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FULL PAYDAY 2 Achievement Guide
By Underdrill and 3 collaborators
Welcome to the Full Achievement Guide for PAYDAY 2! This guide will explain how to do every single achievement in the game. It will be updated throughout the entire lifetime of PAYDAY 2.
Since the changelogs were becoming too large to include on the guide, they will be found here instead:
Hello Heisters and welcome to the only complete PAYDAY 2 achievement guide out there!

This has been a massive project worked on from early 2014 all the way to the present day, mainly by me (Underdrill) and Pyrew. We hope that our efforts serve to help you in your journey to 100% completion for the game.

Any new achievements added will be covered within the first couple weeks of their release depending on what they are. Any of the in game trophies and one down achievements are covered in separate guides.

If you have any feedback regarding our work, please let us know and we will do what we can to improve it. There will always be some things that we miss but if we are aware of them, they will eventually be dealt with.

That's it from me! Look to the sections on the right for what you are looking to complete and start hunting!
This section is here to address questions that I've seen asked by lots of people.

Q: What mods do you use?
A: None. We used to use Hoxhud and Underdrill used to use Hoxhud + Pocohud but in the end we decided to go Vanilla.

Q: Could you please add the achievement descriptions under the achievements so we don't have to constantly switch between the guide and the achievement list?
A: There is a text limit and we have to follow that. The guide would be a lot longer with many more sections if we decided to implement this. However, there is a way to make it easy to find what you want. Use the shortcut 'CTRL+F' and type the name of the achievement you are looking for and the page will automatically scroll you down to it.
Base Game Achievements - Introduction
Hello and welcome to the section of this guide that shows you how to do all of the Base/Vanilla Game Achievements.

The Base Game Achievements are the 43 achievements that were added at the games release before any of the updates, all of which are accessible to complete regardless to if you own any DLC or not.

This section will be split into five parts:

- Safehouse
These are all of the achievements you can earn within the first five minutes of walking into the safehouse. Or otherwise if you're one of those people who are too good for tutorials, these achievements can be earned within the first heist you choose to play.

- Progression
These achievements can be earned overtime whilst playing the game or can simply be achieved through simple tasks such as modifying a weapon. These often require the player earn money or spend skills in a specific way in order to unlock them.

- Leveling
These achievements can be earned by leveling up and no other way. Some heists reward different amount of experience and there are also methods of earning bonus experience.

- Heist
These achievements can be earned through base game heists available to the player freely. Some require you to do specific tasks such as completing a heist in a short amount of time or play a heist in a specific way.

There are three different sections to the Heist section:

This is all down to the random number generator, meaning it's all down to whether the game generates the appropriate settings so the achievement is unlockable.

- Non-RNG
Purely down to the player's abilities to unlock the achievements no matter what the conditions of the heists are.

- Misc
These are the achievements that can be easily obtained by doing ridiculous tasks from ruining a day or throwing away some of your own loot.

- Escape
These achievements can be earned only through escapes available to you when you're stopped at the last moment of completing a heist because the police refuse to leave you alone. These achievements would require you to complete the escape in a specific way from avoiding specific enemies or refusing entry to the law enforcers in a specific area.
Base Game Achievements - Safehouse
Words cannot express how easy these achievements are. Let's take a trip to the safe house.

No One Cared Who I Was
Upon starting the game you should be prompted with a message asking if you want to go to the safehouse, select 'yes'. Eventually as you progress through the tutorial, you will be asked to put on your mask. Go on ahead and do so.

Default key for keyboard users is 'G' to put on the mask.

Tip The Scales
Continue following instructions until you're asked to put money on the scales of the Lady Justice Statue. This will open up the basement and reward you with the second achievement.

Default key for keyboard users is 'F' to interact with objects, I shouldn't need to put this.

No Turning Back
Once you're done following the instructions and finished admiring the safehouse, a laptop will be available to you. Use it and proceed to exit out of the safehouse.

You will be taken to a 'Success' screen and asked to select a card, you should have the achievement right around this point.
Base Game Achievements - Progression
Here are the achievements you should be getting as you progress through the game.

How Do You Like Me Now?
If you followed through the tutorial, you should now be 'Level 1', congratulations! All of the armor available in the game unlocks at different levels. (The final piece requiring the enforcer skill 'Iron Man Aced' in the tank subtree.)

All you need to do is unlock any piece of armor, the first set will be unlocked after reaching 'Level 2', take a trip to a heist (Jewelry Store on Normal Difficulty recommended for new players), a successful heist is likely to be a guaranteed level up.

Would you like your Receipt?
The cheapest weapons available to you are a majority of pistols and community weapons as they go for $34,400 each. Purchasing one of these will unlock the achievement for you, even a weapon you already have.

Successfully stealing all of the possible loot on a single Jewelry Store run (Normal difficulty) rewards you with at least $35,000, that's enough to purchase any of the cheapest available weapons.

Armed to the Teeth
If you're lucky enough, you may have already received a weapon modification in the safehouse tutorial, otherwise, you'll just have to keep completing heists until you've gotten ahold of one. But don't worry, they seem to be pretty common!

Depending on which modification you receive, they all vary in price, take a trip to the Jewelry Store for both fast money and fast card drops, you should get it in no time.

Spend Money to Make Money
This achievement comes naturally when you buy more weapons and modifications, this also includes masks and whatever else you can spend money on. The objective of this achievement is to spend $1,000,000, look at the achievement below for help.

You won't need any modifications to get this achievement, you'll find yourself unlocking it after purchasing a few weapons.

Going Places
Once again, this achievement comes naturally, though depending on your level, there are a couple of ways to get rich quick if you're desperate for either the achievement or just some money to spend.

- GO Bank on Very Hard or Overkill difficulty: The payout is impressive, even more impressive if you leave with additional bags, it's just a matter of stealthing it or staying alive to the end.

- Rats on Hard difficulty or above: Whilst some would abuse the ♥♥♥♥ out of this heist for the sake of experience, it's very good for money making if you stay around to cook the meth. (That's if you plan on stealing it all back the next day)

Be sure to steal the intel if you want a little cash on the third day, too!

Masked Villain
Be sure to have a little set of spending cash to the side and an available customization for a mask... Oh, and a mask. You do NOT need all three customizations (Material, Colour, Pattern), one is enough to get the achievement.

If you're do not have a mask or a colour/material/pattern, take a few trips to Jewelry Store on normal difficulty for quick and easy cards until you've finally got one. The money earned during the Jewelry Store runs will likely be enough to afford the customization on the mask.

Fully Loaded
Weapon Collector

As you level up, more weapons will be available to you to purchase, even more if you have DLC or you have access to the community weapons.

If you're need this achievement immediately for whatever given reason, most of the community weapons and pistols are the cheapest to purchase ($34,400 each), having more than one of the same weapon still counts.

Man of Iron
In order to unlock this achievement, you MUST be at least 'Level 28'. (28 Skill points) This can be unlocked quicker if you have up to infamy level 5 since the assassin, slaughterhouse, ingenious and corrupted sets give you 1 additional skill point (Earliest possible is Level 24).
Spend all of your available points into the tank subtree in enforcer appropriately so you have 12 remaining points and the final tier unlocked. Purchase the 'Iron Man Aced' skill and equip your newly unlocked armor in your inventory.

I'm a Healer-Tank-Damage-Dealer
In order to unlock this achievement, you MUST be at least 'Level 50'. (50 Skill points). This can be completed at Level 46 if the class specific infamy sets have been unlocked. Place 10 points within all of the skill trees. It does not matter which subtree they are placed in.
Base Game Achievements - Leveling
As you progress, things will seem easier and easier as you go.

You Gotta Start Somewhere
All of these achievements can be earned even quicker with a friend who has much more experience at the game, though here's a guide if you're all equally leveled or you enjoy the torture which is the bots.

Here are some heists you should consider playing as they're easier to complete until you're ready to take harder challenges. Escapes are an added bonus, they give you more experience!

Recommended heists:

- Bain: Jewelry Store (NORMAL)
- Vlad: Four Stores (NORMAL)

Recommended DLC heists:


Guilty of Crime
Now you're 'Level 5', it's time to try something a little harder whilst not going too far ahead of yourself, with a couple of new weapons and purchased skills, you should consider the following below.

At this point, there's also no harm in attempting to stealth Jewelry Store, stealth bonuses are helpful for leveling up, too.

Recommended heists:

- Bain: Jewelry Store (NORMAL)
- Bain: Diamond Store (NORMAL)
- Vlad: Four Stores (NORMAL)
- Vlad: Nightclub (NORMAL)

Recommended DLC heists:


Smooth Criminal
'Level 10' opens up more skilling opportunities and weapons, invest them to benefit your play style and however they help you get through heists. Attempt the achievements in no given order, but as you reach closer to 'Level 25', consider harder difficulties.

Recommended heists:

- Bain: Jewelry Store (HARD)
- Bain: Diamond Store (NORMAL)
- Bain: Bank Heist (NORMAL)
- Vlad: Four Stores (NORMAL/HARD)
- Vlad: Nightclub (NORMAL)
- Vlad: Mallcrasher (NORMAL/HARD)
- Vlad: Ukrainian Job (HARD)

Recommended DLC heists:

- Bain: Transport (Any) (NORMAL)

Armed and Dangerous
Feeling stronger? That's nice, but you've still got a little way to go yet. Same routine, get ahold of more skills and modify your weapons if you must, at this stage you'll no longer find any use for playing on normal difficulty the closer you are to 'Level 50'.

Take a look at your perk decks if you haven't yet, if you invest enough into any perk deck, you'll earn even more experience!

Recommended heists:

- Bain: Diamond Store (HARD/VERY HARD)
- Vlad: Nightclub (HARD/VERY HARD)
- Vlad: Ukrainian Job (HARD/VERY HARD)
- Hector: Watchdogs (HARD)
- Hector: Firestarter (HARD)

Recommended DLC heists:

- Bain: Transport (Any) (HARD/VERY HARD)

Career Criminal
You're moving up in difficulties now as you progress closer to 'Level 75', Normal is now officially obsolete and you barely find a use for the Hard difficulty now.

Recommended heists:

- Hector: Watchdogs (VERY HARD)
- Hector: Rats (VERY HARD)
- Hector: Firestarter (VERY HARD)
- Elephant: Election Day (VERY HARD)
- Elephant: Framing Frame (HARD/VERY HARD)
- Elephant: Big Oil (HARD/VERY HARD)
- Dentist: Hoxton Breakout (HARD/VERY HARD)

Recommended DLC heists:

- Dentist: Hotline Miami (HARD/VERY HARD)
- Dentist: Big Bank (HARD/VERY HARD)

Most Wanted
You're close to the end (Or what be the end until you decide to go infamous), it's time to advance into the next difficulty and make that last push to the finish. With heavily modded weapons and a well stacked skill tree at hand, you shouldn't have too much trouble.

Recommended heists:

- Hector: Watchdogs (OVERKILL)
- Hector: Rats (OVERKILL)
- Hector: Firestarter (OVERKILL)
- Elephant: Election Day (OVERKILL)
- Elephant: Framing Frame (VERY HARD/OVERKILL)
- Elephant: Big Oil (VERY HARD/OVERKILL)
- Dentist: Hoxton Breakout (VERY HARD/OVERKILL)

Recommended DLC heists:

- Dentist: Hotline Miami (VERY HARD/OVERKILL)
- Dentist: Big Bank (VERY HARD/OVERKILL)
Base Game Achievements - Heists: RNG
Here are all the achievements that all depend on whether or not the game is going to be nice enough to you to achieve them.

Yeah He's a Gold Digger
This is all down to luck as there's no telling whether or not the safes will contain a gold bar, so be ready to restart the heist if needed. Attempting this on normal gives you less hassle with the law enforcement.
Quick methods:
- Faster Lockpicking (Requires Nimble ACED in the Ghost skill tree in the Shinobi sub tree)
- Blowing open the safes (Use the Trip Mines and Shaped Charges Equipment)
- Better drilling equipment (Requires drill skills in the Technician skill tree in the Breacher sub tree)

Let's Do Th..
This achievement is only possible to complete with the 'Shaped Charge' skill in the Technician skill tree. Be prepared to blow open the safes, do not worry about setting off the alarm, the van is willing to wait longer than the time required to complete the achievement.

To get the best outcome and a faster time, do this with a friend to stand by one safe whilst you blow open the second to save yourself running back and forth between rooms. After the dialogue, hold forward and mask up whilst the heist is still fading in, the sooner you can get into the store, the better. Low armor is highly recommended, you'll need as much speed as possible.

Recommended skills:

Duck and Cover ACED - Faster speed
Parkour BASIC - More speed

This is partially down to RNG due to the possibility of the safes being titanium, meaning they're not able to be blown open and only drilled. But if you play on a lower difficulty, the less likely they'll be titanium. Be sure to attempt this achievement on the 'Hard' difficulty, you'll have to be very unlucky to get the titanium safes.
Guessing Game
There is no easy way on doing this achievement, it is ENTIRELY down on luck. There may be guides out there who claim there are ways of telling which are the correct wires, all of which have been proven to be false. You're going to be here a while with this achievement.

Important skills:
ECM Specialist ACED - You never know when cameras are overlooking the wires.
ECM Overdrive ACED - You'll need to get that security door open.
Nimble ACED - You'll need to get that alarmed door open once the wires are cut.

Be sure to attempt this on normal difficulty to give yourself less guards to worry about, if the alarm is sounded at any point of attempting this, you will be unable to get the achievement until the day is restarted.

Set yourself some rules instead of changing it up everytime if you feel it helps you find and cut the correct boxes, here are a couple examples of what rules you can set yourself:

- Cut only one box upstairs and one box downstairs.
- Cut two boxes only on the second floor.

It is essential to look EVERYWHERE before opening the security box and cutting the wire, guards can see them open from a pretty impressive distance.

Lastly don't spend too much time in the building, once you've got the server, there is a rare chance they'll inspect the open server room and can be alerted if the server is missing.
Doctor Fantastic
This achievement can be approached in either stealth or loud, whichever catches your fancy, do remember to do this at a lower difficulty if it makes you feel more comfortable. Go through the first day as usual, the assets recovered do not affect the achievement.

On the second day you'll be looking for notes scattered around the house, and a computer inside of the lab that contains a variable on the top of the screen (CAN be broken if you take the loud approach.)

Clipboard - The clipboard will contain a simple equation, these will contain the correct amount of hoses connected to the engine.

H = 1 Hose
H x 2 = 2 Hoses
H x 3 = 3 Hoses

Notepad - The notepad will have the name of a gas that matches the whiteboard inside of the lab and is also the correct colour of tube.

Nitrogen = Yellow
Deuterium = Blue
Helium = Green

Computer - This will contain the information behind the pressure of the correct engine. (Check the pressure on the tanks of the engine)

≥ 5783 = More than or equal to 400
≤ 5812 = Less than or equal to 400

The Notepad and Clipboard may not be inside of the house and can sometimes spawn downstairs, if you've taken the loud approach, there can be a chance that the law enforcement will cut the power, making it impossible to read them. You can either recover the power or come prepared with a flashlight.

Once you have found all of the notes, use this calculator Input the all of the information you have found and it will tell you the correct engine. Secure the engine, wait a minute or 2 and you will get the achievement.

This is partially down to RNG because there is a possibility that it can only be either one of two engines, flip a coin and cross your fingers and hope it's correct, otherwise I'm afraid you're gonna have to try again.
Base Game Achievements - Heists: Non-RNG
Here are the achievements that can be achieved without relying on the game to tell you whether it's possible or not to achieve them.

Shoot The Glass
Once again, normal difficulty is helpful to save yourself spending too much time fighting off police whilst completing the achievement. Come prepared with any weapons available to you that have large amounts of ammo; you've got a lot of windows to shoot.

If the achievement hasn't unlocked yet and you're certain all windows are destroyed, be sure to check everywhere, even the outside area of the mall could possibly count towards this achievement.
Diamonds Are Forever
This achievement is recommended to be achieved on easy as the escape is available to you after three bags whilst others require you to get from 6 to 8 bags before you're allowed to escape.

It's a good idea to bring some extra help along when it comes to stealthing the heist, you won't be able to steal the loot without drawing too much attention to yourself, so it's good to have that extra help to control civilians.
This can be done alone with good planning and timing or can be done even quicker with an additional player, you can either do this silently and proceed to steal the rest of the loot, or rush through the front, place down an ECM and leave quickly with only four bags.
Lord of War
This achievement is easier on lower difficulties, be sure you know which hangar is open beforehand so you know which direction to run. Shoot the mobsters as they pack a nasty punch with their weapons.

You'll need to steal all of the loot that's available in the hangars, including the ones within the trucks, the sooner you can get moving with those bags, the less hassle you'll have with the law enforcement. There will be up to 12 weapons to find so make sure you check the hanger carefully.

Recommended skills:

- Duck and Cover ACED (Ghost - Artful Dodger)
- Parkour BASIC (Ghost - Artful Dodger)
- Transporter ACED (Enforcer - Tank)

The trucks can be broken into quicker with these methods:

- Better drilling skills (Available within the Technician skill tree in the Breacher sub tree)
- C4 explosion (Requires the trip mines and shaped charges equipment)
- Using a saw (Requires 'Portable Saw' skill within the Enforcer skill tree in the Ammo Specialist sub tree)
Caribbean Pirate
On Day 1, cook at least 4 bags, then on Day 2 do NOT go through with the trade. Keep the meth bags into the truck and prepare to run in for the intel, be sure to steal the money left on the side as well.

A recommended way of doing this would be to have the crew spread out into different buildings instead of everyone rushing into one. They MIGHT attempt to burn the intel before you can get to it, so it's important to spread out to prevent that from happening.
Short Fuse
Play through the heist on any difficulty, the lower the difficulty, the easier this will be. It doesn't matter whether or not you get the intel on the second day since you don't plan on defusing the C4 under the money bags.

This achievement is only possible with a minimum of 3 players (4 players will make this achievement even easier), be sure you all come prepared to collect the money bags and throw them outside of the bus.

Time it right and start bagging at the same time to give yourself more time to collect more before it's too late. Be sure you be out of the bus before it blows you up. Aced Pilot asset is recommended to get the bags secured and out of the way quicker.
Coming in Hot
Load up Watchdogs on a low difficulty to make fighting off law enforcement easier for you, you're going to need it if you want that escape driver alive by the end of it. Proceed through the heist as usual until you need to move the bags.

The Armored Escape asset is highly recommended to give yourself a better chance keeping the police off of him long enough for you and your crew to escape.

The best way to do this would be to wait out the assault until it's clear, then move the bags quickly into the truck. Whilst the assault hasn't started yet, be sure you and your crew have made it onto the road where the escape vehicle will drive in through.

Fight off the police and hold out until the escape vehicle is finally here.
Painting Yourself into a Corner
With the art gallery, the amount of paintings is random every time, the objective is to steal all of them without being detected, so count them carefully before you leave, there will always be a total of 9 paintings.

There are two approaches to this achievement, the recommended being to stealth the entire first day unless you're desperate to get this achievement as soon as possible.

- Stealth

Take note of the advice found in the Framing Frame video located in the One Down (Stealth) sub guide. Remember, you cannot let the alarm sound.

Playing this on a lower difficulty makes it easier on yourself due to less guards patrolling the area.
- 'ECM Rush'

As long as the alarm isn't set off, you're still theoretically stealthing, take advantage of this and prevent guards from sounding the alarm.

The more people with ECMs you have, the easier this will be, plan this well and don't use up all of your ECMs at once. Spread yourselves out between halls and make sure all of the paintings are out of the gallery as soon as you can. Avoid killing guards unless you have aced the 'ECM Specialist' skill.

Make sure all paintings are out and moved before the alarm sounds.
I Wasn't Even There!
Play through the heist like normal, going loud on any of the previous days does not have any impact on this achievement as long as this day is stealthed successfully from start to finish.

Be sure to attempt this on a lower difficulty as you'll have less guards to worry about, doing this with a friend will make this infinitely easier as they can help check through cameras and toggle the lasers to the gold for you.
Big Deal
Big Deal relies completely on the previous day, this can only be achieved if you can get a total of nine paintings from the art gallery. You do NOT need to stealth the first day, feel free to go loud if you ever so want to.

Be sure to attempt this on Normal difficulty to save yourself trouble getting ahold of the paintings on the first day.
Base Game Achievements - Heists: Misc
These are the achievements that mostly consist of you ruining other players' games (It's best you do these solo).

I'm Going All-In!
Take a trip to Nightclub (Normal difficulty to make things easier as always), play through the heist as usual until you're through the safe that contains the money, coke does not count for this achievement.

Find the poker table somewhere behind the kitchen area, throw a bag of money onto the poker table and await for the achievement to pop up. (Make sure it's settled on the table properly)
F in Chemistry
Take a trip to rats on any difficulty, you won't be here long, I promise. Disregard everything Bain tells you, if he tells you to put a specific ingredient in, put in something completely different and take a step back.

Blowing yourself up in the process is also acceptable.
Fish A.I.
Take a trip to Watchdogs, go through with the first day until you finally come to the second day. If you plan on completing the rest of the day, it's best to get this achievement out of the way as soon as you start.

Throw any coke bag into the water near the warehouse and out comes the achievement, simple as that. Once you go back to collect the rest of your coke bags, you'll find the one you've thrown into the water to be back there with the others.
The First Line
Make a trip to Firestarter, go through the heist as usual up until you reach day 3, whether or not you choose to stealth is entirely up to you as it has no impact on the achievement in any way, but in case you prefer going loud, normal difficulty is recommended.

Once you're through into the vault, it's time to get into those deposit boxes, there is no telling which one holds the poster, so you might be here for a while.
Quick methods:

- Lockpick into those deposit boxes faster (Requires Nimble Aced within the Ghost skill tree in the Shinobi sub tree)
- Bring a saw and a couple of ammo bags (Requires Portable Saw in the Enforcer skill tree in the Ammo Specialist sub tree)

I Knew What I Did Was Wrong
Take a trip to Big Oil, the difficulty does not matter as this should only take roughly 2-3 minutes to achieve. Come equipped with a saw (Requires Portable Saw in the Enforcer skill tree in the Ammo Specialist sub tree) and make your way to the basement of the building.

There will be 8 ATMs in total, so have an ammo bag down beforehand.
I Got It, I Got It!
This achievement is fairly easy and can be done in almost every heist as there is rarely any heist that does not have loot bags. Load up a Jewelry Store and grab a loot bag, either take it outside and practice catching it yourself or have a friend pass it over to you.
Base Game Achievements - Escape
Here are the achievements rewarded in the random escapes that can happen in the heists.

This section will tell you how to find each of the escapes the easiest with each achievement.
You should always escape in an assault for a higher chance of getting an escape.

Cappuccino to Go, Please
This achievement is easier done with less bags to carry and more players to help you carry them, so be sure to bring along friends who are willing to help or just looking the achievement as well.

- Bank Heist, NOT GO Bank or Big Bank (Any difficulty, but this is also luck-based) This would be easier to achieve in the deposit box version of the heist. As long as you grab enough instant cash and no money bags, you'll only be required to run to the van on the escape.

- Ukrainian Job (Any difficulty, but this is also luck-based) Be sure to grab the tiara and only the tiara, stealing any loot bags will only slow you down during the escape.

- Four Stores (Any difficulty, but this is also luck-based) Considering this is loot-less, you'll only have to worry about getting to the escape.
Bullet Dodger
Same as the previous achievement, ending the heist and into the escape with less bags will give you less hassle. Try your best to dodge the snipers and take cover inside until the escape arrives. Lower difficulties make them easier to avoid in terms of gunfire.

