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Pancake Automated Constructors
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Aug 20 @ 1:25pm
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Pancake Automated Constructors

This mod will automate idle construction ships in your territory, whenever there are deposits that require mining/research stations. The construction ships will automatically build them.

- they will fly to the planet,
- spawn a temp construction site graphic,
- sit there for 100 days,
- then the station appears and your minerals are deducted

I've also added a empire policy to let you toggle it off/on. (it starts off by default)

You can keep constructors outside your territory (e.g. to camp an outpost) and the script won't reference them.

Known issue, if you have <100 minerals, the station will still build. But this is irrelevant after the first few years of gameplay / economic growth, so I don't think it's not worth worrying about.

Not rigorously tested but I have had no crashes, and error log shows no other errors.

Not achievement compatible (though you can use it on iron man without achievements).
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Stoic Santa Sep 28 @ 7:53am 
@Pancakelord333, thanks for this. Perhaps there is something to be learned from this out of date mod:
Rockstar Sep 22 @ 5:04pm 
@Pancakelord333, just want to add my voice to praising this mod. Makes my life a million times easier!
Pancakelord333  [author] Aug 26 @ 4:10pm 
@Ai Spacedestructor Do you know which trigger actually permits it to start a construction? To the best of my knowledge, queue_actions = {} is the main function (aside from auto_move_to_planet, which is what I use) for assigning chains of orders - however, as far as I know you cannot issue a build command via queue_actions? If you know otherwise or can point to a forum thread with some specific example, i'll look in to it.

This mod was only intended to be a "V1" - real life has held me up from writing the V2, which would have the constructors moved in to a dummy allied AI (So they'd be blue on your map, and do more or less what they do now, with you setting how many you want via policy), this largely gets around the UI limitation when they're sitting around faking construction.
And LEM / v3.1 adds better variable_export support, letting us more accurately fetch modifiers affecting station costs - in theory - so that'll be something to look at when that releases.
Ai Spacedestructor Aug 26 @ 3:20pm 
if i may be so free to suggest, according to modding info for stellaris you can tell the construction ship to start an actual construction of the station on the tharget planet. then you wouldnt have to fake it and any changes like cost and time needed for example would automatically match the station cost. that way it would be more in line with the players condition even if playing with mods that make changes to the stations.
Råb!d Aug 25 @ 1:59pm 
After playing so many games it becomes necessary to automate things like surveying and constructing in order to keep ones sanity. Now I can stay sane a little longer!