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Tavern Games Vol.2 - Gone Fishing!
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Tavern Games Vol.2 - Gone Fishing!

Tired of your sister-wife’s constant nagging? Are the members of your bork annoying as hell?

Well come on down to the ol’ fishing hole! Fishes won’t judge you, but your people might.

1. Download the mod
2. Go to decisions
3. Go Fishing!
1a. if you are stacking the Drink up mod ensure you include the barbershop mod!
1b. Ensure the load order is Fullscreen Barbershop , Drink UP, Gone Fishing. With Gone fishing at the end of the mod list.

Gone fishing requires no additional mod. Though because I added a fishing rod, some mods that add prop assets may not work correctly. So load at the bottom.

Game Rules / Instructions
a. Cast your line via the Cast button.
b. Wait for a fish.
c. Once you got a fish on your line reel it in via the REEL Button or the Space Bar!

Get your bar at the same level as the red marker to gain points toward your catch!
The bar on the right is your catch strength, once it fills all the way up the fish is caught, if it dips below the bottom you lost that fish. (like stardew valley)

There’s more fish in the sea… 16 to be exact.
Catch all 16 fish within your lifetime and become a Legendary Fishermen!

Update :
8/26 - Fixed exit mid cast error.
9/2 - patch work
9/3 - Added a new fish! Hornicorn after a bug finder!
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Freeasabird🕊 Nov 25 @ 10:22am 
Hm, Neat.
Jiub Nov 22 @ 2:07pm 
I am a big fan of your mods. Are you excited for "Royal Court" DLC?
Castox  [author] Nov 17 @ 7:26pm 
Thanks for all the support folks, ill try to add some new stuff in this weekend.
Grimm Nov 17 @ 10:10am 
Better than Skyrim Anniversary Edition's fishing mode.
Grand Admiral Nov 14 @ 4:17pm 
Damn I thought stardew valley was hard damn.
ronstantinus Nov 7 @ 3:57pm 
I just want to fish for God's sake
wincentweynard Oct 24 @ 12:55am 
Can i give one of this fishes to my rival as a "present" ?
Tree Oct 13 @ 5:45am 
> Hey guys if you catch them all please let me know how long it took you.
Hey there. Took me somewhere between 45 minutes and an hour to get everything, on this character alone. I fished a bit on previous ones but I wasn't trying to get them all.
Nice trait but I'm not sure I'd do that on every character. Maybe I would it if you'd get the trait when catching all the rarer fish, minus one or two. It took me about twenty minutes to get just the last one.

Also I'd get this error for a while:
Not sure it isn't a mod or something, though, and I think I used not to get it until I caught the Pink Salmon? Maybe it's to do with the scrolling. It went away when I caught the last fish.
Roprimaso Oct 11 @ 1:22pm 
Sry this type of mini game is boring for me but the idea is very good.
I never thought I could fish in ck3. :steamthumbsup:
Good luck with the next's mods.