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Project Zomboid

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'60 Ford Falcon
Created by blenderbush
1960 Ford Falcon sedan mod. Three-on-a-tree everyday cruiser.
Full mod creation process is described in my topic on the Indie Stone forum, here is the link:

'85 Mercedes Benz W123
Created by KI5
This mod supports game version B41.51+

Backup of old version for B41.50 will remain here for manual install:

Handsome, reliable beast from the 1985. They say reaching 500,000 or 1,0...
'88 Volkswagen Golf Mk2
Created by KI5
This mod supports game version B41.51+

Backup of old version for B41.50 will remain here for manual install:

It's a Golf! Mk2! The most iconic hatchback ever, right here in Proje...
'88 Volkswagen Jetta Mk2
Created by KI5
This mod supports game version B41.51+

Backup of old version for B41.50 will remain here for manual install:

Sedan version of the most iconic hatchback ever, it was a huge hit...
'90 Lada Niva
Created by KI5
This mod supports game version B41.51+

Backup of old version for B41.50 will remain here for manual install:

Beast from the east. Small, light and great off road. Ram that horde on ...
(Build 41+) Crashed Cars Mod
Created by JellySnek
This mod will be maintained and updated. It's not dead and won't be. It will be updated whenever I find time due to real life getting in the way. I have planned some updates this year for the mod, however I can't say when. One of tho...
1967 Chevrolet Impala
Created by MrDanny
BUILD 41.x ONLY!!!

Supernatural look with a powerful engine - combination for Zed hunter!

- This car is NEW and don't replace vanilla car.
- Working textures: Blood, scratches, etc.
- Spawn in all places.
- Special version - try to find ...
1967 Chevrolet Impala Station Wagon
Created by MrDanny
BUILD 41.x ONLY!!!

The Station Wagon body and powerful engine from musclecar - combination that is perfect for your family!

- This car is NEW and don't replace vanilla car.
- Working textures: Blood, scratches, etc.
- Spawn in all places.
1981 DeLorean DMC-12
Created by MrDanny
BUILD 41.x ONLY!!!

This mod add legendary vehicle - DeLorean DMC-12 (1981)

- Working texture damage, light, blood and etc. !
- It's a new car !
- Located in Parking lots, highways, eateries, etc. !
- The engine is ...
Actual Sawn Off Shotguns
Created by Johnny Dollar
Replaces vanilla models with actual sawn off models of the shotguns, and halves the weight!

Were you really excited to swing around your boomstick at the undead hordes of Kentucky, only to be sorely disappointed that you only cut off the barrel?
[41.51+] Autotsar Trailers
Created by iBrRus
Autotsar Trailers Inc. - the best trailers in Kentucky!

Do you work on a construction site and your tool no longer fits into the car?
Tired of running to the store every week, want to stock up on the full?
Or maybe you want to take out all th...
Better Towing (41.52 Updated!)
Created by Aiteron
Initially, this mod added its own towing physics with a rope and a rigid hitch. But the developers liked this mod and they added the towing option to the game!
( link to development blog []...
Concealed Carry Vests (build 41)
Created by planetalgol
EDIT: my bad, but I forgot to include that G.E.A.R. is required for this mod to work properly:

Apologies for any inconvenience or confusion this engendered.

When you're the good guy with ...
Connect Radio to Grid (Build 41.50)
Created by frack
Updated version of the "Radio connected to the grid (IWBUMS 41)." mod by MrRAT. Original mod:

Convert radios to be powered by a generator/power grid as opposed to batteries.

Eat Your Vegetables
Created by SlightlyMadman
Rebalance farmed crops so non-cabbages are more viable.

I compared the weights a relative hunger values and made the following changes:
Potatoes: 70 kcal -> 174 (medium potato)
Tomatoes: 14 kcal -> 43 (large tomato)
Strawberries: 4 kcal -> 32 (100g)
EZ's Knox County Map (41.53+ IWBUMS Reupload)
Created by NordikaMan
A lootable map of the entire Knox County.

A: It's a LOOTABLE map. You have to find the item in game and then right click on it to read it like any other ingame map item.

A lootable map of the entire Knox County, showi
Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars! BETA BETA BETA
Created by Filibuster Rhymes
This is the .41 IWBUMS beta version of the mod. If you're using .40, please use the stable version.

4/15/21 - Big update! Check the bottom for changes description.

Firearms B41
Created by Hyzo
Overall firearms overhaul.