Four Stores is the best choice. (Any difficulty, but this is also luck-based) Since there is no loot required to move, you'll only need to run for the escape without the need of moving any bags.
You Shall Not Pass!
This requires you to fight off law enforcement from two sides of the bridge. Bringing friends to help you is recommended, or otherwise it's ideal to invest some skills into the Technician skill tree to bring some sentry guns along.

- Rats (Any difficulty, but this is also luck-based) The escape is quite common in either the first or second day of this heist, bags aren't important. The focus is the law enforcement approaching the bridge, worry about bags later.

- Framing Frame (Any difficulty, will always be the guaranteed escape for Day One.) Be sure to leave the first day loud, once again, bring as many paintings as you want but do not focus too hard on them until after the escape arrives.
They See Me Baggin', They Hatin'
This will require you to have a minimum of 8 bags before being allowed to get the achievement. There are a couple of ways this to accomplish this, some are easier than others depending on your preferred difficulty in the game.

- Rats (Any difficulty, but this is also luck-based) Complete the heist with at least six bags and hope the escape for the first day is NOT the Garage Escape. Remember, you need at least eight.

Go through with the deal but be sure to steal back the meth and your payment, make sure the police arrives otherwise there may not be a chance of an escape. If the previous escape was not Garage Escape, then it's certain to be this one. Keep in mind it may NOT be an escape.

- Nightclub (Very Hard/Overkill, but this is also luck-based) The higher the difficulty, the higher the chance in more bags. If you have at least 4 bags of money and coke by the end of the heist, that's acceptable. Make sure you leave loud to allow the chance of there being an escape.

DLC Methods:

- Armored Transport (Very Hard/Overkill, but this is luck-based) The higher the difficulty, the higher the chance in more trucks spawning, make sure you leave with 8 bags or more and hope it's an escape.
King of the Hill
This one may require some assistance from friends, the more you have to help, the easier this will be. To give yourself an easier experience fighting off law enforcement, be sure to attempt this at a lower difficulty if at all possible.

The ideal suggestion would be for each player to take a corner of the park each and watch both sides of the corner, giving yourself complete focus on every side of the park.

- Four Stores (Any difficulty, but this is also luck-based) This will give you less loot to worry about, the immediate objective would be to defend yourself that way.

- Ukrainian Job (Any difficulty, but this is also luck-based) As long as you leave only with the tiara, you shouldn't have to worry about any extra loot bags being stolen back.
One Down - Introduction
You thought Death Wish was hard? Didn't think it could get harder? WRONG.

Welcome to the guide's reworked One Down implementation! This section will cover builds and tips that apply to the One Down difficulty in general. If you're lookng for tips of a specific heist that is not part of the base game, look for the section that contains the update that implemented the heist. For heists part of the base game, you can find tips for them in the sections after this sorted by contractor.

When should I begin my One Down journey?

There are many easy One Down heists that you can complete in stealth (For example Jewelry Store) at a very low level, providing you have the right skills. On the other end of the spectrum, there are some One Down heists which I'd argue are some of the hardest FPS experiences that this genre offers.

I would personally recommend taking on One Down after you have reached V-100, but even then this might not be enough to get you through some heists as you will need to practice some of them on Death Wish before you step-up. I will mention my personal prerequisites for each One Down heist in their respective tips section.

So, what's different about this difficulty compared to Death Wish?
  • You have one down before you become black and white. If you get downed again at this stage without using a medic bag, you'll go into custody.
  • The ZEAL team will replace the GenSec Elites and FBI Swat, bringing with them higher damage to the player and requiring more damage to take down.
  • The ZEAL team switch includes specials, with Bulldozers and Cloakers becoming threats that can wipe a crew in seconds, along with snipers dealing enough damage to be able to one to two shot all heisters regardless of armor.
  • Stealth only becomes more difficult if you become detected. Enemies will have a much greater amount of health, providing them with more time to shoot you, leading to the entire map becoming alerted. If you stay undetected, stealth will be the same difficulty as Death Wish.

What skills would you recommend?

I've provided below my four one down builds - Three of them are for loud and one of them are for stealth. An explanation for the differences between the loud builds is provided below the builds. You're free to create a different kind of build to mine of course (Eg. Dodge) but I've provided some 100% necessary skills that you should have regardless of what kind of build you make.

What weapons would you recommend?

Primary (UE) - Thanatos, modified with
Primary (Non-UE) -
Secondary (UE) - Arbiter Grenade Launcher, modified with
Secondary (Non-UE) -
Melee -
Throwable -

Any tips for the Loud approach?

Any tips for the Stealth approach?

What should I do if a heist offers both approaches?
One Down - Bain
Community - Inventory
These are probably one of the easiest achievements you'll ever earn from the game aside from the Safehouse related achievements. All you need to do is spend a little money, equip the purchased item, and there you go. You won, good job.

The only requirement is to join the PAYDAY 2 Steam Group which can be found here and you will unlock the items that are linked to these achievements. Make sure that you have enough primary, secondary and mask slots to buy the weapons and masks.

Like An Angry Bear
Mask Name: Mark
Mask Cost: $7,250

Heat Around The Corner
Mask Name: Hockey Heat
Mask Cost: $9,000

Merry Christmas!
Mask Name: Happy Santa
Mask Cost: $7,500

Christmas Came Early
Weapon Name: Interceptor 45 (Secondary, Pistol)
Weapon Cost: $43,000

With an Iron Fist
Weapon Name: 350K Brass Knuckles (Melee)
Weapon Cost: FREE

A Vote For Change
Weapon Name: Chimano Custom (Secondary, Pistol)
Weapon Cost: $487,000

Build Me an Army Worthy of Crime.Net
Weapon Name: Golden AK.762 (Primary, Assault Rifle)
Weapon Cost: $372,000

Total Cost: $925,750
Community - Misc
These achievements are once again obtainable only if you've joined the Payday 2 Steam group, only this time, it's not just purchasing the required item, but doing tasks along the way, too. Some of these may prove a challenge, but hopefully our guide can help you through them.

From Russia With Love
Complete 25 of Vlad's Heists on Overkill Difficulty or above while wearing the Mark Community Mask. Vlad's Heists are the easiest in the game and require little skill to complete them.

If you want it done quickly, get the basic ecm skill, do Four Stores on Overkill, open a atm with the ecm (no other perks required), wait for the van and leave. This should take about 3-5mins each run including the purchase of the contract.

The Man With the Golden Gun
While the Golden AK is quite a solid weapon, it is not the best at taking out skulldozers. This achievement requires you to kill 6 with the Golden AK. This means the weapon only has to deal the finishing shot.

To make this very easy, Go to Four Stores with a teammate or two, one of them with the thanatos. Any extra teammates should be supporting with extra gunfire. The person with the thanatos should use their secondary until a skulldozer comes along. Take his faceplate off them allow the teammate with the Golden AK to finish him off.
Due to the removal of the ability to stun dozers with HE rounds, this achievement has to be done in a slightly different way, however it is still quite easy. The old video below will be provided for nostalgia.

Load up Birth of Sky on Normal and start running through the aircraft. One or two dozers are guaranteed to spawn in the area. Kill every murky around it to make your life easier.

Next, shoot the dozer until its faceplate is off. This will make sure that the dozer won't take ages to kill. After that, start punching it until it dies. It is recommended that you bring along first aid kits with the uppers skill aced (Mastermind - Medic) and place some around the dozer in case he deals serious damage to you. Also, invest some points into the brawler tree in fugitive for some additional melee damage (Pumpion Iron Aced is recommended).

Community - Safes
Want some free skins? Well, complete these achievements, and you'll get one! Assuming the skin is still available for grabs. Whilst the achievements are still obtainable, the skins may no longer be available due to time limits.

First World Safe

Au Ticket
The achievement information for this can be found in the "Free - First World Bank" section of the guide.

Safe + Drill Status: ONGOING

Slaughter Safe

Pork Royale
The achievement information for this can be found in the "Free - Slaughterhouse" section of the guide.

Safe + Drill Status: ONGOING

Christmas Safe

We Do It Live!
The achievement information for this can be found in the "Christmas 2015 - Santa's Workshop" section of the guide.

Safe + Drill Status: ONGOING

Goat Safe

You Can Run, but Not Hide
The achievement information for this can be found in the "DLC - Goat Simulator" section of the guide.

Safe + Drill Status: ONGOING
Enter The Gungeon Crossover
Well, this makes more sense that the Goat Simulator crossover.
The achievements added in this update are purely item find ones, so I've provided a link to a guide that will help you find the location of these trophies no matter where they spawn!
Credit to Yekaterinoslav for allowing me to use his guide!
These are the hardest achievements you are going to come across in the entire guide.

Mask Related Achievements
I Want to Get Away
Press the spacebar on your keyboard. You're welcome.

I Never Asked for This
Complete this one whilst doing a normal jewelry store run. Make sure you have aced ecms. For this, you must NOT press the spacebar on your keyboard. You're welcome again.

Enter the safehouse. To your left, there will be a trashcan. Spam the spacebar on it and you will have this one done in no time.

Jump! Jump! Jump!
This can also be done in a normal jewelry store run, but make sure you have aced ecms and fast hands aced, both of which can be found in the ghost tree.

Skip the intro and as soon as you do, hold G. You need to jump once every 4 seconds throughout the entire run to complete this. After your first jump, place down an ecm and continue jumping whilst collecting the bags.
This section will be reworked come Infamy 3.0. Stay tuned!
Side Jobs
These achievements are assoicated with the Side Jobs Update introduced in the update 97.4. This update also introduced akimbo SMGs into the game.

Saint Francis
Very simple achievement amongst them all and can be achieved easily through completing Bank Heist through stealthy methods.

This achievement its only possible to achieve on Overkill difficulty or above, however, considering how Bank Heist is generally an easy heist, it shouldn't be too hard to achieve. On the other hand, trying to achieve this via loud means will make your task harder, relating to hostages being sent free and possibly killed in the process.
It's like the achievement "Are there more than two?" from PAYDAY: The Heist, except arguably more suffering. It's only a matter of remembering spawn locations.

Attempting this on the lowest difficulty will make your task easier, meaning you won't need to worry about being killed by strong law enforcement, special enemies or even worrying about Captain Winters showing up.

Commonly, rings are found inside buildings, the only off chance the rings appear outside are when they are in typically expected places, such as the top of gas pumps at the station.

Below is a guide that contains every spawn location for the rings. Have a look at them one by one and you will be able to complete this achievement with ease.

Credit to Salem for allowing me to use his guide!
High Times
Another achievement that's advised to be done on a lower difficulty for an easier time, whether or not this is attempted stealthily or loudly is up to the player.

The only difficult part of this achievement is locating the boxes full of ingredients, the video below will provide a good majority of the locations and will unlikely appear anywhere else from these areas. You're usually expected to be looking in the following places:

- Inside the train carts.
- Inside the garage on the right side.
- Inside the white truck on the left side.
- Inside either building on both sides, usually found in corners.

Remember, the ingredients order is identical to the one in Hotline Miani; Muriatic Acid, Caustic Soda, then Hydrogen Chloride. Try not to blow up the lab, that's important to this achievement.
Looting in the Dark
This achievement is one of the more challenging achievements in this section and is recommended attempting the previous achievements related to this heist first.

For more information on the other achievements related to Murky Station, see the "Free - The Hardcore Henry Heists" section of this guide, as this will require you to steal all of the loot without killing a single enemy in the game. Civilian deaths count, too. Be nice.

You're looking for a total of 16 bags of loot, you will find the following within the heist:

- 2 Main objective EMP parts.
- 2 Weapon cases in the underground level.
- 12 Weapon cases total in 2 train carts, (6 in each).

Dominating guards is acceptable providing they have not been killed, when in doubt and you think you can manage, ECM rushing is acceptable if the train carts are already open.
Kiss The Chef
Like the previous achievement, this is all down to skill and preparation, especially preparation as this will take up to an hour to achieve, have fun.

Considering this will take up to an hour, it might be ideal to be ammo efficient unless you have a decent crew with a good supply of ammo. Depending on experience, it might also be a good idea to bring medic bags in the event of any slip ups along the way.

The objective is to cook 25 bags, not to secure them, unless you really don't want to throw away all of the potential money, feel free to secure bags when you feel it's the appropriate time to.
April Fools 2015 - The Collector Pack
This section of the guide will cover the achievements related to the Collector Pack DLC. If you want to purchase it, you'll find a link below.

This is mostly down to the help of a friend since it's impossible to do this achievement alone. You're allowed to move due to being unable to spawn at the escape.

Marking guards in casing mode or masking up will result in failing this achievement, so be careful. The easiest method of doing this would be to load up a "Jewelry Store" on the lowest difficulty and have a friend ECM rush it whilst you wait patiently at the van. Easy.
Gotta Collect 'em all
This can be done overtime, so not much explanation is needed for this achievement. This achievement will take at least 2-4 heists to complete depending on assets.

Some heists allow you to buy the grenade case asset which makes the achievement quicker and more convenient for you, this is because you're only allowed three of any type of grenade per heist.

It's ideal to get the "Confident" skill basic to make this task easier for yourself, too.
Halloween - Heists
These achievements can be done at any time of the year.

I Am The One Who Knocks
This achievement can be done on any difficulty, so it's ideal to load up Rats on 'Normal' difficulty to give yourself an easier time. Come prepared with three other players to keep check on every possible entrance to the house.

- One player cooks, they can help the others by shooting from the windows and balcony.
- One player stays near the front door (Closest to the road), watching the hilltop and road.
- One player stays near the back door, watch the road and any helicopter drop-offs.
- One player stays near the play area, law enforcers will climb the fence and into windows.

Once the player cooking is finished, swap places with someone, rinse and repeat.
Full Measure
Come well prepared with a good team and equipment that will help you hold out through a good deal of assaults, you're going to be inside that house for a while.

- Sentries and Tripmines are optional but still helpful.
- 4 Ammo bags (ACED) is highly recommended.
- 2 Medic bags (ACED) is highly recommended.
(Replace Tripmines and sentries with ammo bags or medic bags when in doubt.)

Be sure to collect ingredients in the more difficult areas first, leaving the easier ingredients in your reach when the trickier areas are crowded with law enforcement.

The Difficult Areas
- The back of the truck outside of the house.
- The two sheds around the house.
- The basement of the house.

Planks may be temporarily helpful, but it wouldn't hurt finding them and boarding up the back windows upstairs to save yourself any trouble by surprise law enforcement or snipers.
Afraid of the Dark
Get as far as day 3 on Framing Frame (Normal difficulty highly recommended), start searching for the power boxes BEFORE starting the upload, be sure to do this with a friend, otherwise you're going to have a really hard time preventing them from disabling the power.

The more friends you have to help, the easier this will be, once the boxes are located, start the hack and guard each box. Sentries and tripmines can be helpful here. Be sure to shoot law enforcement immediately. Once they touch that box, it's over and you'll have to start again. Desync may also become a large factor to consider if the host and the other players don't have a good connection.
Halloween - Safehouse Nightmare
The safehouse nightmare is now a permanent addition to the heist roster so you'll always be able to earn these achievements!
By the end of this section, we hope to give you enough information to be able to complete the following:

First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Nightmare

How to Prepare: Weapons
- RPG, bring 1-2 (From the Overkill Pack, Highly Recommended)
- Thanatos, bring 1-3 (From the Sniper Pack, Highly Recommended) or any sniper you have access to.
- Minigun (From the Overkill Pack, Optional)
- Flamethrower (From the BBQ pack, Optional, idea for taking out cloakers)
- A high damage pistol/revolver (Optional, ideal for taking out the cloakers)
- M308 (Optional)
- If your weapon supports it, a flashlight is highly recommended.
- If you have a thanatos, equip it with the LED Combo.
- Throwable Wise - Javelins (Chivalry Pack) or Concussion Grenades (Free).

How to Prepare: Equipment
- 4 ammo bags and 4 medic bags
- 4 ammo bags, 2 medic bags, 14 first aid kits
- On One Down, bring 6 medic bags and 2 ammo bags.

How to Prepare: Skills/Perk Decks
- Combat Doctor/Extra Lead/Uppers Aced (Mastermind - Medic and Enforcer - Ammo Specialist)
- Inspire Aced, At least 3 people (Mastermind - Medic)
- Hight Value Target Aced (Mastermind - Sharpshooter)
- Transporter Basic(Enforcer - Tank)
- Hardware Expert, Drill Sawgent and Kickstarter Aced, 1 person (Technician - Breacher)
- Duck and Cover Basic (Ghost - Artful Dodger)
- Parkour Aced (Ghost - Artful Dodger)
- Nine Lives Aced, Highly Recommended for One Down (Fugitive - Revenant)
- Feign Death Aced (Fugitive - Revenant)
- Swan Song Aced (Fugitive - Revenant)
- Everything else is down to personal preference but everything above is highly recommended for everyone to take unless stated otherwise.
- Perk Decks: Muscle, Armorer, Rogue (This can be used for weapon swap speed, even with armor, as in this heist it is actually a huge factor)
- You can take another deck if you want but these are all great choices if you aren't sure what to take.

The Heist

1. Start off by letting one person with drill skills to start up the drill.

2. If you are playing on Normal - Overkill, you can safely stay around the drill area without too much trouble. On Mayhem and above, it is recommended that you camp in the Door Testing room. Wherever you are, place down your equipment as soon as possible.

3. If you are playing on Hard or above, be aware of cloakers. At times, they can be a bigger threat than the headless dozers. Without a flashlight, they are hard to spot. Always stay close to your team so you can be revived easy if needed.

4. When it comes to the headless dozer, always stand back. If you have someone with an rpg, let them deal with it. Firing directly at it is enough to one shot the dozers on Normal or Hard but after that they will need a bit more firepower to take down.

5. The person with the drill skills should remain by the drill at all times. On Mayhem and above, this player should be close to the door so they are able to react quickly. To avoid confusion, make sure that this player is the only one that restarts the drill.

6. When the vault is open, move very carefully towards it. Get all of the bags out of the vault quickly and up to the top area of the safehouse. Secure them, but don't go to the escape.

7. To actually get the achievement on Normal - Overkill, you have to find a baby mask. It can be located anywhere at the top area of the safehouse. It will always be there and the achievement will pop as soon as you pickup the right one. On Mayhem and above, you only have to complete the heist to get the achievement.

2014 Video
2015 Video - DLC used
2015 Video - No DLC used
2016 Video - Fifth Nightmare
2016 Video - Seventh Nightmare
Halloween - The Original Four Masks
These are the achievements that are completed by wearing the 4 halloween masks that can only be dropped in the halloween event.
Witch Doctor
This can be done overtime, but otherwise if you're desperately needing these achievements, there are options available to you below.

Pyrew's Method
In the event that the 'Safehouse Nightmare' heist is no longer available, there are some other alternatives to help unlock the achievements with ease. Load up Jewelry Store with a group of friends and do the following.
Underdrill's Method
This video is how long it took me to get 50 revives. This will vary from player to player and it can be done in a similar way in other heists, but it will take longer.
No One Can Hear You Scream
You'll need to find a heist with a lot of guards roaming about. Be sure to place down an ECM and get to murdering before it runs out. Using the 'ECM Specialist' skill aced is recommended.

An example of a heist with a lot of guards would be the first day of 'Framing Frame' or alternatively the heist 'Art Gallery'. Upon entering the art gallery, place down an ECM and get to murdering everyone you see. Once it's clear, restart and repeat the process.
Pump Action
The Pumpkin King Made Me Do It!

This can be done overtime, or you can do any heist solo and kill the cops. Find a large, open heist with plenty of law enforcement to gun down.

This method will take around 1 hour depending on the amount of restarts. This achievement requires a high amount of kills, so do expect to be here for a while.

It's Alive, IT'S ALIVE!
This achievement is worded incorrectly. You CANNOT get this by electrocuting yourself at the Bank Vault of Firestarter Day 3, The Electric Fence of Big Oil Day 1 or Jumping with the 'Tazed when you jump' mutator in Safehouse Nightmare.

You can ONLY DO IT when being tazed. This can be done overtime or by using the method provided below. It shows how long it took me to get 25+ tazes and the build I used, plus a bug (kind of) at the end of it.

This is an example of one of the maps you can do this on, but due to the swat van this may be harder to attempt solo. There are plenty of other maps you can try this on, or you can play the game on harder difficulties and get the achievement overtime.
Halloween 2015 - Lab Rats
These are the achievements that can unlocked in the 2015 Halloween Heist, Lab Rats.

Rats and Meatballs, Not Scary Enough and I survived Lab Rats on One Down And All I Got Was This Achievement
The guide for these achievements can be found in the One Down (Loud) sub guide.

Mask Related Achievements
Skill Shot
You're going to have to throw a bag at a very precise angle to get this achievement. When you secure the bags, you're going to see a bong next to the two large plates. This is where you are aiming for.

Stand on the medicine tablet bottle, aim high and jump and throw the bag at the same time. This may take a while to get right. The bag can land on the rim of the bong so bring some explosives to move the bag into the bong.
Trick or Treat
When you complete a batch of meth, at the end of a assault wave a massive cloaker will appear looking over a titan safe with a two minute timer. Everyone must get and stay inside the circle for that two minute period.

The cop spawn rate will increase during this time and if anyone steps out, the level will revert back to normal. If you have to leave the area, don't worry; the cloaker may appear again when you have completed a batch and your progress will be saved.

If you have completed two batches after his appearance and he does not appear, I'd advise restarting the heist. Anyway, it is recommended that you set this area up beforehand with medical equipment and ammo.
Halloween 2016 - Prison Nightmare
These are the achievements that can be obtained in the 2016 halloween heist, Prison Nightmare.

Nightmare Machine, All Cloakers Eve and Haunted House of Heisters
The guide for these achievements can be found in the One Down (Loud) sub guide.

He's Got Experience
This can be done on hard which makes the achievement very easy.

Firstly, bring a weapon that you can empty quickly. A good choice would be the saw for your primary and secondary, and you don't even need dlc for this one! And secondly, make sure you have inspire, first aid kits, shockproof basic and skills from the brawler tree. All other skills are optional, but these ones will make your life easier.

This is quite a generous achievement due to the fact that as long as you don't kill an enemy with a weapon other than the nova's shank, you will still get the achievement. The only problem here will be snipers, but hopefully you'll be able to hide from them easily. Make sure that AI is off when attempting this.
A Long Night of Horrors
Yet another long form achievement, only this time it has to be completed on mayhem rather than Overkill (Seen with achievements such as Cook Off and Euro Bag Simulator) but that doesn't make your life too much harder. The enemies will have more health and you'll come back revived with less health, but the damage shouldn't be that much different to what it is on Overkill.

You will need to complete the keycard collecting process. Each run of these should take around 90 seconds, providing that you defend the wheel properly, and the entire heist could take about an hour. After getting the keycard to enter the prison, you'll need to get 14 more cards at least. To be safe, I'd recommend doing 1 or 2 more collections over the required amount just to be safe. You'll also be able to come out of this heist with a PAYDAY which could be compared to the Overdrill. The gold is not required for the achievement so you could simply wait for the secure timer to go up each time and then move onto the next wheel. Bare in mind that drill skills do not affect the time that the drill runs for.

It would be a good idea to designate one person to collect and use the keycard each time, and this person should have swan song aced. Despite the situation you may be in, make sure you are always continuing on with the objective. Always keep your team in check.

Bring 2 people with aced ammo, 2 people aced medic and make sure you have 9 lives aced. Everything else is up to you.


Salem Asylum
On the contrary to popular belief, this achievement has almost nothing to do with RNG. There is an option on the wheel which says 'Key' which could mean you get a keycard early (I haven't got this once yet so someone please confirm it if you do) but the chances of getting this are so low it's not worth waiting for. However, this achievement can still be done without getting the rare wheel spin. You just need to work very fast.

