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American Truck Simulator

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International HX520 2022
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International HX520 2022

Originally posted by International HX Brochure:
Introducing the new International® HX® Series. Our latest, greatest, biggest, baddest, toughest, most premium, precision sledgehammer. Built to endure, thrive and dominate any assignment, the HX Series can handle whatever you throw at it. And just like you, the HX Series can take it on the chin and keep moving forward until the job is pinned down into submission – all without breaking a sweat.

This is a standalone truck made partially from scratch and using SCS LoneStar cabin + chassis models. It's using my friend Kriechbaum's newest Cummins X15 engine sounds. There are also a few simple skins included made by Klunk, Pauly, Lucasi and SirBlackyAlot.

A brief background story: I started working on this truck right after it's announcement in December 2020. I thought it should be a simple mod - I would use the Lonestar cabin and only model the front part of the truck. Unfortunately at that time there was very little reference material - a few pictures, two brochures and a video. Despite that, I think I managed to shape the model pretty close to the real thing. In May 2021 International launched the HX Series online configurator where people can see the truck in a 3D viewport, freely rotate it and see many available accessories. I had the mod almost ready back then but decided to fix a few things I haven't realized before seeing the truck in detail. All in all the mod turned out to be quite a bit of an endeavor but I think it was worth it. I'm very happy with the end result and hope you will like it was well :)

  • fully functional truck :)
  • 3 cabins: daycab, 56 and 73 inch High Rise Sleeper,
  • 6 chassis lenghts, from 212 to 300 inch wheelbase, 6x4, 8x4 and 8x6,
  • 6 fuel tank volumes, from 100 to 280 gallons,
  • 6 Cummins X15 engines,
  • Elite Diamond interior,
  • a few customization options,
  • 3 predefined configurations available at International dealer,
  • available for quick jobs (including separate configurations for heavy and oversized cargoes),

Optional content:

IMPORTANT NOTE regarding 8x6 chassis - I moved the 5th wheel closer to the middle drive axle than stock SCS trucks to distribute the trailer weight evenly - this may cause issues with some trailers.

Please do not redistribute/reupload this mod to other sites. By doing so you are harming this fragile modding community, literally causing many good modders to stop sharing their creations publicly.

Skin template is in the mod but here I extracted it for your convenience:

SCS, Harven, Kriechbaum, Klunk, Pauly, Lucasi, SirBlackyAlot

If you think I deserve it and would like to send me a tip, you can do so here - thanks :)
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HarmanBOSS 20 hours ago 
Very good mod with nice engine sound. I made 15.000+ miles and counting. Thanks
david Dec 2 @ 6:56pm 
@ Ms. Deb so if you know that, why post that it isn't yet compatible? Either don't use betas or have patience. :)
Ms. Deb Nov 27 @ 5:03pm 
Incompatible in 1.43 beta at this time. And, yes, developers rarely upgrade during beta testing of an upcoming update, because betas change a lot sometimes in ways that might resolve many issues on its own.
R&J TRUCKING .CO#23 Nov 20 @ 12:34am 
For those who are newbs to this game and those who haven't yet learnt from all the comments from the past....modders RARELY update their work during BETAS.... so wait patiently until full release of updates...
joemead1971 Nov 19 @ 4:32pm 
update for 1.43 please!
DIGITALGATE Nov 19 @ 1:41pm 
the end
ATS_guy Nov 19 @ 12:07pm 
@DIGITALGATE i know but still, leave them alone
DIGITALGATE Nov 19 @ 4:53am 
ATS_guy i know , u have 100% right but he post on everywere , not only here
ATS_guy Nov 19 @ 4:04am 

just let them do their own thing its not gonna help when you just get mad at them
Big Rig § Nov 18 @ 4:27pm 
update for 1.43 please!