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Seienchins guide to booby traps
By Vinceas88
A little guide for booby traps. Recommended for players of all skill levels.
1. The Basics
Lets briefly go through the mechanics of booby traps again:

- To plant a grenade you look at appropriate ground and press the right mouse key
- You can plant up to 2 booby trapps. Further planting of booby traps will remove the earlier ones.
- They are activated when an enemy steps on them, they are beeing shot at or (!) if something explodes near them.
- They are only availlable for Japanese
2. Why use booby trapps?
Here are some basic thoughts about the game mechanic of booby traps and their efficiency in FAQ form:

Are booby traps effective?
Lets do some simple math here. On a full server lets assume 20 of the 32 players in the Japanese team would actually use booby traps to defend targets.
That would make 20-40 booby traps. On many maps roads to a target are limited or some prefered over others. With 2-6 roads to a target and 20-40 booby traps there will be some hits that do not endanger your own life. Even grenade throwing brings you in enemies range but traps can even score hundreds of meters away or when you are dead. Its like a present.

What are the effects of traps?
Lets face it. Traps are not a magical weapon that can completly turn the tide. They turn the tide in
close matches or sugarcoat a complete victory for Japan. In cases where reinforcements of both team run out dont you wish your team would have had just a few more booby trap kills?
They are free kills without danger and can turn the tide in close battles but they also have another advantage which the Axis team should NEVER give away: FEAR
Booby traps enrage and frighten your enemies. They were just taken a point and rushing to the next and BOOM they are history. They will look very closely on the ground now. When someone gets killed twice by traps his spirit is usually broken. Never forget that annoyed or frightend enemies play much less effective then confident players. A slowly atacking team afraid of booby traps will also be less likely do achieve their goal in time or with the needed impact.

Arent Grenades even better?
In a way grenades are much better than traps. They can be aimed and focused on where the enemy is. However, think about how often you are killed from a distance where you couldnt have used your grenades. Its a tradeof and many players use one trap and one grenade. If you are retreating towards a new point or there is an ammo dump nearby you can easily use both as traps. If the enemy is danger close to the cap just throw those grenades but keep your head down. Dead nades are the worst thing to happen.
3. Where to place traps?
First of all: There are a lot of strategies involving traps. I will discuss all of them seperatly with screenshots but first some general words.

- Traps are best placed before the main action at a capzone starts. The moment when you retreat or when you run towards a capzone which is contested is a good time to do so
- Always keep in mind traps can be easily destroyed. Making them good visible or at a place where a lot of mortars, grenade and artillery comes down is not a good idea. Often these are sweetspots though so if you place two traps you might as well use won on an more obvious but good place.
-Getting behiond enemy lines and place traps is sometimes very useful.
-Indirect shot having a grenade placed at a turn or wall can be used to make it blow up and kill the person around the corner.
-Suicide trap If you are hiding somewhere at a corner or behind a small wall and cant get out you might as well just place a grenade in front of you. If a enemy runs at you, suprises you or flames you he might die as well.
Now to the different spots:
A) The Entrance
The Obvious Choice: The Entrance
Obviously the entrance to cap zones are natural trap areas but beware! They are mostly easy to spot, will be destroyed by artillery and a lot of booby traps on the same area will just blow up together.

You want to get through that small entrance? Good luck! I would advise to put that trap not right in the entrance but in the crater below.

Enemy will definitly watch anything but the ground. With artillery that trap will blow up dangerously for everyone near the door though. If you shoot it it can even kill people waiting in front of the door.

Enemy like to Flank F in Saipan from the right. Luckily there is a lot of soft ground there, They are easy to spot but often enemies atack here with smoke or under extreme pressure just to step on a little present making the entrance less atractive to atack.

B) The Hiding Place
The Hiding Place
This is really diabolical but extremly effective and the chance to kill the enemy or even an enemy squadleader is pretty high. Place the trap where enemies like to hide (If unsure just think about where you hid last time atacking) near or in a capzone.

Thats the mother of all hiding traps. Enemies atacking B on Peleliu always come here. On the downside traps here are often destroyed by own mortar fire

On Saipan in front of F squadleaders, suppressed soldiers and flamers waiting for smoke. They all like to camp here and feel safe there. DONT let them feel safe there. Its actually a good place to blow up good enemy SL 1s because thats where a good SL should be.

Every atacker in Iwojima wants to hide in bunkers. Especially squadleaders. Would be a shame if the entrance would have an exploding doormatt though...

Now thats just mean.... Poor soldiers made it barely alive and shaken by enemy fire to the truck in front of C on Peleliu and press against the truck for their live just to hear a small click....

C) The capzone
The Capzone
Often there are hard to defend places in Capzones which the enemies just exploit by stacking there or you simply want to make a certaint point less attractive. Here are some examples how to trap a capzone but beware that traps blow up with artillery, grenades and gunfire.

