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Final Fantasy III: Missable Guide
By Inspector Gesicht
A short guide that gives a beat-by-beat list of all missable treasures and bestiary entries.
What's the purpose of this guide?
This guide will list all instances of treasures, hidden items, and bestiary entries that can be missed by progressing the main story. By taking a few precautions you can easily platinum the game in one playthrough.

Below I will give a beat-by-beat list of everything that can be missed as you play through the main-story.

Can you miss jobs?
No, but the last two jobs are optional and are found in the Eureka, The Forbidden Land.

Can you miss magic?
All magic can be bought from a shop. Should you sell your Odin, Leviathan, and Bahamut spells then you can buy more from the hidden shop in Eureka, the Forbidden Land.

What completion-metrics are there?
In addition to completing the main-story, there are ten metrics that grant the achievements needed to platinum the game.

Legendary Treasure Hunter
Open every treasure-chest in the game. If you are thorough then this will unlock in the final area, World of Darkness. Missable.

Item Detector
Collect all hidden-items. If you are thorough then this will unlock in Eureka, The Forbidden Land. Missable.

Adventurous Wayfarer
Visit every area once. If you are thorough then this will unlock in the final area, World of Darkness. This requires you to visit every area, including all the Chocobo Woods. There are 3 Woods on the Floating Continent and 10 on the Surface World. Casting the Sight spell will show all the areas you have previously visited as well listing the few areas that get locked-off. Missable due to a quirk with the Living Woods.

Summon Master
Buy all the Summon magic from Replito and defeat Odin, Leviathan, and Bahamut. Then give all 8 spells on the one character. Not missable.

Field Research-Professional
Encounter every monster. If you are thorough then this will unlock upon defeating the final boss. Missable.

Forbidden Weapons
Defeat all optional bosses in Eureka, The Forbidden Land. Not missable.

Management Laborer
Grind one character's Job Level in a single job to 99. Job Level is increased by one for every five actions taken in battle. Not missable.

Obtain 500,000 Gil. This achievement is attained by playing normally. Not missable.

Legendary Warrior
Defeat five-hundred monsters. This achievement is attained by playing normally. Not missable.

Seasoned Hero
All party members must reach Level 50. This achievement is attained by playing normally and is in fact mandatory to survive the endgame. Not missable.

The Living Woods
After completing the Nepto Temple you get access to the Enterprise, a sea-ship. Your next call is acquiring the Toad spell to enter the Tower of Owen, but you should take a detour to the Living Woods. This is just a forest-clearing with no enemies or items to find. You do go here automatically after completing Hein's Castle, but it doesn't count for achievement purposes,

You cannot enter the Living Woods after being arrested in Tokkul. This area will bar you from entering again after the events of Hein's Castle.

It's important to note that the Adventurous Wayfarer achievement is across saves. You don't have to complete the entire game twice if you miss entering this area.

Hein's Castle
After you acquire the Fire Crystal, you'll be prompted to travel to Tokkul. When you enter the town, you'll be arrested and taken to Hein's Castle.

Hein's Castle is a one-time-only dungeon. Upon defeating the boss, it will be locked-off for the rest of your playthrough.

There are 11 treasure-chests and 1 hidden-item to find. The hidden-item is a copy of the Mini spell that you can get from an NPC in the room you start in.

Bestiary #66-70

Before Completing the Cave of Tides
The Wrecked Ship is your first stop when you leave the Floating Continent. Here you will meet Aria, who is needed to help you find the Water Crystal in the Cave of Tides.

There are 2 Treasure Chests to open in the Wrecked Ship, and this place will be locked-off upon acquiring the Water Crystal.
Recommendation: Before Flying over Saronia
When you fly over Saronia in the Enterprise, you will be shot down. Shortly afterwards, you will get another airship, however you will never be able to fight monsters while sailing on the ocean again. Some of the following monsters can be fought on rivers, but to be on the safe side it is best to fight them all before heading to Saronia.

Floating Continent Sea Monsters

Surface World Sea Monsters
# 71
# 72
# 73
# 74
Before Defeating Garuda in Castle Saronia
After flying over Saronia you'll be shot down, losing the Enterprise. The story guides you into picking up Alus as a party-member, while also strongly hinting you should pick up the Dragoon gear lying around and change the party into Dragoons before heading to Saronia castle.