I'd recommend completing this in a group of at least 2 people. It would be a good idea to brnig the following skills:

- Inspire Aced (Mastermind - Medic)
- Stockholm Syndrome Aced (Mastermind - Controller. If you down trying to get into the prison, don't get one of your teammates to come and help you; it will waste time. Instead, get them to dominate a cop and you'll be able to come back via the trade).
- Uppers Aced (Mastermind - Medic)
- Extra Lead Aced (Enforcer - Ammo Specialist)
- Duck and Cover Aced (Ghost - Shinobi)
- Parkour Aced (Ghost - Shinobi)
- Sneaky B*****d Aced (Ghost - Shinobi)
- Feign Death Aced (Fugitive - Revenant)
- Messiah Basic (Fugitive - Revenant)

You are going to have a much better chance of getting this done if you are using a dodge build. Armor is not ideal here and could lose you precious seconds, and trust me - Each of them could mean you getting this achievement or not.

The general idea of the procedure of this achievement is as follows:

- Make sure the host completes the objectives. With an achievement where time really matters, shaving seconds off as the host instead of dealing with desync is a big deal.
- Inspire your teammates so that they move faster as much as you can.
- When you are by a wheel, place down first aid kits around it and one ammo bag.
- When you need to move, use concussion grenades. After getting into the prison, these probably won't be needed as much, so use them as much as necessary near the start.
- As soon as the second wheel has been completed, you must be very careful going to the escape. There will either be a set of scripted tazer or cloaker spawns and any one of them will be able to mess up a run of the achievement. Run past if you can, but shoot if in doubt.

As long as you the individual gets on the train before 4:44 hits for the host, you will get the achievement. This may require a few retries, but follow the procedure and the example video below and you'll get it done in no time.
Christmas 2013 - Charlie Santa
While this map is taken right from CS:GO, it is an incredibly fun one with tons of variety. This section of the guide will cover the achievements added in the Charlie Santa update. The Chrismas Soundtrack is now free to all players, so everyone can unlock all of the achievements in this section! If you would like to know what this soundtrack ontains, click on the link below.
Upside Down
This is one of the easiest achievements in GO Bank, some people even obtain the achievement by freak accidents during the heist. Climb up onto the roof to find the bank name sign. The name of the bank should say "Robert's Bank of Saving & Trust", in order to unlock this achievement, you need to shoot the letter "T" in the name "Robert's".

Dead Presents
Come prepared with a crew of 4 and be ready to bag a corpse, either loudly or silently, sacrifice at least 2-4 civilians (Depends on bagging the guards or not), bag them up and put them under the tree for someone to open in the near future.

Is Everything OK?
Come prepared with your favourite stealth loadout and crew to stealth the heist successfully as the objective of this achievement requires your entire crew to complete the heist without any alarms going off.

It's recommended to play this on a low difficulty as there is no difficulty required to unlock this achievement on.

Advice on stealthing this heist can be found here.

We Are All Professionals
Referring back to the previous achievement 'Is Everyone OK?', follow the instructions to the best of your abilities and be prepared for the following twists:

- This heist MUST be done on the OVERKILL difficulty or above.
(Lazers will be present at the vault entrance so be careful not to rush in. It's recommended that the host sneaks through the lasers due to the Host's advantage)
- Civilians can NOT be killed, control them as best as you can.
- The alarm can NOT be set off at any point of the heist.

Here is a demonstration of unlocking the achievement:
Eco Round
This achievement is recommended to be done stealthily due to the difficulty of holding off law enforcement with only a single weapon.

Refer back to the guide on the previous achievement "We Are All Professionals" on the best way on unlocking this achievement. Civilians CAN be killed if necessary to remain stealthed, do NOT fire your primary weapon at any point of the heist.

All Eggs in One Basket
This achievement requires you and your crew to have all of the possibly loot bags within the cage before the airplane picks it up. It's recommended to play this on a low difficulty as there is no difficulty required to unlock this achievement on.

The plane will not attempt to pick up the cage until the balloon is triggered, so it's important to have the cage set up and all deposit boxes broken into to assure all possible loot has been found. Finally, place all of the loot bags into the cage and fight off law enforcement until the plane comes and collects the cage. But be careful, law enforcement will attempt to steal the bags from the cage.

Sewer Rats
This achievement HAS to be completed on the Overkill difficulty so come well prepared with strong weapons and heavy armor; you'll need it.

Due to random number generators, there is no way of telling what the sewer layout is going to be. It can either incredibly short or a long trip to the other side. This means the achievement can sometimes be impossible depending on how long it takes to find the other end of the sewer as well as the distance you need to travel with all the loot on your back, so let's hope luck is on your side.

It's recommended to have the following items to help move quicker through the sewers whilst carrying loot bags:

- Lighter Armor (IF POSSIBLE)
- Duck and Cover ACED (Ghost - Artful Dodger)
- Transporter ACED (Enforcer - Tank)

There are either 2 methods of starting the heist:

1. Stealth the heist UNTIL the vault is open. You do not need low detection to pull this off, though this also means sacrificing equipment between your team as you'll need at least one ECM to take care of cameras.

The advantage of this would be to have the vault open and as many deposit boxes as you can handle before police are forced to roll in, allowing you to waste up less ammo and medical supplies.

2. Leap through the window and play it loud. Have one person ready for the thermal drill to be dropped out of the back of the van and be ready to get into that vault quick. Doing this means fighting off law enforcement and would be more of a struggle, but there's less risk and allows your entire team to be more equipped for a heist that's ultimately going to be loud.

After the vault is open and the cage is dropped off, be sure to have the cage set up and one bag of loot ready. The sooner you trigger the plane, the quicker the escape will be available to you. Once the cage is set up, place a single loot bag in, set up the balloon and pull it out. Now all you have to do is wait for the balloon to be picked up. During this time you should be lockpicking the last of the deposit boxes for the last of the loot bags.

Once all the bags have been moved to the now available sewer escape, be sure to open the sewer and drop all of the loot bags in, do NOT enter the sewer as you will trigger the 'Point of No Return' timer.

It's recommended to have 2 out of the 4 in your crew to look for the exit as the sewers split into two paths. Plan between yourselves who will search left and who will search right whilst the remaining two in your crew moves the bags to the point of the sewer where it splits until you finally know where the escape is.

Ignore the law enforcement as much as possible. Fighting them will distract yourself too much and you're only given roughly 3 minutes to move all of the loot bags through the sewers and to the escape van on the other side. Shoot them if you have to, but try and avoid it.

Here is a demonstration of unlocking the achievement:
Rush B, Cash in Before You Cash Out! and I Would Like to Move My Money to a Bank That Doesn't Get Robbed
The guide for these achievements can be found in either One Down sub guide.

Mask Related Achievements
Reindeer Games
Complete any heist with a crew of four wearing a different Santa mask between all of you and complete the heist successfully either loudly and stealthily. This can be done on any difficulty.
Christmas 2014 - White Xmas
Vlad must be dreaming of a White Christmas. This section of the guide will cover the achievements added in the White Xmas update.

Here are a few things you should consider before attempting this heist.
- The Packages That Fall from the Sky can include:
- Coke (Your Main Loot, Very Common)
- Money (A few money bundles, Rare)
- Jewellery (A single collectible, Rare)
- Ammo Bag (A fully upgraded bag, Very Rare)
- Medic Bag (A fully upgraded bag, Very Rare)
- Toy (Offers only their beauty, Common)
- Almir's Toast (A Very Heavy Piece of Cheese Toast, Super Rare)
(Rarity Goes as Follows: Very Common - Common - Rare - Very Rare - Super Rare)

- This heist is not that hard to complete as it is different to the other heists in the game. You can leave within 10 minutes on all difficulties, but you can stay for as long as you please collecting the goods that fall from the Sky.

- Useful Skills:
- Inspire Aced (Mastermind - Medic)
- Transporter Aced (Enforcer - Tank)
- Die Hard Unaced (Enforcer - Tank)
- Ducl and Cover Aced (Ghost - Artful Dodger)
- Parkour Aced (Ghost - Artful Dodger)

Everything else is up to you, always consider the multiple roles in the crew though.

- Equipment
- Ammo Bag (Can be found in the packages, also lots of chances for ammo pickups from enemies, especially this heist, but is always useful, Prioritise)
- Medic Bag (Can be found in packages and in the Train Carts, but requires C4 for opening, Prioritise)
- ECM Jammer with Feedback (Too situational on this heist, Don't Prioritise)
- Armor Bag (Better Alternatives, Useless)
- First Aid Kit (This heist has a lot of running, but the Kits are not necessary, Don't Prioritise)
- C4/Sentry (Assuming you have Jack of All Trades, C4 can be used to get extra health, Sentries can always be useful if you keep them alive, but better alternatives, Don't Prioritse)
- Body Bag Case (Loud only heist, Useless)

If the equipment is described as Prioritse, one or two of your crew members must take this to ensure survival.
If the equipment is described as Don't Prioritse, bring it if you feel it will be useful, or you have a build focused on that equipment.
If the equipment is described as Useless, it must not be brought under any circumstances.

- Perk Decks
Highly Recommended: Crook, Rogue (Bring the Ballistic Vest/Suit depending on which as you will be running A LOT)
- Useful: Armorer, Crew Chief, Muscle, Infiltrator, Gambler, Grinder, Hitman, Anarchist
- Debatable (Use if you are confident with them but if in doubt look at the lists above): Sociopath, Yakuza, Ex-President, Maniac, Biker, Kingpin
- Useless: Burglar

Impossible, It Can't Be. Can It?
The RNG on finding this toast is absurd (1% to be precise). I have people who found it in 15 minutes and people (including me) who found it after 4 hours. Difficulty does not seem to affect the chances on it's drop. Here is an image of the toast.

Mask Related Achievements
Vlad's Little Helpers
Attempt at Level 10 and Above.

Stealing Christmas
Attempt at Level 25 and Above.

Canceling Santa's Christmas
Attempt at Level 50 and Above.

Attempt at Level 75 and Above.

His Beard Was as White as Coke, Like Turkeys Voting for an Early Christmas and ;)
Attempt at Level 90 and Above. Further explanation will be offered in the One Down (Loud) sub guide.

Riders on the Snowstorm
Attempt at Level 90 and Above. Ask in the 'Crews and Clans' section on the PAYDAY 2 forums if you do not have friends who have the masks.
Christmas 2015 - Santa's Workshop
Jingle bells force those elves to make more coke for Vlad. Don't let the cops make them stop 'cos that will make him sad. This section of the guide will cover the achievements added in the Santa's Workshop update.

Santa Slays Slackers
This is best done on Overkill; nothing higher. Make sure you designate one person to cover the elves at all times while the rest of your crew moves the presents when the loot can be secured.

It will take a lot to kill the elves on Overkill so you shouldn't need to worry about them. The achievement will pop 30 minutes after the first assault wave has begun.

Only Santa Brings Gifts
This can also be done on normal. You must not buy any assets or place down any equipment until the 10th bag has been secured to get this one. Cable Ties should also not be used (This one needs confirmation).

The video below is a guide for the two above achievements.
We Do It Live!
This achievement is not easy and requires good co-operation between you and and (if possible) a four-man crew. High levels are recommended, and make sure the requirements are met.

Whilst you're restricted to using only the "Platypus 70" for the primary weapon and the "Judge" for the secondary, you're allowed to modify your weapon. Providing you've got mods available to you, take advantage of it as much as you can.

Perk decks are also allowed seeing as you are unable to remove them, once again, take advantage of a perk deck that will benefit you more in a suit. Below is a free and DLC recommendation.

Rogue (Free)
Rogue gives you the chance to dodge attacks as well as a faster weapon swap depending on how much the perk deck has been leveled. It's a good idea to upgrade this as much as possible.

Grinder (DLC)
Grinder allows you to regenerate health with every bit of damage you do to the enemy, this is good as medic bags are not available to you unless purchased through preplanning. Once again, leveling this perk deck first is a good idea.

Depending on the concealment and skill, you can stealth days to make the heist less of a hassle in terms of less guards to worry about. But ultimately it's better to just fight the law enforcement.

Day 1
You can stealth up until the minimum required bags has been met, the rest are entirely optional. If you're able to reach the van in stealth, you will not have to face an escape. Preplanning might be a good idea in case you need medic or ammo bags.

Day 2
Depending on whether or not the first day has been stealthed, you will not have to deal with an ambush for this day. Otherwise, taking the bags of money is not a requirement, you're able to run for the escape van if you have any doubts.

Day 3
On the off chance stealth isn't an option, it's ideal to listen out for the computer in the security room, it's very quiet, so listen carefully. With a four man crew, you're able to guard both of the security boxes until the upload is complete, two on each box. Preplanning is recommended for both medic and ammo bags.
SIX DOZERS CHARGING, On the Seventh Try on Death Wish, My True Bain Gave to Me and On my Twelfth Try on One Down, The True Pain Began

The guide for these achievements can be found in the One Down (Loud) sub guide.

Mask Related Achievements
Euro Bag Simulator
Make sure you have around 1 hour and 30 minutes to spare because this is how long the achievement is probably going to take. Each of the elves can make a present in around 2-3 minutes excluding any pauses they may have.

Move the coke into the middle section of the area you have to cover. This is to make sure the coke will have to be moved around the same distance depending on which side the open chimney will be on.

To be 100% sure you get the achievement, secure slightly over the amount. If you are able to complete the titan safe event with 2 of almir's toasts, get two extra bags to be sure.

Bags of equipment will be throw out of the chimney starting from when you have the minimum amount of coke. These can be placed in some of the doors and will kill any enemy that goes through it when the button has been pressed.

Regarding weapons and equipment, bring what you are most comfortable with. And finally, choose your favourite heist track since this is going to become a very mundane task by the time you finish it.

The video below is a guide for the above two achievements.
Pumped Up and Jolly
Select your two favourite shotguns for this one. You can also bring whatever melee and throwable you want since they will not count against the achievement.

Since this can be completed on normal and there will be snipers you probably won't be able to hit, it is best to do it there.
Christmas 2016 - Stealing Xmas
For the fourth annual christmas heist, we're helping drunken Almi- I mean Vlad's brother once again to stop Vlad from being sad. This section of the guide will cover the achievements added in the Stealing Xmas update.

Snowfall, Snowstorm and Thundersnow
The guide for these achievements can be found in the One Down (Loud) sub guide.

Christmas Party
Since this achievement can be done on any difficulty, it is actually really easy. All you need is the Cable Guy Aced skill in the Mastermind - Controller skill tree (Stockholm Syndrome Basic is also recommended). There will be plenty of civilians around the map for you to tie, but the cops are definitely going to try and take a few from you. Make sure that at least 2 people are defending the civilians at all times. Having a few sentry turrets around the area can make your life much easier too.

The Grinch
There will be 9 additional bags and 3 mission bags for you to deal with here. Some of them will be in safes, others will be in the Jewelry Store there. Search behind every counter for the safes and also make sure that you check the office in the Shoe Store as that can hold some additional loot as well. The achievement will pop as soon as you've secured the last bag, so spend as much time as you need!

We couldn't go a few months without more memes in the game, could we Overkill?

This is another hidden item achievement. There will be 2 masks located around the map. The achievement will pop as soon as you have found them. The guide below should show you where to get the masks.
Credit to MrNutella for allowing me to use his guide!
Christmas 2017 - Brooklyn Bank
With Bain currently being held hostage, Locke has provided us with a job to help us find the elusive holy grail, and with it, the long-awaited solution to the PAYDAY 2 secret. This section of the guide will cover the achievements added in the Brooklyn Bank update.

All the Gold in Brooklyn
The gold in this heist can be found in the vault, and inside it there should be enough bags to complete the requirements of this achievement. I would recommend securing these bags as a group as moving across the street towards the escape is very risky. If your escape route is in the range of a SWAT turret, deal with that before you start moving the bags. The achievement will unlock once you complete the heist.

Obsessive Opening
This is actually very easy. To unlock the deposit boxes, head up to the top floor of a bank and search for a laptop. Activate this laptop three times, and each time you finish a hack, a new set of ten deposit boxes will be revealed. The ATM machines can be found around the ground floor of the bank or around the surroundings of the bank, but the locations of them will be very obvious and easy to find. It is highly recommended that you bring at least one person with a saw to speed the opening of the deposit boxes up. This achievement will unlock as soon as you have opened the last item requirement. You do not need to finish the heist.

Animal Kingdom
Raise your hand if you wanted more four man mask achievements. If you raised your hand, you're insane.

To complete this achievement, you will need to have two people in your lobby who have completed the prior two achievements, so it might be difficult to find a full group for this. I would recommend heading to the 'Crews and Clans' subforum on the PAYDAY 2 steam discussions to find a squad if you cannot find friends to complete this with.
Ultimate Edition - Armored Transport
Get ready to take down armored transports, Heat Style. These achievements are from the Armored Transport Update. Some of them will require the Ultimate Edition and some won't, but for those that do, you will need to find a host that has the ability to host them. If you would like to know what content this DLC contains, click on the link below.
If You Liked It You Should Have Put a Ring on It
This achievement requires you to secure at least nine bags of gold on any Armored Transport heist. This is only possible as long as three trucks are present.

Get a team with a loadout of at least one saw and at least one technician with drilling perks. Do NOT bring C4 as some of the gold might be caught in the blast. Once you have confirmed there is gold, begin moving the gold to a safe spot, preferably by a pick-up point.

This is easiest to do on the Downtown heist as Bain will give away whether it is a van or helicopter as the escape. This will tell you exactly where to move the bags (As each getaway vehicle only has one spawnpoint).
But Wait - There's More!
This achievement is focused mostly on luck. It can be completed on any difficulty, but higher difficulties increase the chance of more trucks spawning.

All you need to do is drill open all of the trucks that crash and saw each box, looking for an intel package. Upon picking it up, your team will be awarded the achievement. If all else fails, you're welcome to restart and try your luck again.
We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat
This achievement is strongly recommended to be done on 'Normal' difficulty. Also, a small group of friends can help due to how many bags have to be moved.

Things have changed ever since the Train Heist has become officially purchasable via Crime.Net, shells now behave like regular bags and will not blow up on harsh impact with the ground, meaning you can be as rough as you'd like.

'Point of No Return' is also a thing of the past and will no longer occur, not to mention the bags have been halved from 40 to 20, making this achievement all around an easy thing to achieve nowadays.

For the sake of nostalgia, the previous Train Heist version for this achievement will be kept as well as the newer version below to show a comparison on how much easier it has become.

Old Version
New Version
Let Them Watch
Whilst this may sound scary to attempt, playing the heist on 'Normal' difficulty will make the achievement incredibly easy.

Doing this on 'Normal' difficulty reduces the sniper's accuracy and damage significantly; you'll hardly notice they're there. It's ideal to not attempt this with bots or converted hostages as they will attempt to attack and kill the snipers.
Licence to Kill
This is best done with a maxed out Gruber Kruz with all weapon modifications and perks. If you want to farm it, load up a heist on 'Normal' difficulty and have fun shooting.

Mask Related Achievements
I'm Not a Crook!
As with the newly introduced heists, there are a couple of easy solutions to getting this achievement with ease as some heists provide a lot and up close snipers.

It's a good idea to attempt this achievement on a higher difficulty. This will allow more snipers to spawn often. Be sure to do a difficulty you can handle.

Free Options (These are all non-DLC and are free to access.)

Hoxton Breakout: Alot of snipers can be found on the second day. They shouldn't be too hard to hit either because of how close they spawn.

Election Day (Plan C): Plenty of snipers outside of the building and near the bank windows. This day can be accessed by picking the wrong truck on the first day.
DLC Options

Big Bank: Be sure the majority has selected the 'C4 Tunneling'; this is where you'll find a bizarre amount of snipers spawning at least 10 seconds between death.

Hotline Miami: Day Two is where you'll find all of the snipers. They spawn commonly and they're at an easy distance to shoot them at.
Affordable Healthcare
This is an achievement that can be easily grinded for and can be done at any level but there are a few things that could help speed up the process. This can take only 10 minutes.

If possible, try and get the 'Combat Doctor' skill to allow you to place down two medic bags in one match. This will make the process twice as fast. Choosing a heist that starts you with your mask on will save you a few seconds, too.

Fool Me Once, Shame on -Shame on You. Fool Me - You Can't Get Fooled Again
There is no quick way on getting this achievement. It's an achievement you may as well be earning over time. However, there's a somewhat fast method on getting the achievement.

There's the chance of shields spawning outside of the truck when starting Watchdogs. Anything above Very Hard will increase the chances of the shields spawning.
I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Bulldozer
This one might sound time consuming but can be done within 5 minutes or less within a single heist. You just need a group of friends and the Jewelry Store Vantage Point.

This unfortunately means you'll need the Gage Sniper Pack DLC or otherwise a friend who can purchase the asset. This achievement could otherwise still be done easily on Bank Heist; it will just take a little more time.
I Do What I do Best, I Take Scores
Complete 15 transport heists on Overkill while wearing the Hockey Heat Community Mask. They are relatively easy, but to speed it up make sure you are in a group of 4; 2 of those having shaped charges and 1 with a saw. This method will take about 5 minutes per heist.
Ultimate Edition - Goat Simulator
Not the best start to the year, but at least it's enjoyable. This section will cover the achievements added in the Goat Simulator Heist update. You do not need the Ultimate Edition to unlock these achievements. If you would like to know what content this DLC contains, click on the link below.
There is no Goat Level, Coffee Stain and You Goat to be Kidding Me...
The guide for these achievements can be found in the One Down (Loud) sub guide.

You Can Run, but Not Hide
Whilst it sounds tough, this achievement is very easy to do, the location of the goat is very predictable if you're very familiar with the "Firestarter" heist.

The location of the goat is within the evidence room on Day 2 of the "Firestarter" job, so don't waste your time searching on the first day. Whether or not you choose to stealth or go loud has no impact on the achievement.

Depending on whether or not there is loot aside from the goat inside of the evidence room, the van may or may not open in order to allow you to store the goat. If that happens, you'll have to wait until you've obtained the server until being able to secure the goat. You'll receive the achievement upon securing.
Mask Related Achievements
Very easy achievement that can be done quickly with enough practice catching bags. It is recommended obtaining the "Transporter" skill found in the "Enforcer" skill tree.

You might want to practice tossing and catching light bags or a goat in general before trying to string together a kill and a catch. Trying this on the lowest difficulty will save a lot of hassle as well as disabling Team AI incase the kill is snatched mid attempt.
Goat In 60 Seconds
This achievement is recommended to attempt on "Very Hard" or "Overkill", with a co-operative team of four. Fast movement is recommended if available to you.

The reason for the difficulties not to be too low is due to the goat spawns. Reduced goat spawns means harder times finding them, and you'll want to have 6 goats and hand and ready to move. It also means avoiding awkward goat spawns. Such as the following:

- Apartment Goat
- Trapped in store Goat
- Streetlight Goat

Be sure to put the car to use, store four goats into the vehicle and have another two heisters move two more goats on foot. Wait at the center and keep a close eye out for the truck.
Hazzard County
This achievement consists on preparation and good timing, fast movement is not too much of a concern considering move of your time will be spent in a car.

In order to prepare for the heist, you need to consider the security door you'll be faced with on the way to the escape truck. There are a few better methods of tackling this as drill skills will barely get you through the achievement:

- Shaped Charges (Recommended)
- ECM Specialist ACED (Recommended)
- Saw (Strongly Recommended)

During the heist, you want to be as close to the truck as possible when the plane attempts to pick up the skycage, this is to ensure you and your crew are ready to get in the vehicle and drive. Be sure to have good practice driving in the game or otherwise let another player drive for you.

Avoid taking as much damage to the car as possible, depending on the difficulty and chance, you'll be faced with a lot of SWAT turrets. Too much damage to the car will eventually mean repairing the car, this can stall progress and can even cost the achievement.