On C in Iwojima they enemy just loves to stack in this destroyed bunker. Unfortunatly there is soft ground around.

On E in Saipan beneath this aircraftwreck is a pretty nice warm and safe hiding place. A booby trap here results often in a hit.

In Betio too most of the time the enemy just stacks in the front of the capzone. If a team places a lot of traps there the enemy will loose precious men and time to captures.
D) The Suprise
The Suprise
One of the best times to plant traps is when retreating from one point to another or when you know a point is about to be captured and you place traps on the way to the next. On an open road the traps are sometimes effective but most of the time either the enemy will try avoid moving in the opening or your knee mortars will destroy any traps there. You rather need to anticipate where the enemy might move instead of the big roades or before he passes those roads. A secure narrow path is the best place to set up a trap.

Traping an ammo dump is not always effective but on Iwojima it is definitly a good way to get kills since the enemy will try to get satchels there. On any map it is a nasty suprise though and most players going to ammo dumps are squadleaders getting a 2nd smoke grenade.

Players will try to get through this small opening and mortars are less likely to destroy your traps when placed on the slope.

Player will try to pass here for sure. A hidden surprise if they blow up 30 meters in front of the capzone.

Same here. People will definitly pass here an no one will look at the ground.

Right next to the rocks and invisible. perfect trap.
E) You Can Place Traps There?
You Can Place Traps There?

It is said only soft ground can hold traps but often there is "soft" ground where you dont expect it.

Yes this is soft ground. The whole destroyed building is. You can perfectly ambush unsuspecting allies here with traps.

In the grain is a perfect spot for traps. Enemies will try to hide or cross there and blow up.

Why would you place a trap so far behind your lines? Because the enemy often tries to flank there. A singe flamer could do extreme damage from behind but not if hes blown up.

Again a spot where you wouldnt suspect a trap. enemy will surely step on that.

This will cover the secret entrance to F on Saipan. You can not only get traps at the door but also here in the grain.
4. Final Words and Plea
Final Words and Plea
Booby traps are seen less and less lately. I havent been killed by a trap in month actually.
For many players they seem inificient and most new players dont know how to use them or just plant them where they will most certainly be destroyed by mortars/artillery/grenades.
With a little thought you can get quite some free kills and really annoy the enemy.
I mostly get only two or three succesful traps but nearly all of them kill multiple enemies and/or in a capzone where it matters. Now imagine 20 players getting 1-5 kills with booby traps. The result would be devasting.
In the beginning of RS many players complained about the annoying traps. I want that back.
Of course veteran amercian players will know abvious places for traps and avoid them but these players will be the most angry at stepping at a well placed hidden trap.

PLEASE! Not for my own sake or your sake but for the sake of enjoyment and balancing of Rising Storm. Bring back the fun of booby traps. Make the Japanese team even stronger defending.
Share your knowledge and share this guide! If you dont want to support the guide still share your own thought about traps with other players!!! Bring back the traps.

Come on `murricans. You want more traps too. :D
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GulielmusTheEternal Jul 8, 2015 @ 8:12pm 
Great guide, shared with all my friends.
Question though, if I place 2 traps and then die, if I place more will the orignal 2 dissapear? Or will I now have 4 traps?
The Happener Mar 13, 2015 @ 5:28pm 
Only Jap nades can be used.
Nuubio Jan 15, 2015 @ 10:21am 
I recommend adding that Allies can disarm the traps by crawling up to them and interacting.
Radmir Rope Jul 13, 2014 @ 9:22pm 
I must say that i always place trap on the flank of F in Saipan but you should be carefull because you may be killed by while banzaing into capzone if enemy will shot it or because of arty shell so better use another entrance.
Vinceas88  [author] Jul 11, 2014 @ 12:16pm 
Yeah I know its one of my favourite booby trap positions :D
Check out my new guide by the way :
Traffic Conez Jul 11, 2014 @ 3:24am 
The truck at C is just evil.....
Vinceas88  [author] Jun 14, 2014 @ 5:07pm 
They dissapear if you get a third trap. They stay if you die
FunkyMonkey Jun 8, 2014 @ 5:19am 
So to clarify..
Do traps youve laid dissapear when you die? or
when you start to place a third trap?
jalex3 May 29, 2014 @ 12:17am 
Great guide hope people use it.
Vinceas88  [author] May 28, 2014 @ 4:15pm 
I posted it to the official Tripwire forum but it is pretty dead. At least in the strategy section there is no life left.
It is true that veterans are less likely to die to traps but having a veteran looking around and on the ground is at least some use. Also sometimes newbies step on them and kill veterans around though! Booby traps are at least very good at slowing flamers down and making them visible. If they see a trap they can either switch to another weapon and shoot it getting attention there or use flamethrower and be visible from around. It makes charging the Axis position much harder. I agree