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WebKnight Droids
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Aug 6, 2021 @ 2:42am
Aug 10, 2021 @ 10:30am
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WebKnight Droids

Roger - Roger!

Version: 0.2

Let's talk about different droids separately

B1-Series battle droids, also referred to as B1 battle droids or "Clankers"
They have:
  • Proper steel materials and custom damage system. They do not bleed and instead of blood you will see metal sparks, works with ACE3.
  • Proper gun holding, hit, dying and even melee custom animations!
  • Modified AI to properly operate on star wars battlefield.
  • Custom voice lines for different situations

B2-series super battle droids, also known as B2 super battle droids or super droids
They have:
  • Proper steel materials and custom damage system. They do not bleed and instead of blood you will see metal sparks, works with ACE3.
  • Proper moveset that was maded from scratch.
  • Melee Attacks and different modifications of their main gun.
  • Modified AI
  • Custom voice lines

And main guest - BX-series droid commandos, also known as BX-series commando droids or simply commando droids
They have:
  • Proper steel materials and custom damage system. They do not bleed and instead of blood you will see metal sparks, works with ACE3.
  • Custom advanced Half-Melee, Half-Normal AI that changes full behaviour of bot depending on enemy weapons. If you will come too close they will switch to their vibroblades and will try to kick your ass!
  • Their melee AI contains different tactics when they fight agains jedis. They can throw Thermal Detonators, Fire from blaster at you and even execute you if they will see that you dont have stamina. Be aware, those droids are very tough in melee combat, especially if there is a group of them.
  • Custom melee and execution animations.
  • Custom voice lines for different situations

This mod is fully compatible with ACE3, because it uses custom damage system for those droids (similar to my dreadnought), so they will not bleed or fall unconscious upon hit.
You can change droid hp now - this setVariable ["Droid_Health",3,true]; Change number to change amount of hits droid can take.

Important note!
Please be aware that those droids were made mostly for creating a unique, lore-friendly enemy to fight. You, as a player, are able to play as those droids, but you will not have all of the mechanics as AI. Plus some animations and movesets will not work on players. Be aware of that.

If you have questions, suggestions, bug reports or want to check out what i am working on now - please join my discord -

If you like what i am doing please join one of the patrons! You will get access to my newest mods and major updates:

Main Credits:

Legion Studios - original models
Arma 3 Star Wars community - inspiration.
Macser - For awesome ArmaRig for blender!
Bohemia Interactive - For awesome game and platform!
My patreons - for support. Huge thanks to you guys! You made this mod possible.
Sygor, Agn12, Nya Edelweiss and others for tests.
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demitre2014 8 hours ago 
freaking love your mods , you should do a killzone mod with helghast and isa and terminator.
Draakon Jun 29 @ 3:29am 
Can you use this without the melee mod? It's very janky, scripting is bad and in general not good.
AverageLogin Jun 26 @ 12:02am 
This is great! Though the B1 melee doesn't seem to work at all, and the B2 melee works only occasionally
IAmCalledJay May 19 @ 5:27pm 
@tony fetticinni They are mods that make the AI more intelligent and more fun to fight. I find default AI unusable. The only incompatibility is that the B2 just flat out stops working. When it is told to attack it stops shooting and moving.
Jagdges May 17 @ 9:37pm 
why would either of those mods be used with a mod like this?
IAmCalledJay May 10 @ 4:07am 
I heard this mod is incompatible with AI mods like VcomAI and LAMS, is this true? If so have you thought about making any kind of compatibility mod for these AI mods? Love the mod, thank you.
Swinky Apr 24 @ 11:01am 
is this compatible with the public testing build of legion base, or no? :^)
OOM-182 Mar 30 @ 4:07pm 
this is indeed a roger moment
Stec Mar 26 @ 11:31pm 
Hey I was wondering if there can be a disable hit animation option for the droids
Ive seen multiple times during ops that they are outgunned by every classic republic weapon (either because they have full auto option or a lot of ammo or both) and could be 1v1 way too easy. And so I believe its because of the hit animation playing each time you hit them they cant attack you back and it makes them weak. Thanks
Jack Oniell Jan 30 @ 6:06am 
Noticed a bug where the commando droids after encountering the Jedi they do not revert back to normal combat duties and there AI freezes up. Also be nice if we could set the number of hits before they are killed. Be also nice if they would use CQC against normal enemies if they were close enough. Another option if there enemy's was facing away from them with a condition of distance they would attack.