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Ore Excavator (1.4.3/1.4.4 Veinminer)
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tModLoader Version: 1.4.3, 1.4.4
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Aug 4, 2021 @ 2:02am
Nov 21 @ 1:47pm
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Ore Excavator (1.4.3/1.4.4 Veinminer)

Welcome to Ore Excavator! - Last Updated Nov. 21st, 2023

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Ore Excavator has become the offical 1.4 port of VeinMiner, with VeinMiner being discontinued, and merged into Ore Excavator with permission.

Just like with Minecraft's Ore Excavation, Ore Excavator aims to improve, expand, and adapt with the future of the modding community for the ultimate quality of life experience. Ore Excavator allows you to effortlessly mine groups of ores, walls, and perform many other tile manipulation features effortlessly at once, with plenty more to come before 1.0!

Credit to NanobotZ for the base code and the original concept!

!!! FEATURES !!!
  • Chain-mine adjacent tiles/walls from a single block
  • Chain-swap adjacent tiles/walls from a single block
  • Chain-place platforms, ropes, tracks, planters, and more
  • Optional ore multiplier!
  • Configurable whitelist & blacklist with block picker controls in-game
  • Fully configurable client controls and keybindings
  • Fully configurable client settings to tailor to dynamic performance needs
  • Fully threaded support
  • Mod.Call API for modders
  • Autoswing compatible
  • Progression friendly
  • Excavations require mana option (for balanced play)
  • Powerful server management configurations
  • Full multiplayer support
  • Full modded compatibility support

This is intended for early access users wishing to play on 1.4, and is likely to be broken several times!

I will do my best to ensure that the mod stays for compatible and issue updates as needed, especially for multiplayer.

Due to the nature of the mod, bugs involving deleting massive amounts of blocks, walls, and similar issues are to be expected.
Please report any issues -no matter how small- to me on the tModloader Discord (@CrazyContraption#0666), or our Discord server!

It helps us deduce how common the issue is, and to better gather data on who, and how it happens.

We're also open to suggestions and feedback!

!!! FAQ !!!
Q:"Why doesn't the mod work?"
A:Common issues include: Not having the mod enabled (enable it); Not having an excavation keybind set (set it in your controls); having a corrupt version of the mod (redownload it).

Q:"How do I use the mod?"
A:By default, holding tilde ( ` ) with any pick/hammer will excavate the corresponding elements they target. The key must be set in the controls first! Additional settings and keybinds are available in the mod's configurations, take a peek!

Q:"Is this VeinMiner for 1.4?"
A:Technically, yes it is! I have been given permission and the original source code to adapt and expand the mod for Terraria 1.4.

Q:"Why is the name different?"
A:The original author and I have agreed that 1.3 Terraria and earlier will be known for VeinMiner, and Ore Excavator will earn its name in 1.4, building off of the existing community and support.

Q:"Is this mod open source?"
A:At this time, due to the mix of licensed code and the daily reworks, we've decided to keep the mod and its content private. However, in the future we plan to open source it once we feel the mod is complete, and we want the community to take over keeping it alive!

Q:"What's happening to VeinMiner?"
A:Nothing! 1.3 VeinMiner will remain as it always was, and we're simply upgrading it, and renaming it for 1.4 Terraria. The old name is still reserved however - so no funny ideas!

Q:"Does this work in multiplayer?"
A:Yes! Yes! Yes! This is a huge priority for us, and we plan on implementing a full permissions system and expanding on the original multiplayer complexity of VeinMiner.

Q:"Does this work with modded content?"
A:Yes! But also no... we don't know. Every mod is different and unique, however most modded tiles, tools, and walls should work seamlessly without issue! Please let us know if you encounter any major issues, and we'll be sure to add some failsafes to include them forcefully!

Q:"Do you have an API?"
A:Yes! as of v0.8.0, we have an API your mods can access when loaded together. Visit our Discord for more information.

Roadmap (Order of Priority)
  1. Fixing duplication exploits
  2. Fixing server desync issues
  3. Highlight Blocks/Walls That Will be Excavated Before Excavation
  4. Secret content addition??? ;)
  5. Excavation Restricted to New Modifiers Toggle (for balanced play)
  6. Translations

Recent Changelog
~ Fixed an issue with modded ores not being mineable.
+ Updated to 1.4.4 compatibility.