Remember to watch the bridge progress, law enforcement will attempt to stop the rotation, but otherwise, you shouldn't have too much trouble. As always, low difficulties are always recommended.
Farmer Miserable
Inspired by one of Payday's previous achievements, "Doctor Miserable", only with half the time shaved off providing the co-operation and skill of your crew.

This achievement can take up to 40-60 minutes, so you may want to make the time in order to attempt it. This requires you to secure the goats one at a time; this means assembling the cage a total of 13 times, 1 per goat. This is of course if you're trying to do the achievement on the "Overkill" difficulty. (Deathwish and above is 15)

The side room in the barn is probably the most securable spot, search for planks and board up the room, be sure to move the goats into that area, too. Eventually you'll need to set up the cage near the bridge, so be sure to take care of the nearby SWAT turret when possible. He can be found down the road, past the bridge.

With a crew of four, three can collect the cage pieces whilst the last crew member collects and moves the goat to the requested position. The achievement will unlock as soon as the last goat is delivered.
Ultimate Edition - Hotline Miami
The journey to saving Hoxton begins here. Some of these achievements will require the Ultimate Edition and some won't. For those that don't, you will need to find a host that has the ability to host the heist. If you would like to know what content this DLC contains, click on the link below.
Sounds of Animals Fighting
You must use the 4 masks unlocked through the achievements, not the Hotline Miami ones you get by owning Hotline Miami. If you cannot find people for it, go to the Crews and Clans section of the PAYDAY 2 forum.

Well in Russia ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Facks You!, Wrong Number and Dennis' Menace
The guide for these achievements can be found in the One Down (Loud) sub guide.

Mask Related Achievements
On the second day of the 'Hotline Miami' heist, you'll be in search for someone strapped to a chair surrounded by 1-4 money bags and a load of C4 around his chest. Make sure you're ready to defuse.

He'll be found after the second flight of stairs. His location could vary from the open hallway to one of the surrounding rooms. Be sure to look around. Whilst it's unlikely you'll miss him, it's still possible.
Walk Faster
The simple objective of this is to be at the top of the apartment building before the timer hits 3:30. There are several things that could help assure you unlock the achievement.

The first one being the sort of skills to bring along. You will ALWAYS be stopped by a gate you can either drill or saw open. A saw can strongly benefit you; either that or a good set of drill skills. The rest is all down to practice and being familiar with the apartment building, how you get around it, etc.
Unfortunately, this achievement is all down to RNG. You're looking for a total of 6 sets of meth ingredients out of the possible 4-7 sets that could spawn within the map.

There's a few methods on how you could tell you're likely guaranteed a total of 6 ingredients in the event you'd like to restart and try again. Be sure to check the meth lab storage boxes. If you're able to find 2-3 sets inside of the boxes, you could possibly find 3-4 sets in the hideout which could add to a total of 6 sets needed to unlock the achievement.

Be sure not to blow up the lab and screw everything up once you know you have enough ingredients. Below is an example of how to cook the meth ingredients. On the wall there's an order in which the meth ingredients are supposed to be cooked. This is NOT affected by RNG and the order will NOT change.
Do You Like Hurting Other People?
Start the heist on 'Normal' difficulty with the DLC baseball bat equipped (Not to be mistaken with the Lucille) and kill all of the thugs on the map, then restart. This should take no longer than 10 minutes.

Be careful. The mobsters still do a fair amount of damage, so bring a lot of armor and health related skills and perks. Disabling AI assures no kills are stolen by the bots that follow you about and is strongly recommended to getting things done quicker.
Ultimate Edition - John Wick Heists
To celebrate the release of the sequel to Keanu's return to form franchise, the Continental has provided us with two new jobs. This section of the guide will cover the achievements added in the John Wick Heists update. You do not need the Ultimate Edition to unlock these achievements, but you will need to find someone who does so this heist can be hosted. If you would like to know what content this DLC contains, click on the link below.
Brooklyn 10-10

A Rendezvous With Destiny

Apartment Sniper

Pass The Ammo

The Yatch Heist


Blood In The Water

Ultimate Edition - The Alesso Heist
To 100% a game, you have to complete everything; even if some of the content is terrible This section of the guide will cover the achievements added in the Alesso Heist Update. You do not need the Ultimate Edition to unlock these achievements. If you would like to know what content this DLC contains, click on the link below.
I Put it on Repeat, We Built This City on Electric Progressive House Music and Dance Dance GenSec
The guide for these achievements can be found in either One Down sub guide.

Mask Related Achievements
Sound of Silence
Get from start to finish with the simplest task of not harming anyone. This achievement can be done easily on the lowest difficulty.

Whilst this achievement can be done easily, regardless to the name of the achievement, silence doesn't mean it can't be done loudly.

Doing this stealth can be done providing you avoid all of the guards that could possibly get in the way. In the event you get caught, it's ideal to have the skill 'Dominator' to save yourself from killing them, and instead, handcuff them.
If you are more comfortable doing this loud, there is an alternate way.

You will need a specific build to do it, especially if you want it done solo. It could be done easier with others with more health equipment, but this method is to show you how to do it when you have no one available.

The skills that are necessary are:
- Quick Fix and Uppers Aced (Mastermind - Medic)
- Confident Basic (Mastermind - Controller)
- Die Hard Basic, Iron Man Aced (Enforcer - Tank)
- Underdog Basic (Enforcer - Shotgunner)
- Portable Saw Aced (Enforcer - Ammo Specialist)
- Sprinter Basic and Parkour Aced (Ghost)
- Martial Arts Aced (Fugitive - Brawler)

Everything else is to get up to the higher tiers. Bring double saws (Yes, I'm serious) and a high knockdown, low damage melee weapon. If a guard is in your way of restarting an objective, simply hit him once or twice and he should comply when attempting to dominate him.

- Make sure to stay on the move throughout the heist. Never stop in one place for too long or you might face the consequences.
- Use a first aid kit when you have less than 50% health. You have plenty so use them to be safe.
- Get rid of your grenades early on at the entrance, just in case.
- Defending the civilians in this achievement is near impossible but if they are tied up, some of the cops may move to where they are.
- The map is big. Use it to your advantage and take routes to avoid the cops.
- Disable A.I. If they get a kill, you won't get the achievement. If you are playing with others, no one must get a single kill.
Even Steven
This one is very simple. Remember the Hoxton Breakout Heist, Day 1 specifically? At the end, one of your crew members has to insert a ticket into the machine. It is best to do this on Normal since it is the easiest difficulty and it will always give you enough for the vaults and for the ticket machine.It looks exactly the same as the one in the Hoxton Breakout Heist. The achievement will pop as soon as the C4 goes off.
♥♥♥♥ It, We're Walking
This is easier than it seems. Move all of the loot to the entrance desks. Pick up a bag, stand on the desk, jump then throw the bag to the top.

It will either land just on the edge of the top floor, or you will miss it slightly which is more likely. Having two people throwing the bags up and two people at the top floor ready to catch the bags will make securing the loot much easier. You only need to secure the minimal amount and finish the heist to get this achievement.

Transporter Basic is required for this (And if you don't already have it in every build you have, what are you doing?).
Doing this shouldn't really need a guide and is pretty self explanatory, in the event you fail the first time, you might as well restart.

Attempting this stealthily will save you the trouble of fighting off law enforcement whilst trying to focus on what button to press as well as the additional side objectives such as fires and broken machinery.
Ultimate Edition - The Biker Heist
The Elephant is back, contracting his first loud only heist and bringing along with it, a new crew member on the run from his former gang. This secion will cover the achievements added in the Biker Heist update. You do not need the Ultimate Edition to unlock them. If you would like to know what content this DLC contains, click on the link below.
Harley Harley Harley Wroom! Davidson, You Got Your Patch! and Highly Mother-♥♥♥♥ing-Dangerous
The guide for these achievements can be found in the One Down (Loud) sub guide.

Let The Man Work
It is recommended that you complete this achievement on the 'Overkill' difficulty with a group of four players. As you complete the objectives in the heist, you will be directed to defend the mechanic on 3 separate occasions. As soon as the objective switches to 'Defend the Mechanic', make sure that your entire crew is fending the cops off him. If one gets close, the mechanic will stop and you will have to restart the heist to attempt it again. Once the third defence stage has been completed, you will get the achievement as soon as you finish this day of the heist.

A recommended equipment setup for this heist would be having 2 players invest into the Engineer subtree in Technician so they are able to bring along sentry guns, 1 player with medical equipment (Mastermind - Medic, preferably doctor bags) and 1 player with ammo (Enforcer - Ammo Specialist).
This is quite a straightforward hidden object achievement. Somewhere inside the buildings of the heist, there will be a large bottle pictured below. The game iwll not tell you to interact with it, but the bottle will look similar to the one in the achievement image. If you have a location for the bottle not pictured here in the guide, comment with a screenshot and we will add it to the guide, with credit given of course.

This one is directly above and to the right of where you spawn. It can be accessed by going to the first floor of the clubhouse.

This location will only be a possibility of you have bought the Vantage Point asset, otherwise it will not appear. It is found directly behind the wooden boards and the smaller bottles at the vantage point.

This one is right next to your spawn above the bar.

This is located inside the bunker where you will eventually have to go and get the seat from. It is next to the ladder leaving the bunker behind some wooden boards.

Credit to Athener for the third and fourth images!

Full Throttle
This one will be very easy when you remember how to get past each of the obstacles found on the train. It is recommended that you play this day a couple of times before attempting the achievement so you have a general idea of where the cops will spawn and when and where is the best time to stop and shoot some of them, since you can't deal with every cop along the way as you will run out of time.

The only huge obstacle you're going to face is the heavily armored enemy right at the end of the train. Without a large amount of DPS, you may be there a while before you can move on. Some recommended weapons to deal with it quickly include the Minigun and RPG (The Overkill Pack), any light machine gun (KSP .58 is the free one) or any sniper rifle (Platypus 70 is the free one).

If your build has the capability for dodge then it is best to use it this day. If your build is based around armor, instead of taking one of the heavy vests, go for a medium one. You will still get a decent amount of defence but you'll also be able to move faster. Finally, it highly recommended that you invest in the Run and Gun and Parkour perks (Ghost - Artful Dodger) as they will be one of the biggest helpers when attempting this achievement (They're also good perks to add to most builds).
Eye for an Eye
The majority of times that you attempt day 2, a helicopter with a turret will appear on either side of the train. All you have to do is have a couple of high damage weapons with your team and this achievement will be yours in no time. Just make sure to take cover while taking it out since it is able to get through the heaviest types of armor in a matter of seconds.

Some recommended weapons to bring along to this include any sniper rifle, especially the thanatos, any semi auto rifle and any high damage revolver.
Ultimate Edition - The Bomb Heists
To steal the item of interest, we have two choices. We can either have a great time stealing it at the Dockyard, or we can fall off the side of a hill near the Forest. Difficult choice right? This section of the guide will cover the achievements added in The Bomb Heists update. You do not need the Ultimate Edition to unlock these achievements. If you would like to know what content this DLC contains, click on the link below.
I've Got the Power
Similar to the achievement 'Afraid of the Dark', this'll require you to go loud during 'The Bomb: Dockyard'. Attempting this on a lower difficulty is recommended.

Upon doing this achievement on 'Normal' difficulty, you're given exactly two power boxes to watch over whilst the computer is in the hacking process. Be sure to search for these boxes before beginning to hack. Doing this achievement with a group of friends assures that the boxes are easier to watch over.
Done in 60 Seconds
The trick to completing this achievement is with at least two players and a couple of ECMs between the two of you. Three ECMs should be enough in order to keep the alarm off during the attempt.

Be sure to plan well and split yourselves up to two sides. Run into the warehouses and search for the keycards. There is a possibility that the keycards can both be on one side, so it's a good idea to have more than two in case that situation ever occurs.
Breaking Dead
As of Update 95.5, the ingredients and the lab will always appear on Dockyard (Thank you very much Overkill).

They'll be found in small boxes similar to the 'Hotline Miami' meth lab. This is now incredibly easy to do. Simply open all of the containers until you find the lab and the achievement will pop up.
Maiden Voyage, What Are You Sinking About, Fisherman's Fiend and Ship It
The guide for these achievements can be found in either One Down sub guide.

Derailed, I Cut Down Trees, I Skip and Jump, A Pine in the ♥♥♥ and Keep Your Feet on the Ground
The guide for these achievements can be found in the One Down (Loud) sub guide.

Mask Related Achievements
Pump It Up
This is recommended to be done in a lower difficulty to make law enforcement easy to put up with. This achievement can be done on the rare occasion with the 'Ace Pilot' asset, too.

There is the rare chance that you could fill up the entire train cart without the hose coming loose from the train whilst using the 'Ace Pilot' asset, but this means depending on luck to get the achievement.

The most ideal method to do this would be to use the hose by default. Be familiar with the joints of the hose because that's what the law enforcement will try and disable. They will NOT go for the water pump, only the hose joints.

Providing you have a good team to watch the hose, this should be an easy task.

Sneaking With the Fishes
This will require you to stealth 'The Bomb: Dockyard' entirely on the 'Death Wish' difficulty or above. Doing the heist loudly at any point will not be accepted towards the achievement and will require a restart.

Coverage on how to stealth this heist on the 'Death Wish difficulty' can be found in the One Down (Stealth) sub guide.

Beaver Team
This requires you to be in a team of four, three of which MUST be carrying a saw with them. The fourth could use the chainsaw located somewhere in the forest.

This can be unlocked at the start of the heist but this would require all four players to be carrying a saw in order to make the achievement possible. One crew member must saw two trees whilst the others can saw one each.

The player sawing two trees is recommended to use the 'Portable Saw' skill.

The best way to co-operate would be to agree on a time to saw the trees so it's all done simultaneously, making the process quicker and more efficient. You will know which trees need to be cut because of the 'Saw' marks located on them.
This achievement is recommended to be attempted on the lowest difficulty available in order to allow easier civilian control and easier objective completion.

You're looking for a total of five civilians. Three workers can be found roaming the wreckage inside of the forest and another two located at the car stopped at the road. You can't miss the two civilians, but the workers may be tricky to locate.

It's ideal to use the 'Stockholm Syndrome' skill to keep the construction workers down where ever they may be running around to help assure they don't escape before you can reach them.

The most ideal spot to watch civilians is a rock located not too far from the road, the more players you have, the easier this entire achievement will be. Split yourselves up into two; the first group should watch the civilians and the other group should go on to complete objectives.

Once all objectives are completed and the escape is available, be sure to eliminate any law enforcement near the civilians before making a run for the escape. They must still be in the map before you escape.
Ultimate Edition - The Big Bank
These achievements are from the bank that makes First World Bank look like a toy store. This section of the guide will cover the achievements added in The Big Bank update. You do not need the Ultimate Edition to unlock these achievements. If you would like to know what content this DLC contains, click on the link below.
You Owe Me One
The key to this achievement is to not be a cheap ♥♥♥. Nobody cares about how poor you are. Spend some money in Preplanning before the start of the heist until no more favors are available.

Don't Bring the Heat
This requires you to go from start to finish without having to go loud and stealth it all the way through. This is recommended on lower difficulties as there will be a lot less guards in the vault area.

Use my advice in the One Down (Stealth) sub guide as a good example of stealthing.

12 Angry Minutes
Be as angry as possible. Unless you're incredibly quick and lucky, stealth may or may not be an option. If you can open the vault quick enough without being detected, you're taking off many minutes which would have originally been towards drilling.

This achievement is recommended for being completed on the lowest available difficulty (Hard).
The recommended escape for this achievement is the Bus Escape as it's the closest to the vault location.

Stealth: You can stealth it up until the vault is open. As long as it's open, you're more than welcome to go loud as you're now focusing on moving the bags to whatever escape is available to you.
Loud: Come well equipped with a group of four. A saw is strongly recommended for opening the doors to the loot inside of the vault.

Player 1: This player must be immediately on their way to the crane and start operating it.
Player 2: This player must come prepared with ECM Specialist to open the security door to the computers and the rewiring room on the rooftop.
Players 3 and 4: These two must find out with is the right computer, one watching the computers whilst the other attempts to hack (If you're incredibly lucky, this step isn't necessary).

From here, the timer should have run down and the drill pieces are on the backs of three players as well as 4 sets of repair kits. Make your way to the vault and hope to god the drill doesn't break down every so often.

As three run to grab bags, one stays back to toggle the Bus Escape before rushing back into the vault for a fourth bag. If this is pulled off quick enough, that achievement is yours for the taking.
Same as 'Don't Bring the Heat', only more bags are required of you by the end of the heist. Best to play this as the lowest available difficulty to give yourself an easier time. Do not change the escape, otherwise you're disallowing yourself to get this achievement.

There's nothing to fear about the lasers, anybody can pass through them regardless of their ping, timing is the only thing that's important when it comes getting through them. You can pass bags through them without the alarm going off as well, so no need to avoid lasers when it comes to throwing bags through them.

Lasers will always have a set pattern and loop, so they're easily memorable and there's always one point in the pattern that you can slip through. The laser pattern is random every time and can either be a pattern of three or a pattern of six. If you can successfully stealth the vault area for up to 12 bags, the only problem you'll face is getting in and out of those lasers, otherwise you're fine.

You Can Only Plan to Fail, Don't Forget to Floss and Piggy Broke the Bank
The guide for these achievements can be found in either One Down sub guide.
Mask Related Achievements
It Takes Two to Tango
Be careful not to hack the wrong computer, take your time and co-operate carefully. Have one person hack the server computer whilst another goes through the nearby computers in search for the source of the beep on every hack attempt.

The closer you are to the computer, the louder the beep. The correct computer will also display a red error message on the screen when attempting to hack; this is the correct computer you're looking for.

Sweet Sixteen
Loud or Silent, take your pick. Be sure to leave that bank with 16 bags at a difficulty of your choice. (The lowest available difficulty is recommended)

12 bags will always be available to you, but the remaining 4 will require you to either lockpick or saw open deposit boxes for them.

It Takes a Pig to Kill a Pig
Time your drop right and have that pig at the ready; this requires co-operation between friends. Have one person lure the law enforcement towards the center staircase.

A good method for doing this would be to take some hostages and move them towards the stairs. Police will move in towards them in an attempt to free them. Once they attempt to do so, signal your friend at the crane to drop the pig.

(Don't worry, hostages will go unharmed.)

Backing Bobblehead Bob
Go for a hunt for Bobblehead Bob. He appears identical to his appearance in 'The Big Bank Heist' DLC Trailer as seen below. Be sure to keep him alive and well up until he's inside the vault, otherwise you'll have to try again.
And so here's a screenshot of Bobblehead Bob chillaxin' so you have a good idea who you're looking for.

Like the trailer, he would start off outside and make his way into the bank, almost like he's re-enacting the trailer.

Funding Father
Pay one last trip to the Big Bank with a group of four, each wearing an individual mask of your now unlocked masks, this achievement can be completed on any difficulty. If you are unable to find players for this, go to the 'Crews and Clans' section on the PAYDAY 2 forum.
Ultimate Edition - The Diamond
It's not just any Diamond, it's THE Diamond. This section of the guide will cover the achievements added in The Diamond update. Most of these achievements will require the Ultimate Edition. For those that do, you will need to find a host with the Ultimate Edition. If you would like to know what content this DLC contains, click on the link below.
Tabula Rasa
For this achievement, you must be at least Level 17 due to the level locks on the required weapons. Also you will need lots of experience of the game as a whole. Come well prepared with a team who knows very well how to play Payday 2.

Sometimes that's not enough, it's ideal to invest in bringing a perk deck. Preferably one that allows you to dodge bullets as it may be helpful in most situations. Invest in getting the 'Rogue' perk deck between your entire crew.

A good Idea is to just restart if you are going to face a swat van in the middle of the path because a van makes the run harder putting the crew on a tight spot for some time while wasting precious ammo.

Modifying your weapons is also allowed, applying barrel attachments and whatever else to provide you with as much damage as possible is a good solution to this achievement.
Day at the Museum, Devil of a Job and The Jonssonligan
The guide for these achievements can be found in either One Down sub guide.

Mask Related Achievements
Culture Vultures
This achievement can be done on any difficulty and can be done either stealthily or loudly. It's ideal to do this on a lower difficulty.

It's important to secure the bags as quickly as possible whilst breaking the glass be sure to NOT damage the artifacts, or they cannot be collected. Be sure to collect them as quick as possible before the police show up, they are also able to break the artifacts.

As long as you have them bagged, they can not be broken, only stolen, but you can take them back whenever you want.

Loud Method
Stealth Method
Cat Burglar
This will require you to complete this entire heist stealthily, it's recommended to come prepared with the appropriate assets, you will only need the diamond for this achievement.

It is recommended to complete this on 'Normal' difficulty to give yourself the best advantage possible.
Smoke and Mirrors
Once again, this can be done either stealthily or loudly, it's ideal to attempt this on the lowest available difficulty to provide you with the best advantage.

Similar to the stealth method of the achievement '12 Angry Minutes', as long as you complete some objectives before the alarm goes off, you can easily complete the heist before 10 minutes go by.

It's still possible to go loud from the beginning as long as no time is wasted and the objectives are not interrupted at any point.

Loud Method
Stealth Method
Diamonds in the Rough
It's highly recommended to come prepared for a loud approach. Play the heist as usual until you reach the puzzle part of the heist.

Have only one person with enough experience to complete the puzzle section, you'll need to make sure of a few things to assure the puzzle part isn't interrupted.

- If the person doing the puzzle thinks it's too difficult, there's no rush. Let the time run down and try your luck with a new puzzle.

- The person attempting the puzzle must NOT have converted any law enforcer, they will follow him onto the puzzle and can ruin it.

- Make sure no law enforcer walks into the puzzle area and step on a tile. That's for the rest of the crew to make sure never happens.
Honor Among Thieves
Team up with your friends who have this DLC or ask in the Crews and Clans section of the PAYDAY 2 forums.
Ultimate Edition - The Golden Grin Casino
The Golden Grin Casino has more to offer; It's a ♥♥♥♥ing $5,000 music box with the Illuminati symbol on it. This section of the guide will cover the achievements added in The Golden Grin Casino update. You do not need the Ultimate Edition to unlock these achievements. If you would like to know what content this DLC contains, click on the link below.
Let the Chips Fall, How the ♥♥♥♥ Can You Grin? and Ocean's Four
The guide for these achievements can be found in either One Down sub guide.

Mask Related Achievements
High Roller
Whilst many claim it's possible to do on 14 minutes, that doesn't mean it's easy to accomplish. You have a better chance attempting this with stealth via the 'Normal' difficulty.

Be sure to get a little practice first. This can be done as a single player but the more players you have with you, the faster this entire heist can be completed as you can ask them to do other objectives before they're even activated.

An example of this would be entering the safe in the Manager's office.
Hail to the King, Baby
Sounds challenging, but this can be done on any stealth attempt on your way out of the van. You could always try and sneakily kill him and dispose of the body. But that's not easy.

For a much easier experience, you can find out where he is beforehand, place down an ECM and pop a bullet into the back of his head before rushing for the van.
City of Sin and Well-Oiled Gears
Now this is much more challenging compared to every other achievement in this section, debatably harder than the difficulty achievements.

Be sure to have more players to help you out. The more you have, the easier this achievement will be. Preplanning is your best friend when it comes to unlocking this achievement. Be sure to buy all of the drill related assets that'll benefit you.

Due to heavy desync related issues, it's ideal to come prepared with a strong Technician build consisting of sentries and C4. The more players you have with this sort of equipment, the less worries you'll have.

Refer to the preplanning in the video provided below for some help. Whilst we didn't purchase the battery, it is highly recommended for a group of three as it means you're only required to guard two power sources instead of the default three.
Blind Eye in the Sky
Stealthing is recommended to be attempted on the lowest difficulty for the easiest possible outcomes during the mission.

