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NoPet (V.3)
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May 1, 2014 @ 4:16pm
Jun 15, 2014 @ 6:26am
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NoPet (V.3)

This mod is not actively maintained, but it's still playable and I still watch/answer the comments

NoPet is a mod that let you choose to play with or without a pet !
This mod is fitted for a more hardcore, hero focused gameplay, or any mod/story where you don't want or need pets !

Features :
• Create a character with or without a pet.
• Pet HUD is toggled accordingly to your choice.
• Fish are usable to gain temporary or permanent pet (if you choose to begin with none).
• (Should) Work in multiplayer

/!\ Warning /!\
• Remove all items from your pet if you transformed it for a fixed time or you will lose them !
• When you switch from "nopet" to a pet, you must save and reload the game to refresh the pet inventory slots and made them available /!\
• The mod can have conflict with other mods that add pets or change your pet HUD (The latter will work with inconsistancy)

Feel free to report if you have some bugs with the mod or any questions/recommendations :)
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tfkmaster  [author] Apr 14, 2019 @ 6:42am 
Thanks Jean, much appreciated.
Coco Meow Apr 13, 2019 @ 5:42pm 
Awesome mod. I usually play at low difficulties and the pets do all for the player at Casual/Normal. Much appreciated mod, thank you so much!
tfkmaster  [author] Mar 11, 2019 @ 9:41am 
Hi Daze, i can see the point but i need to say that didn't thought this mod with... "inner balance", i don't know how to put that.
It's more a standalone feature. It add challenge per se and the best way to balance this experience is to couple it with other mods that does rebalance, or things you said. At least that's what i thought, plus it's easier to deal with mods conflicts and having a customized experience.
Anyway, thanks for the comment and i hope you'll enjoy the mod :)
Z Mar 11, 2019 @ 7:48am 
Nice idea, but it would be cool if there was some sort of upside to playing without a pet, like extra stat points or something to make up for the lack of DPS and utility.
tfkmaster  [author] Nov 6, 2016 @ 12:17pm 
Hi NekoVeil, thanks for your report but i'm afraid i'm not really maintaining this mod (i didn't mod TL2 since ... 1y and a half from now), maybe i'll try to check if i have some time for, but i can't guarantee you to find a fix (maybe you can ask another modders to help you, i have nothing against modification of my mod, even more since i can't maintain it properly)
Leubast the Gargoyle Nov 5, 2016 @ 11:19pm 
I found a bug with this mod. I have the unique ring "The Skull" that has a 1% chance to summon a floating skull when hit. I had one summoned when I died and when I went back to town ( or at some point, I'm not sure) the pet HUD came back and the "Angry Skull" became my pet somehow. Screenshot:
tfkmaster  [author] Jun 13, 2014 @ 11:25am 
Ok so i made a update for a more versatile system, who allow people to choose the NoPet or not at the pet creation menu, that's allowing multiplayer with hybrid gameplay (some guys with pet, and without)
Roze May 3, 2014 @ 11:13pm 
If possible, could you make this mod a bit more conditional, such that it only hides UI etc when one has chosen the "no pet" pet? (I have synergies and pet overhaul mods installed as well, so I get an engineer image I can choose that gives me "no pet")
tfkmaster  [author] May 3, 2014 @ 11:51am 
I just don't delete them if you wanted to sell them, to help YOU, and yes you don't need them if you don't play with pets, what's the problem with that ?
FennaDG May 3, 2014 @ 11:46am 
i dont like this mod. then whats the point of getting mysterious pet collars and tags?