Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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How to be a better Commander
By King of Dabylon and 2 collaborators
A basic to expert guide for those confused or not skilled with the commander role, even semi-expirenced players can learn a few things.
Just to get some people started heres some basics to the commander roles and dos and don'ts of it, bear with me there is some info on specific strategies for maps. First of introduction to the commander role if you have no clue what it is, in game it is refered to as Team leader often ("TL") . You can view your current commander by holding down the T button for your tatical view (Trust me alot of people ask all the time who a TL is), He should appear over your SL in the middle right hand corner of your screen.
TL SA-StF.Reno|6th|-SA-|
SL1 iSuck

To use the commander class you want to find a radio which can be located by holding down T and and a Icon showing the distance towards the radio will also appear, the radios can also be located on the map (Typically most maps have radios per primary objectives).

Now once you have found the radio hit the ctrl (Use key, mine is F) key on it to open the menu, from there you can force respawn, which respawn all current dead teamates. You can call in artillery, morters and on some maps rocket arty. Recon planes can be deployed as well and offer great target sighting for arty.(The when and when nots/How to use them of using these tools will be covered in a different section).

Commanders also have choice of a some pretty nice firearms, but prioritize whats important to the situation. They have a choice of any starter pistol of the factions along with a Semi-auto rifle and basic submachine gun. Later when you get hero you'll have oblivously have a better varity of guns.

I will mention this a couple times though, the commander is not always an assault trooper, but having two smoke grenades can make the commander a valuable resource for pushing objectives.

The 10 Kommandments

1. Thou shall not call in arty on teammates or in front of advancing teammates. Artys purpose is either to prevent enemies from holding a position, or/and prevent them from securing one.

2. Thou shall not over use/not use the force respawn. Use force respawn when half your team is dead, Typically 10-15, the only time you use the force respawn for your selfish purposes is on a map where the commander has no serious vital role, Grain elevator is a good example that comes to mind.

3. Thou shall not play commander without proper game experience. You may have read this guide page to page but overall don't play as commander until you have at least got a honor level over 50 and/or a solid understanding of how gameplay is like, which includes extensive gameplay. If you have your own server or you are in an empty server with bots (which won’t give much practice beyond basic commands) then this rule does not apply.

4. Thou shall participate in thy game. Don't pick commander role, not communicate and stagnate your arty and recon planes, be on the radio, update recharge on everything (other than force respawns).

5. Thou shall not waste artillery on single tank units and small pockets infantry (ESPECIALLY BOTS). Tanks are singular units.... there’s two classes that can take out tanks, and every person in game can pick up charges, In a full game there’s typically 2-3 engineers and 4 anti-tank roles if available. So don't waste your arty that takes 3-8 minutes depending on the map to recharge, using arty just for kills is useless and sometimes can halt your teams advance.

6. Thou shall work as a SL or with SLs to cap objectives when not focusing on arty strikes. Simple rule, don’t stand around no artillery recharge is under 3 minutes so don’t stand around, with two smoke grenades you can be a vital asset to the team.

7. Thou shall not only play commander for assault roles. Short and simple, you aren’t the extra elite assault, you play to benefit the whole team.

8. Thou shall coordinate with Sqauds leaders and support roles. Communicating with SLs can be helpful, remind them to deploy smoke, warn them of enemy locations etc

9. Thou shall issue orders to the entire team. You can issue orders by holding down the B key and selecting options, defend and attack is what you'll use and there is sub-sections for objective. Don't give stupid orders, common sense, sometimes people are dumb enough to listen to bad decisions, so make your choices wise.

10. Thou shall not be an♥♥♥♥♥hole The easiest rule to follow, you're not the OberFeldMarshall Fuher Kommandat or Commissar Czar of Soviet Potato land, you’re a guy playing in a game, don't act like your all-knowing just because you can load in faster to get the Team leader class, and when you’re not playing as commander try your best to be helpful to your commander because everyone has to learn at some point. Unless he doesn't do all of the above, then you can call him a dumbass.

