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Animal Simple Command
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Animal Simple Command

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Udon’s Mod for v1.1~1.3
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Add commands that can be used to manipulate all animals.
・Stay:Stay here.
・Move:Move to the target location.
・Attack:Attacks the target.
・Haul:Carries the target. Valid only if a suitable storage location is available.
・Rescue:Rescues the target. Valid only if a suitable bed is available.

The following commands can also be executed by using the manual available during the game.
・Hide:Hide and Conceal. This effect is canceled if you move or attack.
・Defend:Protects you and reduces damage taken. This effect is canceled if you move or attack.
・Provoke:Provoke surrounding enemies. All surrounding enemies will now attack you.
・Lead -Stay-:Instruct all the animals in the colony to wait there.
・Lead -Move-:Instruct all the animals in the colony to move to the target position.
・Lead -Attack-:Instruct all animals in the colony to attack the target.
・Lead -Brawl-:Instruct all animals in the colony to attack the surrounding enemies at random.

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Sep 14 @ 8:38am
Bug latest patch
< >
hungkieu Nov 7 @ 3:58am 
bug when using 'hide' during battle it makes both A and enemy invisible
tanyfilina Oct 7 @ 10:31am 
Books should be taught to each animal separately by a human. Far too expensive and crashes an animal anyway :(
Scorpio Sep 28 @ 9:52am 
any luck with fixing the bug with giddy up?
batatassada Sep 26 @ 12:22pm 
Faced same problme as Hans today. Animals won't fallow orders and get invisible whenever I order something
Avila Sep 24 @ 11:43am 
Do I need to have the books in storage in order to use the commands?
Hans Sep 14 @ 8:14am 
I had the Problem that my animal doesnt do anysthing. And nobody can interact with it. Until it died from starvation
Scorpio Sep 13 @ 9:42am 
yup mod is bugging out with giddy up and yayo combat for some reason
苍白而蔷薇 Sep 13 @ 12:40am 
Google Translate
This is a great mod, but I have a problem
When using the four commands Lead -Stay, Lead -Move, Lead -Attacktarget, and Lead -Brawl, animals that are not restricted by the fence are also affected. From the setting point of view, the MOD works perfectly. The problem is that some animals Animals that are not used for fighting, such as a cute kitten, under the command of combat, it also rushed up and was quickly killed...
So can you add a setting that can be customized for the player to make certain animals not affected by the four commands?
Scorpio Sep 12 @ 12:05pm 
i think latest patch broke this mod has animals dont obey where in the pas they did
Udon  [author] Sep 10 @ 9:31am 
Thank you for your comment, all :-)

I'll try to investigate the cause of the problem over the weekend, focusing on DubsBadHygiene and GiddyUp.