~ Fixed some more 1.4.4+ issues.
+ Updated for increased compatibility of new tML versions.
+ Added better host detection for server config updating.
+ Added a submitted version of (Simplified) Chinese from a @mochen5530 on Discord. Thanks!
+ Fixed some underlying duplication exploits.
- Removed some redundant code, and moved it to reflections of existing tML or vanilla versions for maintainability.

~ Fixed a few outlying 1.4.3 issues, and we're working on more as reports of 1.4.4 issues roll in.
+ Updated to 1.4.4 compatibility.

~ Refactored some core code to no longer trip on crashes from other mods. Mods will now correctly be faulted for crashes they cause. Not OE!

~ Reworked whitelist naming conventions for modded entries (to save space). An auto-transfer tool was implemented to carry your existing lists over - but it might not work. Your white/blacklists might break!
~ Updated client configs to have all options above the long whitelist sections. People weren't scrolling!
+ Added an ore multiplier setting to the world configs. Grinding begone!
+ Reworked the auto-whitelist runner, it now caches data between mod updates instead of running each reload, and more - cutting off loading times by ~90%.
+ Added Calamity auto-whitelist support, with tiles like Sea Prisms.
* Fixed an issue with mana costs being affected by negative mana values. Invalid mana setups are now exempt from checks.
- Removed unbound keybind tooltips from irrelevant items. Oops!

~ Ajusted the language of some areas of the mod.
+ Added a few extra tooltip and error messages to the mod.
+ The mod now respects player research, and will not consume fully researched items.
* Fixed an issue where item tooltips would no longer show up. - Thanks @ba'alcipher#1544
* Fixed an issue where dirt could not be used for swapping. - Thanks @AncientAlphaWarrior#2950
- Blacklisted Sandstone tiles by default.

See all changelogs here:

Found an issue? Join our Discord and help report it:

Originally posted by @xphrogx:
"x is the best keybind 💀"

Looking for something simpler but equally powerful?
Originally posted by Aitherix:
Basic Automated Mining (BAM) is a simple, lightweight veinminer alternative.
Created by Aitherix, they take a more straightforward approach for those looking for something easier to grasp and less... feature overloaded.
Originally posted by tModLoader:
Developed By CrazyContraption
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(1.4.4) Excavation Mana not Working
< >
Eggo 10 hours ago 
for some reason the entry is Terraria:ClayBlock, but its all worked now, thanks
CrazyContraption  [author] 22 hours ago 
The blacklist should work, even in singleplayer. Singleplayer gives the ability to double-tap to override blacklists, but that's it. Changes don't need a reload or new world to take effect as long as you actually save the config (in game). Reload will be required if you externally edit the files.

My suggestion would be to just remove it from the whilelitst, or ensure your blacklist is actually enabled and that you're using the right entry; I think it should be Terraria:Clay
Eggo Dec 3 @ 2:07am 
im trying to disable veinmining clay, but after putting it as blacklisted, it hasnt changed. i also tried taking things off of the blacklist to check if it was working and it also didnt change. would i need to make a new world or is there no way to change what is blacklisted?
Nubsynub Dec 2 @ 6:43pm 
yeah i will just do that, im just so used to using left click as my keybind
CrazyContraption  [author] Dec 1 @ 6:51am 
I could, but it might be confusing for new users. I suggest using right mouse button for your bind. Gives you the best of both worlds.
Nubsynub Nov 30 @ 11:22pm 
is there any way you could add another keybind for the extra features? i still want to vein mine ores with mouse 1 but still be able use the extra features like chain swap and placing a row of platforms, totally fine if you dont though
CrazyContraption  [author] Nov 30 @ 11:07am 
You'll have to take that up with the tML devs, or attempt a manual install of the mod.
edu Nov 30 @ 10:51am 
I can't install the mod :v, the tml says "Failed to install during this play session!"
niko Nov 28 @ 12:39pm 
found a bug. my game crashes when i vein mine rolling cacti
CrazyContraption  [author] Nov 27 @ 5:37pm 
Left click is often overlapped with the mining key. When using it to chain place, the mod cannot tell the difference between mining and placing - so it disables all placing related features, and basically nerfs itself to be veinmine-only.

Right click has been specially handled to function like left click without any extra hastle. We strongly recommend using right click if you prefer to use a mouse button - or use any extra buttons if you have them.

Beyond that, it's personal preference. I like using tilde (~), but you might find something that suits you more.