Fartillery for Dummies

First of all you have probably found the basics for using a radio and calling artillery, and you have a basic structure and how they work. But since this is a guide I'll go through the small details, not to start you off you can only call in arty on marked objectives, they will show up on your map with the SLs name or TL if you marked it. To mark objectives, equip your binoculars, right click to look through them, and left click on where you want it, (Note spawn protection prevents arty from being in certain places.) There is spawn protection for arty so it says invalid target that means it's to far in their spawns. Green marker means it has been selected for arty/mortars, Arty strikes don't respond right when you click on it (At least for me).

Heres a picture that displays sqaud leaders markers

Again in my Commandments I state not waste arty on tanks and small group of troops. When you load into the game you should start dropping arty as soon as possible. You will not receive a recon for the first few seconds so it's best to learn the maps.

Blue markers are friendlys, if you drop arty in front of them, you WILL halt their attack and/or teamkill. If they are pinned down there is an expection, but send a warning before you do drop it.
Give updates on recharging arties, update the time regularly and make sure you SLs are putting marks even when your doing yourself.

Recon planes charge about half the time of arty so you can put Recons planes just so SLs can updates targets even though you don't have it available. Recon other than that should only be used for Arty, not FPS bull♥♥♥♥♥♥minimap gameplay.

Arty can be used to supress enemies, so sometimes just putting arty in front of enemy defensive points (Examples A objective of Pavlovs house and A objective of Fallen fighters).


Mortars in short, are better in trenchs, faster recharge less supression though, less salvos.

Better for attacking then defending with, but overall artillery is a better choice, depending on your objective for your mortar strike you can choose whats best, but don't play around to much with mortars untill you get a good foothold on the playing as commander.

Rocket Artillery

Rocket artillery.... what all the Dumb commanders think is the most useless thing ever added, But it's can sure clear an objective well and it's something to add to your bucket list if you haven't used them before. It has some use, definately good for fast advance. Watch yourself with this, don't use in situtions where you team is close, it is easy to TK with.

Commissar's house
A map distint from some Ro2 players, this being a map I've done trainings with my clan for 2 a week, I've probably put 100 of my 400 hours on to this map. Not going to give all the little tricks of the map just the ones that help you not blow up your teamates.


First thing you'll notice when spawning in on this map that it is not as big as some Ro2 maps, evident by the 16 people that will standing in the room with you when you spawn. The first two radios are at grid cords I3 and I6, a crappy place for you having to run into open fire to get to a radio. For this map arty is barely important for the reason it causes large amounts of teamkilling in close quarters, I've played this map enough to know arty is only needed when the team is completly stalled, usually around objectives F, G and H. But as commander your role to command everyone what to do, When you first spawn in run to the wall at the border of H and I 5, throw smoke towards H4 to prevent fire from B and C. You cap the objective completely from the wall of A building that faces russian spawn so tell your SLs to line up on that wall. Once A is captured and/or cleared, smoke near the place you smoke when coming into a (H4) And with your other smoke grenade smoke the gap in between B and A ( It's sort of a road if you will). Make sure you cap A first, it cannot be recapd unlike B, it can also be use as a firing position but your entire team can't camp there so keep them on the move.

You've now probably by this point have captured B, if you have not, Instruct your men to fall back and call in a rocket arty strike directly on B or take Regulary arty on F4 or behind B near C. Doing so will cut of the enemies advancing into B and your team will have to rush to secure B. Asuming that your done with A and B, the next two objectives are easy in some ways and hard in others, Move your squad into C, secure C, it cannot be recaptured, same gos for D, having tank support can go ways on this objectives but smoke the open land to the right side of C can do some good for advancing friendlies into D.

E is a cakewalk, just walk through it simple as possible. Note they may set up a crossfire down the hallways of the basement or the 1st floor. The partically broken floor is another concern, your team will need to secure both E and C for you to be safe to use the radio in C. Untill they call recon and Arty from B and A (Not D because you could get pinned down there).
F is tricky however, now theres a trench or two you team can fly into but some arty suppression on H could help people push to F.

Once you captured F the rest is easy push through G and H, use massive amounts of smoke, assualt and don't focus on dropping any more arty just dying, respawning and deploying your smoke until they have got to the objectives.


Defending on this map is not the easiest, but is not the hardest your role as a commander on defender is the opposite approach as on Attacker. Instead of sparsly using arty, you need to spam arty and not let the enemy breath, keep it away from your teamates, and keep your teamats away from it. Now objective A is extremely hard to defend, but as a Public game commander you can't instrut anyone to do things specificly and expect them to listen to you. A will be lost fast, support B all you can but an enemy commander can kill everyone in with arty so be perpared.