Adds several new guns:
  • Glock 17
  • Colt Single Action Army
  • MP5, UZI Carbine
  • Winchester 1894
  • FN FAL
  • M60
  • M24.
New model for the sawn-off shotgun with sawn-off stock aswell. Now possible to...
Food in jars spawn (B41)
Created by Kickdok
Ever wondered why no one before the apocalypse canned food in jars? now you don't have to because they did leave behind their jarred foods in a hurry! Ever wondered where your lids go after you open the jar? Maybe you dropped them but this time you won't, ...
Ford Capri (B41)
Created by Kravity
>Invisibility Bug Fixed!<
This adds the Ford Capri Mk 3 to the game.
Damage, rust and lights should work.
The car is called Franklin Marina in-game.

Multiplayer fixed again.
If you find any bugs, please report them.

Workshop ID: 2275770571
Mod I...
Created by planetalgol



G.E.A.R. - GR...
Harry's Functional Tow Truck - Chevalier Rhino
Created by harrycheez
This mod started its creation before the anouncment that trailers would be added in vanilla, It was held off until the release of that update, and is now finally here!
Its designed to work alongside Aiterons amazing Better Towing mod.

It adds a new vehicl...
Item Tweaker API
Created by DarkSlayerEX
Workshop ID: 566115016

This modding API allows any modders to make multiple changes to any items loaded into the game's current database, while leaving the rest of the remaining values alone.

Change any item's weight, display name, display category, ...
Pillow's Random Spawns
Created by pillow
There are 901 hand picked spawn points across the entire map.Many of these spots are businesses or interesting locations across the map. As a design decision, I excluded the military base as a spawn area.

Here is the database of all locations possible :
Polonez FSO
Created by geras

Polonez FSO - a true Polish classic from the 90s.

Adds new cars: Polonez FSO and Polonez FSO Tuning to car p...
Scrap Armor (Read description)
Created by djvirus

I decided to delete this mod since its only been causing issues. The new beta version with fully customizeable armor is available on the scrap warrior discord.

Scrap Guns
Created by djvirus
Welcome to my second mod!
Adds Handmade Guns, Grenades and Bugfixes to the game!

Craftable with high Metalworking levels with various parts and Air Tanks after the recipe is unlocked. Ammo can be made out of Nails, Screws and Scrap Metal

Scrap Weapons!
Created by djvirus
This mod adds a ton of new post apocalyptic / homemade melee weapons!
These can be made with various recources and tools you find troughout the world.
Most weapons are upgrades from vanilla weapons, so check the new "Weapons" tab in y...
Spears: Twine and Leather Binding, Chipped Stone Spearheads
Created by Oh God Spiders No
Update: Bugfix and Optional Improvements to Vanilla Calculation of Spear Quality
  • Mod now fixes vanilla game's math error that unfairly caps the durability of spears at 50%
  • Optional submod has been added, with more significant change
[OBSOLETE] Taped TV Shows
Created by Tiax
Now obsolete: this functionality is now part of the vanilla game, as of 41.54!


If you're tired of starting out games as a couch potato, always near a TV to not miss those juicy XP points, then this may be the mod you're looking for!
Trench coat
Created by Quentin
For b41.52

This mod adds black trench coat into the game. Can be rarely found in bedrooms. It uses 100% vanilla assets. I pretty much just took bathrobe model and aplied long coat texture to it.

Big thanks to the creator of Paw Low Loot: https://steamcom...
Tsar's Common Library
Created by iBrRus
Common library for Tsar's Companies.

Additional equipment for vehicles: refrigerator, stove, microwave oven, fuel tank, etc.

Code for library modified from Vehicle Additions API by Blair Algol

The library is used in mods:
Lets you wear Welding and Gas Masks with Hats again... Because for some reason that tid-bit of FUN was SUCKED OUT OF THE GAME by the last update... M.A.F.A. !!!!

Workshop ID: 2229320056
Mod ID: UndoMaskExclusion...
Vanilla Food Extension
Created by SlenderGreen
This is a mod consists of food recipes. Would you like to make chocolatechip cookies? Peanutbutter Sandwich? Cupcakes? Fries? Pizza? Or even canning your own produce? Make your own jerky? Ferment your own Wine? ...
Look no further! This mod offers recipes ...
Xnertot Farmable Trees
Created by Xnertot,,
Adds tree for:
- Apple
- Banana
- Cherry
- Lemon
- Orange
- Peach

Adds plant for:
- Pineapple

Trees can be planted like other crops.
Textures are not final and work in progress.

Works for Build 40, Build 41.50 and Build 41.52+

B40, B41,...