The other videos in this section offers various examples of stealthing the heist as a majority of these achievements are heavily stealth-focused. Use these as examples and learn from them, best of luck!
Ultimate Edition - The Point Break Heists
While the source material may not be the best, it definitely has great ideas to make heists out of. This section of the guide will cover the achievements added in The Point Break Heists update. You do not need the Ultimate Edition to unlock these achievements, but you will need to find someone who does so these heists can be hosted. If you would like to know what content this DLC contains, click on the link below.
Beneath the Mountain

Commando Crew
This is actually very easy when you know what to do, but you should play the heist a couple of times first to be aware of the different spawns of the crates and various doors you will have to overcome.

At the start, there will always be 3 flashing crates and 2 spawns for the main door. When you get inside, you will probably have to use to blowtorch to open a blocking door and you will always have to use it for the security room. As soon as this is done, move to the airlock and get inside as quickly as possible.

At this point, you should decide who is going to use the cameras and open the vaults and who is going to defend the computers that the cops can shutdown. The person who is using the cameras will easily be able to tell which vaults contain the loot as the ones that don't will be completely empty.

It would be a good idea to tell your teammates which of the vaults contain the loot and which ones are currently open. The achievement will pop as soon as the fourth vault has been opened by your crew.

The video below is a guide for the above two achievements.
You must not get downed from any source to get this one. Your only real threat will be cloakers. Stay close to your crew at all times and make sure you deal with any special as soon as possible.

To avoid any extra risk, only take the minimum amount of bags with you. Since you won't be getting downed, you can remove skills like Inspire and Nine Lives if you want the extra points for survival, but with a competent team, this won't be necessary.
Blood is Thicker Than Murkywater, Hall of the Mountain King and Not Radical Enough For You?
The guide for these achievements can be found in the One Down (Loud) sub guide.

Birth of Sky

Pinpoint Landing
You are going to need to adjust your parachute appropriately and quickly to move it into the right position. The two windows you are aiming for may already be broken if one of the money pallets have fallen there, but you will probably have to shoot it open.

The achievement will pop as soon as you have landed.

Black Tie Event
This achievement is obviously implying the use of a dodge build. Bring pistols for both your weapons and a throwable of your choice. If a single melee attack from any of your crew members connects with an enemy, the achievement will not unlock at the end.

All you need to be concerned about are the snipers and the bulldozers, but apart from that, this achievement will be a breeze, especially if you are usually a dodge player.
The Sky is the Limit
The guide for these achievements can be found in the One Down (Loud) sub guide.

Mask Related Achievements

Beneath the Mountain Achievements

Clean House
This can be completed on any difficulty so I'd recommend that you do it on Normal. You will need to get the 2-4 pieces of loot from the vaults and the up to 10 extra pieces when you get to the top of the mountain.

This loot can be found in the same green crates you will loot the prototype from.

As long as you clear out all of the vault loot and get to the top, you will definitely get this achievement as it will pop as soon as all of the loot has been secured. As always, Transporter Aced from the Enforcer tree is highly recommended.

No Scope
This actually isn't directly related to the Point Break Heists, but it is included in the same update. Regardless, you will have no trouble getting this one.

Load up a heist on normal. As long as you don't switch weapon and don't aim down the sights of the platypus, you will get the achievement as soon as you have your 10th headshot. Getting up close to the cops will make your job much easier.

Birth of Sky Achievements

This can be completed solo with any build, but you will need the highest movement speed you can get. Run past all of the murkywater guards and only kill the ones that are physically blocking your progress. This may take a couple of attempts to get used to it.

The video below a guide for the above two achievements.
No Blood on the Floor
This is similar to 1...2...3...JUMP!. This can also be done solo, but this time, you must take a heavy armor build. You should still run past as many enemies as possible, but to make it safer for you, kill the enemies in the top area as you move through it.

The bottom area will have bulldozers so you should try to avoid them as best as you can. The achievement will pop as soon as the button to launch the pallets has been pressed.
Ultimate Edition - Scarface Heist
Say hello to a heist with a huge mansion, a lot of guards inside and outside, and with a high degree of difficulty. This section of the guide will cover the achievements added in the Scarface Update. Most of the achievements linked to this heist will require the Ultimate Edition, and the ones that don't will require someone who does so the heist can be hosted. If you would like to know what content this DLC contains, click on the link below.
You Cockroaches Wanna Play Rough?, Every Dog Has His Day and Say Good Night to the Bad Guy
The guide for these achievements can be found in the One Down (Stealth) sub guide.

Say Hello to My Big Friend
This achievement requires use of the new rocket launcher that comes with this Heist DLC. The heist itself is actually reasonably challenging loud, so it may take you a couple of tries to get into Ernesto Sosa's room, but when you do, a rocket or two will be enough to kill him.

What? You Want Me to Dance?
This is a stealth based achievement that is much easier to complete with at least one friend. Whichever you is the host should do the main part of the stealth, while your friend should remain on the camera feed and standby until you have got to the loot stash. A standard stealth run of this heist will take around 10 minutes which means you won't have enough time to complete the heist in stealth and secure the required 6 bags of loot before your time is up. This is where your friend comes in. At the end of the heist, place down an ecm and rush the bags to the drop off point as quickly as possible. Only take the Yayo to make your life easier.

As for the main part of the heist, you have a couple of options. The demonstration provided below will involve only a rush at the end, but your other option is killing all of the guards on the outside of the heist and moving them outside of the camera's line of sight. If you kill enough guards on the outside, there will be an additional 4 guards that will roam the map, but will also have no pagers and can be killed.

The inside part of this heist is the hardest due to the high amount of guards that you have to avoid, along with no way of being able to spot them beforehand. You will have to remember their patrols to succeed here. If you get lucky with the objectives, you won't have to avoid them for very long, but in some cases you may be here for a while. If your luck is incredibly bad, you may have to restart the heist if you've spent too much time here.

There will always be one guard with a pager guarding the entrance to Ernesto Sosa's room, so it is advised that you bring a shotgun to be able to answer the pager of this guard in a safe place. There are a lot of other variables regarding this heist that haven't be discussed here, so I would advice watching the below video to give you a good idea of what to expect.

Look at These Pelicans Fall
Yet another hidden item achievement, but this time you have to shoot the items instead of collecting them. The locations for these flamingos will always be outside of the map and may be far away from the boundaries, so it would be advised to bring a long ranged weapon to shoot them. While the achievement only requires you to shoot both of the pelicans on one map, the trophy requires you to do this 10 times. The location guide below will help you to find where they are.
Credit to Jej and lexilogo for allowing me to use their guide!
Free - Aftershock
Day 3 of Crimefest 2015 brought us a heist with a name that was very relatable with what was happening with the community at the time.

400 Bucks
You're going to have to be quick to get this one. At the start of the heist, run to the Hobo area under the bridge.

You will most likely find a civilian there who is trying to escape. Either shoot or tie the civilian and pickup his knife to get the achievement. Control Freak basic in the Mastermind Tree will be helpful.

Difficulty doesn't seem to matter, however it doesn't seem like he spawns 100% of the time, so expect to restart the game a bit.
Can You See The Light?, Aftershocked and Disaster Tourist
The guide for these achievements can be found in the One Down (Loud) sub guide.
Free - Alaskan Deal
The fifth day of the Locke and Load event brought us the return of the best payday character fo sho, but not everything appears to be going as planned. This section of the guide will cover the achievements related to the Alaskan Deal heist.

There Was Room For Two
Once you get onto the ship in this heist, use the picture below to locate the cop. A sniper rifle is recommended to make this shot easy to hit.

Headless Snowmen
There are four different locations for these snowmen, all of which are provided below. As with 'There Was Room For Two', it is recommended that you bring a sniper rifle to make these headshots easy.

The Fuel Must Flow
This is different to your average defence objective in that there are multiple different areas on the map that you will have to fend the cops from. Because of this, heading into the 'Engineer' subtree of Technician and picking up as many turret skills as possible will make this achievement much easier. Bring an ammo bag as your secondary deployable (Assuming you picked up Jack of All Trades) and place the turrets in the right locations when this objective is activated. There are a couple of different spawn points for these objectives, but none of them are difficult to the point where I would recommend a restart. Due to the risk of shields, moving between the multiple defence objectives is advised to ensure that the refuelling process continues smoothly.
Free - Election Day
That slimy ballbag McKendrick.

Master Detective
Come well prepared with ECMs in case you are ever caught during this. If at all the heist goes loud, you are no longer able to tag any of the trucks as they will make their leave and the plan will be changed.

Take a look at the truck names and the colours they match with. Any coloured containers with content that does not relate to voting machines means it cannot be that coloured truck. This also means any truck that shares the same name as that coloured truck cannot be that truck either. Once you know which truck it is, tag it and get out of there.

You're welcome to go loud once the truck is tagged; the escape will always be available.
I'm a Swinger
Bring all of your stealth gear and remain silent all the way through the heist up until you are out of the warehouse and safely back to the van. It's recommended to attempt this on a lower difficulty as it means fewer machines are required to be hacked.

Killing guards will make this a whole lot easier providing you do not kill 4 and still remain stealthy. If you have to break into the storage rooms for voting machines, it's safer to search the building for keycards instead of drilling.
Storage Hunter
It's recommended to attempt this achievement on a low difficulty. Tag the correct truck and move on to the second day of the heist. This can be done both the easy way or the hard way. Both methods are provided below:

Easy (Loud): Work alone with bots or with a team of friends, break into the storage rooms on both ends of the warehouse and move all of the money bags into the van. A saw or maxed drills is highly recommended.

Hard (Stealth): Sneak about the warehouse undetected and stealthily drill your way into the storage rooms and take the money yourself. This method isn't recommended due to how difficult it is, even on normal difficulty. Bringing drill skills is still highly recommended.
Murphy's Law
Load up the game on a low difficulty to make this achievement easier on yourself. This achievement is down to luck and can be done on any difficulty; the difficulty of the heist does NOT matter.

Intentionally tag the wrong truck to move on to the appropriate day for this achievement. Proceed through the heist until you break into the vault, cross your fingers and hope nothing is in there.
Hot Lava 2.0
The requirements say a good majority of it; do NOT touch the ground at any given point, use anything nearby to your advantage; containers, tables, etc.

Bring the lightest available armor (suit), as well as a couple of skills to help you get around easier. You need as much speed as possible for some jumps. The following skills are useful:
Duck and Cover Basic (Ghost - Artful Dodger)
Parkour Aced (Ghost - Artful Dodger)

If the computer is located somewhere downstairs within the building, it may still be possible to reach, but it would mean breaking windows and jumping onto the ledge to save yourself from touching the ground. If all else fails, try again.

A video method has been provided below to show you a much easier way to do this achievement (A player with the Gage Sniper Pack DLC is required).
4 More Years, Yes We Can, Death Wish Swinger and Only Losers Play Fair
The guide for these achievements can be found in either One Down sub guide.
Free - Hoxton Breakout
This is the moment we've all been waiting for. This section of the guide will cover the achievements added in the Hoxton Breakout update.

Why Don't We Just Use a Spoon?
This requires you to complete the heist on any difficulty. To get this achievement with as little trouble as possible, it's recommended to complete the heist on the lowest difficulty.

In order to get access to this melee weapon, you're required to complete the 'Hoxton Breakout' heist on any difficulty as well as join the Payday 2 Steam group. Completing the heist on 'Normal' difficulty is recommended to get it as quick as possible.

Once you've received the melee weapon, be sure to equip it. Load up a heist of your choice, locate your nearest enemy and take a stab at him.

♥♥♥♥♥♥s Beware, No Bars Can Hold Me and Still Got That Lucky Dollar?
The guide for these achievements can be found in the One Down (Loud) sub guide.
Free - Hoxton Revenge
This section of the guide will cover the achievements related to the Hoxton Revenge Heist.

Silent but Deadly
It goes as it's explained in the description of the achievement; do this heist silently without triggering the alarms. It's ideal to do this on the lowest possible difficulty.

Attempting this on normal difficulty allows you to worry about less guards and security in general. The amount of evidence needed to finish the heist is lowered to an easier amount, too.
♥♥♥♥♥♥s Get Shanked, A Dish Best Served Cold and Not the Forgiving Kind
The guide for these achievements can be found in either One Down sub guide.

Mask Related Achievements
I'm An Avenger!
This can be done loud or stealth. The objective is to break into the panic room and kill the traitor. Doing this on 'Normal' difficulty makes you job infinitely easier.
Free - Meltdown
This section of the guide will cover the achievements related to the Meltdown Heist.

Sunday Drive
This can be done on any difficulty so I'd advice starting with normal. This heist is quite difficult and different compared to the others so use this time to familirise yourself with:

- The Driving Controls (Pro Tip: Never press the backwards button on your keyboard. It will send the car into a spin if you are going too fast)
- The Route you will need to take with the Longfellow
- Using a Forklift
- The Crowbar Spawns (They are different to Shadow Raid. Most of them are on the floor or in the yellow cages)
- The Sniper Spawns

Knowing all of this will be invaluable to you when attempting this on Mayhem and above.

There Was A Car?!
This is much easier than it seems (It's also quite fun). Move the nuke parts onto 2 separate forklifts (3 per forklift, assuming you are doing this on a low difficulty) and designate 2 people to each forklift.

There shouldn't be too much of a problem if the drivers avoid the cops as much as possible. The damage you take will be minimal so you shouldn't need to worry.
Now is the Nuclear Winter of Our Discontent, Pedal To The Medal and Dr. Strangevlad
The guide for these achievements can be found in the One Down (Loud) sub guide.

Mask Related Achievements
They Don't Pay Us Enough
You will need to secure the 8 extra bags of loot in the map for this achievement. The loot can be found in the boxes that can be opened with a crowbar (They can be found indoors and outdoors) and in the yellow cages.

If you missed any, there is a handy counter that tells you how much extra loot you will still need for this achievement. It will appear as soon as the final bag has been secured.
Free - Reservoir Dogs
This crossover is a dream come true for me. And it turned out better than I thought it possibly could. This section of the guide will cover the achievements added in the Reservoir Dogs update.

Waste Not, Want Not
There are six main bags in the garnet group building that are required for the objective, and there are a number of jewelry bags located around the ground floor, near the desks on the first floor and in some titan safes in the first floor. You will have to search the entire building for the loot, and since the achievement will pop as soon as the last bag has been secured, you can stay there for as long as you want.

Since this achievement has the requirement of needing to be completed on Overkill or above, moving the bags across the street will be risky on all of the difficulties you attempt this on. However, there is a zipline on the first floor that will make transportation of them easier for you. Finally, there will occasionally be a GENSEC van which will spawn ouside of the garnet group store, however this will only ever contain loose cash and bags of money so you can safely ignore it.

Close Shave
Frankly this is just tedious, not difficult. The specials that are easiest to kill for this achievement are shields, tazers, medics and cloakers. Snipers are obviously out of the question, and dozers take too long and are too risky to melee kill. To speed the killing of the recommended special units up, head to the 'Fugitive - Brawler' tree and pickup Basic Bloodthirst. This skill recently recieved a buff and can be stacked up to 16 times to instakill pretty much every enemy on Overkill. The amount of power this gives you is actually unnecessary. To kill a shield, you will need two normal swipes, or one swipe with one stack. For tazers and medics, three to four stacks will kill them, and at least six will be needed for cloakers.

I would also advise tackling this achievement solo with team AI enabled. While they may steal a few of your special kills, they will fend off some of the normal cops, making your goal of running towards the specials easier. Ensure that the Armor Piercing crew ability is not selected in your setup so they can't kill shields as easy.

Pinky Swear
This might become problematic due to the fact that you cannot delay this achievement until an assault break as it will occur without fail a few minutes after the heist starts. Concussion grenades are highly recommended for this one, allowing you to reach Mr. Pink quickly and so you can deal with any cops in his way easily. The recent addition of a community grenade launcher means that I can highly recommend bringing the Compact 40mm Grenade Launcher to make dealing with a massive crowd of cops child's play. It'd also be wise to designate one person in your group to constantly shout at Mr. Pink so he moves as quickly as possible, as 60 seconds in terms of PAYDAY 2 is a measly amount of time.

Get Off My Property
This doesn't have a difficulty requirement so it is very easy. Head to 'Technician - Engineer' and pickup every skill there. For your secondary equippable, bring a bag of ammo in case the sentry guns need to be refilled. This achievement will fail if any cop enters the building, so you'll have to setup defences in front of the three areas the cops can enter the warehouse from. There are the two main doos which you can see as soon as you load into the heist, and there is a smaller entrance point for the cops if you head up the ramp and into the room to your right. Place sentries in front of these areas, complete the heist like normal and the achievement will unlock as soon as Twitch shows.

United We Heist
You have a pretty good gun at your disposal so completing this achievement won't be difficult. Do not use melee or your secondary, however you can freely use your throwables without this achievement failing. As long as you don't damage cops with your other two means of damage, you'll complete this without issues.

One Down Guide - Every Heister Has His Day
Free - Shadow Raid
Free - The Car Shop Heist
This section of the guide will cover the achievements related to the Car Shop Heist.

Tag, You're It!
If you want this achievement easy, you'll need to set up your own virtual rigged race. Find a crew of four willing to take a dive at the finish line.

Doing this on 'Normal' difficulty allows you to have more time for the 'Point of No Return' allowing your four man crew to allow you enough time to catch up if needed, or otherwise allow yourself to go first. Theoretically, this is cheating, but it's cheating that's allowed in the game's rules!
Pink Slip
There really is nothing to this achievement; it's made to be intentionally silly. This achievement can be unlocked in the following heists:

- Aftershock
- The Alesso Heist
- Beneath the Mountain
- The Biker Heist (Day 1)
- Birth of Sky
- Car Shop
- Goat Simulator
- Meltdown

You've got a Fast Car, High Octane and Long Gone
The guide for these achievements can be found in the One Down (Stealth) sub guide.

Mask Related Achievements
Gone in 240 Seconds
This one is a little more complex and can be done much quicker with a crew of four who know what they're doing and are steady when it comes to driving on the road.

As crazy as it may sound, the first step is to go loud. Below is a step by step guide on what to do providing you have three other players with you, otherwise you're gonna have to do some steps on your own. But this also means it'll be additionally harder to pull off.

Step One
Smash through the window into the manager's office (You don't need the keycard, dummy) and search the whiteboard inside for a name.

Other players:
- One must follow you upstairs and into the computer room nearby ready to search for the name called out. (There is also a lone PC room nearby that could also be the correct computer.)
- Two must run into the downstairs area into the computer area located nearby and ready themselves to search for the name called out.

Step Two
Whilst the computer is being hacked, move on to complete other objectives. Bring the rest of the crew with you to plant the C4 outside of the shop. Once all of the C4 is planted, locate the storage room and be ready to run into it. It'll open once the hacking is complete.

Step Three
Grab the keys and get in the car. Depending on how much time was spent on the previous objectives, you should be given 90-120 seconds to drive to the escape.

To play it safe, it's a good idea to take only two cars; two players can take a passenger seat each whilst the other two drive.
Free - The Hardcore Henry Heists
At least this collab fits with the PAYDAY universe. This section of the guide will cover the achievements related to the Hardcore Henry Heists.

Murky Station Achievements

It's Just Drones On And On, Blackout and EMPathy
The guide for these achievements can be found in the One Down (Stealth) sub guide.

Four guards, four dumpsters, this achievement can be done quick and easy once you've gotten the hang of completing the heist.

Doing this on 'Normal' difficulty is highly recommended to make heist completion easier and less guards to worry about being spotted by. If you're attempting this alone, it's ideal to purchase the Body Bag asset, this way you'll have plenty of body bags to work with.

All four dumpsters are located on the upper area, the locations can be seen on the video provided below.
No Witnesses
This is probably one of the harder achievements related to this heist alongside completing on Mayhem and above so be sure to bring some friends to help out.

Bringing more friends to help out can assure success in killing every guard before escaping to the vehicle, the vehicle doesn't matter too much, all that matters is the actions of the players. There are 3 total guards in the underground level and a remaining 7 guards in the station.

It's recommended to kill the three guards in the underground level, killing a single guard in the station to make use of all four pagers provided. Once the objectives are completed and the escape is available, time well, seek out the remaining six guards in the station and run for the escape as fast as you can.
Boiling Point Achievements

Hard Boiled Heisters, Red Snow and This is WAR Baby!
The guide for these achievements can be found in the One Down (Loud) sub guide.

When in Russia... Do as the Russians Do
You'll have no trouble with this one. As long as you have the Russian Hat and the Golden AK equipped with everyone in your crew, you will get this achievement at the end of the heist.

You can use whatever secondary, melee or throwable you want, along with the already versatile rifles you are required to use.
The hardest part of this achievement will be finding a crew with full maniac decks, but once you're past that, this will be a piece of cake.

All you need to do is get your crew at a maniac white bar average of 65% or above at any point in any heist and the achievement will unlock.

You'll be going on Lab Rats on Overkill for this to find one of everyone's old friends: The Titandozer. When you find one, bring your crew over and start firing at him. To make this go quicker, bringing one weapon with HE round capability per player will increase the white bar much quicker.
Free - The Hardcore Henry Heists - Masks
Along with the heists, four masks were added that can be unlocked by completing the achievements below.

Murky Station Achievements

The Pacifist
It's recommended to play the heist a few times and be familiar with the heist before giving this achievement an attempt, low difficulties are always recommended.

Lower difficulty means less guards to worry about, be familiar with the number of guards in specific areas and their pattern, if you're purely attempting this for the achievement, it's best to leave any extra loot behind.

Ghost Run
This achievement is only a matter of improving your knowledge and skills in the heist, the better you are, the faster you can complete the heist.

As of now, the achievement's description requires you to complete the heist in under 7 minutes, however, the achievement is currently rewarded when completed in under 6 minutes. Whether this is a bug or a typo is currently unknown.
(Let me know if this gets updated.)

Attempting this achievement on Normal difficulty makes your chances easier in terms of not being caught by guards or cameras.
Boiling Point Achievements

Crazy Ivan
It was originally believed that this achievement was bugged, but it is instead way too strict. The best way you're going to get this done is a solo run on very hard with no AI. The skills you should be bringing along to this are provided below.

Mastermind - Quick Fix and Uppers Aced (Medic).
Enforcer - Transporter Aced (Tank), Underdog Aced (Shotgunner), Resilience Aced (Tank) and Iron Man Aced (Tank).
Ghost - Duck and Cover Basic (Artful Dodger), Parkour Aced (Artful Dodger), Shockproof Aced (Artful Dodger) and Second Wind Basic (Silent Killer).
Fugitive - Martial Arts Aced (Brawler), Pumping Iron Aced (Brawler) and Counterstrike Basic (Brawler).
Everything else is optional and should be used to get to the higher tier skills.

Perk Deck - Infiltrator is highly recommended if you have the Dragan Character Pack. Your best non dlc choice would be Muscle/Armourer since it would be best to use armour for this achievement.

Weapons - You can fire guns, but they must not deal damage to a single cop. This is where the RPG comes in. If you have the Overkill Pack, bring it along and expend all ammo at the start and keep it as your selected weapon throughout the entire heist.

If you don't have the Overkill Pack, the best non DLC choice would be the saw; just make sure you get the skill 'Portable Saw' so you can bring it as a secondary as well.

Do not use throwables.

Finally, your best melee choice would be the Katana in the Yakuza DLC, but if you don't have this, the Lucille Baseball bat is a viable choice. As long as the melee weapon can kill a cop with 2/3 hits, bearing in mind the damage increase with the skills, you should be fine.
The Ground Is Too Cold
The classic no downs achievement. While this heist can be considered harder than most, you still shouldn't have many problems with this one.
Skills like Counterstrike, Shockproof Aced would be useful here, along with bringing a lot of first aid kits. You can remove skills such as inspire and anything in revenant too.