C, as much as it looks like it is, it's not the best place to defend, Mainly because public game players can't setup proper defense on C. The gap should be watched same with the tower to your left (The one closer to D).

E can be well defended from the second floor but it has its limitations. The tower in E is useful but covering the flanks is important for defending this objective. F is hard to defend in open combat, so using E, G, and H can be helpful. Defending for Commissars house is limited so the commander if left to develop most the strategy.

Radio Locations

As TL always know where the nearest radio location is when you are TL. Its imparitive that you are able to get to one quickly and call an arty strike or recon that could help you team cap the next objective. If you can't use marks before they are outdated, don't bother with them.

The first radio is in the warehouse before B. Its nearly imposible for the Defenders to get to so a Defending TL should ignore it; but for the Attackers its good to use if you spawn initialy on the second spawn point and want a strong inital push on B.
(image not yet avalible)

Radio number 2 is about the same distance from the Russian spawn, but on the A side of the map. Its great to use if your inital push is going to be on A. (once again Defending TLs ignore this radio)

The third radio is located in the A cap zone on the first floor in the room by the wrecked tank. This radio is benifical to both the Attackers and the Defenders. The Defenders can use it if they want to hold out in A, but often times the A cap is quick to fall to the Attackers. The Attackers can then use A building to not only call arty but also obtain marks for the arty. Remember without a good mark your arty is worthless.

The fouth radio has its pros and cons. located on the second floor of the building in D its handy to get a mark and quickly call in a strike to ensure a few kills, but is is in the middle of a field, and constanty under sniper fire. This radio is more useful for the defenders because it gives thier TL a nice view of the battle. It does the same for the attackers but for an attacker to access it you need to run across a open field often covered by a tank, and if you make it safely, you are isolated so the 2 smokes in your hand aren't doing any good.

The fifth radio is used more by the attckers because it offers a location that is fairly safe once the first two objectives have been captured but C is not secure . To the defenders its not as apealing because the 6th radio is in a better location.

The sixth radio as metioned above is a good radio for the defenders. Its located on the right side of C (from a defending side point of view) Its normally fairly safe while the first two objectives are still being battled over. The only time I would ditch this radio for the near by radio number 5 is when the attackers have an MG or sniper fireing into the room. As attackers you often wont need to use this radio because your arty will still be recharging from your initail attack.

(more radios and maps still coming, because even warheros spend time with thier moms)

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BillNyeTheRussianSpy Jul 8, 2014 @ 4:19pm 
I, Bill Nye The Russian Spy, approve of The 10 Kommandments.
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Great guide, looking fowards for updates ;)
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o.O Reading is for chumps? You're gonna go far in life, maybe a ditch digger....J/K
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It's way more fun to learn this stuff by just playing the game alot. =3 Reading is for chumps in uni, lol.
King of Dabylon  [author] May 11, 2014 @ 1:35pm 
http://steamcommunity.com/groups/RenosGuides Sorry wrong link don't know how that happened
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That's a fantastic idea!
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Yeah but like I said, content will be added, strategys for every map, er spelling errors will be fixed etc etc
Cobra Commando May 10, 2014 @ 4:46pm 
Your audience is your army. Make your leadership tag visible fighting on the line after making a decision and calling arty a minute ago. The newest and oldest players will pick it up and play right beside you when you're the first willing to get shot (though aren't.)

Recon is an afterthought unless there is discussion of a stymie. There is a good deal of awareness that is lost if a player checks a map, something that can be overlooked by an experienced player or exaggerated upon newer players. Recon serves to kneecap a team by absorbing their attention and capacity for teamwork, unless it is unfolding precisely to encourage it when they request guidance.
250RoundMags May 9, 2014 @ 11:17pm 
Large groups of people usually disagree on things, their life experiences are usually different and the things they believe they learned from them often have some thing in common and some things different, and some and many people look for something to blame, often what they believe, in their opinion is the cause,wether true or not. We can immdiately pretend we're faultless, or we can stop and think and try to learn from it, and look at the possibilities,sometimes we can do better and didnt realize it, wether or not we're the biggest factor.

TLDR:Lots of people lay blame.