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Christianity Merge (Historical Religions)
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May 7, 2014 @ 6:23am
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Christianity Merge (Historical Religions)

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This mod functions a little differently than my other Historical Religion themed mods, as it removes 2 in-game religions instead of adding anything new.

The Brave New World expansion split Christianity into 3 denominations: Catholicism, Protestantism, and Eastern Orthodoxy. This mod re-merges the denominations so that Christianity is only represented by a single in-game religion (“Christianity”) identical to how it was represented in the Gods and Kings expansion.

The mod works either stand-alone or as an add-on to my Historical Religion mods. In either case the religious preferences of the civs are correctly updated; with the latter, any additional modded Christian denominations (such as Oriental Orthodoxy) will also be removed.

I know some people preferred G&K’s un-split Christianity, so this mod gives the option to play Brave New World and Historical Religion games as such.


-Requires either the Gods and Kings or the Brave New World expansions.


Supports Tomatekh's, Leugi's, More Civ & Zambezi project, JFD's, Hiram's, LastSword's civs, as well as Calypso's Colored Religion mods.


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Christianity Merge


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Tomatekh  [author] Sep 1, 2014 @ 8:07am 
Update: No gameplay changes. Mod converted to SQL to ensure better compatability across all my Historical Religions mods. If you need the previous version to continue a save, a download link is at the bottom of the description.
Tomatekh  [author] May 23, 2014 @ 1:13pm 

You can only program a civ with one religious preference.
zArkham4269 May 23, 2014 @ 12:32pm 
I would think that Ethiopia would at least have a partial predisposition towards Judiasm given a sect ended up there and pretty much lived for a long time before being revealed.
Shieldmaiden |UwU| May 18, 2014 @ 2:23pm 
idk, but I like the mod. The AIs aren't all scrambling for some form of Christianity and occasionally something like Judaism or one of your other religions will pop up, so, yay,
Tomatekh  [author] May 14, 2014 @ 5:51pm 
I also don't get everyone's problem with a mod that's only meant to allow players the option to play a game system in BNW as it was presented in GK. If you don't want to use that option, don't use the mod. Seriously. I mean, I've also made a Christian Denominations mod that splits Christianity into 7 denominations.
Tomatekh  [author] May 14, 2014 @ 5:45pm 

Except every AI leader has a programmed religious preference so the AI IS meant to pick specific religions. Plus the AI can beat you to a specific religion and lock players out of choosing that religion.

Also, my example was pointing out that with just "Christianity" there is still an appropriate historical choice for both the AI and human players to pick when playing with any of the Christian civs, meanwhile, for civs like Carthage, there is no appropriate historical religion for either the AI or humans to pick. The split in Christianity didn't do much in terms of adding missing religious identities comparatively. In fact, with the BNW split, Ethiopia no longer has an appropiate historical religion to choose (whereas it would be appropiate for them to choose "Christianity"). Ethiopia is not and never has been Eastern Orthodox (their AI preference).
HABS May 14, 2014 @ 4:13pm 
<<<Carthage choosing Islam for example, more blatant and off than the differences between Protestantism and Catholocism so there really wasn't a high concern with giving everyone the correct religious identity.>>>

No your reasoning of this is false, the ai is not meant to pick these specific religions its for players to choose these specific yes it is meant for identities.
Tomatekh  [author] May 11, 2014 @ 8:45am 
I never said anything was prejudiced. In fact, you were accusing me of being prejudiced by assuming I had some agenda for giving people the option to play the religion game as presented in Gods and Kings. Perhaps some people don't want to play the game with an overall Western bias (because they live somewhere else) or for consitensy want all the religions presented equally.

Also, Shinto and Zorastrianism are not the same as the Christian denominations as they are completely seperate religions from Buddhism and Islam respectively.

Splitting Christianity also had less to do with correctly reflecting religious identity than that they had already made the icons for a Gods and Kings scenario and it required no work to add. The game is littered with mistakes, Carthage choosing Islam for example, more blatant and off than the differences between Protestantism and Catholocism so there really wasn't a high concern with giving everyone the correct religious identity.
Gustavus1631 May 11, 2014 @ 8:36am 
I would also add that the devs split up Christianity into 3 sects to reflect the religious identities of existing civs within the game ie Protestant England, Catholic Spain, Orthodox Russia. But they did the same with Shinto Japan and Zoroastrian Persia. So if they wanted to split Islam into different sects, go right ahead, but I think the devs only felt a need to reflect the religious identities of existing in game civs, hence the 3 Christian sects. Why this should be termed prejudiced I dont know.
Gustavus1631 May 11, 2014 @ 8:25am 
they split Christianity in BNW into 3 parts to reflect the Western origins of the game as most players do have a greater knowledge of those faiths than say some of the more obscure budust or tengrinistic faiths