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Favorite TF2 Workshop Items
If the item looks cool, I sure want that on TF2!
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Dry Gulch Gulp [UPDATED]
Created by donhonk
[Resubmitted with new import tool.]

Desert heat keeping you down? Need to wet the proverbial whistle? Get The Thirst Quencher today!

Great for those hot Summer days!

[UPDATED 10 / 26 / 2015]
Keg Full O' Bonk
Created by florida man
Always keep it served chilled.

~ Paintable

~ 3 LODs

~ 4 Litres of your favourate kick-ass atomic beverage

The Nuclear Pyro-Technique
Created by E-Arkham
"To be fair, strapping a homemade thermonuclear device to your back has been one of your least crazy acts, all things considered."

Space themed! Robot themed! Blow up aliens and/or robots by letting them abduct you then waiting patiently for nucl...
Summer Suitcase
Created by Dusty Showbiz
Scout packed his bags and he's ready to leave

*Team Colored...
The Little Worker
Created by Seeaitch
"Yea, I might take care of one or two or forty-three of 'em!"

In honor of the upcoming gamemode! A little prototype as a reminder of the first metallic heroes!

The Pea-Brain's Pouches
Perfect for storing what little equipment you need.

Model and texture by SedimentarySocks
Promo materials by Colteh...
Hot of Dogness
Created by Sparkwire
Yes, the title is a Heart of Darkness pun.

The most humilating thing since sliced bread.

Jiggleboned with realistic weiner physics, perfect for slapping your enemies and even comrades silly.

The Bonk Board!
Created by Ludumberg
This anti-gravity board is not useable at water.

The Hoverboard seen in the Back to the Future trilogy.
Since I'm a big fan of Back to the Future I must do the Hoverboard.

I appreciate constructive critism.

Idea, model, te...
Tote-Table Treat Tower
Created by MonkeyBug
Bring all the boys to the beach with this ice cream machine....
Arsonists Aircans
Created by VajYEETya
"Sometimes when pyro is bored, he decides to do some leisurely painting,
othertimes he holds a lighter up to a spraypaint can and aims it at you"

has 3 lods,
team colored,

This is my first model done entirely by myself, thanks for check...
The Survival Gear
Created by Dusty Showbiz
Come's with everything you need to survive on the battlefield... includes a free Thompson machine gun ( Bullets not included)...
The Space Patroller
Look smart with this space age security helmet!

- Design is based off of the mini sentry
- 3 LODs
- Self Illuminating Siren Light...
Mr. Juice
100% less thoughts
100% more juice

comic trip on WLF ...
Killer's Cola
Created by Berry
Cold to the bone!

700 tris, 1 LOD, unpaintable.
Thanks to bakscratch for SFM previews and the map used in his previews.

Why is it not for the demoman too?

Because it looked bad with the shading on the Demoman model behind his grena...
Reflective Roadworker
Created by Bapaul
Safety first! If you're going to get shot please do it using these reflective strips, think of your fellow mercenaries' safety.

Concept by Square
Model/Texture by Bapaul

Get it as a mod here[]...
The Universal Fix
Created by
The Mythbusters have proven that you can do anything with this heavy duty duct tape - even climbing rocks or constructing a tent. So why not use it in order for kill the other team?

Changelog for V2 (updated on 24/6):
-Heavily reduced unnecessary poly...
Mann Co. H2O
Created by MysteryPancake
"Is your regular hippie spring water not giving you the proper amount of radiation? Well, here's our answer: Mann Co. Brand Water! It's two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen, and 100% awesome. (Plus some minor side effects.) Comes in two varieties for your t...
Le Dilettante
You know, there are no natural born professionals. And even if you already became one, you couldn't be immune from dilettantish mistakes....
Created by Quin
From the creator of Abandoned Upward comes the next version of one of the best maps the game has to offer : Frostward! Based on Abandoned upward's changes to the initial map Frostward was created for the Workshop Wonderland by Quin, Overpovered, Pybun, Hyp...
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