The only real problem you'll probably have with this heist is the snipers at the end. They are going to be way back on any of the small mountains or on the top of the building you will leave with the server. As long as you move fast and deal with them quickly, you'll be over with this quite quickly.
Classics - Dallas Pack - First World Bank
This section of the guide will cover all achievements related to the First World Bank heist.

With a little bit of practice, this can be accomplished alone on the lowest difficulty, even faster with friends to assist. Going for the minimum goal will help speed up the process.

Stealthing this on 'Normal' difficulty will allow you to only worry about securing the lowest possible amount of bags as well as less guards and civilians to worry about along the way. It's recommended to bring a set of well specced ECMs as the escape is full of civilians that could potentially ruin your stealth run.

The video below provides an example on how to complete this mission alone in the amount of time required to obtain the achievement.
Original Heisters
Firstly, make sure you know this heist well before attempting it on Overkill. If you have played it in the first game, go straight on ahead to Overkill, but if you haven't, play on a lower difficulty going loud to get some practice in.

Secondly, this is quite like the 4 man mask achievements from previous dlcs, but it is more likely that you will get players for this in a public lobby. However, this will be much easier to co-ordinate with friends. All of the PD:TH crew is free to play from the beginning (Except Hoxton but you've probably done the breakout once already) which makes it much easier to find players for.

Hidden Hostages
This one is not that complicated when you know what to do. This can be accomplished much easier on lower difficulties but it can only be done loud.

Make sure you have the Cable Guy skill in Mastermind - Controller for this. Tie up all of the civilians and move them to the place shown in the screenshot below. The cops will attempt to free the civilians, but only in an assault break. When this occurs, have one or two people keep an eye on the hostages until the assault has begun.

Cloaker Fear
You can do this one loud or stealth. It would be advised to do this on Overkill (Were you really considering above that for this anyway?).

When you get into the vault and have the money bagged, throw the six required bags into the vent. Once that's done, throw no more in there. The rest have to be carried out. Depending on your RNG with the first door spawn, your job will be a lot easier or harder. Make sure to move all of the bags at once, dealing with all of the cops before you move the bags forward, and have your heister skilled into Transporter Aced.

The video below is a guide for the three achievements above this one (Original Heisters, Hidden Hostages and Cloaker Fear).
This can only be completed on Death Wish and above. The Overvault cannot be activated on anything lower than it. This is a very time consuming and skill based achievement, harder than the One Down one for this heist.

Make sure you are fully prepared with a team that knows the game incredibly well and has the patience to wait the drill out.

Your choice of weapons and equipment will be a major factor in this heist. Weapon wise, choose ones that you are the most acquainted with using. Do NOT use any weapons or throwables that require the picking up of their payload as you risk using up more of your ammo bags than you should.

Do NOT use any weapons that have ammo pickups disabled or with very low pickups, however, one player with an RPG can be incredibly useful considering the amount of bulldozers you will encounter, but make sure that player knows how to use it well (Ironically the run of the Overdrill you see below has Underdrill downing his teammates). For a throwable, I'd highly recommend the Molotov as the cops will only go through one door. They will not spawn elsewhere. This is not necessary, but it is helpful.

Your equipment should be 6 aced ammo bags and 2 aced medic bags. Everything else will not be helpful as you are going to be holding off cops for a long time. Make sure to conserve the equipment you have; The 3 down doctor bag rule is crucial here.

With the setup out of the way, now onto what you will do to complete the achievement. Everything until you get through the lobby is the same as any normal attempt. When you get past this and into the next room, you will need to stand in the 4 positions shown in the screenshot below.

One person must be at the desk, another opposite to him and the other two to the left and right side near the desk.

The person at the desk must be facing the person at the back wall and vice versa. The person on my left in the screenshot must be facing the wall in front of him and the one on the right must be facing the wall opposite.

This will activate the Overvault. Once you've done that, place the drill and be prepared to wait 2000 seconds (33.3 minutes). Everyone must be defending the front. Cloakers will occasionally spawn, but apart from that, the only resistance you'll be dealing with is the front cops.

If you intend to get the money, two people must be allocated to collecting it as there will be bulldozers in the vault. As soon as they are done with their job, they must return to the front defense.

Once the drill has completed, you have one final step to do. Look at this image below. It explains fully the tiles that you will have to activate in order to open the vault. Take your time with it. One wrong tile and there will be no getting into the vault.

When it is open, you'll be awarded with the achievement. If you want to collect the gold as well, allocate one person to bagging and moving it. It will take a long time, but you must fend off the cops as you can very easily get swarmed. If the assault looks like it's dying down with only a few cops getting through the front door in the period, everyone should help to move the gold to help speed up the process.

In the end, you will get around 40 million offshore and 10 million spending cash. If you've gotten this far, good job; you've earned it.
Au Ticket
The location of the safe is on the way to leaving the heist, past the C4 wall. It will always be located in there and it shouldn't be that hard to find. Below is one example of it.
Just Walk Straight Into the Bank, CVL+ and First World Problems
The guide for these achievements can be found in either One Down sub guide.
Classics - Dallas Pack - Slaughterhouse
This section of the guide will cover all of the achievements related to the Slaughterhouse heist.

Not Hard Enough
Depending on your RNG, Winters may or may not appear in the main part of your run. If he doesn't appear, your job is made a lot easier. When you get to the escape, hold out until he appears. As time goes on, the chances of his appearance will increase.

When he does appear, wait until the badge icon has appeared next to the orange assault bar. If you want to be 100% sure he's on the map, he can be located outside the slaughterhouse where the swat van is and where one of your cans of thermite has to go.

But How?
At the start of the heist, shoot the windshield of the GENSEC truck. This is to make sure that the van is going to fall in the right way. If you've done it right, you will have the option to shoot two wires when you enter the slaughterhouse.

Don't shoot them. Instead, wait out the first assault wave. By the end of it, the van should fall on its own. This should take around 5-7 minutes starting from when you enter.
Making a Statement
It is highly recommended that you complete this on Overkill. Leaving the snipers on Death Wish and above will make your job a lot harder.

You are going to start seeing snipers from the second assault onwards. If you're quick enough, the gold bags will be loaded and you will be waiting for the crane by the time this happens.
Allocate one person to stay outside to finish any remaining objectives, preferably someone with heavy armor or high dodge. The rest of the team should return inside the slaughterhouse for extra cover.

Your team should move as soon as the escape is available. Do not shoot any cops on top of the containers just in case throughout your attempt.
This is very easy once you know the locations of the cans. Having low armor and mobility skills will help you pull this off much easier. Below are all of the locations of the fuel cans (If there are any more please comment below with an image and I will add it!).

It is advised that you play this heist a couple of times first so you will know where these cans are located just by looking at the screenshots.

The top left corner of the main area when you first enter the slaughterhouse.

Up the small stairs you will see along the left of the slaughterhouse as you go in.

Under a table in the small building in the middle of the main area of the slaugtherhouse.

As you enter the slaughterhouse, follow the map along left until you see a set of garage doors. The can will be located on a wall there.

In the small room as soon as you enter the slaugterhouse.

At the left side of the main area along the back wall.
Pork Royale
The pig you are looking for doesn't seem to have a specific location but it shouldn't be too hard to find. You will get a prompt to grab the pig when you are near the right one so finding it should take a couple of minutes. Below is a one example of the pig.

Of Pigs and Pigs, Dead Meat and Slaughterfest
The guide for these achievements can be found in the One Down (Loud) sub guide.
Classics - Wolf Pack - Counterfeit
Bodhi's Pool Repair Returns. This heist is part of the Wolf Pack DLC. If you already own the original DLC, you will not need to rebuy this. If you don't own it and wish to buy it, the link is below.
Pool Party, Under Pressure and Bodhi's Pool Repair Crew
The guide for these achievements can be found in the One Down (Loud) sub guide.

Basement Dwellers
This achievement's description is ambiguous. It doesn't tell you how long you have to defend the printing room for. It turns out that the achievement pops as soon as the safe has been filled with water and the C4 has been used, which means you will have to defend the basement for around 8-20 minutes, depending on how far you stealth it and how well you defend the generators.

Bringing along 2 sets of sentry guns will be a big help in case a few cops get close to the printer. Having the guns will allow you to complete the objectives without worry, unless you get unlucky with shields getting down there. Because of this, it would be a good idea that at least one of your crew members floats around the printer area and the bottom rooms of both houses for extra defense.

The video below is a demonstration for the above two achievements.
Crowd Control
Another returning achievement. At the time of writing this, there is a bug with a female civilian dressed in red (It's showcased in the video below) where she cannot be moved and she will automatically come out of her cable ties when she is shouted at. A easy way around this problem is with the use of sentry guns defending this civilian. This can be applied to all of the civilians, providing you have the right skills.

The civilians you can move should be moved to the basement out of obvious lines of fire. Extra cable ties is recommended, although with a team of 4 you should have enough ties to deal with all 8 civilians. If you run out of ties but you have the control freak skill in the mastermind tree, you will still be able to do this achievement as long as you are constantly firing your weapon.
Classics - Wolf Pack - Undercover
$25 million dollars is on the line, however the job pays your crew more than that for its completion. This heist is part of the Wolf Pack DLC. If you already own the original DLC, you will not need to rebuy this. If you don't own it and wish to buy it, the link is below.
Tax Return, In for a dime, in for a Dollar and Death and Taxes
The guide for these achievements can be found in the One Down (Loud) sub guide.

Not Even Once
It is best that you complete this achievement with your normal gear. Doing this alongside Blow-out may not be the best idea since you won't have the gear to quickly and effectively deal with snipers and cloakers. There have been similar achievements like this before, but I consider this one to be the easiest since many of you will have already played this heist.

With all of these achievements, if you want to be fully prepared, you can take out skills like Inspire and Combat Medic (Which can be replaced with First Aid Kits in this case) to help you invest further into offensive skills. Apart from this, as long as you stay reasonably close together to your teammates and have at least one long range weapon, this should be a piece of cake.
A returning achievement that is a million times easier than it was before. There are various explosive weapons you can choose from depending on the dlc you own already. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages so choose the ones you feel best using.

The enemies you will have problems with are cloakers, snipers and bulldozers. Cloakers can't be killed quickly unless you have range between it and the RPG. Snipers could only easily be hit with the RPG which is obviously a waste. Finally, dozers can only be killed quickly with the RPG.

There's a common factor between these three enemies. It would be best that you have at least one RPG player on your team who is designated to dealing with any major threats. If none of your team has the Overkill Pack, the achievement is still easily doable, but it will require more running to avoid any problems that come up.

Do not melee as this does not count towards the achievement.
Classics - Wolf Pack - Masks
As well as the two heists, four masks came along with it, here's how you unlock them. This section covers achievements spread amongst the two heists.

Counterfeit Achievements

Dr. Evil
This achievement showcases a completely new addition to Counterfeit; unlimited money printing. Once you have completed the heist's normal objectives, you have the option to either pickup the printing plates or start the printer.

Doing the former will take you through the heist's normal ending, but the latter will begin a process where you will print counterfeit money. I'd recommend that you attempt this on the Overkill difficulty to complete it in the shortest time possible and with the lowest risk.

Once every 2-4 minutes, depending on how many times the printer stops and the power is turned off, the printer will create a bag of money that is worth 110k on Overkill. Every so often, Bile will appear with a cage which you have to secure the money into to get the achievement. By his second return, you should have created enough bags to get the achievement.

You will need people covering the printer area and both of the power boxes that are activated in your run. It would be advised that the people defending the boxes have weapons that will be able to hit snipers since you will be an exposed target attempting to defend the boxes from the hordes of approaching cops.

Cutting the Red Wire
Oh look, it's everyone's favourite type of achievement; RNG related! This is a returning achievement, originally known as Quick Hands. It would be recommended that you do this on the lowest possible difficulty, Overkill.

Stealth the start of the heist as far as you can to make your job easier when you get into the basement. Once you're in there, if the objective changes to "It's a trap", that means this run of the heist will have the achievement related event.

You will have to defuse 4 C4 charges around the room as quickly as possible. It doesn't matter if two go to the same one accidentally; you'll still have the time to get the final once. As soon as the final C4 is disabled, the achievement will unlock. Below is a demonstration.
Undercover Achievements

Keep Clear of the Windows
This is actually incredibly easily since there is no difficulty requirement. If you choose to do it on a higher difficulty or alongside Blow-out, you'll need to place your available planks in the server room and the roof area.

Any other spare planks should be placed on windows where you will go through when leading the taxman to the server room. The only other situation where they will become a problem is the escape, but if you move at the same time with your crew, this won't be a problem at all.

The video below is a guide for the above two achievements.
The Saviour
Another returning achievement that is also a lot easier than before. All your team needs to do is place 10 sets of planks around the map.

By playing this heist multiple times, you'll be able to find the easily spottable locations of the planks which include on the roof and in most of the darkened rooms on the right side of the hallway (They are on the right assuming you are facing the left staircase).

One hidden location is right before the escape after you have made the jump. Unlike the original achievement, your team needs to place 10 planks collectively instead of one person placing 20, so this shouldn't give you too much trouble.
Classics - Diamond Heist
On the 9th day of the Locke and Load event, the long awaited Diamond Heist returned to PAYDAY with both loud and stealth options, along with the annoying RNG of the original heist. This section of the guide will cover the achievements added in the Diamond Heist update.

Blood Diamond
This is completely down to luck. Inside the diamond vault, the door to the red diamond has a 10% chance of spawning on Overkill and a 20% chance of spawning on Mayhem and above. Because of this, I recommend that you attempt this achievement in a mayhem stealth run after practicing the heist a little bit. This is not a difficult heist to stealth so retrieving this shouldn't be too problematic. Find a route round the heist that works for you and restart if the door to the diamond does not spawn.

The Hunt for the Blue Sapphires
A returning achievement from the first game in every aspect. The locations of 10 of these sapphires are exactly the same as before (There are two additional ones located outside the vault, so there's a total of 12 sapphires to collect), and due to this heist now having the ability to be completely stealthed, it is arguably much easier to do now. In the original, you couldn't kill a guard without going loud, and doing so would hide the sapphires away, forcing a restart to do this achievement. Now, we have ECMs. By using the picture below and around 2-4 ecm jammers, you'll be able to unlock this achievement easily.

Dead Change
This is very simple and can be completed on all difficulties. The only requirement is that this has to be done loud. Follow the normal objectives until you get to the point where Bain pushes the CEO out of the helicopter above the map. The CEO's body will fall onto the fountain outside the diamond vault. Go next to his body and there will be a bundle of loose cash lying there. Pick up the cash and the achievement will unlock.
Classics - Green Bridge
The final day of The Search for Kento event continued the story of Heat Street via the use of another classic heist to tell an original PAYDAY story, with the excuse of 'Deja Vu' used for explanation. Weird eh? This section of the guide will cover the achievements related to the Green Bridge heist.

I Felt Bad For Him
This is very simple. The dead man related to this achievement has a single position on the map and will always spawn. Bring a medic bag along, hold G and press F.

Back to Prison
Another straightforward one. There will be four prison vans that spawn in the same locations which all contain a number of prisoners. Open them all up, tie them and you'll get the achievement. It is recommended that you have the 'Forced Frienship' skill in Mastermind - Controller to speed this process up.

Caution! Wet Floors
Urgh, my PTSD for this one is coming back as I write this. On the complete flip-side of difficulty compared to the above two achievements, Wet Floors is incredibly annoying and initially took me many hours to beat.

For starters, I would recommend that you bring a standard dodge build with movement abilities to this heist on Overkill in a solo game lobby. Having others will complicate affairs, but you can bring along AI to help you fend off some of the cops with your preferred henchman loadout.

Next, the prisoner has to spawn in one of the front three trucks, preferably the furthest two from the broken bridge. If the prisoner spawns in the one right next to the broken bridge, you will have restart the game and wait for the trucks to be sawed open again. Once the saw has finished, stand on top of the truck that is finished and open it. If the prisoner is not in the truck, repeat the process until you find him.

Once you've finally found the prisoner in one of the three spawns, you will no longer be able to touch the ground. From the truck you start on, shout at the prisoner until you can no longer reach him with your shouts. Having the 'Confident' skill in Mastermind - Controller will help this process out. Once you can no longer reach the prisoner, you're going to have to crouch-jump along the route that he travels, shouting at him along the way and not touching the ground.

The video below will provide a demonstration of the routes he can travel along with advice for the more difficult jumps. Some of them will take a lot of practice and I can almost guarantee that you will not complete this on your first couple of goes. Once you have enough practice traversing the area, the task will not be as daunting as it first appears.
Classics - Heat Street
The second day of the Search for Kento event tied the Kento narrative into one of the harder heists from The Heist remade and added to PAYDAY 2. Needless to say, dodge makes this heist a cakewalk these days. This section of the guide will cover the achievements related to the Heat Street heist.

It's Nice To Be Nice
This is more difficult than it appears due to the volume of civilians which understandably appears on this heist. Due to this being a group achievement, I recommend completing this solo with your preferred henchman loadout. Along with that, do not bring any form of explosives or area of affect weaponry.

If possible, bring a single shot primary and secondary along with any throwing weapon in your throwable slot (Or one of the activated abilities, your call). This will substantially decrease the chance that you will hit a civilian. Along with this, make sure your build does not contain Stockholm Syndrome (Mastermind - Controller) as this will ensure that the civilians have a greater chance of leaving the map entirely, therefore taking them out of the line of fire.

Patience Is Key
This one is going to get very tiresome. Once Matt's van has crashed, you will need to wait around the van location until he pops out without using a gas can. This will take around 20-30 minutes, and once he comes out of the van, you will have to finish the rest of the heist to unlock the achievement. Easy, but long.

There are 8 animal posters located throughout the map, and the guide below will show you where to find them. I would recommend following this guide as you do the heist as it will take a while to move from one side of the map to the other due to the large size of this map compared to others.
Credit to HONOUR AMONGST THIEVES for allowing me to use his guide!
Classics - Panic Room
Guys, you have to clear these achievements to get 100%. This section will cover the achievements included with the release of Panic Room on the 10th day of Hoxton's Housewarming Party.

Panic in the Projects, A Brush With Death and The Definition of Safe House is Changing
The guide for these achievements can be found in the One Down (Loud) sub guide.

Cardio Training
This is actually really easy. All you need is the uppers skill aced. When the heist goes loud, place a row of first aid kits on the street below. When you fall and take the damage, it will immediately go back up to full and you will not be downed. After that, open the door and you will get the achievement!

Don't You Dare Miss
This achievement is one that pretty much requries the use of DLC due to there currently being no free grenade launchers accessible for the community. The only weapons that could potentially get you multikills are shotguns and snipers, and this could still get you the achievement; however it would mean you would only be able to get multikills apart from for the snipers later on in the heist which have to be dealt with for you to continue. Regardless of what weapons you use, you will need to balance out the sniper kills to make sure that your accuracy is not drastically lowered.

If you have a dlc that contains a grenade launcher (Assault Pack, BBQ pack, Wolf Pack or the Overkill Pack for the RPG), this can be done easily. Bring one with your other weapon being a high accuracy pistol for the snipers later on. Only aim for multikills throughout the heist.

The Dentist Delight
The Big Ol' toothbrush has made a return from the first game and can now be secured for a large sum of money. The potential locations for the toothbrush are found in this guide below.
Gage Assault Pack
We could always use more firepower. These achievements all require the Gage Assault Pack which is part of the Ultimate Edition. If you would like to know what content this DLC contains, click on the link below.
Army of One
This achievement will require you to have a little spending cash in order to unlock the achievement, I hope you're ready to spend, details are below.

You MUST be at least 'Level 38', you're required to have 44 points in order to unlock the tier that unlocks the Improved Combined Tactical Vest as well as the skill that unlocks it.

The weapon costs are as follows:

The cost of a Locomotive 12G Shotgun is $226,400
The cost of a GL40 Grenade Launcher is $736,800

Total cost for weapons: $963,200

So Many Choices
Be sure to come prepared with money at hand to purchase these weapons, they're not all that cheap, be sure to do a heist that pays well beforehand.

The cost of a Clarion Rifle is $484,000
The cost of a Gecko 7.62 Rifle is $618,400
The cost of a Gewehr 3 Rifle is $736,800
The cost of a GL40 Grenade Launcher is $736,800

Total cost for weapons: $2,576,000

Artillery Barrage

Load up Firestarter on the Death Wish difficulty and stand near the fence at the top of the hill as shown here. This will provide you with enough distance for any kill you manage to get to count towards the achievement.

Hoxhud or any other custom HUD that supports the feature is recommended to keep count of how many kills you've gotten.

Switch to the long range fire mode of the GL40 to help assure you better accuracy for where you want to direct your grenade to.

Keep in mind, the higher the difficulty you select to do this achievement, the more Mendozas spawn in the heist. So it's ideal to select a higher difficulty to increase the chance in hitting something.

You can attempt this as many times as you want in a single run provided you have the ammo to do do so.

You can either bring an ammo bag or purchase the asset. It's recommended to restart as soon as law enforcement start showing up as they will have much more health, armor and are much harder to take down in comparison to the Mendoza.
Not Today
This achievement seems like it requires a lot of luck, but it is in fact misleading in it's explanation. it takes just a little bit of skill and timing.

Load up Four Stores on Very Hard with A.I and a high damage secondary, a lower difficulty will mean the Cloaker will have less health. It's important to weaken the Cloaker before going for the kill, as hitting him with the GL40 right away will not guarantee a kill. Be sure to hide behind any obstacle that the Cloaker can leap over; standing in a flat path between you two will make him charge after you instead.

On the rare occasion, a Cloaker can still count for the achievement after he has made the jump, so attempt to kill him if he missed the jump attack anyway. Four Stores is ideal because it has a lot of cloaker spawns and obstacles to hide behind.
It's recommended to do this on a heist with a lot of Mendozas. Firestarter Day One is a good example of this, higher difficulties mean there are more on the map.

Come prepared with either your choice of high dodge chance or well equipped with heavy armor and plenty of health. It is recommended to do this on a difficulty above 'Hard' to provide you at least more than 10 Mendozas on the map to kill.

The video demonstration below shows a total of 13 killed, meaning it will only take two runs to get the achievement on the 'Very Hard' difficulty. Once all of the Mendozas on the map are killed, restart the heist and go again.
Mask Related Achievements
Rabbit Hunting
This can be done overtime as you play providing you're holding the weapon needed when you kill the cloaker.

Alternatively, you'll find cloakers commonly spawn on Four Stores on a difficulty higher than 'Hard' if you're looking to get the achievement as soon as possible.

Tour de Clarion
Once again, this can done over time as you play, or otherwise you can spend a little time farming the kills in 'Watchdogs' on 'Normal' difficulty.

Be sure to purchase the assets you feel you'll need and the equipment that's important to you such as ammo and medic bags.

Precision Aiming
As with the previous couple of achievements, spend the time heisting and take down the dozers with the weapon required, or otherwise, consider the method below.

Rats provides a high spawn chance of a Bulldozer as well as the scripted situations where a Bulldozer is guaranteed to be dropped off by a helicopter. Do this with friends to increase the chances of spawns occurring.

Big Bada Boom
Not a whole lot needs to be done for this achievement; you're only required to have the ability to aim between a group of four shields. Easy, right?

Load up Watchdogs on Hard or above. Increasing the difficulty will increase the likeliness of four shields waiting outside for you. If there are no shields waiting for you outside, restart and try your luck again.