Before fighting Garuda YOU MUST head to South-West Saronia and speak to the two old men NPCs walking around. They'll grant you 2 pieces of equipment that count towards the Hidden-Item Achievement. They will not give you anything if you speak to them after defeating Garuda.

No Longer Missable: Lake Dohr
In previous versions of the game you could not return to Lake Dohr after beating the dungeon boss, Leviathan.

However, in the Pixel Remaster you can return to Lake Dohr without issue.

Doga's Grotto
After completing the Cave of Shadows, you will be prompted to return to Doga's Manor. On entering you will be teleported to the next dungeon, Doga's Grotto. You can freely enter and exit this dungeon until you defeat the pair of bosses at the end, after which this area will be locked-off.

There are 6 treasure-chests to find.

Bestiary #155-159
#155 can be fought elsewhere as a monster inside a treasure-chest in the Sunken Cave.

The Point of No Return: Crystal Tower

At the top of the Crystal Tower, there is a room with a mirror and five wyrms. The moment you touch the mirror a cutscene will play that moves you to next room that contains Xande. You cannot teleport out of the dungeon and from here on you are locked into the endgame.

Beating Xande sends you to the World of Darkness, which is home to four mandatory bosses, four optional bosses, and the final boss. Beating the final boss sends you through the lengthly credits before placing you right outside the Ancients' Maze next to your airship, the Invincible. You're free to fight Xande and explore World of Darkness again if you wish.

For convenience's sake it is best to have filled out the bestiary before confronting Xande.


You will need to have these other tasks fulfilled as well.
  • All Hidden-Items found.
  • All Eureka Weapons found.
  • A Level 50+ party.
  • All Summons.
  • All but 4 treasure-chests opened.
  • At least one Job grinded to Job Level 99.
  • Every area visited with the exception of the World of Darkness.

World of Darkness
The World of Darkness contains 4 chests guarded by bosses, and the following Bestiary entries:

The End
This short guide should help you find the easily missed stuff that can negates achievements. If you have any further questions, or there are additions to be made, then please comment below.

Please don't lift the written content of this guide without crediting the proper source.
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adam-bennett Apr 27 @ 10:26pm 
Every screen in all three worlds shows me completed all Chests yet i am missing one on steam any ideas?
orowam Aug 21, 2021 @ 3:45pm 
I'm at 1 chest left, and still havn't gotten the hidden items one. Every map section has it listed as all chests and items found. And I made sure to full clear each of the one-time only areas. So I guess I'm just not getting the achievements :steamsad:
The Questing Bunny Aug 13, 2021 @ 1:39pm 
I wanted to let you know that you don't need to have all of the summon spells on one character, just as long as someone on the team holds them all. I never gave them all to one person.
Maack-10 Aug 12, 2021 @ 8:45pm 
That's why I was asking, cause I have all checklist items and I know for a fact I have all the missable hidden items, I used that mini on my red mage and the dragoon items on my main dragoon, but even after beating the dark cloud and getting all the other achievements, the Item Detector achievement didn't pop. So I'm confused as to why it didn't unlock and was wondering if that just meant I have to do another run through since it won't unlock.
Inspector Gesicht  [author] Aug 12, 2021 @ 5:42am 
There should be no need to start over. In the checklist there should be 27 entries for the Floating Continent, 35 for the Surface World, and 3 for the underwater map.

The only missable treasuers/items are in Hein's Castle, Wrecked Ship, and Doga's Grotto.
Maack-10 Aug 11, 2021 @ 3:19pm 
I just beat the game and I know I found all the hidden items from the missable areas, and all areas I look at show that I have all items, but the achievement won't pop. Will I just have to play the game again and sprint for items?
raven0ak Aug 10, 2021 @ 11:09pm 
you can get nepto dragon bestiary entry if you take sail before completing nepto temple
maetee77 Aug 9, 2021 @ 10:10pm 
I have found the last Chocobo Woods. Now I achieve 100%.
maetee77 Aug 9, 2021 @ 10:02pm 
@InspectorGesicht, thank you very much. I missed "Dragon Spire". New Treasure Hunter is completed. But I can find only 9 Chocobo Woods in the world. There is 10 of them, right.?
Keytee Tamira Aug 9, 2021 @ 8:32am 
Actually, once you complete the game, you get a post-game save with all items and stuff you've gained during your visit in World of Darkness (And yes, all the items you've expended will be gone obviously)
Having five Ribbons makes farming for certain enemies easier.