. The turrets are not meant to replace the colonists, but rather help them out in sticky situations. Think of them more as support structures, and not the main defense.
=LW= Chaotic_Knightmare Aug 4 @ 10:15pm 
any chance on a version with less ammo requirements, the idea is great but the cost of the turrets and ammo outweighs their usefulness. just my opinion, don't hate me lol
constantin Jul 7 @ 7:15pm 
It does appear to come from CE, thanks!
Rah  [author] Jul 7 @ 7:16am 
Hi, it might be because of CE balance. Have you tested without it?
constantin Jul 6 @ 10:10pm 
Is the Devastator supposed to shoot 5 shells at a time? That's what I tought from the description but I can only load one power cell at a time and it only shoot one projectile before I need to reload, am I missing something? I use combat extended but I think it's supposed to be compatible. Superb mod though.
Rah  [author] May 23 @ 1:07pm 
@ZX zero, I haven't tested that, but I would guess no.
ZX Zero May 22 @ 7:06am 
Works with new [XND] Turret Extensions (Continued)?
Rah  [author] Apr 27 @ 2:54am 
Penguin Apr 26 @ 8:46pm 
Thank you Rah, still used the MVT mod and it was being buggy
Rah  [author] Mar 27 @ 3:03pm 
You mean you don't see it in the mod list, or you don't see it ingame?