You will know if the shields are waiting for you by the clanging of shields you can hear from the outside of the truck whilst it's being shot open.
Unusual Suspects
Team up with 3 of your friends and complete Watchdogs on Overkill or higher. If you do not have the people for this, ask in the Crews and Clans section of the PAYDAY 2 forums.
Gage Chivalry Pack
Yes, these weapons will work just fine today. In order to obtain these achievements, you'll need the Ultimate Edition. If you would like to know what content this DLC contains, click on the link below.
Mask Related Achievements
Their Armor Is Thick and Their Shields Broad
You will need to equip any of the 4 melee weapons available in this pack and kill 10 shields in one day (Not heist, the description is not accurate).

I'd recommend using the Bearded Axe because it deals the most damage and it will kill a shield in one hit, uncharged, on Overkill (With Pumping Iron Aced in the Fugitive - Brawler tree).

Any loud Very Hard/Overkill Heist will do, but Watchdogs on Very Hard or above has the chance of giving you 4 shield spawns outside the van, giving you a headstart.

When you see a cloaker, press your throwable button. One javelin will kill the cloaker outright wherever you hit it.
Black Knight
Make sure that there are no enemies around the Black Dozer before attempting to attack him. When the coast seems clear, deal enough damage to his faceplate, then start meleeing him.

Melee skills in the Fugitive - Brawler tree will help you to kill the dozer quickly.

Unlike "Knockout", this can be earned easier as the sword will deal a fair amount of damage uncharged. Make sure you have teammates with Inspire Aced and maxed out Doctor Bags in case you are downed during this process. Also, Uppers Aced can keep you alive quicker.
Heisters of the Round Table
This can be done on ANY heist. The easiest way to do this would be to bring a set of maxed out ECMs to Jewelry Store Overkill. Rush in with your teammates placing the ECM down as you do so. One minute should be enough to get the 8 bag requirement.

If you cannot find anyone on your friends list who has the masks, check the "Crews and Clans" subforum on the PAYDAY 2 forums on Steam.
Gage Courier Guide/Easy Packages
Hello, you mod-hungry bastards. Some of these achievements will require the Ultimate Edition and some won't. If you would like to know what content this DLC contains, click on the link below.
Don't get me wrong, packages are demanded amongst a lot of those who are looking to complete another 'Blue Eagle' set for another Military Laser Module (Or at least that's just me.). The video below will provide most of the information you're looking for on what would be the quickest and easiest way to getting packages and how.

If anyone has a Package finding guide that they would like featured within this section of our guide, please let one of us know and we'll look into it!

There and Back Again
You will be rewarded this once each collection has been collected after one too many Green Mantis collections and finally your first Purple Snake collection.

Praying Mantis
The most common, easy to collect and guaranteed most annoying to find. If there's one more package on the map you've yet to find but cannot, just assume it's this one.

In the same boat as the Green Mantis packages, only they're slightly larger, and toughest to find in brighter levels and white textures. Aside from that, you should have no trouble finding these.

My Spider Sense is Tingling
The largest and one of the most colourful right next to Purple Snake packages, you shouldn't need to look too hard for these, they would usually be the first package you'll see by accident.

Eagle Eyes
This will be your most wanted of all packages overtime, a little harder to find compared to Red Spider, but still one of the largest and more noticeable compared to Yellow Bull and Green Mantis.

Like A Boy Killing Snakes
The most requested from Gage in terms of how many you need to complete a set. The good thing is they're just as easy to find as Red Spiders, you'll just be a little while longer with this one.
Estimated Completion Times

Jewelry Store: 5-6 Minutes
Ukrainian Job: 5-6 Minutes
Four Stores: 7-9 Minutes
Diamond Store: 6-7 Minutes

Bank Heist: 5-6 Minutes
Modification Achievements

These achievements are down to spending money and not on your skill in the game, be sure to come prepared with enough spending cash to cover these achievements.

High Speed, Low Drag
Below are the costs covered for each individual weapon and which package the modifications come from.

CAR-4 = $95,000

Competition Foregrip = Purple Snake
CAR Quadstacked Mag = Purple Snake
Competitor's Compensator = Green Mantis

Point 'n' Shoot
Below are the costs covered for each individual weapon/modification.

Chimano 88 (Cheapest available pistol) = $43,000

Pistol Red Dot Sight = Purple Snake
Flash Hider = Blue Eagle

Mall Ninja
Below are the costs covered for each individual weapon/modification.

CAR-4 = $95,000

Gazelle Rail = Red Spider
Tactical Compensator = Red Spider
Compact Holosight = Green Mantis
Wide Stock = Yellow Bull
Military Laser Module = Blue Eagle

Russian Operator
Below are the costs covered for each individual weapon/modification.

AK (Cheapest available AK Rifle) = $43,000

Lightweight Rail = Purple Snake
AK Slavic Dragon Barrel = Green Mantis
AK Quadstacked Mag = Blue Eagle
Funnel of Fun Nozzle = Yellow Bull

Total Cost = $181,000
Gage Historical Pack
What we do here is go back. All of these achievements require the Gage Historical Pack. If you want to buy the dlc, add it to your cart below.
Mask Related Achievements
Special Operations Execution
This achievement can be easily farmed with a good set of ECMs and a couple of restarts in the "Art Gallery" heist on the highest difficulty. This should only take a few minutes to complete.

The reason for the highest difficulty is to allow for the maximum amount of guards to spawn, killing them without the alarm going off will count towards the achievement.
So Uncivilized
This achievement isn't possible to do unless you've completed the previous achievement "Special Operations Execution" as the achievement unlocks the mods required.

But otherwise, you'll only need to worry about purchasing the weapons and mods needed in order to be rewarded the achievement.

Bullet Hell
This achievement is better off getting in large assaults with plenty of law enforcement around. Low difficulties will help to kill law enforcement easier without worry they might still be alive.

Alternatively, you can also attempt quickly killing the Mendozas on the first day of Firestarter on either 'Overkill' or 'Mayhem' difficulty. This is tough to do but still possible.
Death From Below
The first day of the "Hoxton Breakout" heist is probably the best method on farming this achievement, provided you haven't gone into the parking lot, you can achieve this in one sitting.

There are a few areas where law enforcement will rappel down from buildings, and you'll see at least one of them whatever path you're given. Providing you don't signal the truck to move up, you can stay there and kill law enforcement rappelling down. The video provided below will show
a few examples on where you can kill these rappelling law enforcement.
Wind of Change
Team up with your friends who have this DLC or ask in the Crews and Clans section of the PAYDAY 2 forums.
Gage Ninja Pack
Dragan does not approve of the stealthy approach, bur new firepower is always welcome. All of these achievements require the DLC. If you would like to purchase it, click the link below.
Mask Related Achievements
Names Are for Friends, so I Don't Need One
Eleven shots, ten in the clip, this sounds impossible, right? Remember, this is a sniper rifle, they can penetrate through enemies. You just need to aim well and get a double kill along the way.

I would recommend the mobsters at the beginning of the heist 'Hotline Miami', there's plenty of them, they're very easy to line up in groups of two on the walkway upstairs, and you can take your time killing them if you really need it.

Alternatively, Firestarter is an alternative solution for those who do not own the 'Hotline Miami' DLC. Perhaps it'd be even easier to line up a double shot whilst they're unaware you're around. Remember to disable the 'Team AI', they can always potentially screw up your progress.
Swiss Cheese
Very, very easy achievement that does not need much explanation. Simply put; farm it. Take a trip to any heist, go loud on a difficulty you're comfortable with and rack up some kills.

Be sure to pick up some ammo bags just in case, unless you have a lot of scavenge based skills and perks. This should take about 10-20 minutes of farming before you're finally rewarded the achievement. You do not need to complete the heist for it to unlock, you will be given the achievement on the 100th kill.

Shuriken Shenanigans
Whilst this sounds like a bit of a tricky achievement to accomplish, this can be made easy on a trip to 'Shadow Raid' on 'Normal' difficulty with some upgraded ECMs.

Complete the objective, secure three bags of loot and trigger the escape, the next part would be to ECM rush the outer section of the warehouse, throw shurikens at four roaming guards of your choice. Once you've killed your fourth guard, place down your last ECM and make a rush for the escape.
Fugu Fighter
This achievement is all down to timing and a little bit of luck on whether or not the poison effect is successful on the law enforcement. You will eventually get it after a few times.

The best chance you have in accomplishing this would be to use the melee weapon, 'Kunai Knife'. The melee weapon will always provide a guaranteed hit, this achievement should be attempted on higher difficulties in order to keep law enforcement alive for as long as possible whilst you're poisoning other law enforcement around you.
Gage Russian Weapon Pack
Gage is back, and with him he brings a bunch of resk-completely new and necessary weapons! This section will cover theachievements added in the Gage Russian Weapon Pack update. The Ultimate Edition is required to unlock them. If you would like to know what content this DLC contains, click on the link below.
Have Nice Day!
Just use the Takonda SMG, the AK17 Rifle, the Grom Sniper Rifle or the Rezkoye Knife to collectively get 300 enemy kills. Nothing more needs to be said.

Russian Arsenal
Equip the SMG, a primary of your choice, the knife and an ECM. Run into the Jewelry Store with a friend, secure the required amount of bags and leave. Overkill weren't that inventive with these ones were they?
Sneaky Beaky Like
As above, but this time you can complete it on Normal. Zzzzzzzz.

Spray Control
The hardest achievement of this pack by a long mile, but even then it's pretty easy due to there being no difficulty requirement. The gun already comes with a magazine size of 64, and coupled with the decent damage this weapon already has, you can easily pick this achievement up on any heist. I'd recommend Firestarter as there are already a lot of mendozas there which you can kill in one bullet. After that, just wait for some more cops, tap fire the gun and you'll have this done in no time at all.
Gage Shotgun Pack
All of these achievements will require the Shotgun Pack DLC. If you wish to buy the DLC, click on the link below.
Swing Dancing
As difficult as it may sound, this can be done easy on the lowest difficulty and a good range of melee skills. You must NOT use any other weapon at any point of the heist.

Firing your primary or secondary weapon results in the cancellation of this achievement, meaning you'll have to start over. Doing this on "Normal" difficulty allows you to not worry about tasers that could potentially force you to fire your weapon.
Lock, Stock and Eight Smoking Barrels
This achievement might be inaccurate due to some of the newer shotguns added into the game after this achievement was released. Confirmation is appreciated.

Below are the prices for each shotgun in the game and how much in total spending cash is needed to unlock this achievement. Once again, it's uncertain which ones count to the achievement:

Primary Weapons

Predator 12G: $43,000 (Not Required)
Joceline O/U 12G: $921,000 (Not Required)
Reinfeld 880: $176,000
IZHMA 12G: $581,000
Mosconi 12G: $896,000
M1014: $327,000
Raven: $487,000
Steakout 12G: $921,000 (Not Required)

Secondary Weapons

The Judge: $798,000 (Not Required)
Locomotive 12G: $283,000
Street Sweeper: $749,000

Total Price: $6,182,000
Total Price Required: $3,499,000 (Credit goes to <1.SBS>StroggKingu )

Everyday I’m Shovelin'
This one is a little easier compared to "Swing Dancing". You're only required half of the amount of kills and does not require heist completion. Use weapons if needed.
Police Brutality
This is just a matter of coming across a shield as soon as possible. The best method to this would be to load up a Watchdogs and hope for a shield on the other side.

If all else fails, you can always restart and try again. Lower difficulties makes shields easier to kill. However, shields take a long time to kill with the Telescopic Baton. It's ideal to weaken a shield first before going for the kill.

Here are a couple of methods that could help:
- A single Slug shot round to the head through the shield.
- A single Sniper shot to the head with a sniper weak enough to keep him alive. (Rattlesnake)
Shock and Awe
This achievement is likely to be completed with a group of other players on higher difficulties due to the increased amount of law enforcement, but it can also be done solo.

This is recommended to be done on a heist with a lot of closed up areas. A few examples are listed below. Closed up areas allow law enforcement to be forced into crowding together, making the achievement easier.

- Jewelry Store (The interior is a good place to attempt this.)
- Art Gallery (There are a few small places you can hold out and allow them to build up.)
- Bank Heist (The interior of the bank is good.)
Shotgun 101
This achievement is probably the hardest in the pack, but even then it is quite easy. Load up Watchdogs on Hard with the Raven Shotgun and the perks shown below.

You will need to get at least 1 collateral kill to get over 100%, but you do not need to hit every shot. For example when I did it, I missed 2 shots and got 2 collaterals and my overall accuracy was 104%. This may take a few tries, but you will get used to it. Don't rush the kills; make sure that every shot hits.

Weapon Mods:

Ammunition: 000 Buckshot
Barrel: Short Barrel
Barrel Attachment: Shark Teeth Nozzle
Gadget: Military Laser Module
Sight: Flip Up Sight.

The skills I showed are not necessary; all you really need are the shotgun perks, even then it is not needed to unlock this. You also have to finish the day to unlock this achievement.
Knock, Knock
There's no easy way to farm this achievement. You're likely to get this overtime as you play, but if you're desperate for it, there's one alternative.

Watchdogs often guarantees a total of four shields to spawn outside of the truck on a difficulty of "Very Hard" or above. Using this is a quicker solution than any other to getting the achievement. Once they're all dead, restart and repeat.
Mask Related Achievements
Seven Eleven
This is mostly down to practice, but you'll get it down eventually, this achievement can be done quick and easy (with practice in mind.).

Load up Watchdogs on the "Normal" difficulty. There will be 10 law enforcement waiting outside. You'll only need to headshot 7 of them within 11 seconds from the first kill.
Bang for the Buck
This achievement can be completed quite easily. There is a guaranteed dozer spawn in one of the containers in Meltdown (Overkill and above). Kill this dozer, then restart the heist and repeat the process.

Clay Pigeon Shooting
This can be time consuming depending on the heist you choose to get this achievement, but there are a few fair heists out there provide enough snipers to get the achievement in one run.

Recommended heists
- GO Bank
- Hoxton Breakout: Day 2
- Hotline Miami: Day 2
- Election Day: Day 2 (Plan A or C)
No Heist for Old Men
Whilst this sounds challenging for those who purely play this game loudly, this is made incredibly easy with the use of one ability.

Be sure to bring along an ECM or two with you. Acing your ECM skills will make that more than you'll need for this achievement. Load up Jewelry Store on "Normal" difficulty, mask up and place the ECM down.

Doing this will give you enough time to grab three bags and be done with the heist before the first minute has even gone by.

Four Monkeys
Go to the PAYDAY 2 subforum Clans and Crews and create a thread asking for this achievement, or just ask your friends.
Gage Sniper Pack
All of the achievements in this DLC will require the Gage Sniper Pack DLC. If you wish to buy the DLC, click on the link below.

Last Action Villain
Didn't See That Coming Did You?

These achievements are tricky to pull off but with a little bit of practice and advice, they can be done easily.

The easiest way to get zipline kills is by loading up a Bank heist on 'Normal' difficulty due to how much slower it is to other existing ziplines in the map. A good method on getting an easy kill would be to wait for a guard to climb up, zipline down then back up again and shoot the guard.

The Rattlesnake will be the easiest for the achievement "Didn't See That Coming Did You?". This is because of its much higher total ammo count whilst still being able to single shot enemies on a low difficulty.

It's a good idea to use a laser module to help get a clearer idea on where the bullet is going to hit. This is for the more accuracy focused achievement, "Last Action Villain".
Double Kill
Triple Kill

There are multiple methods on getting this achievement, it's all down to which one is your favourite out of them all.

Once again, low difficulties are recommended for this.

First of all, snipers can also give different results. A Rattlesnake isn't ideal for the "Triple Kill" achievement, however it is a good weapon for "Double Kill" because of its greater total ammo count. Any other sniper rifle is ideal for "Triple Kill" because of their much stronger fire power.

Down below are several examples of locations where guards are perfectly aligned for a shot.

Free Options
- 4 Law Enforcers rappel from a building located in the car park. (Bank Heist)
- At least 3 Mendoza mobsters have a chance to spawn lined up by a hangar. (Firestarter - Day 1)
- Guards rappel from the roof/windows of the managers office. (Nightclub)
- Law Enforcement rappel from the nearby buildings. (Hoxton Breakout - Day 1)

DLC Options
- 4 Law Enforcers rappel from the top of the building on either side. (Hotline Miami - Day 2)
- Law Enforcement rappel from the roof into the nearby side-rooms. (The Diamond)
You Can't Hide
Once again, there are various heists that are available to you that makes this heist a lot easier for yourself. It's down to what you're most comfortable with. Low difficulties are recommended as always.

Below are a list of heists that have plenty of penetrable walls to use for this achievement. Using special enemies or marked guards during stealth for this achievement because of their provided outline as a guide to help you shoot them.

Free Options
- The walls used for displaying paintings. (Art Gallery/Framing Frame - Day 1)
- Nearby open/closed doors and walls in the office area. (Bank Heist)
- Shooting through security doors count, use the door's window to help. (Hoxton Breakout - Day 2)

DLC Options
- Nearby apartment buildings adjacent to Law Enforcement's pathing. (Hotline Miami - Day 1)
Surprise ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Maximum Penetration
Dodge This

The only trouble you'll be having with these achievements are spawning the special enemies themselves. However, you'll find them to be more common depending on your choice of heist.

These spawns are also dependent on the difficulty you choose, if you're up for attempting this on a higher difficulty, you'll be increasing the chances of these spawns.

- Cloakers have a tendency to spawn on Four Stores, practically a home for them.
- Firestarter is a good place for Cloakers throughout all three days.

- White Xmas is a good location. Gradually overtime, more and more will spawn.
- Rats is ideal for Bulldozers, especially with more players involved in the game.

- Hoxton Breakout amongst other intense heists are a common location for Shields.
- Four Stores is also a good location for Shields to spawn.
- Watchdogs above Very Hard has a chance to spawn 4 outside of the truck making for easy kills.

A Taste of Their Own Medicine
Over the past year, Payday 2 has had more heists with more opportunities to kill snipers, making this achievement ultimately easier. Higher difficulties increase spawns.

Below are a few examples of sniper locations that will help you towards the achievement.

Free Options
- The surrounding buildings behind the bank. (GO Bank)
- To the side of the operations room and occasionally inside. (Hoxton Breakout - Day 2)
- Near the vault after the first assault and near the escape. (Election Day - Plan C)
- Outside of the warehouse on the distant buildings. (Election Day - Plan A)

DLC Options
- On the surrounding buildings. (Hotline Miami - Day 1/2)
- During the C4 Tunneling escape. (Big Bank)
- On the nearby buildings. (Armored Transport - Crossroads)
Far Far Away
This can be proven challenging due to it being hard to determine whether or not an enemy is 40 meters away from you. The best method is to aim far.

Below are some good locations to attempt this and where you should be focusing your aim towards.

Free Options
- Jewelry Store Vantage Point: Aim for the back alley of the store.
- Watchdogs (Day 1-2): Aim from the nearby warehouses. Again, go for distance.
- Meltdown: Aim for the buildings around the warehouse. They'll be easy to spot because they spawn like crazy.

DLC Options
- Big Bank Crane: Aim for Law enforcement near the skylights of the roof.
- The Bomb (Forest): From the top of the hill, aim at your enemies below.
Public Enemy No.1
This is only a matter of grinding. You'll find this to be an easier experience on 'Normal' difficulty. Launch up a heist such as Watchdogs. Bring along an ammo bag and happy shooting.

Mask Related Achievements
Lord of the Flies
Arachne's Curse
Pest Control
Seer of Death

Once again, these are a matter of a grindfest with a twist of accurate shooting. Law Enforcement may be hard for some to get accurate headshots on whilst they're moving so it's ideal to distract Law Enforcement somehow.

- Law Enforcement climbing through windows (Rats - Day 1)
- Law Enforcement climbing up to the Vantage Point (Jewelry Store)
Gage Spec Ops Pack
A mag loading secondary grenade launcher, magazines with increased reload speed and IZHMA mods that increase concealment? Yes please. The achievements in this pack require you to own the DLC. If you wish to buy it, click on the link below.
Ducking Awesome
This achievement is actually pretty easy when you know what you shouldn't bring along to do it. I had the far away skill (Enforcer - Shotgun) in my build when I did this, and this made my life a lot harder when I attempted to complete it. For you to have a high chance of getting this done, you need to decrease the accuracy of your shotgun as much as possible. This will increase the spread of the pellets and make multi kills much more likely.

It would be best to do this on a map where there are lots of tight corridors for you to shoot down. Personally I did it on the Diamond in the lobby area just before you go down the stairs to the lower area, but there are many more areas in the game that can work just as fine. The classic bank heist should be good, along with staying indoor in Rats and on Day 3 of Framing Frame.

Celsius or Fahrenheit?
It is best that you complete this achievement with a sniper rifle. Everyone has the platypus 90 unlocked, so this would be the best option for you. Just make sure that you are aware of any medics around you while attempting this, since if they prevent you from getting a kill, you will have to restart the 10 kills. Also make sure that your sniper choice has a decent amount of damage so it has a good chance of getting a kill with a headshot. It would be best to aim for standard cops instead of specials, but if you are sure you have the damage to kill a special in one shot, go for it.

The Reconing
A kills farm achievement that won't take you that long to do. The majority of weapons in the game have the option to use this sight, so pick your favourite and get to it.

Let Them Fly
The hardest part of this achievement will be getting the Arbiter itself, rather than getting the kills. Use the guide below to hunt down the keys and the cases.
Credit to the cook for allowing me to use his guide!
Once you have the weapon unlocked, a really good place for farming snipers these days is the panic room heist on the roof. Crank the difficulty up to very hard or above and there will be plenty of snipers for you to kill.
Gage Weapon Pack #1
These achievements are part of the Gage Weapon Pack #1 update. The majority of them will require the DLC. If you wish to buy it then click on the link below.

Share the Love
Buy the asset every time you do a mission. You should gain that money back in the mission easily.

Fire In the Hole
Spam the grenades you have and the 3 you bought in the asset. 6 per game, should be earnt overtime.

Guns Are Like Shoes
This will cost you the most time and money. Use the money you earn to get new slots when you want to, then fill them with AMCAR'S and Chimano 88 pistols.

Above the Law
Hard Corps

There's no easy way to unlock these achievements other than gunning down a horde or law enforcement. It's ideal to farm these achievements on 'Normal' difficulty on a big, open heist such as 'Watchdogs'.

It's ideal to take two of the three weapons instead of doing one at a time. This will save you the trouble of having to restart after completing one of them.

Mask Related Achievements
Public Enemies
3000 Miles to the Safe House

Like the weapon related achievement, these will require you to grind some kills WHILST wearing the appropriate mask. Be sure you've got the corresponding weapon that unlocks the achievements and jump into a loud heist.

If you currently do not have any of the masks available, it's ideal to grind some card runs via Jewelry Store runs on 'Normal' difficulty. Otherwise they'll eventually be found overtime whilst playing.
Gage Weapon Pack #2
This DLC is one of the most challenging achievement wise. I do not recommend attempting these until you have a good amount of experience with the game.

Most of these will require the Gage Weapon Pack #2 DLC. If you wish to buy the DLC then click on the link below.

Cloak and Dagger
This achievement has been made easy with the help of the Fugitive skill tree with the skill known as 'Counter-Strike'.

Using this ability will allow you to counter a Cloaker's charge attacks leaving them temporarily stunned. The time they're stunned is enough for you to land a few melee hits on them, possibly allowing you to kill them with ease if they've been weakened before stunned.
They Drew First Blood, Not Me
This is a lot easier to accomplish if you meet the easiest conditions. You must NOT use your secondary weapon at any point during attempting this achievement.

It's a good idea to bring a good crew of friends with a lot of ammo cases to keep you going. Doing this achievement on 'Normal' difficulty will make things a whole lot easier.

Holy Shi-
Let a Cloaker down you. There's no need to worry too much about this achievement; you'll likely get it attempting the other Cloaker related achievements.

In Town You're the Law, Out Here It's Me
This is not an easy task and is suggested you practice a little bit with the achievement "Not Today" first. This one will require more accuracy.

A common level with a lot of Cloaker spawns would be Four Stores on a difficulty on 'Hard' or above. A lot of obstacles will be provided to hide behind. Doing this will force the Cloaker to leap over and attack. That is when you'll strike.

It's a good idea to weaken the Cloaker first. (A medium range shot to the head should be enough, any closer could risk killing the Cloaker too early).
I Ain’t Got Time to Bleed
It's important to boost up some melee stats with skills and perk decks of your choice. There's an easy method on getting this achievement in a matter of 5 minutes or less.

Find a heist where the law enforcement have to climb their way up to you, such as a majority of vantage points or the first day of Rats. They're unable to attack you whilst they're climbing allowing you to do some serious damage to them.

Be sure to damage yourself beforehand if you use the 'Berserker' skill.
The Eighth and Final Rule
This achievement has been made very easy since the many updates that followed. Select the lowest available difficulty and work your way to any necessary health/melee based perk decks and skills. Bring a friend to help you up if you feel you might go down at any point.

The 'Infiltrator' perk deck is a good choice with a lot of the 'Enforcer' based skills and can help anybody looking to solo this achievement. Disabling the AI is recommended so no kills are stolen in the process.
Don't Push It
With the recently added buff to the 'Deagle' pistol, this achievement is a lot easier than it previously was. Pick a heist that has a lot of room and space, such as 'Watchdogs'.

Get the Cloakers attention and keep a reasonable distance between the two of you. Getting too close would result the Cloaker in attempting to drop kick you. Give yourself plenty of time to react and aim for the head for the best results. The Cloaker will charge in a straight line and the green glow from his eyes are a helpful guideline.

Be sure to remember that a lower difficulty means that the Cloaker has less health and is therefore easier to kill.
Doctor Miserable
The name of the achievement speaks for itself. Be sure to come well prepared with a team ready to take on law enforcement for a solid hour. This is considerably fun for some and a disaster to many.

Recommended Equipment
6x Ammo Bags (ACED)
2x Medic Bags (ACED)

You'll be surprised how quickly those ammo bags will deplete and do not trust Alex to give you a successful drop. In the event you do get a lucky drop, that's just an added bonus; make the most of it.

It's important to stealth the heist up until you're inside of the lab in order to make things easier for you and your crew. If you're feeling risky, it's up to you to sacrifice some equipment for a pair of ECMs to make stealthing easier.

Be sure you know which one is the correct engine FIRST. If it has come down to a 50/50, try your luck with one or the other and hope it's the wrong one. It'll save you being disappointed later on.

Once you know which is the correct engine, be sure to separate it from the pile so you know which one to place into the helicopter last. The next important step is survival. Consider the video below.
Killin’s As Easy As Breathing
There are a few heists that provide the opportunity for plenty of kills before your ammo even has the chance to deplete. The common and more familiar one being 'Watchdogs'.

Regardless to whatever difficulty you pick for the heist, you'll have exactly ten law enforcers waiting for you outside. To make things easier, it's ideal to disable the Team AI whilst attempting this; they could steal one of your ten kills.

To make things infinitely easier, consider getting the 'Bullet Storm' skill in the Enforcer tree, allowing yourself longer time to run around and shoot for longer.
Are You Kidding Me?
A Bulldozer is easier to kill on a lower difficulty due to its health reduction. There are a few things that are strongly recommended before fighting a dozer via melee weapons.

It's important to build up on skills that'll add extra damage onto your attacks, such as skils from the Fugitive - Brawler Tree and High Value Target. Weakening a Bulldozer helps achieving a kill with a melee weapon much quicker, otherwise you'll be there for a long time draining his health. A few shots to his exposed face should do it, but don't overdo it; you might just kill him.

It's also recommended that you have Uppers Aced from Mastermind - Medic so you will be able to keep yourself alive longer if the dozer downs you. Place a few first aids around the dozer when you're about to attempt this.

John Wick Weapon Pack
You won't want to miss out on the weapons provided by the ONE and only John Wick. All of these achievements require the DLC. If you wish to purchase it, click on the link below.
Crouched and Hidden, Flying Dagger, Nothing Personal and UMP for Me, UMP for You
These achievements are your standard 'Kill X amount of enemies with X weapon' meaning they shouldn't be too hard to obtain.

The throwing knive kills achievement is best done in two separate runs. Secure the EMP bomb, killing any guards in your way in the process, and if you have any ECMs left at the end, quickly run around to deal with any remaining guards. If you wish, you could bring an unsilenced weapon to fire near the end to tell you the positions of the guards.

There are many places where you should be able to get plenty of sniper kills. A few examples are listed below.

- Undercover: Many snipers spawn throughout the heist on the far and right side buildings. There can be up to 5 spawns at once.

- Big Bank: Plenty spawn around the roof area of the bank.

- Goat Simulator: Both days, they spawn around the surrounding buildings on Day 1, on the barn silo and cliff edges day 2, and in helicopters on both days.

- Hoxton Breakout Day 2: Many spawn in the upper levels of the lobby.

The UMP kills shouldn't take that long. It is a reasonably powerful weapon that can kill most specials reasonably quickly on Overkill. I would advice investing in the 'Oppessor' sub tree (Technician) to increase the power of the weapon.

All three of these are best done in a solo environment if you want to farm them.

For Daisy
This achievement can either be completed in any group size you wish, as long the contracter pistol is used (Akimbo is allowed). Do not melee or use a throwable. The video below shows a solo run of this with only the secondary pistol. Build wise, a high armor build with pistol skills is recommended.

Day 1: This can be a problamatic day since you may have a problem dealing with bulldozers and shields. It is partly dependent on RNG with the hanger you get and the gas tank spawn. It is recommended that you take all of the weapons to the gas tank instead of taking them to the van.

Day 2 and 3: Once you get to this point, your road to the end is easy. Make sure you have a slealth profile with a silenced contractor pistol prepared before hand and you'll have the heist done in no time.
The Butcher's AK/CAR Mod Pack
To get the mods in this DLC, you're going to have to earn them. This section will cover the 8 achievements that go with The Butcher's AK/CAR Mod Pack DLC. You do not need the DLC to unlock these achievements, but you will receive no rewards. If you wish to buy the DLC, click on the link below.

OWE SAW 72000
As hilarious as it may sound, it's ideal and easier to stealth the entire heist whilst wielding dual saws. It gives you less law enforcement to worry about and can be done on higher difficulties.

This can be done on difficulties 'Normal' through 'Overkill', as long as you come equipped with 2-3 ECMs and a crew with plenty of cable ties, you can rush the first minute and be finished. Tie down all the civilians around and eliminate any of the mobsters inside the nightclub, if there are any cameras around, be sure to take them down.

Crowd control is highly recommended to keep civilians down in case there are some that are unable to be tied down.
Hey Mr. DJ
Once again, stealthing 'Nightclub' is ideal for this achievement due to less hassle on keeping an eye on the civilians. This can be accomplished on any difficulty but is recommended on 'Normal'.

Be sure to bring at least 2-3 ECMs and rush the nightclub, eliminating all mobsters and tying down as many civilians as you can nearby.

The civilians do not have to be tied down at the end for this achievement to count. Because of this, having the control freak skill in the mastermind tree will make your job much easier.
The Collector
This is very straight forward. For the easiest kills, I recommend Watchdogs, but this should be easy enough to get overtime anyway. Here are the weapons that will count towards this achievement.

- AK (Assault Rifle)
- AK 762 (Assault Rifle)
- Golden AK 762 (Assault Rifle)
- Krinkov (SMG)
- AMCAR (Assault Rifle)
- CAR 4 (Assault Rifle)
- AMR-16 (Assault Rifle)
- Para (SMG)
- AK5 (Assault Rifle)
- RPK (Light Machine Gun)
- IZHMA 12G (Shotgun)

The Wolf Lures You to Your Grave
One of the easiest achievements to earn and can be done alone on any difficulty. It's recommended to do this on Mayhem or above.

Higher difficulties are recommended due to how many more guards spawn, increasing the likeliness of them being drawn into the bathroom. You'll find a hand dryer located near the doors, crouching below them will turn them on.

Using this whilst a guard is nearby will lure them into the bathroom, the rest is up to you, just as long as you kill them quietly.
Mask Related Achievements
Here Comes the Pain Train
You are going to need to find a crew that knows this heist well. The key part about this one is that you have to go loud all three days.

Day 1: Grab the minimal amount of bags. Make sure that one person in your crew has C4 in case the outside ones are not enough. Get in and out as quickly as possible as you do not have the firepower to hold out when multiple specials start rolling in.

Day 2: Find the server room quickly and get both of the doors opened with the C4. Having maximum efficiency drills will help with this day and day 3. Once you have the server, if all goes well, you will be able to escape in the assault break. If not, clear out all of the specials then move as a group.

Day 3: Find the keycard as quickly as possible to get the thermal drill started. This can be found in the managers office or on the man himself. As soon as the power is off, start the drill. Make sure everyone stays inside the bank and keep the civilians away from the crossfire. Once you get in the vault, use the c4 to open the door then setup the camera and burn the money. As soon as the money is burnt and the camera grabbed, escape together.

Tips for the weapons
- Semi Auto (V) can allow you to kill at a longer range much easier. It is also the best way to deal with the body armor cops.
- Backup to your crew when dozers appear. Multiple clips will be needed to kill one.
- Tazers are a bigger threat due to the high recoil of the guns. Make them a high priority target and try to mark them if you are being tazed.

Useful Skills
- Hardware Expert
- Drill Sawgeant
- Shaped Charges
- Inspire
The Turtle Always Wins
This one will require the Improved Combined Tactical Vest from the top of the Enforcer - Tank Tree and Maxed Duration ECMs with Pager Delay from the Ghost - Shinobi tree.

Before attempting this, get a crew of at least three players with the gear and work out an ECM order. The first person will place at an agreed time, then the same person will place their second just before the 30 seconds is up and then this process will continue on to the next person. I recommend placing one ECM every 27 seconds because this gives you time to place the next one while making the most of what you have.

Split up when entering the gallery. If you have a crew of four, two should go left and two right. When you find a painting, throw it into the corridor near the entrance then go back to find more.
Private Party
This is a much easier "I am the One Who Knocks". Most of the opposition will come from the front so make sure 2-3 people are there.

Sometimes there will be cops around the back of the store, so have one person there to be sure. Also make sure that no civilians are tied. You and your crew will be the target and the civilians will run off.

The cops may also never step into the store if you are not in it. All you have to do is defend it for 2-3 minutes and the achievement will pop as soon as the escape van appears.
$1.8M Speedrun
You will need to earn $1.8 million dollars within 50 seconds of the collection of the first atms contents.. The only way to do this is to open at least 6-8 of the 8 ATM machines found around the map.

They can be opened through the use of an ECM jammer (No skills required) or with the Saw. There are 2 machines in the entrance and 6 in the main area. None of these are upstairs and they are easy to spot.
The Butcher's BBQ Pack
This section of the guide will cover the 4 achievements related to the BBQ Pack DLC. If you want to buy the dlc, click on the link below.
Mask Related Achievements
Disco Inferno
This is where the incendiary grenade launcher and the molotovs will shine. The flamethrower is not that good for this because it kills too quickly.

Take a trip to Watchdogs on the 'Overkill' difficulty and open the door shown in the video below. Wait until the cops build up then unleash the carnage.
Stick A Fork In Me, I'm Done
This is a very easy achievement. Throw a molotov into a group of enemies and then choose one to stab. It will not take many hits.

Doing this on a lower difficulty will make this achievement easier due to the reduced health, a good indicator on when to attack them would be either the fire trail they leave or the stunned animation of them swatting the fire around them.
Bulldozers are little more complicated because they're resistant to afterburn, meaning you'll need to constantly burn them, there are some solutions listed below.

Throw one every 3 seconds to make sure he stays burning.

Any ammo type will do, but the lower the damage the longer he will burn for. Due to having to reload too soon, it's ideal to use the 'Bulletstorm' skill located in the Enforcer skill tree to keep the burning going. Alternatively, having a friend take over is also a good solution.

Incendiary Ammo
I recommend the AA12 as you can keep him burning easier with the full auto fire rate. The IZHMA 12G should also work. Grenade launchers can also work providing you're constantly firing, however the flames do not last as long as Molotovs.
Not Invited
This seems hard, but not when you go to Watchdogs on the 'Overkill' difficulty, this can also be done solo to prevent any kills being stolen.

The grenade launcher will not require any mods, but make sure it does not have incendiary ammo. Skill wise, you will only need the skill 'Swan Song' aced located in the Fugitive skill tree. Burst out of the door and the kills should come in easy.
The Butcher's Mod Pack
A random assortment of achievements were added here to keep us achievement addicts interested. This section of the guide will cover the achievements added in the Butcher Mod Pack #2 update.

Speedlock Holmes
This achievement is mostly down to practice, refer back to the achievement located in the 'Election Day' section called 'Master Detective' for help. Practice makes perfect.

There is no difficulty requirement, so be sure to select a low difficulty, supposedly, the difficulty of the heist can make the trucks more challenging to figure out.
Nothing Out Of The Ordinary
Whilst this sounds challenging, it can be completed with ease and in a matter of... Well, a minute. Pick a stealthy heist with a lot of guards, the rest will be easy.

Using the 'Burglar' perk deck assists you a little bit with the reduced pager answering time, but isn't at all required to get this achievement. Be sure cameras are destroyed before killing a guard as they can interrupt stealth and ruin the achievement's progress.

A good example of a heist is 'Framing Frame' on the first day, or alternatively, 'Art Gallery'. If you're going to attempt this, it's a good idea to not choose the 'Death Wish' difficulty or above. There will always still be enough guards for you to kill whichever difficulty you pick.
Situation Normal
Sounds hard right? Wrong. You simply need to have 1 to 2 people in your crew with different gear.

Getting through the first day will be the harder part. With a recent update, there are now multiple swat van turrets just outside the area you need to run past. The best way to deal with them is to do nothing. Running past them with either armor or dodge is much easier than using tons of ammo to destroy one of them. Apart from that, nothing has changed in this day. Adapt to the objectives, spread out to find the control room and keep to cover.

Day 2 is much easier than the first. For the achievement, 1 or 2 people in your crew should bring shaped charges (The skills for these can be found in the technician tree). When you need to open a door to continue your objective, get the people with the c4 to open them. This method is not that longer than using a keycard.
Keep The Party Going
This sounds like Bobblehead Bob all over again, but I can assure you this doesn't have to be as hard as some make it out to be. Ever considered stealthing?

Stealthing Nightclub assures you that no law enforcement will inconvenience you and possibly results in the DJ's death. Once it's all done and stealthed, the rest is very easy.
It's Getting Hot In Here
This one can be a little trickier than the others, but that's expected from a Death Wish related achievement. The first couple of days will be proven problematic, providing the third day is successfully stealthed, this achievement is infinitely easier to what it could have been if you went and done the third day loudly.

If you've stealthed the bank and you've made it into the vault with your four man crew, be sure everyone is inside before starting the fire. All you'll need to do now is wait, make sure nobody leaves the vault.

Doing this loud means you'll have to hold out in the vault until the recording is finished, and that can be tough for many. So, the easiest solution would be to do everything silently.
The Butcher's Western Pack
This pack contains good weapons, bad melee and ugly achievements. This section of the guide will cover the achievements related to the Western Pack and will require the Ultimate Edition. If you would like to know what content this DLC contains, click on the link below.
Mask Related Achievements
The Nobel Prize
Dynamite seems to be a weaker version of the grenade (Correct me if I'm wrong) but the cops will not be able to shoot it out of the air.

Make sure you have all 3 sticks of dynamite saved up. Wait until there are a group of enemies then throw all of the dynamite at once. 2 sticks should be enough to kill the 3 required cops.

This can also be done as soon as you exit the truck in Watchdogs.
This won't take very long. Use the bow without explosive arrows. Shoot at any enemy you see, but make sure to run over to the enemy when dead to receive all of the arrows you fired at him. A dodge build is recommended so you can get to your target faster.

You can also fire arrows at the ground or the wall and pick them up that way.

The Fastest Gun in the West
This is the hardest achievement in the pack but it is still quite easy. Make sure that your revolver has all of the mods possible on it. They will improve accuracy and stability. Pistol skills will also make this easier.

Find a group of enemies close to each other (Or the truck in Watchdogs Day 1). Be very careful when making each shot. Get as close as you can to each enemy then fire. Make sure you do not aim down your sights as this will forfeit the achievement and you will have to start over.

You can also do this really easily with Swan Song aced. You will not have to worry about ammo or accuracy with it.
As before, use the bow unmodded. You are going to need to keep a distance from the dozer as he will be able to kill you easy. Aim a bit higher than his body and you will land every shot. You will get the achievement when he dies.

Or, if you don't want a challenge, Swan song aced will allow you to charge at the dozer and get this achievement easily.
The Overkill Pack
WARNING: This DLC contains some very tough achievements. You will need a four man team who knows this game extremely well to be able to do them. This section of the guide will cover the achievements related to the Overkill Pack and will require the Ultimate Edition. IIf you would like to know what content this DLC contains, click on the link below.
Oh, That’s How You Do It
This is very simple. The only thing you will need is an ammo bag and Bullestorm aced. Hold down the trigger and let it rip.

We Are Rockstars On This Job
This is an easier Tabula Rasa. You have armor and a decent rifle (If you have the Butcher AK/Car Mod pack).

Day 1: As soon as you have moved the bags into a safer place, use the armor bag. Camp in the place you have chosen and move four bags only. It is too risky to take the van unless there is an opening. It would be wise to wait for the chopper.

Day 2: Camp in the upper floor of the warehouse. Leave as soon as possible.
I Have No Idea What I'm Doing
Whilst it sounds intimidating, it can be done easy. Even easier if you bring appropriate assets in the preplanning. Be sure to attempt this on a lower difficulty.

Doing this on a lower difficulty means less bags are required for you to complete the heist. This achievement can be doing through either successful stealthing or fast ECM rushing. Going for the loot inside the warehouse is recommended. You'll likely find loot outside of containers, easy to grab and less hassle in the long run.
Bring Your Cop To Work Day
Yet again, another achievement which can be made easy and can be done within the first minutes of any stealthable heist with at least 4 existing guards on the map.

The first important thing is to have a good team of four with both Dominator AND Joker skills. Be sure to force 4 guards into handcuffing themselves before allowing the alarm to go off, this will mean:

- No law enforcement to deal with.
- No converted guards will kill your soon to be hostage.
- No risk of converted guards being killed by law enforcement.

Other than that, enjoy.
Reputation Beyond Reproach
There is no easy way on unlocking this achievement, the only way to do it is to simply do it. Be sure to come prepared with a strong crew of four, you'll need them.

A full video on how to plan how the heist has been provided below as well as a demonstration of a successful run. A short step-by-step guide to how to approach the heist can be found under it.
Step 1 - Starting the heist
- The ECM carrier must move to the security room and hack his way in, spending his first ECM on the security room door. He must then kill the guard inside to disable cameras.
(Guards CAN inspect the security room once opened, stay hidden.)

- Another player (Preferably host) must sneak into the back room to scramble the computer inside.
(A lot of guards roam this area, be as careful as possible.)

Step 2 - Finishing the scrambler
- The ECM carrier must spend his last ECM to delay pagers.

- The rest of the players must kill guards, tie up civilians and C4 the wall.
(The C4 is dangerous and could potentially down you.)

Step 3 - Survival and escape
Collect the drill as quickly as you can and get moving to the drill, hold off in the nearby office area until the vault is open. Move on into the vault and wait out an opportunity to escape with the bags.

- There will be a vent above you, a single Cloaker will possibly jump out of it ONCE per assault.
- Snipers will spawn ONLY once the second assault wave begins.
- Snipers will spawn outside of the building during the escape, kill them before running for it.

House Keeping
This one requires some practice, practicing this on any lower difficulty will not make a difference. But doing this on Overkill instead of anything above is highly recommended.

The basement is probably the best place to start, kill any biker sat around in that area and quickly move on and work your way up to the top floor. Once done, search the outside area via the balcony or the cameras.

There are a few things you need to be careful of:

- Do NOT let any biker fire their gun. This will result in instant failure of stealth.
- Do NOT fire any weapon that isn't silenced, this too will result in failure.
- Do NOT saw open the ATMs, saws follow by the same rule.

But you are more than welcome to throw grenades. Seriously, try it.
120 Proof
This is easier than it might seem. You only need 120 kills as a team and 120% accuracy as a team. Get a HE shotgun, GL40 or the RPG and get a multi kill, then switch to melee only. Infiltrator is recommended for this. The Fire Axe/Spear of Freedom are the weapons you should be going for as they will 1 hit most cops.
Boston Saints
This can be made easy providing you have someone who can safely stealth most of the heist for you. This can only be done on Overkill or above.

Doing this stealthily gives you less hassle with law enforcement until it comes to moving the engine and confirming it's the correct one. Meaning you'll only need to wait out an assault for the helicopter to return and pick you up unless you were lucky with any of the assets within the first day.
There can be up to 12 weapons on this heist. You need to find the fuel tank and blow it up, then throw the weapons into the fire.

The fuel tank has 4 locations:
- 2 near the front
- 1 at the end of each side

You need to move them there as quickly as possible. One person with Shaped Charges is highly recommended. If they are not all burnt before the assault, go to one of the top floor hangers and wait out the assault until the coast is clear.
Mask Related Achievements
Cooking With Style
This is not really that hard because the weaponry you have is very powerful. The Minigun can mow down tons of enemies. It is best used at close range. The RPG can instantly take down a dozer or a lot of cops. Use this against a group of specials.

WARNING: Do NOT hipfire or fire the RPG without making sure your teammates are out of the way. It can instantly down them.

Day 1: Get ingredients and blow up the lab. Stay close together.

Day 2: Go straight up the safes and stay around there. The cops will be in an enclosed area making them easier to hit.

Day 3: Shoot the RPG at the bus a few times.
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Author: Charlie Santa, The Diamond
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The quietest of the crew, but that's what makes him so ironic. This guy is crazy when it comes to gunning down a ton of law enforcers, some of us might admit they're terrified of him.

He always aims to be the man with most kills in the crew, by the end of a heist and never fails to achieve that goal. I guess that's what makes his Rambo avatar so suitable.

Author: Armored Transport
Specialty: Mastermind/Fugitive

The guy to go to whenever you need a hand with something whether it be loud or stealth, he co-operates well and does whatever means necessary to get the job done.

He's flexible and can do any job he's asked, whether it be stealthing alongside or carrying the C4, ready to blow up any obstacle that stands in the crew's way.
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Hey fams, if anybody is still reading this, I'm looking for some mates to do the team achievements! So in case anybody needs them as well, just let me know! Cheers
Underdrill  [author] Jan 20 @ 3:01am 
Sorry mate, I likely will not be updating this guide to include any missing achievements. There are plenty of death sentence videos out there so I'm sure you'll be able to find one for the GGC.
PoProstu Jan 20 @ 1:29am 
still waiting
Assado3000 Jan 19 @ 4:42pm 
Are those special events Achievements missable?
PoProstu Dec 24, 2018 @ 7:27am 
Can somebody tell me where is "The House DOSEN'T Always Win" ?
zzzzz... Oct 30, 2018 @ 4:53am 
@Masked Kid They should unlock after CF'18 is over.

CF'15 = Crimefest 2015
Blitz Oct 30, 2018 @ 4:47am 
What about the secret achieves? go to the achieve section of the game, and search for "a few" and you'll see what i mean
Downward Spiral Downward Spiral Sep 13, 2018 @ 1:09pm 
Expert Landing achievement on Birth of Sky??? Did the achivement like, 3 times and it didnt work. The HUD meter even tracked the kills too.